Sunday, July 22, 2012

It was the spoons fault

Another shooting has happen. This time at a gun convention… oh, hold on, wait… it was on a street filled with armed people… oh, no… wait for a second… It was at a NRA meeting? No… that’s not it either…

… at a gun-free movie theater filled with unarmed people in the only corner of Colorado where guns are slightly restricted you say?

Surely that cannot be so.

We all know that a sign stating “no guns” is obeyed by even the most hardened criminals. And unarmed people can never and has never been a target.

Schools stating to be a "gun free zone" are never exposed to any sort of shootings.

Just as it is the spoons fault you are a fat person we can rest assured that unarmed Norwegians going about their business on an island can never be exposed to any random killings in their peace-loving country having very harsh and restricted laws comes to guns and gun ownership.  

Well, looking around the world and trying to find a place (outside of wars) where shootings have occurred where there has been lots of armed people around to defend themselves and their fellow humans, I cannot find any. I am sure there are one or two exceptions to this rule, but isn´t it odd that this fact seem to elude those deemed better than us?

Isn´t it weird that every time a spree occurs politicians and lefties everywhere start yelling about gun-control despite the fact that every single shooting have occurred in gun-free zones with unarmed people being the target?

Actually it’s not. It´s not weird. Not at all. You see owning a gun and being able to protect oneself isn´t primary about gunning down a madman or protecting you home from burglars. Sure as a woman you would be able to protect yourself from a rapist, and sure having a gun is nice while walking home at night, but all of those things are secondary.

The primary reason you, me and every citizen should be armed, is to protect ourselves from government.

Many know this, history tells us this, and every single politician in this world feels it in his bones. If he cannot pass every single law, if he cannot send out his armed thugs to force us into compliance, if he cannot tax us as he wishes and, on those rare occasions; he cannot force us into labor camps, kill us without reason or rape us to death with the help of his bankster buddies - well then what’s the point of being a politician?

Government does not want armed citizens – and if you don´t understand why, you are an idiot.

So of course there is no surprise that they are trying to disarm Americans (and everyone else) at this very moment. The worst economic shit storm in human history is about to strike the world, do you really think government wants armed citizens when that happens?

The truth media is avoiding, the truth politicians don´t want you to know and pundits refuse to talk about is that guns save lives. Armed Norwegians, armed movie goers and armed school personal and armed students would probably fire back, don´t you think?

But if you think a theatre or schoolyard or an island filled with unarmed people against a lone gunman is scary, imagine a disarmed populace against a tyrannical government. Now that´s scary!

Also, as I´ve warned for years now, expect many, many more of these events. There will be many more shootings and many more manic sprees with many more dead and with lots and lots of illogical arguments to ban guns and blame such events on everyone and everything except for blaming the entity both highly responsible for creating such people and taking away your right to self-defense. 

Remember; when people lose everything, they have nothing left to lose, they will lose it. Guns will always be available, the question is; will you, the law abiding and normal citizen, be armed or will you be at the mercy of lone gunmen and hired thugs of government?

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