Tuesday, May 22, 2012

They reek of fear and desperation

Ready to know the truth yet..?

Just when I thought that this was the low point of the elitist’s sphere, another complete insane idea pops up. And then we have THIS ONE! Don´t know if this is just American ignorance, but if it’s not, it’s even worse. You could of course take this as a sign that those above are pushing their agenda forward or that the Bilderberg’s or new world order are behind such idiocies, but I hardly think so. I think its signs of desperation.

They simply don´t know what to do anymore. Except this of course.

Of course taking a step back and abandoning the Marxist Euro or admitting that their Keynesian/socialist madness has failed is not on the table. And leaving their cushy and comfy very well paid job voluntary? Pfff… never going to happen.

So when people start to revolt, take to the street and pretty much every government is exchanged regardless of color or what they are doing, Politicians don´t have an out. They tried to force the recovery to arrive as through magic. They tried to print shitloads of money while borrowing shitloads more, and they tried to impose more regulations on an already overregulated market.

It all failed.

As anyone with working synapses knew it would.

Since those action already taken are the only ones The Powers That Be would consider, they want to do it again - as you can see the Obamination try to explain to his criminal European counterparts. But few countries even have the possibility anymore; they´ve emptied their treasuries, borrow to the roof and already printed themselves into hyperinflation. The desperation is so tangible now. You can actually see it the faces of those deemed better. Take a look at any of the conferences going on, have a real look at the faces of our dear übermench, and you´ll see what I am talking about. They reek of fear.

Their eyes are filled with desperation.

And even while protected by thousands of police, military and security personnel, they are not feeling safe.

And neither should they.

We protect those that lie to you and steal all your money

I´ve said so many times now on this blog that it’s just a matter of time before a totally disillusioned populace go medieval and outright rebellion and civil wars happen and with that politicians, bureaucrats and banksters dangling outside their former cushy and comfy offices. Now, hunting them in their dreams, the elitists and all those above us normal folk are having the very same image of the near future.

Of course they are afraid. And they should be.

Sadly they will not act appropriately and minimize the effects of The Greatest Depression and consequently also save themselves. There is still time to do that. We could perhaps be back to normality and decent living conditions within 5-6 years - IF they did the right thing today. We would still have a depression, there would still be a lot of problems, but our situation is almost fixable.

But, as already mentioned, they will do more harm, not less. They will print more money, keep interests rates down and borrow more in order to spend, spend and spend. They will not get out of the way and let the market correct the problems they´ve created. They will not reduce restriction or regulations, they will instead increase them. They will not abandon their Keynesian schemes or their socialist ways, instead they will build upon them. They will not let Germany and a few others with a so-so inkling of what is correct take the lead, instead Froggies together with Oduma and wasteful Mediterranean’s will dictate what happens next.

And so The Greatest Depression will increase in size and severity and since we are already – today - looking at the biggest and most profane change of human existence ever seen on this planet, one can only imagine where this ends.

Keep tuned. Not only will things very soon pick up speed, but our masters will get more and more desperate and if you have some sense of dark humor, this will be fun, fun, fun.