Monday, May 18, 2009

Burn… burn…

Apparently one building stolen by and used by the EU burn some today, sadly no one seems to have got hurt and the building still stands. For a moment I thought at least some of the spokespersons of the enemy class would go out with a blaze, but my hopes for a happy Monday soon went up in smoke.

That smug little bastard with bow and arrow

Sometimes I wish God really exists. I would slap that idiots face if I ever got into heaven and tell the holy crap-pile what I really think of him and his stupid creation. Which is one of the many reasons why I’m going downstairs to that more fun BBQ place. Another being that would be fun to smack around a little is the Hindu goddess Kali. Just imagine what she can do to you with all those arms…

My favourite torture victim however is Cupid. I have no idea if that picture of him in a diaper is correct, but that alone makes him a prime target for a good probing with a high voltage anal-plug. And if that horrid little creature really is responsible for giving away some love thingies; oh, how fun I will have with his testicles and a car-battery in a not so distant future.

And how do mermaids really mate? Is sperm released in the ocean in a cloud and the girl-fishy swims thru it? And how do you perform the oral thing on a mermaid? Is there a special scale on her body you need to lick?