Monday, February 2, 2009

Taxation Rules!

And now the Swedish government has issued a support package to local political institutions. Once again the Swedish taxpayers will pay for the misuse of public funds. Isn’t it a great world and aren’t taxation the greatest?

A bright idea!

The European Union has outlawed light bulbs! Great stuff really. And with the Swedish ban of mercury one really wonders what people are going to use in their cabins and houses in a country that goes almost completely dark half the year… It’s back to the caves! Yeah!

The Devil that was Mother Teresa

This complete fraud is still being revered all over the world, despite that her death should have come as a relief to many of those under her “care”. She herself revealed her malevolence during her lifetime being quoted as following: “Suffering is a gift from God”. This was the true belief of this demon of a woman. Her whole life was spent in a constant struggle against empowerment and individual freedom. Instead she did take money from the dictatorship in Haiti and praised happily their totalitarianism. She collected huge sums of money, starting, by her own account, 500 convents all over the world, all bearing her name. Yeah, that’s right, this supposedly God loving woman, like any other prick in history, happily resaved money from all over (mainly from poor people) and then started several convents with her name on the door. All this convents had the same notion that suffering is good and often people just lay around on hard “beds” were they died. When she herself got sick, she didn’t go to her Calcutta death camp, instead she went to California.

There are also several reports from when she blessed Indian mothers and praising them for the pain they suffered not being able to feed their young. Also quoted saying: “All new births are angels”. So people dying because of the lack of food are a good thing and women giving birth to even more children into the same faith are great. Yeah, this Teresa character was true to her own words that suffering is a gift.

And of course the Catholic Church loved her, bringing in lots of cash and more followers (or rather less people leaving). And consequently they throw sainthood at her, claiming miracles were there was none and making up stories as they go along.

People! Wake up! The story of this horrible woman is just another example of how stupid people really are. Even the most religious should see past this smoke, but nah… And that’s even more horrifying than a woman loving suffering and pain.

You are going to die! Part II

If you do not eat or drink, you might die. But if you do, you might die anyway. There can be a truck crushing your skull in an hour or a meteor can crash down on you. You might get bitten by a poisons snake, fall down a shaft or get a stroke. If you are a smoker or you drink too much, those things can kill you to. There are millions of ways to head into the unknown. I have read about people falling down and drown in a puddle of water by the sidewalk, people have get impaled on falling ice pieces from houses and one case I read about a man dropped down dead after getting a stone in the head from a lawnmower. How is that for a tale in your afterlife? Drugs, volcanoes, landslides, war, pestilence, AIDS, robbery and a falling tree is other ways to go. A train might derail, an airplane can fall from the sky and thousands of people die from drowning each year. Some of the other popular ones are starvation, being shot and different heart problems. And worse of all is that there is no way around it, you are going to die. It might happen today or tomorrow, but it will happen.

Until that time you will let the governments steal your right to smoke, drink and do drugs. You will let religious people tell you were you should be buried and were. Others will tell you how to live your life in the best way. Unions, journalists, large corporations and what not will make both demands and propositions to ya how to be the best you can be. You might also go on the hunt for plastic surgeons to change your appearance or do exercise to live a couple of more years. You might get cancer from playing videogames, so you might cut back on those.

You might live for 70 or 80 years, if you do not catch that falling roof with your body. All the time having that constant rambling in your ear; what to eat, what to do and where to go. Isn’t life great?

The warmongering Dalai Lama

If you read about or hear about Dalai Lama, its usually in a positive context. Celebrities flock around him and the unison western journalists have lifted this sick miserable bastard to sainthood. What he wants to do is to free Tibet and reinstall the priesthood as it was before. And how was that exactly? Like most dictatorships people were trialed without lawyers, censorship was complete and the ruling elite lived in fabulous wealth while most others starved to death. Pretty much as it is today under the Chinese occupation, same shit, different name. And this is what the Dalai Lama is really about. He can fart as many famous quotas as he wish, and all the celebrities in the world can worship is very being, but it does not change what this little one is all about. CIA gave him money to found rebellions and the hate against the Chinese whom stole his “right” to be king and live in luxury should be legendary, but as the devil woman Mother Teresa he instead approaches sainthood for some strange reason. I do think it’s the western notion that all things that sound good, talks good and are from some strange exotic country cannot be wrong.

According the news agency AP, this dictator wannabe was rushed to a hospital in India today. The 73 year old is currently undergoing tests. Wouldn’t it be fun if he had syphilis or AIDS? Maybe leprosy would be more suiting, but hey, one cannot get it all…

The ridiculous bible

Have spent the day reading about the Bible and how it was created. Most I already did know from before, I did know that the church meeting in Nicosia 325 AD were some bishops voted what would be in and out of the bible. I also did know that many Gnostic texts and several pro women texts were left out, despite being very popular in their time. And in addition to this knowledge I also had an idea about why a bible was believed to be necessary. What I did not know is that several of the text that made it into the bible, have several different versions. So the bishops voting process 325 did not only left out the stuff that was not really to their liking, they also made a choice which texts that had the best writings and made up the best storyline. Among other things there is an old text about Genesis were we are told the story from Eve’s perspective. A bunch of men in church cloths did not like this.

The church meeting in Nicosia also voted if Jesus was divine or not. Before this year, Jesus was not necessary God in human form, most people actually did not believe this. So from here on Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit was the same. Isn’t voting great?

Most of the bible is a magical story with some true names of people, cities or events. How true is it and is it really the word of God? Well if one believe that God influenced these bishops to make “the right decisions” you might still believe in this fiction. But there are some stories that contradict some “facts” in the bible like the forbidden story of Magdalene, the stories of Jesus childhood or the book of Enok. There are also some “facts” or “words” that change depending on the translation from one country or one bible to another. And addition to this, the whole thing is absurd!

Do you really believe that some father figure is watching us and will condemn us for everything we do in our lives? Do you really believe in dividing the red sea or that some character could walk on and could make wine out of water? And do you really believe that some old men voting 1700 years ago did collect the word of God? Then you truly are a very stupid idiot and that’s a real fact.

Aliens walk among us!

We can, with a great deal of facts behind us, say that we are not alone in the universe. Even if life is very hard to come by and there are thousands of things that need to interact to create life as we know if, the universe is so vast and among all those billions of galaxies which each are made up of billions of stars, there just has to be life on other planets. We can also say, with some degree of surety, that some or all of these civilizations are more advanced then we are. But there it stops. The level of technology that is necessary to travel all the way to us and to even detect us in the first place is so far ahead of our understanding that our brains cannot process it. This is really the main argument against all those UFO’s flying around everywhere and “true” alien abduction victims. IF an alien race really are that advanced and have both the technology to detect us and visit our little corner, why the hell would they be so stupid to leave memories in our brains of our abductions and even more stupid would be to show themselves to us flying around our atmosphere? Almost every UFO has been explained by science but still people believe in this crap. Okay, I’m a big science nerd and love shows like Stargate and Star Trek and I really want to believe that we are being monitored by other creatures. And I would love to have our little rock being invaded by some aliens; they might save us from ourselves. But come on!

It is far more likely that governments are experimenting with levels of technology that none of us have ever heard of or that there are some astronomical or scientific facts that yet is beyond our understanding and that there is these lack of understanding that is the true facts behind the unexplained.

During the curse of human history we have believed that comets are signs from appending doom, that the earth is flat as a pancake and that a burning bush is speaking with the voice of God. Okay, some still believe in the last part, which is sad in its own right, but the point is that we as people have always searched for divine power or magical explanations for almost everything. And if someone goes against those believes we burn them, torture them or go to war against them.

IF there really are aliens out there, they must have a great time watching us. Like a soap opera we plot, steal and kill each other over idiotic things like the name of a god or some invisible lines in the sand. The atrocities we have committed against ourselves should by now be legendary in the cosmos and I can really see gambling going on up there. The odds on which country will go to war next or which terrorist will kill the most people would be fun to see. There might actually be a Las Vegas on the Moon where Aliens from all over are gathering over a pint to win or lose their equivalent of money. Put me down for a bucket of Zink on that the current financial crisis will go on for a couple of more years please…

You will die!

I have been watching and reading the latest ”end of the world” proclamations. Have you seen this? Apparently the Mayan calendar ends on the 21th of December 2012. Of course there are several other predictions supporting this end date. Nostradamus, the oracle of Delphi and some other spooky voices from the past is warning us about some appending doomsday. And it appears that even some scientist is joining the fun because some of them fear another shift of the magnetic poles. Something that have happen before and could happen again and some of these people with high education thinks that when Earth and the sun are in lineament with the center of the galaxy the gravitational force (or whatever) will affect us in a way that might trigger or enhance the speed of this polar change, creating massive storms, earthquakes and so on, bringing on the destruction of man. This would be great and I would sit on some mountaintop eating the last batch of popcorn watching the world turn up side down and all the idiots running around dying, killing and screaming. Now that would be entertainment!

Of course Hollywood has jumped onboard and at least one movie is in the making cleverly entitle “2012”… And it is somewhere around here my hope of the appending doom is destroyed. Hollywood executives and the liberal forces among the actors and writers would never let their profits die out with some pesky magnetic shift or apocalypse, that’s not good planning. So instead they make a movie to scare us cashing in on our fears and stupid notions as they always have. Global warming! Huhu… Gigantic storms! Asteroids! A new ice age! The earth inner crust has stopped moving! Nuclear holocaust! Illuminati! The world can end in oh so many ways… If you are or have been a member of Jehovah’s witnesses you should know this very well. Jehovah’s is just one of many religious sects that tell us that the world is going to end, and this pretty much every year. One can set the clock by the constant predictions from these guys. And of course we have the bible. The fictional writings of this money collecting idiocy have always taught us to watch our steps follow some rules and repent or we will end up in the warm and fuzzy party that is Hell. I wish! Lucifer sounds like a fun and honest dude. Evil? Sure. Torture? Surely. But still honest about it in contrast to that sky dwelling bearded hypocrite that apparently sometimes tells people to fight and die in his name and sometimes kills a couple of thousands that do not agree with his point of view. The bible tells us that Armageddon will come and the pending 2012 will most likely increase the income to churches everywhere when scared people give away their money to reach salvation through whatever hocus pocus they believe in.

Nah, the world is always coming to an end. Religious people, nuts at the street corner and politicians have always told us this. During the last century it was the nuclear threat and the human effect on the environment that would kill us all. Depending on what decade it was sometimes a new ice age and sometimes the earth would get warmer. The ozone layer were very popular in the 80’s, people would get skin cancer and die all around us and every day there was pictures in newspapers telling us how big the hole over Antarctica was. Then we had minor scares like the bird flu, AIDS or mad cow decease. Now day’s people believe that global warming is manmade and we are all responsible for Hurricanes, tornadoes and the death of Polar bears. Every time the weather changes and it’s colder or hotter than the year before, it is our fault! Every time a species dies out, it’s our fault!

So naturally the year 2012 is striking fear in a lot of people. The Mayan was never wrong, they had human sacrifices and got destroyed by a couple of Spanish pirates, but hey, they were never wrong. Nostradamus was never wrong either, you can read his writings however you wish, but he is never wrong.

Oh, this is going to be scary. I just had a vision: “Someday in the future, two countries will go to war, one under the sign of the bird will falter, the other, under the sign of the dessert, will win but will still loose”. And I also had this picture in my head: “One day the sun will rise over the death of thousands in the land of the moon”. Huhu… it’s scary, is it not? After 200 years time, you can call me master and I will forever be remembered as a great oracle because this will come true.

And please remember, you will one day die! How is that for a prediction...?