Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to find evil people

One of the most hated in Sweden - which of course is reason enough to like her

If you understand Swedish you should once in a while visit the blog of Blondinbella. Not to read what she writes necessarily, it is usually pretty boring superficial stuff about clothes, fashion and a few things about her everyday life. Perhaps such things interest you, but for me its pretty mind-numbing. She also have a few political comments and a few good things to read, but mostly her page is not for me.

No, why you should visit and read her blog is for the comment section. There you can find the vilest, most despicable and wicked excuses for humans on the planet commenting on how horrific Isabella Löwengrip is since she is not a feminist and she is not left wing – and, worst of all, she is successful!

Oh, how horrific it is with a strong intelligent woman getting her way in life without making excuses while stating she is an anti-feminist. It is like the politically correct and their feminazi friends have found their nemesis and so have ganged up and with the worst possible wording thrash Isabella constantly. Its cyberbullying at its worst. It’s the very essence of socialist envy bottled up in abominable commentaries.

If you want to know how evil these people really are and how they act out what they say they are against, and if you want to know who the left-wing feminazi scum are that, if given the chance, one day will rape, kill and torture you, look no further.

But beware! You might lose all faith in humanity. I gave up on humankind a long time ago, but if you still carry hope perhaps you should not listen to my advice – there are of course mainstream news to instead numb and dumb you down…