Monday, October 5, 2009

Say it with a song in your heart

Muse will be playing in my boom-box while I roam the countryside looking for mainstream economists to hang from a lamp-post.

How about you?

The most dangerous time ever existed

I grew up during the last decade of the cold war and despite cautions about having extra supplies at home and letting us in school know where the bomb-shelter was, I was never worried. I instinctively knew that the terror-balance was a deterrent, not a threat. As long as no complete madman without any real hinders rose to power on either side there was not a single reason for alarm.

I have furthermore, throughout, never listened to conspiracists claiming the end of times or some illuminati sect wanting us all dead. Sometimes the conspiracists are right, but I prefer to make my own judgment and find information myself.

And religious nut-jobs are just ridiculous.

I laughed at “threats” like the Ozone-layer, a new ice-age, comets destroying the earth or pandemic scares like mad-cow disease. And that Y2K madness was so ludicrous I can still giggle about it.

However, I’m not really laughing today.

Well, I am laughing, but for another reason. Call it nervous laughter or make it into a psychological barrier if you wish, but I find it hilarious that people today, when there really is reason for being scared and fearing the future, hardly notice the problem. It is also very funny to see our enemies explaining how 1+1=35.2 and the public goes “yeah, that’s probably right”. The obvious idiocy and all the morons of this world running around is the funniest theatre spectacle ever produced.

However, all this madness also leads to a situation wherein dangerous ideas gain power. Socialists see this as “capitalisms failure” and are beating that war-drum, communists does the same. Leftie Anarchists feel they have another reason (like they need one) to throw stones. National Socialists and fridge groups are screaming about the Zionist conspiracy, racists and fascists blame immigrants, nationalistic parties are gaining supporters in pretty much every country, and there is more and more talk about protectionism.

All this politicized violence and growing resentment may seem bad, but this isn’t the real problem. The problem is that what has created all this mess and our current financial crises is still in place, but now worsened. The banking elitists have consolidated their power into fewer hands and fewer banks. The regulations and laws are still growing, both in numbers and impact on society. Our personal freedoms have diminished down to practically nothing. Millions more people are close to starvation, ethnic groups are getting prosecuted and murdered, more countries are getting the “bomb”, terrorist groups haven’t been diminished by the war on terror, on the contrary, they are increasing in numbers. Politicians and journalists continue with the lying while many economic crashes are still waiting to unfold.

Hovering over it all, like a giant specter of darkness, is the notions of a World Government, a World currency, and a new economic world order, which is sold as the “solution” to our predicament.

You’ll better realize a couple of realities fast.

A big terrorist attack isn’t far away. It’s just a matter of time before someone(s) kills tens of thousands in a chemical, biological or nuclear attack. And WHEN this happens the last remainder of our freedoms will go poff, after all, isn’t it better to “feel safe” rather than having some terrorist bomb your town? That’s how they are going to sell it, like they always have.

Our current situation isn’t a crisis of capitalism, and it's not really a crisis of socialism (even if I sometimes claim so), it has very little to do with conventional ideologies - it’s about power, surveillance and a system out of control. If our enemies can use a certain set of standpoints that suits their ideas, they will. Consequently they will adopt socialism, fascism or any other –ism at the same time as they claim to advocate free markets. If socialism gains ground among citizens, our enemies simply adopt some of those notions, no problem. If conservatives gain momentum and wants to ban abortion, sure no problem. A Tobin-tax? Absolutely. More regulations? Sure. Internet can be used to sell kiddy porn? We’ll fix that. No matter what the people claim or do, the same elitists stay in power, and for each year that passes liberty and justice lose.

The color of the flag isn’t what matters anymore, power matters.

So called “right”-parties swing to the left, and “left”-parties swing to the right. They all meet up somewhere around in the middle with a strange mixture of socialism, market economy and harsh regulations. The closest thing among the traditional ideologies to label it with is probably fascism, but that’s not entirely correct either. It’s a form of oligarchy where the color or ideology changes to fit the elitist’s power-maximization.

And the idiots, the voters, they don’t see through the scam. How many times don’t we see socialists claiming that government owned banks crashing or rich people’s frauds thanks to legislation are the same as capitalism? How many times don’t you hear conservatives claim that 2% tax increases is communism?

This is what we get with bad education, a passive populace watching the latest game-show instead of paying attention, and this is what happens when they continue to play us against each other. Group against group, religion against religion, women against men. The whole time the privileged are going Muhahaha in their comfy leather chairs watching the spectacle and gaining more power for every additional stupid group that fights for some stupid cause.

Why do you idiots think it makes a difference if taxes decreases slightly versus benefits go up a bit? Why do you believe in anything any of these people tell you? When have they ever been right?

Ask yourself, who predict this current crisis? Who warned about it? And what do the same people say today? Go out and find that information.

Everyday some so called “expert” claims we should buy stocks because they will go up, we should take loans because it’s cheap to borrow. Take notes, write down the names of those peckers, and plan some suitable punishment. In a couple of year’s time, you’ll be happy to have those notes. But please remember, mark the spot, the rest of us need to know where to stop for a piss and a little dance.

Mark my words, the debacle is just getting started, the crisis isn’t over like our enemies want you to think. The first wave have hit the shore-line, but the next, much bigger one, is about to hit very soon. Are you prepared? And who will you blame this time? Greed again? Capitalism? Socialism? Black people? Jews?

I early on predicted that greed, too few regulations and Muslims would be the main scapegoats, and so far it seems I’m spot on again.