Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Polar Bear disclosure

Mwah Ha ha ha!

Recently I´ve been forced to reevaluate my position on Polar Bears. Of course a woman and some sickly underpaid workers are behind this little plot, seemingly arguing that a person not freezing when its -5 degrees Celsius can be regarded as a fluffy carnivorous white bear.

However it will take more than a sexy tail and a bunch of slaves to convince me that Polar Bears shouldn´t be put down any way possible.

The “Polar Bears are going extinct” wankfest thought up by totalitarian lefties and their eugenic followers is a part of the Manmade Global Warming scam. As the Church of Climatology argues; if we don´t stop driving cars, stop having house pets and stop buying lubrication we will all perish in hellish fires once Polar Bears have died out and ice caps have liquefied into that horrible H2O.

The problem with this notion is of course that it’s all make-believe. Not only do the doomsayers totally lack in evidence, in actuality the facts seem to contradict every single thing they say. This don´t stop them though, probably because without commercial pressure there’s no effective external discipline. The media and politicians run with this scam because they stand to gain from it, and so do many “scientists” and “researches” getting their grants approved or taken away depending on their stance on the Manmade Global Warming fraud. Teachers, lefties as most are, have taken the swindle to heart and the few opposing voices are being told that they are “deniers” and are paid for by oil companies.

Facts, rational thinking and intellect are elusive things nowhere to be found.

The fact that Polar Bears are actually doing great is ignored. The worldwide polar bear population is somewhere around 25,000 today - a number that has either held steady over the last 20 years or has risen slightly. And that’s more than double the around 10,000 that were living in the 1960s. The fact that polar bears are a nuisance and is one of only two species of animals on this planet that actively hunt and kill people, is also ignored.

I´ve even read a newspaper that claimed that Polar Bears are forced into cannibalism because we drive cars, which is, of course, another lie. Polar Bears are cannibals of nature, always have been. If food is scarce, which it is now and again, the circle of life you know, then they resort to nibbling on each others’ flesh. Actually the main killers of Polar Bears are other Polar Bears. Always have been.

But do you know what the strangest thing about Polar Bears is? They exist today. About thousand years ago, during the ‘Dark Ages’ we had a warm period for several hundreds of years, much warmer then today, but somehow these retched creatures survived. So today, when the temperature is steady below that, Polar Bears are for some reason going extinct and “forced” into cannibalism despite - or maybe because of - growing in numbers? Does anyone else but me smell the rotten clubbed baby seal?

To me the only time I can actually agree with and cheer on Sarah Fucking Palin (whom anyone can tell she’s into scat, watersports and dwarf tossing) is when she´s forcing her daughters to wear strap-ons and attack fish with as a training for the big day when they roger their first icebear to death. Kind of scary being in agreement with the woman that is surely to start world war III if she ever take possession of the Oval Office.

Nevertheless I don´t understand why people care about one species or the other. Why aren’t you crying about Quagga’s, Mammuths or Dodo’s? Did they die out from man-made global warming? Or how about the dinosaurs? Did factories or cars kill them? Or how about the hundreds of thousands of extinct species of fish or birds? Too bad the enviro nazis wasn’t around millions of years ago; maybe we could still see some of those. It is just complete madness to try to save animals all the time. And to blame humans for the natural order of this planet with constant changes of climate, temperature and weather is so profoundly stupid that it’s hard to believe.

It’s a scam.

And since it’s a proven scam I cannot believe how so many of you can bend over and take tax after tax and regulation after regulation. If you ever wanted proof of the stupidity of humans, then this is it. Imbecile hoards of sheople gathering around the tele to watch Big Mah lie to them while they´re nibbling on processed food and drinking beer is the very apex of humorous collective insanity.

Every day about 20 animals go extinct, no matter what we do. 99.99% of all the species that ever lived on this planet is gone! Extinct! Dead! Humans did not kill them, nature itself did. And even if we have killed of some useless creatures, why should we care? Some bought and paid for biologist will probably tell you that we would disrupt a eco system somewhere. So? Even if, what does that do to us? We can always cultivate more chickens in tight small spaces and knock of more cows if we need food. And if there was a sudden increase in vermin because some predator died out, we can always throw chemicals around or create special hunting seasons. May even give birth to a new reality show; “The Rat Killers” – whoever kills the most rats in a abandoned building in 24hrs gets 100 free Big Mac’s and get to go out on a date with some C-starlet who did soft-core porn because her daddy touched her breast by accident one time.

A tad sanity, that’s all that I ask for, is that too much?

Even I, with my cynical loathsome approach to much of humanity, didn’t think that the sheople of this world would be so utterly insane that they would believe in something that make the claim “the moon is made out of cheese” seem rational.

This is the ultimate test of sanity and intelligence. Forget Mensa or university degrees, if you really want to know how far above the ameba you are in evolutionary steps, this is it.

Many years ago I figured out what the real agenda behind this scam is, all on my own, only reading and making my own conclusions. No oil-company paid me to search for any form of validity, no big business gave me stuff to follow scary claims to their origin, no heartless rich banker in top-hat hired me to look into what UN and other entities have said.

You know what I found?

– That not a single one of the alarmists’ ideas or claims holds. Not one.

I still haven’t found a single argument that holds, there’s no fact supporting the notion of manmade global warming, there’s no evidence, no science, nothing, nada, zilch.

And no, I’m not a scientist, but even a layman should be able to find some sort of validity, right? I haven’t. And believe me, I’ve tried.

Polar Bears may look sort of cute and cuddly and so I can see how I can be rewarded with such an epithet, being Swedish and all, but that doesn’t mean I can relate to their supposed dilemma. Fictitious as it is. If Polar Bears die out, which I cannot see happening, at least not before we humans go poff, I won´t cry a single tear. Looking around the world and seeing how tremendously suckered you fools are however I may shed one or two tears, at least for the poor souls who dies because of it.

Arabic revolutions – a prelude to the end of the world?

Soon a common sight close to you?

Let´s say both the Tunisian and Egyptian rebellion turn out to be successes. I mean in a way that they actually bring in some democratic ideals and more open societies with no or very little of religious fundamentalism. I don´t think this will happen, but let’s say it does.

There are two groups that will hate such a development: Neo-cons (or rather the American policy in the region) and lefties in general.

Neo-cons and the American doctrine have tried to hammer in some kind of mixture of democracy, hypocrisy, Christianity and market economy under protection of the very elusive and contradictory MuslimTerroristHackerPedophile act, murdering millions of Muslims in the process. Killing entire families, raping women, using live people as target practice and making hundreds of thousands homeless is apparently the way to bring democracy to Arabic and Muslim countries.

This is especially funny since the entire reason for Neo-cons and their warmongering friends to throw bombs is stupendously shady to start with. To top it all off in order to protect democracy from the people we´re bombing, raping and murdering (how dare they think about striking back! Fuckin terrorists!) we apparently need to destroy our democracy with law after law, regulation after regulation not even thought of by George Orwell.

All of this is very funny, but not really the sort of dealings that create friendship.

With the people of the largest Arab nation demanding that they be allowed to fulfill their potential, such a change portends a huge shift in the balance of power in the region. For the U.S. has played only a negative role in the Egyptian advance, so whatever government replaces the current one in Egypt, it will not serve American interests.

We´ve already seen escalating protests in other countries such as Jordan, and hopefully Saudi-Arabi is next and if so that would be a crippling blow to U.S. interests in the region. And if Tunisians and Egyptians can do it, so can Iranians. How can the league of injustice and the coalition of mass murderers defend invading and attacking Iran then?

Democracy, freer countries and this together with Islam would not fit well into this outlook on the world. Not that it’s only reserved for Americans and Neo-cons. Many (a majority) in the western world seem to share such a notion. We only need to look at how people cheer on the slaughter in Afghanistan to find this out.

The left have even more to lose and this for several reasons. Firstly socialists, communists and their blood-soaked compadres feed on contradictions and class-thinking. They want and need adversaries in the world, so without Muslims vs Christians or students against dictators they wither.

Secondly people gathering in mass against tyranny and oppression is the nightmare of every leftie on the planet. They do claim to be on the side of the people, but that’s only until their regime have taken hold, then it’s back to what lefties do best; instituting death-camps, prosecute individual thinking and shot people who don´t agree with collectivism. This is a matter of fact and history proves it to be so.

Thirdly without a dictatorship and an American (western) doctrine of stability in the region, it will make it that much harder for the leftie propaganda machine to find new recruits. Normally terrorist organizations and people standing up against what lefties regard as U.S. capitalism is the perfect breeding ground for all the things that are wrong and horrible with their murdering ways. A terrorist becomes their ally, youngsters throwing stones their new best friends, and suicide bombers are heroes of the people. Although I, and many others, can agree that certain aspects of resistance and rebellion may be a good thing, lefties have this down to a science and no matter what the reason for a terrorist attack or who´s behind it, they salute it. In other words democratic Arabic/Muslim countries are not a good thing for the socialist movement.

You also need to know that these two groups have things in common when looking at what is going on. Something in common that is shared by virtually every regime in the history of mankind, no matter the color, ideology or rhetoric. Look at what is going on. I mean really look behind the curtain and think for a moment what has happened.

Firstly the Egyptian regime tried to close down all communications. They closed out internet almost completely, they locked out cell phones, and they have done their very best to make TV/radio/media work in their favor. Feels familiar doesn’t it?

The Chinese have blocked broadcasting and internet searches containing words like “Egypt”, just to make sure that people are not aware of what is going on. They may get influenced you know. People may start thinking, reacting. This will not do, so of course other dictatorships react in the same manner.

But think about it, does this really stop with dictatorships?

Have you seen how our supposed “democratic” leaders are clamping down on wikiLeaks? How they impose controls, monitoring systems and buy super computers (that you pay for) to keep track on your internet activities? Ever heard of the Swift agreement? In every country on the planet governments are implementing electronic surveillance into the extreme, and they want to save all communications for it to be available for police and security forces. In the beginning it was to protect us from those MuslimTerroristHackerPedophiles, now they aren´t trying to pretend as hard anymore.

Do I even need to mention naked body scanners?

And we now also know that he European Union is apparently considering blocking out gaming sites, and interestingly enough the EU (and others) are imposing ‘Passenger Name Record’ (PNR) which means they won´t only record who travels where, but also with whom you may be traveling, what hotels bookings have been made, phone number, credit card information, requests about specific meals on flight and at hotels etc. etc. Add in the growing number of politicians asking to “filter out unnecessary and immoral” sites/blogs/information that they may not like, and we have a fine little prelude to what’s to come.

Consider that the U.S. and the Obamination now have a “kill switch” to knock out internet in their entire country. Just in case you know…

You need to be a very naïve and highly stupid person to not see the writing on this wall.

And there´s one additional thing the two groups, the Egyptian government and your own government (no matter who they are), have in common. Mostly this is regarded as tin-foil hat stuff, but it has nevertheless been proven time and again.

What I am talking about is false flag attacks and staged clashes.

If you watched the TV as “pro-Mubarak Protesters” who are paid for by NDP (the ruling party) by admission of NDP officials, started to attack peaceful and unarmed protesters, then you should really pay attention. In Egypt dozens were killed and hundreds injured and the “Pro-Mubarak Protesters” captured by anti-Mubarak people had police ID’s on them... Again you don´t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out the idea behind this plot – to use clashes and violence as a pretence to ban demonstrations in concern for public safety, and to show that the ones demonstrating are only angry deluded thugs and led a stray youngsters. This should also feel very familiar.

This has happened before during anti-globalization demonstrations and anti-Bilderberg meetings held in your town. Not to mentioned a tactic used by Hitler, Stalin and countless others to show that they are on the side of the people and the ones demonstrating are anti-democratic and/or un-patriotic.

As said, a very common practice by all governments.

Not that all governments use their police or hired bandits to clash with protesters, but they do use the same rhetoric, and they certainly use such events to impose more controls.

The more you resist and fight, the harder the hammer comes down.

To this point I think most of you are with me, at least partly I do believe most of you agree. Sadly (but also humorously) none of you will do anything about it, not until it’s too late.

You see the world is about to enter the worst cataclysm in the history of mankind.

We have hundreds of trillions of fictitious derivatives floating around out there and together with hundreds of trillions more of Debt Mountains this is a house of cards waiting to be blown over by the biggest shit storm ever seen. The scams, the debts, the behind-the-scenes dealings and propped up markets will crash – it’s just a matter of time. And WHEN they do, how do you think all of these “protective measures” will be used? To protect you or to protect those in charge?

Believe me when I say that what is happening in Egypt now is exactly what will happen in your country very soon. And the outcome of such events around the globe will then determine what happens to the human race. Just think about what happened when we had the minor problems during the 1920’s and 1930’s, and then take those minor problems times a hundred and factor in nukes into the equation. Do you see a happy shiny existence?

Religious nuts, mad “thinkers” and doomsayers have been arguing that the end of the world is nigh for thousands of years. Hell, Jehovah’s witnesses have predicted the end of the world practically every year for 150 years. This time however it may actually happen.

If you don´t believe it, that´s your problem, me I will watch the show and laugh, and laugh, and laugh…