Friday, April 10, 2009

I told you so...

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece about the current shootings that was popular back then and I said that we can expect an increase in those kinds of activities in the near future. And to no surprise you cannot open up a paper or even go online anymore without stubble onto some tragic event with people getting shot. I read a lot of newspapers from all over the world and to me the increase is already significant. I have not done a scientific study on the subject and it can be that the feeling of this increase might not be as valid, but it sure feels like it. As said before, when the madness increases, the economy gets even weaker and unemployment continue to rise while politicians promise better time as they have done millions of times before, this will not stop, it will continue to increase and what do you think is going to happen when that depression hits us?

“I told you so” is going to be my mantra for a long time.

The Obamanator’s delusions II

Among the Obamanator’s "glimmers of hope" we can now see another great signs of the economy recovering.

U.S. regulators on Friday closed New Frontier Bank of Greeley, Colorado, and set up a temporary bank so depositors can open accounts at other insured institutions. The Deposit Insurance National Bank will remain open for about 30 days so customers can move their funds to other banks. It is the 23rd U.S. bank to fail this year, and its resolution is expected to cost the deposit insurance fund about $670 million.

Yeah, this is a great sign of a recovering economy.

Other great signs of revovery we get from the Treasury Department that have announced that the budget deficit increased by $192.3 billion in March, and is near $1 trillion just halfway through the budget year.

And the total number of laid-off Americans receiving unemployment rose to 5.84 million, from 5.75 million from the last week to this week. That was the most on records dating from 1967 and higher than analysts expected. Great signs really.

But at least the Obamanator and several newspapers in America can take comfort in chocolate sales increasing recently. Yes, that’s right, a couple of US papers is writing about how consumers have cut back on jewelry and designer handbag splurges, but how chocolate is one indulgence that still has a place in the budget. And several candy companies are doing great at the moment. In other words; people buying comforting sugar products in an economic crisis and this before and during Easter is fantastic news… Amazing how brain functions seemingly is decreasing with every day in this world…

The Obamanator’s delusions

US President Barack Obama has nicked his economic advisor, Lawrence H. Summers sentence and says he sees "glimmers of hope" in the economy (what did I tell you about politicians and their positivism?). This while new figures shows that the deficit is growing faster than predicted and the Marxist leader calls for more billions to continue the war his predecessor as head monkey started. The tourist industry in the US is bleeding and some cities and areas are printing their own money to keep investments close in a funny protectionism move. And people are actually taking action towards buying Canadian dollars because they are starting to mistrust the American. Trade is slowing down everywhere and GM is about to go bankrupt, but that’s "glimmers of hope" for ya,

Mr Obamaster have promised more action on the economy in the coming weeks which probably means he is going to buy a couple thousands more cars with newly printed money or maybe he can buy red shoes for all public employees this time? Whatever this idiot is planning to drive the economy further down the sewer, it will be comical. Now I going to drink some red wine and listen to some march music from the former Soviet Union, better learn those by heart straight away and show I’m a good little soldier.

Charlatan weekend

So it is Easter and idiots all around the world celebrate some voodoo practitioner that died for a couple of thousands of years ago. Some people with no brain activity whatsoever have even got themselves spiked to one of those death symbols in wood. Others put on some strange head-bonnets in order to bleed some while they waggle down the street carrying another version of that death symbol. Hundreds of millions have suffered, been plundered and died in the name of this spooky Jew that apparently also got up after death like a zombie created by the Umbrella Corporation. Even though I have a soft heart for someone that might be able to conjure up wine out of water, this hoax is very sad indeed. Millions of people showing us why humanity keeps ending up in bloodshed and mayhem is kind of depressing, but it also have its entertaining parts. Like those idiots crying in front of a couple of splinters while some priest fellow is sadomizing an altar boy in the back room or when people consume tons of chocolate in full-out gluttony while they are watching a movie that shows the tragic death of the sect leader in question. And in Poland an Elephant is upsetting some priests because he might be gay. I mean, that’s just hilarious!

I have nothing against people believing in poltergeists or hocus pocus, that’s their problem. But the thing is that these duped suckers have had and still have a lot of power over people and even countries. Often enough in liege with different governments and together they are taking turns killing people in a tag team match. It is starting to be time to get rid of this ghost-story and to delete this “holyday” from the calendar so we can work instead. But, on the other hand, you idiots out there might need something to believe in and pray to when the depression hits us. I just wish you could pick something more interesting and more believable to pray to. Like Sonia Red, the gorgeous porn actor from the Czech Republic. You know she is real and she shows you the true meaning of everything religious; pure and utter bliss! Now that is something to get down on your knees for!

Your favorite apocalypse!

My little poll ended up about where I thought it would. Maybe I should have ignored those Aliens to get a more reasonable result, but it is still fun to see that 91 people have voted and that this is the result:

What is your favorite apocalypse?

1. Alien invasion 43 (47%)

2. Asteroids and Comets 8 (8%)

3. Coronal Ejection/cosmic rays 3 (3%)

4. By our own hand 25 (27%)

5. Environmental ruin 12 (13%)

Number of votes: 91

You can hardly make any real conclusion from a poll done on a strange mans blog but I still choice to make one and that is that if people want to die and see the entire human race go out, they want to do it the fun way. Aliens and killing ourselves is more fun scenarios then some rock crashing into earth or if the sun(s) kill us. In other words, people have some humor after all.

The Oracle predicts

The world is in an economic recession and governments everywhere is rushing to save their jobs by stimulating an already too drunk and overly satisfied hooker. Some signs shows improvement, some the opposite, so what will happen next?

As I have mentioned before in passing, together with other predictions which have been spot on (so far not missed a single thing), there are two potential scenarios. Either all those stimulus and bail-outs “work” in the sense that people start buying again, the market recuperate some and there is a breather for months or maybe even some years. Or the market sees straight thru this scam and/or something happens that triggers the depression earlier, like General Electric starting to bleed money and going bankrupt or another war starts somewhere in the middle east.

When reading the signs the second scenario seems more and more likely. Just as in the 20’s and 30’s politicians are eager to show good numbers and journalists are writing how things starting to look up. And just as back then trade is dropping like crazy, businesses go down and the stock market is very volatile going up and down. And just as back then governments are borrowing and printing money like there is no tomorrow and they have been doing that for a while now. The only ingredient really missing is an increase in protectionism. It has been growing some, but not really enough to pull the final trigger.

I, the oracle
, predict that this up-and-down spiral will continue over the summer and around the time when school starts up again there will be a sudden shift and the “up” will not be as frequent or as high as before and then during late summer and autumn protectionism will continue to increase and around September/October the first prominent journalists and others will proclaim we are now in a depression. Politicians will ignore this and throw more stimuli into the fire and around Christmas businesses will starting to really crumble. In Januari/februri 2010 the global depression will hit us will full force when both new numbers and several economies shows the worst figures ever. And then we have AT LEAST a couple of years of mass unemployment and civil unrest. What happens after that I will come back to tell you later on but otherwise you can read my earlier ramblings. It is really easy to understand if you just use that brain.