Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kill ‘em! Kill ‘em all!

New Jersey has joined Massachusetts and Minnesota as states that WILL BE enforcing the potentially toxic and not properly tested H1N1 vaccine.

I’m still waiting for the first parent to hack some of these bastards into pieces.

Please lend us more money, please… please…

What the fuckedity fuck of all that is fucked up in this fucked up world is going on in the United States of fucks?!?

Empire State Building turns red-yellow for China's 60th
(AFP) – 1 day ago

NEW YORK — New York's iconic Empire State Building will light up red and yellow Wednesday in honor of the 60th anniversary of communist China.

The Chinese consul, Peng Keyu, and other officials will take part in the lighting ceremony which will bathe the skyscraper in the colors of the People's Republic until Thursday, Empire State Building representatives said in a statement.
The upper sections of the building are regularly illuminated to mark special occasions, ranging from all blue to mark "Old Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra's death in 1998 to green for the annual Saint Patrick's Day.

Just last week the tower turned bright red.

However, that was not to mark some other communist achievement, but the 70th anniversary of the film "The Wizard of Oz" in which Dorothy wears ruby slippers rather than the silver of the original L. Frank Baum novel.

How to know you're libertarian

I have seen lots of my fellow opinion makers within Gorgon Brownies borders stating this or that is a good sign of being a libertarian. Even though I tend to agree with many of those, I need to add in my own contribution.

Watching that creator-of-stupidity-machine conveying some useless so called entertainment, I noticed a teaser for that “House”-show, you know that obnoxious doctor that always fixes peoples problem and cures the ill while pissing off everyone around him.

I never understood why people find that House-character funny or special, to me he is what a doctor should be. A doctor should cure sickness, help people and find out what’s wrong with those he’s there to help. A doctor should not spend time with bureaucracy, or even be nice about things. I don’t give a rat’s ass whether a doctor is “nice” or not, just fix my damn problem. If the doctor is professional in what he does and repair whatever problem I might have, he can call me idiot, fat, stupid, moron or anything else. Who the fuck cares? I don’t go to the doctor to get a feel-good peoples person that pats me on the back, if I want that I’ll go to a hooker.

Basically, if you feel the same; namely that people should carry out their job and do it well, all else be damn. If you do, you too have a libertarian viewpoint.

Don’t tread on me

A cornered rat will fight. The smallest tiniest of animals facing the biggest most dreadful adversary will go to battle when no other options are available. In nature most animals we are scared off are pretty harmless, but in certain situations things happen. A bee will sting to protect itself even if it means death; a rattler will strike if stepped on, a bear will kill you if she thinks you threaten her young, and so on.

For us humans there is also a limit, an invisible line that we all have in our heads. We can tolerate this or that, but somewhere that final straw exists.

I have always wondered where mine is. Sure I have been in fights at the pub once or twice, and I have always been kind of an obnoxious fella telling teachers they are wrong, always arguing against authorities, but I have almost always followed the rules and the law. It may be my conservative vein or that inherent Swedish pussy-assed blood, but I have always had a respectful approach, even when they steal half my earnings, keep lying to my face or force me to do this or that. And I have never been one of those going to rallies, not even for a good cause, I just find such things stupid, and throwing a rock at the police or thrashing stores have never even entered my mind.

However, I have found out two distinct lines recently. Two borders I know will make me snap if passed over by authorities.

Firstly, the continuation of online censorship. I will never obey any law, police, or authority that tells me I cannot visit certain sites, read certain papers or that I cannot write or say whatever I want. I’m a firm believer that if we ever give in to this imposing fascism, liberty can never be won. Even more so, I conclude that when this continues, which it will, we are just seeing the beginning of restrictions; it will sooner or later be taken advantage of by very scary people.

Just imagine the power of internet and online control functions in the hands of pure and openly anti-democratic powers. If we cave in now, that is a situation that will arise sooner or later, I promise. Consequently I will not obey such laws. Those already imposed have already gone far enough and so from time to time I’ll break those rules, and will continue to do so.

And this also makes it self-evidentiary that the more restrictions and laws that cometh, the less obeying citizen I’ll become.

Secondly, and probably more important for all of us, is that notion of forced inoculations by vaccines. In this case I wouldn’t just ignore or break any such law; I would fight it, physically and directly, Swine Flu or Puppy Flu. If anyone ever shows up on my doorstep telling me that either I take this injection or I get thrown in jail or they will use force to put its content into me against my will, that person would not be alive long enough to tell the story of how someone snapped and put an ax in his or her skull.

And if such notion is used to force a vaccine or whatnot into my child or any of my loved ones, I promise you all, with absolute sincerity, I will go on a killing spree knocking off any authority I can find.

Writing these sorts of things will automatically put me on the government watch-list (like I’m not on one already) but I’ll need to clearly state, right now, that this is my line. Here I’ll take a stand and I will not be hindered by anything less than a bullet to the head. So if any of you people out there that is arguing the case of forced inoculations, please have the decency of visiting me in person, don’t send the cops, I rather not hurt the people in uniform, I actually have a basic liking for the police.

Come to me yourself and we settle this in mortal combat.

And please bring a bunch of needles with you, I’ll stick them up your dead corps sphincter and then drop your body of in front of the nearest government facility. The head I will keep to put on a pole as a warning to others.

And no, I’m not joking.