Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Muammar Gaddafi

After listening to normal politicians for a long while, I took a break, well, sort of, and listened to Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader. Any normal elected fraud I usually listen to is either totally lying or have not a clue about whatever the topic is. It is too bad that Gaddafi mixes some truths with totally idiotic claims and praises of the Obamination, otherwise he would actually be one of the better ones out there, if ignoring the dictatorship thingy that is.

Despite being a dictator and an obvious madman, I cannot help feeling some freshness from a man not totally lying to a point of 100%. This man actually made some relevant remarks regarding the UN charter. Among other things; blasted the U.N. Security Council as an elitist organization that favors superpowers over small nations, he urged investigations of U.S. military activities, and he suggested the rest of the world to give America a break and move the United Nations elsewhere, such as Beijing or New Delhi. He also said that despite the fact that the United Nations says there should be no resorting to military force unless it is a collective decision, 65 wars broke out after the establishment of the United Nations, and the Security Council didn't do anything to stop the conflicts.

Just to mention some relevant points I agree with.

Reading Swedish papers quoting the speech, it’s obvious, as usual, that not a single journalists writing about it have actually watched it, instead picked up some ramblings of a single reporter sending the same crap to everyone. It’s available on YouTube you morons, if I can find the time to watch the speech without getting paid for it, so can you.

This is an important event and lots of fun things is going on, why don’t the old-media papers send out reporters or at least have someone covering it?

From the horse's mouth

Apparently, according to Swedish press, a clear statement from the opposition leader for the Social democrats in Sweden was issued today - the fascist laws regarding internet that have turned my birth nation into a none-democratic zoon will stay in place. Well, she argued that the STASI-authority-act would be replaced with other “better regulations”, but most of it would stay just as it is. Apparently the opposition is in agreement on this, in other words only the Pirate Party remains for those who wants some integrity and democracy. So much for the Green Party and the communist’s declaration of bringing back personal freedom.

Good news for the pirates, I’m guessing a 1-2% climb on the polls from this one.

This is not a joke, I will kill you

I know I sometimes speak of using violence in order to shrug of our oppressors, most of the time that is rhetoric to point out our dilemma, this is one of those “over the top” –blogs after all. However, everyone that knows me can tell ya I’m a puppy and that I’m not a violent person. But there is a limit, even for a soft-minded Swede as myself.

This would be my limit:

I can tell you all right now, if anyone try to inoculate me, by force, with a vaccine, for the Swine-flu or whatever; I’ll put up a hell of a fight. And if anyone does anything to my child or any of my relatives, I’ll go on a killing rampage knocking off any authority I can find.

This is not a joke.

I don’t think the Swedish government nor very few others would impose such a law, but if they ever do, this is a warning, and I know I’m not alone.

This may very well be the last straw for many Americans, so IF this law and similar ones goes into actual usage, I aspect dead politicians, dead police and many dead citizens in the near future.

Wanna see something fun?

Follow the link and watch those numbers ticking away:


“Buffy” pushes out the next generation

Sarah Michelle Gellar has given birth to her first child - a little girl, to be named Charlotte Grace Prinze. The news don’t really convey whether or not the “slayer” used epidural, but in either case the bun in the oven is now out in the open, happily screaming and keeping her parents awake at night.

I can’t wait for this girl to grow up and follow her mother’s steps to become the next guardian of the hell-mouth. It is usual in Hollywood to walk the line of earlier acting-generation, so I hope so. And let’s hope Joss is still alive and kicking 15-16 years down the line as well.

From the series when Buffy… uhm… test something new that shouldn't lead to any babies...