Sunday, September 30, 2012

Unified Scandinavia

Flag of Scandinavia? 

Been contemplating the notion of a unified Scandinavia for a while now and the more I think about it, the more the idea appeals to me.

First of all it the languages, history, culture and societies are very similar so we would not experience the same asymmetric problems as within the European Union (EUSSR). Secondly our politicians want another step above national, which is one of the main reasons they love UN and the Euro, so if we can give them that within a structure and with a foundation much more resilient than anything else available they may accept that option rather than a fascist EUSSR. Thirdly the unified power and strength of Scandinavia would give us a much stronger voice in the world than today were Scandinavian countries are divided and trying to voice opinions one by one.
insignia of the armed forces? 

There is really no downside - depending on how such an entity would be put together, what kind of constitution it would have and so on. But with the right people at the helm and if such an idea can be accepted by the people, why not?

Interesting idea nevertheless and I think I will play European Universalis III a bit more while contemplating how this could work. 

Flag used during the Kalmar union (1397–1523)

Storm clouds gathering

Our pinkish fluffy reality is so nice and cuddly, isn´t it? 

A confluence of events is gathering at the horizon and circling us like vultures ready to pick our decaying flesh. We´re in the middle of a maelstrom, we´re in the eye of a super hurricane, we´re on the shoreline looking up at the biggest nastiest tsunami ever seen on this planet.

It will be known as THE Greatest Depression, and there is no escaping it.

Here we are, at the raggedy edge, about to face what may very well be the last stand of the human race.

It cannot be stopped, hindered or avoided. It does not matter what Goldman Sachs puppet that will reside in the Oval Orifice Office in the land of the foreclosed and home of the serfs in 2013. It does not matter what new zombie assets the vampire Squid banks think of next. It has no meaning whatsoever what political color rules your country. You can riot, scream, complain and blame the Jews, but it will not affect the nearest years one bit.

The weird thing, which is sort of funny, is that we´ve finally reach a point where we could eliminate poverty and get rid of starvation and conflicts, and what do we do? We create the biggest calamity since the dinosaurs went extinct.

How can that not be comical?

I´ve cited what caused our impending doom many times, but just as a short recap;

1) We´ve printed too much money and interest rates were kept to low and was not set after production but rather set after political consideration.

2)  The people kept voting for the same soul-sucking entities in suits over and over again regardless of what malevolent ideas they came up with.

3)  Politicians and banksters were unified in order to cheat, steal, rob, and even murder.

4) Government grew too large and got way to intrusive

5) Entitlements grow too large and are way out of control

And finally, and most importantly, when things started to spin out of control the Money Masters and our elected frauds kept pushing for more of the very same that created our dilemma; more bureaucracy, more printing, even lower interest rates, more surveillance, more government, more printing, more money thrown at banks, more printing, new Ponzi schemes to replace the old ones and of course more printing - and so on and so forth.

Whether you blame the New World Order (NWO) or take the conspiracy thought even further into Alien and mutated bunnies territory - it too has very little meaning. The result is the same and the path very similar regardless if evil men sitting in cigar-filled room planned it all or if it’s just the cause and effect from political idiocies and people´s stupidity.

The currency- and trade wars have just begun and the continuation of banks going under, corporation firing people and rampage inflation is assured. The debt-mountains has never been bigger, the production rate never lower, and to top it all off we have the derivatives market which dwarfs anything ever seen before. Everything is manipulated and with just a little bit of ingenuity and a few millions pretty much anyone can make themselves a dirty bomb or even a nuclear one.

Tens of millions of people, mostly in Africa, are already stumbling back and forth on the starvation line, and with all of what is going on happening faster the more time passes; sickness will too become rampant.

And remember; what have they always done before when all else has failed?

They take us to war!

Safe to say; the human race has never faced anything of this magnitude before.

Oh, but can´t we reverse the process and save ourselves? Is there no hope?

Of course there are ways to reduce the worst fallout and turn things around and perhaps go back to prosperity and happiness. But you don´t want to hear about it, so move along and try to live out your life as you lived it; as a mindless zombie with fecal matters as brain. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

We spend money – Shush!

The Swedish Injustice Mentalist, Beatrice Ask, has decided that one of the government entities she´s responsible for should not disclose how they use tax money. The entity in question recently got caught spending millions on a lavish party, so of course that cannot happen again – cannot show the people how the people’s money is squandered.

This is a woman that wants to punish suspected sex-offenders before they´ve even reached a trial, a woman who loves monitoring and surveillance so much it would not surprise me a bit if her entire house is covered with screens showing normal folk going about their daily lives. This is a woman that on multiple occasions has expressed pure fascist views and now she do not want us to know what she and her cronies do with our money.

We need to watch all you do, we need to know exactly who you are and we need to steal your hard-earned cash while endorsing a totalitarian EUSSR - but what we exactly do with your money it is none of your business. All you need to be concern about is to bend over, grab your ankles and obey. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sweden need a new referendum

The “former” Maoist and spokesperson of the elite, José Manuel Durão Barroso, President of the European Commission, and his acolytes has decided that the EUSSR bureaucracy should steal much more cash from Europeans the coming years. Presumably they need to appoint more unelected soul-sucking thugs to rule over the masses.

To reach this goal any country exception will be partly or fully withdrawn and the country-tax being paid to the EUSSR will increase.

For my birth nation of Sweden this means that the 5.5. billion SEK discount will decrease (or be withdrawn) and the current fee (tax) of 30 billion SEK will increase to around 40 billion. That’s a massive surge of EUSSR confiscation from the Swedish people. Great Britain, Denmark and Germany are other countries facing similar increases in costs without getting any benefits back other than the joy of obeying even more commissars.

It’s almost as if they want riots isn´t it?

Personally I see the partly socialist and partly fascist union of Europe as the biggest threat towards Sweden and the Swedish people certainly since the funny Austrian painter had his storm troops run amok across Europe – and quite possibly the biggest threat ever.

The Swedish Democrats (the supposed “racists” party of Sweden) gets another free buffet of voters and I guess even a few leftie parties, although they should be rejoicing, will gain supporters. And personally I will vote for any party or a politician looking to leave the horrible growing totalitarian nightmare of the EUSSR-union.

No other issue can compete with the importance of opposing and fighting the authoritarian and oppressive super state of the European Union. Level of taxation, equality, labor codes, political color or whatever it may be is totally secondary.

And IF all you power-hungry Europhiles will cry so much over losing cushy comfortable jobs, fight for something that might work; like a unified Scandinavia - which is an idea even I may support. Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland forming a new country with one currency would work since our history, economies, culture and language is so similar, and the power of a unified Scandinavia would give us seats in international bodies and a voice in the world far exceeding that of all of our voices inside a corrupt EUSSR.

A new referendum now!  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Iron fist without lubrication

                                        Oh my... is it just me, or is it getting hot in here..?

There are a few roads that, when taken, need extra lub in order to be less painful and more enjoyable.  For example it’s hard going down a waterslide without water, and its slightly agonizing consuming antidepressants in mass without fluids.

In the same manor it’s not easy accepting new regulations, new taxes and the erosion of liberties without getting a few soothing reassurances. We need to be eased into it, talked to, convinced that it’s the right action and if we have doubts we can just try it once, and if we don´t like it we can stop. It needs a gentle touch, loveable movements and a step-by-step insertion. Over time we may be able to accept larger intrusions, but only if we get used to the slight discomfort of the initial penetration.

If we´re asked to take it all, in both length and width, without the social lubrication needed to relax our muscles, we will say no and if someone persists and still try to force it down our cavities we may get angry and slightly pissed.  

Although there are a few exceptions of people able and willing to take it all at once, normal folk need the step-by-step approach because without it they will put up a hell of a fight. 

A true master of pain knows this.

Applying painful, intrusive and degrading policies to the populace in a swift movement has been tried many times, but always failed. So our masters learned and adopted their policies. Instead of conjuring up direct tax-hikes in larger percentage and fully visible to the burdened, they instead started to sneak in fees, indirect taxation and inflation. Instead of imposing mass regulations in one go, they started to do so incrementally. Instead of openly enact mass-surveillance directed at all; they now do so step-by-step and always arguing monitoring is only aimed at horrible foes. Instead of amassing troops, move them towards a boarder and declare war in the name of God, glory and riches (as in ye old) which not seem to work anymore, they instead shower us with propaganda, over time, until we´re ready to accept war.

A gradual slow move constantly surrounded by pundits, media and politicians arguing that taking each minute step is in the best interest for all and that each action will help the poor, the elderly and save the chiiiiiilldreeeeen, will be accepted by most. Anyone arguing that somewhere down the line we´ll need to take it all in one big swooping movement thrashing both our intestines and our liberties will be regarded as a conspiracy nut.

Our leaders only want the best for us, how dare anyone question this? The Children!! Think of our kids for God´s sake!

The truly masterful consequence of this is however not how our beloved leaders can increase their strength and step-by-step take away all our rights – no -  the real genius of this plot is that once the pain sets in we don´t really know who to blame.  A myriad of authorities, pundits everywhere, bought and paid for media, and a system so bizarre it’s almost impossible to see who is responsible for decisions - let alone understand what to do about it. 

Older regimes, however despicable and atrocious, were more honest. The people knew who to blame. Although our ancestors took the iron fist in one go, it was sort of understood by all involved that if it failed and if the pain got too great, even the mightiest and most powerful of rulers would be deposed. 

You should understand this the coming years when that rusty pipe or thick fist gets in deeper and deeper and all that lube previously given disappears. There is no money left to buy lube, only the iron fist remains. There is no wealth left; the banksters have stolen it all.

But what is really interesting is that you let this happen, you accepted it, you voted for it, so when the discomfort and pain is rushing through your synapses creating unbearable agony you need to remember; that is what you asked for.

Of course the remedy to both the swift, and more honest, iron fist of the monarch and, at the same time, the cure to the slow incrementally infiltration of our abdominal cavity, is to let people be free and have absolute rights no-one can take away from them. We should all have the right to refuse deep painful intrusions regardless of from whom or how many there are behind it.

You haft to decide whether or not an individual has the right to refuse rape or not, regardless if the rape is performed by a single attacker or by the majority.

As long as you either put one man or the majority above the rest, the continuation of the painful iron fist is assured.  The Greatest Depression is here - the outcome and how bad the fallout will be is decided by you.

Monday, September 24, 2012

A few for the “I told you so” folder

 How do I do it...

A new deadly (and one old) disease to scare us? Who would have ever thought eh..?

The U.S. presidential race isn´t worth mentioning anymore – we already know who the winner will be.

Huge surprise that Scotland,  Spain,  Italy,  Germany all experiences succession movements mostly due to nationalism and the crashing Marxist Euro. Impossible to predict of course, unless you´re actually able to read and form coherent thoughts.

More banking scandals? *Astonished face*

Are you American and owing money to the IRS? No passport for you!

Economic decline continues? Oh oh…

Democracy soon dead in Europe?   Pfff, I think even you knew that one…

Political correctness going into overdrive in Sweden? No way!? How did that happen...

Ding! Ding! I win the price yet again. My amazing predictions should soon give me a place in the annals of man way above hacks like Nostradamus and the Oracle of Delphi.

I wonder if I am correct about The Greatest Depression and the possibility of World War III... Well, stay tuned, we´ll soon find out.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When will the buying frenzy start?

Item found in a central bank office...

You wanna know when the game is up and when the final episode of The Greatest Depression starts?

Sure, I will tell you.

The inflationary policies the latest years and the today hyperinflationary policies driven forward by Bernie the Spender and EvilMario Draghi, has not transformed Western countries into gravedigging- and wheelbarrow shopping areas just yet.

There is however a reason for it.

The reason is not, as you may assume, that they haven´t printed enough money. On the contrary. Especially the U.S. dollar already exists in sufficient amounts to bring down hellish nightmares and Armageddon on U.S. citizens and consequently the world since the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency.

But a huge chunk of that cash is actually still at the Federal Reserve. Deposited by the same huge megabanks the Federal Reserve gave that money to in the first place.

No, this is not a trick or something I made up. It is true. And it is also true in many other countries with many other currencies.

The Federal Reserve have freshly printed (or really digitally created nowadays) money and handed it over to the ´Too big to Fail´s´, mainly big banks. They in turn, instead of using that money, put it back into the Federal Reserve and get interest on it. About 1,5 trillion is collecting interest this way.

And do you know who owns the Federal Reserve? It is not a federal entity, it is privately owned by the very same banks that are saving the very same cash they got for free from the Federal Reserve - which they own.

How´s that for a super villain scheme?

 Then we have the reserve currency status which means that all countries around the world need to hold a decent amount of dollars. We also have treasury bonds and so on and so forth. Hard to count the total amount of all this, I cannot find comprehensive statistics on it, but safe to say its many trillions more.

Since the Federal Reserve decided to do QE indefinitely – $80 billion /month – this means Americans are already living with hyperinflation, it just hasn´t shown up yet. The money hasn´t been used and the longer the FED is allowed to do QE, the worse it’s going to get.

Before I move on to the actual point of this post you may wonder why only $80 billion /month. Why not do it the Krugman way and print a couple of trillions straight away? Ah, but you see if they tip their hand straight away, the rest of the world need to follow along and dump the dollar. Buy stuff for it while it still has value consequently hyperinflation will set in almost immediately, or at least much faster than the normal 1,5-2 years it usually takes for inflation to reach the entire economy.

It’s sneakier and buys them more time to only drop $80 billion /month. If we follow the normal estimation of about 2 years for that inflationary money to reach the entire economy those 2 years is the limit on the first round of QE3. AND since all of those $80 billion /month goes to banks they can prolong the process even further. Either save it at the Federal Reserve or put it to use abroad and the money will not really reach the American economy.

Basically a drawn-out process of bailing out the banks and making the rich richer while slowly making U.S. citizens poorer and poorer.

However this cannot and will not last – and here is my main point.

When they decide to; the rush for the exits will commence. The buying frenzy for all those dollars will happen, and it will happen sooner rather than later. They cannot wait too long because for every month, for every additional $80 billion; the dollar loses in value.

In other words the huge megabanks will, not too long from now, start withdrawing that cash and put it to use. And/or U.S. debt-holders will start selling off U.S. treasuries and getting rid of dollars in mass. If you take a look around the world at what China, Russia etc. is doing, this has already started, but only in smaller amounts.

Countries and businesses are mistrusting the dollar and they are starting to realize that the U.S. government will never repay their debt. When this realization really, really sinks in, that’s the starting point of the next phase of the Greatest Depression. The dollar, the world´s reserve currency and the currency in which many important goods and commodities are priced in, off to meet the hyperinflationary God´s – yes that’s a world crashing event.

And since the only thing the U.S. government and the FED can do is to print even more, it will just get worse from there.

There will of course be other events as preludes or enhancements of this financial apocalypse, and it might even happen that other crashes or a civil war in Portugal (and/or Spain) or something of the sort may get the ball rolling before the dollar start burning - but I would watch the FED´s bank vault and the big banks spending’s very carefully because to me, that is the upcoming main event... 

…that is until World War III... which is surely to follow.