Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Well, it happened again.

For a country were guns are totally banned and any form of carry-on weaponry can lead to prison time, Sweden certainly have a lot of shootings.

Isn’t it strange that criminals seem to ignore anti-gun laws?

Very puzzling it is.

While the police, magnificently ineffective as always, tries to find the, according to journalists; fanatic racist homophobic Muslim-hating Nazi right-wing maniac shooter that seem to roam the streets of Malmö, a 16y old got to look down the barrel of a gun in the same city. Probably unrelated to the fanatic racist homophobic Muslim-hating Nazi right-wing maniac shootings, but who knows. The 16y old is still alive and safe by the way.

In Kalmar, also in Southern Sweden, a man who claimed he was wearing a bomb were encircled by police and later surrendered. The guy didn’t really have a bomb, and I was kind of puzzled by that little intermezzo too for a while. I mean, it is illegal to run around town with a bomb isn’t it? So why did the police encircle him? Seem strange to me. If it is illegal, everyone obeys, so in actuality the police didn’t need to be there. In fact, do we actually need the police? At all?

Maybe we need them for stuff like this ?

Now that’s taxpayer money hard at work.

Again, I need to ask, when (not ‘IF’) the next spree occurs, would you rather have people unarmed, unprotected and let the police stop by later to collect body parts or do you want people to be able to defend themselves?

This is what it comes down to you know.

We all know what the soul-suckers of Government will say; they don’t want people to defend themselves. Cannot have self-reliant humans without fear being able to shot back at criminals out there, wouldn’t be in the best interest of the elitists now would it?

This is the difference between armed, and not armed. Please watch.

And if you ever wondered why government don’t won’t you armed, listen to her last sentence.