Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blow out the candle please

Speaking of pigs and things that go bump in the night - the Obamination apparently had a birthday the other day. Smiling that fake smile, hugging some of his cronies, increasing his private army, destroying what’s left of the economy, you know whatever. While the budget deficit is now close to 2 trillion dollars this year and the government budget has shrunk 18% this smug fascist is having a party celebrating his own fabulousness.

This world have never been in more peril than it is today and the main reason for this is that we have a socialist moron at the white house helping the rest of this worlds maniacs destroying what little decency there is left.

Hell just got a bit colder

To no surprise Chavez is claiming that the rocket launchers Sweden sold to Venezuela was stolen from him. He does not know how they got into the hands of his friends in the communist FARC guerrilla. On a related note; another flying pig was spotted over Greenland this morning making the total count 23 since Tuesday.

The dictator has now convinced us that he’s completely innocent and next he will turn water into wine. A very farfetched guess is that he will show "proof" of this... all the while, those pigs keep flying by...

Chavez is also refusing to import Colombian trucks. How will the world be able to go on? Maybe this fatty dictator will start a war after all. I thought he didn't have the guts, but now I'm hoping he actually does. A war would be great entertainment and it would increase oil prices. Go Hugo, Go!

Honduras won’t bow down

In a press release the temporarly Honduran president Micheletti have declared that Zelaya isn’t welcome back. At least not as long as there is threat about violence and he hangs out with his dictatorial buddies Ortega and Chavez in addition to taking support from FARC. The release also states that the mentioned criminals are breaking the UN-charter, OAS charter and many other international treaties. This is, of course, obvious for anyone knowing what is really going on in Honduras. Hugo Chavez is probably a bit pissed at the moment. He’s getting heat from my fellow countrymen about handing over rocket launchers to the communist guerrilla FARC, fierce critic over some incriminating documents found by Colombian authorities and, of course, the brave and democratic loving Honduras that refuse to do as they are told. The Venezuelan economy is starting to deteriorate and - for the first time - western media is complaining over Chavez tyrant ways because he closed down and threatened several radio-stations in his country. In other words the plump obese dictator in Caracas is sweating over more than his bodily mass.

But the question still remains when EU’s member states, the US and other countries will start to support the Honduran democratic system? Come on people! Why won’t our politicians support democracy and freedom? This is a serious situation and I urge you all out there to really put it to your representative and ask why the hell he/she does not want democracy in Honduras.