Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another: ´The Greatest Depression warning´ – China!

I´ve been arguing and warning about the Chinese scam for years now while pundits seem to continuously argue that Chinese investments and Chinese cash flowing into western economies can keep us floating or help the world market to kick start again.

It’s an enormous scam. And an obvious one at that, but politicians, journalists and pundit’s don´t want to hear it. Most economists, even people usually thinking the same way I do, also seem to ignore it.

Building huge megacities that are standing completely empty and manic money printing have boosted already bogus GDP statistics and on these fictitious numbers and with trillions of dollars (U.S. crappy and worthless security papers /bonds) to back them up the Chinese have sold us a bullshit story just outside the top 6 of; ECB/euro, manmade global warming, religion, fractional reserve banking, inflation and the government-is-good theory.

I´ve said it before, and I will say it again. China will not only crash and burn like the rest of us, they are heading for huge civil unrests and, with 99% certainty; civil war.

Scary Malthusians will rejoice of course because tens of millions of Chinese will die - probably doubling, or more, Mao´s fine record.

When will you morons out there start to listen?

Your time is almost up. If you haven´t started hording canned goods, dried-up food packages, sugar, coffee and guns before, better start now, because it’s not long now before the fattest lady in history sings the highest note ever heard.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Gun restrictions kills

What happens when you ban guns: 

I could of course also point out the differences between U.S. states or have a look at Switzerland to see what is what, but if you both want to hear another story about what happens and WHY our politicians don´t like armed citizens, have a look at this;

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It was the spoons fault

Another shooting has happen. This time at a gun convention… oh, hold on, wait… it was on a street filled with armed people… oh, no… wait for a second… It was at a NRA meeting? No… that’s not it either…

… at a gun-free movie theater filled with unarmed people in the only corner of Colorado where guns are slightly restricted you say?

Surely that cannot be so.

We all know that a sign stating “no guns” is obeyed by even the most hardened criminals. And unarmed people can never and has never been a target.

Schools stating to be a "gun free zone" are never exposed to any sort of shootings.

Just as it is the spoons fault you are a fat person we can rest assured that unarmed Norwegians going about their business on an island can never be exposed to any random killings in their peace-loving country having very harsh and restricted laws comes to guns and gun ownership.  

Well, looking around the world and trying to find a place (outside of wars) where shootings have occurred where there has been lots of armed people around to defend themselves and their fellow humans, I cannot find any. I am sure there are one or two exceptions to this rule, but isn´t it odd that this fact seem to elude those deemed better than us?

Isn´t it weird that every time a spree occurs politicians and lefties everywhere start yelling about gun-control despite the fact that every single shooting have occurred in gun-free zones with unarmed people being the target?

Actually it’s not. It´s not weird. Not at all. You see owning a gun and being able to protect oneself isn´t primary about gunning down a madman or protecting you home from burglars. Sure as a woman you would be able to protect yourself from a rapist, and sure having a gun is nice while walking home at night, but all of those things are secondary.

The primary reason you, me and every citizen should be armed, is to protect ourselves from government.

Many know this, history tells us this, and every single politician in this world feels it in his bones. If he cannot pass every single law, if he cannot send out his armed thugs to force us into compliance, if he cannot tax us as he wishes and, on those rare occasions; he cannot force us into labor camps, kill us without reason or rape us to death with the help of his bankster buddies - well then what’s the point of being a politician?

Government does not want armed citizens – and if you don´t understand why, you are an idiot.

So of course there is no surprise that they are trying to disarm Americans (and everyone else) at this very moment. The worst economic shit storm in human history is about to strike the world, do you really think government wants armed citizens when that happens?

The truth media is avoiding, the truth politicians don´t want you to know and pundits refuse to talk about is that guns save lives. Armed Norwegians, armed movie goers and armed school personal and armed students would probably fire back, don´t you think?

But if you think a theatre or schoolyard or an island filled with unarmed people against a lone gunman is scary, imagine a disarmed populace against a tyrannical government. Now that´s scary!

Also, as I´ve warned for years now, expect many, many more of these events. There will be many more shootings and many more manic sprees with many more dead and with lots and lots of illogical arguments to ban guns and blame such events on everyone and everything except for blaming the entity both highly responsible for creating such people and taking away your right to self-defense. 

Remember; when people lose everything, they have nothing left to lose, they will lose it. Guns will always be available, the question is; will you, the law abiding and normal citizen, be armed or will you be at the mercy of lone gunmen and hired thugs of government?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

…7… 6… 5…

The EU summit meeting solved all problems! Jey! Markets going up, bond yields going down and Ze Germans are happy as can be… hum… oh, wait... what?


Economic collapse in 10… 9… 8…

The European Central bank is set to cut interest rates to record lows. According to the thieves and master plotters they will do so in order to keep the positive feeling (haha…) after the EU summit going. Of course such statements and such actions are wrong for so many reasons. Firstly the interest rate should be set by the market because otherwise we cannot get correct price signals, but if set by unelected bureaucrats doing the right thing they should be increased. I would guess that in order to purge the system and get rid of all the malinvestments and toxic assets that ECB should increase interest rates to around 15-20%.

Since they are instead lowering interest rates you need to know that such a move is NOT to keep the “positive feeling” (crazy notion by itself) but instead it is in order to buy time. Time needed to let their banking buddies pull home profits and rob the people further before the impending collapse.

As said, the financial meltdown and consequently The Greatest Depression cannot be stopped, it cannot be hindered, and it will happen no matter what anyone say or do. They know this and so all they are doing is buying a little more time and in doing so they are worsening our looming doomsday - building upon an already apocalyptic scenario.

The Swedish central bank decided to keep interest rates at the level it is, which is also complete and utter madness. Since the Swedish economy is slightly better than that of the European Union in general and the Eurozone in particular, Sweden does not need to increase rates to towards 20% but surely 7-8% would be beneficial.

And to, again, make it clear; YES doing what I suggest when it comes to interest rates would collapse the Swedish and/or European economy. However bad that would be, it’s a far, far better situation than waiting for the system to implode on itself.

But of course it’s more important to save a few vampire squid banks then saving the world. 

A few other funnies to contemplate;

 Working for government in the U.S. and thinking of retiring the nearest years? Haha… then you are screwed. Imagine when the police realize this and the oligarchs of America want to be protected from horrible soccer mums and families at their next summit meeting. Oh, if I was a U.S. congressman or if I was one of the high and mighty plotters and looking at these numbers I would start trembling of fear…

The president, Froggy Hollandaise of La belle France has made another marvelously ill-advised decision. After lowering the pension age (But the way, France do not have pension money either!!) he´s now contemplating sending out his armed thugs to collect more taxes from the so called “rich”, which include holiday home and sailboat owners. Probably wants to get rid of a few pesky people actually working for a living so his country falls even deeper into despair. People can always eat cake…

China is finally, from their point of view, starting to try to fix the mess they are in. Too little too late of course. All those ghost cities and all that phony growth curtsey of the Chinese government fiddling the numbers created a boom that lured and tricked the world for a few years, but that is now coming to an end. GDP is a tool very easy to manipulate and for a totalitarian state hording U.S. treasuries by the trillions it’s even easier. The internal struggles for power and outright rebellions occurring almost daily (events never covered by media – definitely not in the west) and certain forcible action taken by the government has created a society very volatile and highly explosive, so when the world economy crashes I see it as very likely (close to 100% certainty) that China will be plunged into a civil war.

going to attend the Zombie apocalypse


Of course most think this is a funny joke. I don´t. Not that I think we´re heading for a "real" zombie apocalypse, but as I´ve pointed out before; you morons will turn our world into one

heeeelp me.. I used to be a social worker...

we used to work for the IRS... do you have a cure?

Aha... so, want some help with dying? And  a cure? Sure, I can certainly help you with that.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Land of the serfs and home of the foreclosed

The bankster paradise and growing police state on the other side of the pond is apparently today celebrating a time when her people threw off the shackles of a money printing central bank and too high taxes curtsey of a totalitarian ruling class hell-bent on waging war across the world. This contrasting today when they have a money printing central bank, too high taxes and fascist rule by a bunch of oligarchs waging war across the world...

Well, as many true Americans I do this today;

§ 176. Respect for flag: No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America; the flag should not be dipped to any person or thing. Regimental colors, State flags, and organization or institutional flags are to be dipped as a mark of honor.
(a) The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.
I truly hope that you can reignite that revolutionary spirit. God knows you need it. And the world needs you. Good luck.

Bankster paradise

It should be clear now to everyone that we´ve been spending most our lives living in a banksta's paradise. 

If you take a real and in-depth look at markets on this planet you´ll soon realize there's nothing left.

They first seized wealth, then they mortgaged that stolen property, borrowed upon that mortgage, sold that loan to other banks that in turn has sold it to a government, which in turn sold it to another government that in turn borrowed upon it from another bank that uses that loan to get more money from the people.

During this entire process they´ve manipulated interest rates and every time a problem arise, they run to the central bank to print more money so they can start up with the scams again, and if that isn´t enough; there is always the unlimited supply of idiotic taxpayers willing to put up collateral.

At this very moment, they are stealing what little wealth there is left because they know that things are going to go from bad to horrible and then to;  Argh! MY GOD! And then; THE GREATEST DEPRESSION, and then it will only get worse.

Much, much worse.

They are manipulating pretty much everything and every market. Nothing is what it should be. We´re not getting any price signals. We are probably living in the most planned economy of all time with everybody on the planet running around but hardly anyone looking.

How many of these scandals will you tolerate? How many times will we hear of manipulated interest rates, fictitious fraudulent loans and utter scams until you, the people, have had enough?

Even the very law put in place to protect those tricksters is screaming, howling, calling out; SCAM! FRAUD! MURDER!

And what do you do?

Nothing. Nada. Not a single damn thing.

Looking back at history almost every single rebellion has started over of far, far less. Our ancestors took up pitchforks and fought armed knights over a few seeds or over too many royal banquets. People of today are getting robbed in open daylight, and we have all been pickpocketed for decades while continuously lied to.

Everything from Evil Inc. (GoldmanSachs) hiding Greek debts to Barclays ordered to fix interest rates. From JP Morgan openly and continuously lying to banks, across the spectra, selling housing and real-estate to each other to keep prices up. 

They are all in it together, theyare all in cahoots, and they do it with the good memory, approval and support by governments.

You are the victim. You are the prey they feast upon.

How long will you allow the vultures to pick your bones!?

Its time you finally understand what they have done, what they are still doing and what they will continue to do if they are not stopped. 

You must understand that we´re living in a debt-soaking economy so riddled with totally fictitious, bloated, and fraudulent deals that it never could be saved. There is no outs, there never was an out, there is no other way then to let the system crash – either voluntarily/deliberately or wait for it to implode on itself. Nothing the high and mighty do, say or argue can change this fact. Not only will we have The Greatest Depression, it’s already here, been here all along, under the surface… waiting… and waiting…

You also need to know that many of those in power and certainly many of the banks knew this from the very beginning. Several of them have been active in the creation of The Greatest Depression, perhaps even intentionally.

You have to realize that all they are doing with the so called “austerity measures” (which are really NOT what you are told they are) is to lend money to an already indebted country which in turn use those loans and any “savings” they get from austerity to pay off and save the banks. That’s all. That’s it. That’s the point. NONE of that money is going to the people or the poor or the elderly or the unemployed. It’s going to the banks! 


And finally you need to realize that governments and banks are in bed together. Lefties who have sort of woken up blame the banks, right-leaning people sort of woken up blame governments. Both are correct, but both are also wrong. Banks cannot perpetrate the scams or earn money upon money upon debt without governments, and governments cannot lie about GDP and tax you through inflation without the banks. At the heart of it all are journalists and Central Banks that enable most of the lying and cheating.

We cannot move on, we cannot recover, we cannot become a free and honest society unless you, the people, wake up and understand what they have done, what they are still doing and what they will continue to do unless you stop them. 

Will you do it? Will you find that grassy knoll? Will you go shopping for a hardy rope? Of course not. You´ve all been zombiefied and become lazy Muppets and American Idol junkies who cannot act responsibly, so you actually want to be controlled by a centralized and absolute power center own by banking cabals

Don´t come crying over starvation and not being able to find a job in the future. Don´t expect any sympathy over your dying kids and you erratically walking an unforgiving earth until you drop down to eaten by rodents and maggots.

You have been warned. Repeatedly. Just keep your dirty infested mittens away from me – I think I´ve earned to be left alone laughing over a decaying landscape filled with sickening zombies. Over 10 years of predicting this very scenario and telling truths have given me that right and I intend to use it.

So if you don´t want to know and if you are incapable of doing basic arithmetic’s, fuck you and I hope you enjoy the world you have been instrumental in creating. 

I know I will enjoy it, doing this; 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oh no! It was the bank of England?

“Give A Man A Gun And He Can Rob A Bank. Give A Man A Bank And He Can Rob The World.”

Who would have ever guessed...

Now the banksters are going after each other as well as our hard worked for earnings. This just keeps getting better and better.

Oh, and by the way; 

when are you going to realize that this is the norm and take to the streets with pitchforks and torches!? 

The fall of civilization

This is not the "immorality" I am talking about... (and; Jey! Give me some!) 

As I´ve pointed out a few times now The Greatest Depression isn´t merely an economic catastrophe that will bring forth a meltdown of financial markets and wreak havoc through riots, constant change in leadership and create animosity between people. No, it’s also a moral crisis, a crisis of right versus wrong, a crisis of honesty versus deceit.

In some ways the moral crisis is even worse than facing economic Armageddon.

Defaulting economies we can deal with, it can be fixed; we can come out on the other side at least having learned something from the process. The Greatest Depression as an economic disaster with sky-high unemployment, failing businesses and crashing markets we can handle. Horrific as it may become, people are more resilient then I (and most of you) give them credit for.

It’s the immorality of all of these dealings and the lack of principles among the people that is making me shiver - it’s the deception society acknowledged by few and celebrated by many that is making me see fallout worse than anything seen before.

Think about it;

Do you live in a society where trading is done, partly or fully, by coercion and not by consent? Do you live in a society where in order to produce you need to get permissions and/or subsidies from those that do not produce and have stolen the money they hand over as subsidies to you from you? Do you live in a society where the money flows to the people who deal in favors? Do you live in a society where certain people are getting rich by duplicitous and shadowy deals rather than hard work? Do you live in a society wherein the duplicitous rich and the people dealing in favors are protected under the law from you and not the other way around? Do you live in a society where corruption and dishonestly is rewarded while honest hardworking folk are falling further behind?

I am sure many of you would agree to living in a society that share most or all of these qualities and I am also sure many would argue for more or worse traits then eluded to above.

The point is however that not only has a vast majority of you voted for, and keep voting for such a society, you also ignore the consequences of it.

In a way I can understand why.

From the very start we are bombarded with malicious rhetoric. Our schoolchildren are taught that inflation comes from the price/wage spiral and that government is a good entity helping the poor and saving the elderly. As teens we´re taught that all things that taste, smell and feels good is bad for us while it’s a great thing that government hinder us from such debauchery. As adults we´re told to vote, work and never break the law and that we, of course, live in a great society - it has its flaws but government can fix those. As senior citizens we´re told that public healthcare is what keeps us from rolling over and die and that government assign burial plots is the way to go.

Throughout our lives seemingly well educated people in nice ties bombastically declare war on poverty, war on drugs, war on inflation and war on obesity. They are there to save us. They are there to tell us what is what. Perpetrated by and continuously sold by media the mighty know-it-all´s offer us remedies to cure all sickness, whether it may be physical or economical.

Everyone, from teachers to politicians, from banksters to celebrities, tells us how great it is to live in a culture and a society that promotes and live by the creed of collectivism. Not that pure socialism is the way to go, oh no, we need a market economy to – a market economy built upon and around Fractional Reserve Banking and the debts that comes with.

 In such an upside down world the opposite game is played whereas the hardworking become moochers and the lazy incompetent becomes victim. In such a society the Orwellian saying; “war is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” becomes dogma and all opposing turns into extremists or even terrorists.

In this sense seeing you, the people, voting for and rooting for the system and its spokespersons isn´t so hard to understand. With a few exceptions, like dragging your kids to get inoculated against a harmless flu (which can never be excused!), or believing in the utter insanity of manmade global warming (which is so stupid it’s beyond asylum inmates) I can almost understand and almost forgive folk for being complete idiots.

But a populace lacking in guiding principles and a people listening to smug salespersons in expensive suits cannot turn a defaulting society around. We can survive the economic depression but we cannot survive a lack in morals.

As an obvious example we have the anti-war movement. However honest and correct they may be in promoting peace and love instead of waging war against other countries, they have no problem whatsoever indorsing violent behavior against their neighbor. Using weaponry against an armed adversary somewhere in the world is always ethically questionable, unless in self-defense, but using armed thugs (police, social services, tax collectors and other government entities) against unarmed citizens in order to force them to do something is equally – or worse – behavior from a moral standpoint.

Ethics also completely elude those looking for even more guidelines from above. How can it be morally correct to promote and cheer on more laws aimed to control our life decisions? It may be in order to curve homosexuality, stop us from drinking alcohol or force us to use government appointed healthcare, but regardless of the reason or the argument it can never be claimed to be morally correct.

Using violence, coercion and threats to force people into a certain behavior and to force them into straightly formed lines is atrocious - its utter destruction of individuality and hence immoral.

In essence those looking to regulate, control and monitor human activity are the very same people masterminding their own, and everyone else’s, destruction.

Not only because of lack of morals, but what that includes, what that leads to. Because if you don´t mind using force against neighbors, you are also much more receptacle to the idea of others doing the same. The step from using force against your neighbor to compel him/her to only use public healthcare to forcing the same neighbor to renounce his religion and humanity in the name of a swastika is much, much shorter then you may think.

This is why the world is in much more dire straits then a mere financial meltdown; people don’t have the morals to cope with a collapsing society by any other means then forceful collectivism.

And that’s why those Brown-shirts or black-shirts are growing in power at this very moment and why, when economic hell is turn lose during the coming years; most of you will turn towards those funny little hysterical men with hysterical solutions to solve hysterical problems of a decaying society. 
And this is why I see this in our near future; 
The Greatest Depression cannot be stopped anymore, but I wonder; can morality be re-invented and re-discovered before it’s too late?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Boom time for rubber flip flop makers!

Government tools used on you. The one to the left is for females...

Who’d want to be free when we’ve great men like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Obama, Romney, Van Rompuy and all the rest of the warmongering thieving thugs to lead us? And for you having doubts; just follow the instructions, apply the lubrication as directed and relax, you’ll get to like it eventually. Worst case scenario; bit down on the pillow so you don’t scream too loud.

Ah, nothing like a huge rusty pipe shoved far into you inners isn´t it?

I am sure you agree with me on that one since you refuse to do anything else but to take it – and take it hard.

YOU are getting robbed. Right now. They are stealing our last earnings and either keeping it for themselves or handing it over to big banks. You know; the very same people that created The Greatest Depression and indebted us, our kids and grandkids into oblivion, are hording the last pockets of wealth while telling you to shut up and take the austerity pipe as far up as they can thrust it.

And you love them for it! Don´t you?

Sure you do. You keep voting them into office, you keep cheering them on, and every time they do something even close to what is right, you complain. The only conclusion one can draw is that you´re an idiot and you love getting robbed and raped by the high and mighty.

Well, you could make the argument that since journalists keep lying to us and pretty much every pundit out there (bought and paid for by the banks or government or both) also cheat and trick us into believing in fairytales, and so the general public can partly be excused. I somewhat agree with that notion, but since most of the stuff they try to sell us is so transparent and so dumb you should acknowledge reality regardless.

How can the answer to too high debts, too many regulations, too much money printed and too big governments in cahoots with big banks be much more of the very same? How can we put out a fire by pouring gallon after gallon of gasoline at it?

And the so called austerity measures they are either trying to sell you as the way out or that it is actually what is worsening our crisis. WTF!?

They are cutting our benefits and taking those loans and bail-outs and handing it over to themselves or back to the very banks that created the crisis and lend out the money in the first place! It’s a circle of debt, a circle or madness. And it’s so transparent!

They are not even cutting anything!! They say they do, journalists claim they do and Keynesians and socialists cry over it, but it’swrong – they haven’t slimmed down government, only transferred wealth and ownership to themselves or to the banks. Governments are growing stronger and getting bigger, not the opposite.

Looking around on the web I´ve seen a huge difference lately. Just a few years ago I needed to really search and really investigate to find people using their synapses. Today all I need to do is to find a news article allowing comments to find lots of people both pissed off and willing to see the light. People are starting to wake up. Too late yes, far too few still, but a revelation has occurred.

To us libertarians, to a few real economists and to a few others (even one or two socialists) that have been voicing our concern and warning for many years now it is encouraging to see that the rude awaking has started.

Of course we really need to crash, burn, get a worldwide fascist government and have totalitarian combat boots echoing down the street before a majority really understands what is happening, but still reading online and checking around it gets my hope up that somewhere, in the aftermath, after World War III, we may, as a species, both survive and thrive.

The most likely outcome however is that you will gladly accept the brown shirts or black shirts promises and bend over even more, but hey, at least there is a wee little hope for another world.

So… what should we be doing? How can we stop it?

Actually it’s very easy. You don´t haft to look at Iceland for a pretty good example of what we should do, all you need to do is to think a little. Use your reading ability and use basic arithmetic. If you do you will realize that it’s very, very simple and that the solution is just in front of us.

Not that we can avoid The Greatest Depression anymore, it’sno longer possible to keep that from happening. Which, coincidently, is one of the main reasons why many of those deemed better keep throwing the scams around; to postpone it so they can rob us as much as possible before it strikes.

They know that The Greatest Depression will happen soon - you can count on it.

But you see it also has to happen. The cure to our dilemma is not to try to avoid an unavoidable depression, it’s to embrace it. A worldwide financial meltdown isn´t just bound to happen, its good thing (or it can be). It will clear out the derivatives and all the toxic debts; it will purge our system from malinvestments and force both government and the people to live within their means. The Greatest Depression could be (although very unlikely) one of the best things that happen to mankind.

Why? Because it will teach us what not to do.

It will teach us that Fractional Reserve Banking is the devils work and that printing money and borrowing on the future is pure madness. It will teach us that Governments are in liege with the big banks and that GDP is a huge rip-off. It will teach us that Keynesianism and socialism doesn’t work and that applying fascist solutions to what does not work makes it even worse. It will teach us that you, the people, have been fooled and also acted and voted like complete idiots. 

Of course we´ve learned this lesson before and never got wiser from it and of course most of you will not see it this way, but my hope is that enough of you morons will awake to make an impact on a post-apocalyptic world.

Otherwise we are doomed. Fucked. Screwed. Beyond help.

What we should do to avoid the worst of the depression and cut it down in size and length is to apply the same tactic as the U.S. did during their worst economic crisis in their history, the crash of 1921. You probably never heard of it, but for a couple of years in the beginning of the 1920´s the economy looked worse and the losses was much bigger than during the depression of the 1930´s. What they did? The complete opposite of what they did during the 1930´s and the complete opposite of what they are doing today. They slashed government under a couple of years with 80 %(!!) and the FED increased interest rates. The result? It was over after less than 2 years. Inflation was gone. 
Malinvestments disappeared, and the debts after WW I was almost gone.

The situation facing us today is far worse and we are soaking in more problems, and it’s global, so of course the pain will be bigger and the fallout more excruciating, but still they showed us how to do it.

We do also have lots of criminals running around promoting and selling the scams that lead up to and keep increasing our dilemma. But look at Iceland. They cut government (really cut, no fake austerity) they lowered taxation (slightly) and the size of government and they prosecuted and jailed lots of banksters and politicians. They seized a few institutions and they refused to pay for the scams perpetrated by Dutch and English banks. They are already out on the other side, having probably the healthiest economy in the western world.

So that’s what we need to do.

We need to increase interest rates. Significantly. Best would of course be if the market set interest rates, but IF set by government (central banks) they should be raised up towards 15-20%. If that does not stop the excess money in the system, there should be a complete stop of money printing for many years, or rather; forever. 

We need to prosecute all the malicious banksters and politicians promoting and selling the frauds. There are hundreds, if not thousands, in each country who should go to jail. Not joking here, there are that many frauds, that many shadowy deals and that many that should be garroted. People need to be able to trust the system again and in order to make that happen; those responsible need to be locked up. 

All that fake debt must be flushed out of the system. The Greatest Depression will take care of most of that, but we also need to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. We do so by partly or fully get rid of the Fractional reserve system and by imposing a few, but clear, restrictions on handling, selling and issuing debt. IF keeping a central bank, it should be under government control, but preferably we should get rid of it completely.

We also need to let the insolvent zombie institutions, which are plentiful across the world, fail, crash and go into bankruptcy. If needed taken over by government, cut into smaller pieces and then sold or given back to the market again.

We need to cut down government. Significantly. Most governments should be cut down with 50% or more. Best results would come from cutting out government almost completely, but I realize that isn´t doable and won’t be accepted by most, but at least we can reduce government. A lot.

And finally we need to throw out most laws. I would argue that we should burn all law books and throw out all the regulations and start anew. We need a transparent and clear system of laws and regulations. There should be few of them and they should be very restrictive towards government and central banks (if we keep them around). Think “the American constitution” with minor adjustments, and you understand what I mean.

That’s what we need to do.

Most of you reading this with a small inkling of economics will probably argue that if we do this now it will crash the system and we´ll really enter the Greatest Depression. And yes - exactly. You would be correct. But if we do it we will have perhaps 3-4-5 years of downturns. GDP will go down about 20% the first year and 4-5% during a couple of more years, but then it would be over. We would come out on the other side stronger and more resilient than ever and if implemented above actions we would make damn sure that there would be no more depressions. 6-7 years from now the economy would have improved so much that we will start forgetting what happen.

That situation, where we deliberately crash the system and purge it, you need to compere to what we´re doing now; building upon it, worsening it, and waiting for the system to implode on itself. That will be far, far, far worse and will not just lead to a complete crash, life as we know it will come to an abrupt end.

Even worse, there is no end to it. As things look now, there is no out, no end in sight, the abyss is so deep that we won´t stop falling.

If we let the system crash by itself while our masters of destruction keep increasing the problems, oh you cannot imagine what waits. It will be so horrible and lead to so much that nothing you´ve seen in the movies will begin to describe it. And in this scenario we´re not talking about a few years, we´re talking decades.

That’s our choice and that’s what you need to think about.

Either keep being an idiot or wake up and smell the apocalypse.

Me, I am still doing this;

It’s very exciting! I hope Bernanke doesn’t go into that house built on an Indian burial ground where all those kids got slaughters…

…oh, and I am buying rubber flip flops. Never know when those come in handy!