Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back again, and so say all of us

Been busy with a lot of things (drinking and whoring) and I sort of needed a time off. Not just from blogging. Internet, cellphones and similar stupidities take a lot from normal social interacting.

Anyway, I haven’t missed anything. The economy is still getting better - while we lose purchasing power and the bubbles keep growing.

Off to check my Facebook and all of my email accounts now. Will stop by for a more insightful comment later on.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

When you like and vote for big Government

The sixth extinction - resurrection

Billions of years of life on this planet have gone through several devastating disasters. Scientists have figured out that mass-extinctions have occurred five times before. Each earth-shattering event has destroyed a ¼ or more of all the beings living here.

The question isn’t IF it will happen again, the question is when.

Or maybe the question should be; by what means will this happen?

Homo sapiens are by all accounts a young species. Our kind have only roamed the earth for 200 000 years or so. Even if we during that time have experienced an Ice-age as well as large meteorites crashing and giant volcanoes erupting, we’ve yet to see anything really cataclysmic.

Isn’t it time soon?

The fifth (and latest) major extinction circa 65 millions of years ago eliminated > 17% of families on the planet, including the Dinosaurs. Most likely caused by one (possibly multiple) collisions between Earth and an extraterrestrial body (probably cometary), although some geologists point to a great volcanic event as a possible alternative.

The third major Extinction circa 245 millions of years ago, probably had the same cause as the fifth one, the others is generally regarded to have to do with major, and quite sudden, shifts in climate.

With this in mind it seems that climate change (a real one, not the made-up manmade one) or a large celestial crash should have the lowest odds in Vegas. There are however other possibilities.

Massive solar flare eruptions may both change climate and our geological situation at the same time as such an event would knock out most of our technology. We have cosmic rays from space as a constant threat. Reversal of the magnetic poles (especially if it happens fast) is also a possibility. The introduction of some alien substance, intelligent or not, will also be in this category. Just to mention a few.

But what about ourselves? Couldn’t we do it? Of course we could.

Some mean this is already on the way.

The transformation of the landscape, the overexploitation of species and, of course, pollution is said to contribute to the 30 000 species that go into the light each year. Although such doomsday sayers rarely count the number of new species emerging at the same time or even contemplate that many of those animals would go extinct regardless of human intervention, we can’t really dismiss it either.

My question in this scenario is; who cares? I mean why should be bother with useless animals rendered extinct? I don’t see the point. Only the animals we have use for or the ones who’re vital for ecosystems we depend on should be incorporated into any calculation.

The sixth extinction will only be dangerous if it happens to us, us humans. I don’t care if Polar Bears or any Condor turns into rotting corpses, why would I?

We could talk nuclear holocausts and I do admit it is a possibility, but not very likely one, at least not without other events preceding. It is far more likely that a comet strikes again. But wouldn’t a total break-down of our societies into anarchy, disaster and mass-starvation that will kill tens (maybe hundreds) of millions of people be the worst scenario?

I would think so, and this is also the only real threat. If a comet comes our way today or very soon, maybe we cannot do anything about it. The same goes for solar flares and cosmic rays. But give the human race enough time and we will come up with solid defenses against any such events. I’m absolutely sure about that.

What we don’t have a defense against is ourselves, and here’s where the real threat is.

And I’m not talking any made-up hoax about over-exploitation or the scam of manmade global warming. Such madness has nothing to do with this.

History shows us that the only thing we excel at more than our magical ability to survive and come up with new ways of adapting, is our imagination when it comes to kill each other.

There’s literarily no end to ways of killing other humans. Everything from The iron maiden to socialism, from stoning to The Pear of Anguish to burning people alive.
Instrumental in this task throughout the ages have been government. Not only the only entity able to start wars, it has also, with good aid from different religions, been the main inventor of torture devices and different ways of execution.

Certainly we can then say in our time and age, with the re-emerging of the state as our main contributor and effecter into human life; that we’re getting into more and more trouble. The bigger and stronger government, the more likely our doom seem.
So when our contemporary societies are heading for social- and economic upheavals with a very likely outcome of bigger and stronger government I cannot help thinking that the sixth extinction is closing in.

If my thoughts about our economic mess holds and the coming years will dwarf the “Great Depression” in severity, and if this leads to, what is usually the case, totalitarian ideas growing and that some of those funny little men with funny little plans comes to power, aren’t we then very close?

Just imagine if we would have had weapons of mass destruction available back in the 30’s. How would our world look today if that had been the case?

Personally I would prefer the comet or Alien scenario. At least then we could go out with a bang against an outside threat. Sadly even such an event, if we survived it, would be claimed by government. Surely they saved us? And so we’re back into the circle of expanding government and us closing in on our own destruction.

I think it is very ironic and quite amusing, that the most intelligent species ever evolved on this planet with the ability to survive and thrive only surpassed by the cockroach, will destroy itself. As long as collectivism and statism is growing, that’s the end of the road we’re heading for. My hope is that we go fast; I’ve always hated long goodbyes. So to you lefties and other lunatics out there; speed it up.

How to waste your vote

The Swedish Pirate Party is losing ground, both in the number of members and in polls that show the momentum gained from trials, Piratebay and the fascist monitoring society isn’t doing it for them anymore in the run-up to the general election.

This is not surprising. EU-elections are one thing, that’s about mismanagement, protests and something far away we can send rouge elements to in order to make a point. General elections are more about things closer to us such as taxes, pensions and who will be our voice in the world.

That EU nowadays makes over 70% of our laws goes by pretty unnoticed - electing 365 criminals who will dictate exiting rules such as highway speed isn’t.

Integrity, CCTV and YouTube videos will only get you so far. A party that is only discussing integrity and have an anti-surveillance stand without explaining the impact on pension schemes, the number of daycare centers or the level of taxation will not get sufficient support. Either the pirates will support the current semi-fascist useless bunch of soul-sucking entities now ruling us, or they will support the leftie nightmare of communist ghouls and tree hugging freaks that with our current world and its dilemmas will destroy us all. The pirate’s decision will be based on what side that will eliminate the most monitoring.

Is that enough to vote for pirates? Do voters feel excited by this?

I don’t like the current Swedish administration, too controlling, too fascist, too much central planning and they are members of the Church of Climatology which they try to force down the public’s throats. I cannot stand the ministers, and the Prime Mentalist looks like a cartoon character. The Swedish leadership should be thrown out of power.

But the hypocrisy and utter madness of the Socialists are even worse. And they have the ugliest leader ever seen; a person that’s been caught cheating on her taxes and used government credit-cards for her own personal amusement and hired black laborers.

In the end it doesn’t really matter though. The policies are almost identical, only the insane can see any difference between 1-2% higher or lower taxes – which is the only distinction between the two sides.

And it seems that the only real conflict so far is a system of household services tax relief. Apparently pretty popular but the leftie opposition has declared it will abolish if it wins the autumn election.

I’m against this idea myself. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great to lower taxes, but taxation shouldn’t be arbitrary and focused on a particular area. Better to lower them across the board and make them equal no matter what area or market we’re talking about. One particular section of the economy shouldn’t get tax relief when others don’t. That’s just wrong.

Anyway, to no surprise the Socialist opposition has several senior politicians that make good use of the system. Do as we say, don’t do as we do.

Something that has been going on for quite a while now is the merger of politicos within and in-between political parties. They are all becoming the same party. The political party. This is particularly noticeable whenever something threatens the hegemony of The Political Party. If a threat of alternative emerges that loathes the EU, wants to bring the problems with immigration up on the table or someone want stop the Orwellian nightmare from coming true, or if someone says that their Church of Climatology is a fraud, then watch The Political Party go to work.

Well, actually this merger has already happened, maybe not totally, it is still possible to find slim differences, at least in the rhetoric, but in actuality and as in consequence for your vote the disparity is hardly detectable.

A couple of more elections and they can merge into one.

And politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

And have you ever wondered, if both sides are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits? If all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes? If both sides want full employment and want to help the poor, WHY do we have high unemployment and so many poor people?

All everyone of them want is for you to be a good little citizen that vote and don’t mind being constantly under surveillance and say ‘thank you’ when getting pushed around by faceless bureaucrats. The problems they generate are supposed to keep you on your toes and you should pay attention to what they do to solve the problems they created. You should keep running in that wheel, never mind the banksters behind the curtain.

So why even bother to vote?

Isn’t even the 25min it takes to vote a waste of time?

Not to mention the immorality of voting in the first place. All you actually do is to vote about your neighbor’s money and who among the elitists that will control that money. No matter how you look at it, it cannot be ethically correct.

Here’s a thought. If you really want to vote and actually want to fight the powers that be, if you really want to roll back the surveillance society and stick it to the man, why not put that vote on the Libertarian Party? These are the guys that everyone hates, and if you ask Politicians and The Political Party who their main enemy is, libertarians will top that list.

Is it a wasted vote? Sure, in one way, the libertarian party has no chance to gain any real power, at least not in the nearest hundred years.

On the other hand consider what the libertarian promise to you as a voter.

Libertarians only say that if you work hard enough you might get rich, and in the libertarian world people would be free to explore their own potential and have free choices without surveillance. That’s pretty much it.

They don’t promise you happiness, money, food, jobs, love or honor. Libertarians are telling people that if they want those things they need to get it for themselves, work for it, sweat, and really put the effort in.

‘The Political Party’ say they will fix it for us, with our money and as they see fit. And you love that don’t you? Sure you do. But otherwise you do have an alternative to waste that voting on.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bubble oh you sweet bubble

It will hold, no needle can penetrate it!

There are two things about housing and home ownership they don’t normally tell you. They want you to think about borrowing and spending, and not making rational decisions.

‘They’ in this little exercise are real-estate brokers, banks, central banks, politicians, economists and lots of other criminals.

The first thing you should ignore, according to our enemies, is actual disposable income versus the prices (and level of borrowing) on housing. Historically speaking the price of a home have been about three times that of peoples annual income. This line of about three times our annual income, on average, has been true in every country and regardless of time in history. The ONLY time this hasn’t been true is during times maddening bubbles.

The second thing they want to shrug your shoulders at and go ‘mah’ about is the correlation between the prices of housing versus the price of renting.

You see the cost of renting should never be cheaper than that of a bought home. If it is, you can automatically assume something fishy and very smelly is going on. Sadly this correlation has been distorted through government housing projects, taxes, complex building regulations and so on. But as a general rule of thumb this is still true.

Let’s say you can rent an apartment for $1000/month. Next to that apartment is another one with similar size and standard that you can buy. If the total cost per month for buying that other apartment is, including mortgage and other costs such as repairs, exceeds $1000/month, why would you buy? A rational person might do it anyway if there’s some additional value such as independence in owning or a better view. But even then it is a bad way of spending your money.

So there is only one reason to buy such a home that is clearly overpriced from the start, and that is to speculate on it. Prices never go down on a home, right? Always go up, up, and away…

These two facts have all throughout history always been true, only a fool would think it isn’t true also today. But as usual Einstein’s definition of insanity holds true.

Lately in Sweden there’s been a debate over whether or not a housing bubble has been in the making.

Let’s first look at the basic fundamentals and then go back to the two truths above.

A) Housing prices have risen with over 150% since 1997. This is one of the highest increases in the world and it’s a bigger increase than in the US before their minor crash ( a bigger one is about to follow).

B) To put it in other terms, the price increase has been an average of 8% every year since 1996.

C) The few countries with a bigger rally such as Spain and Ireland have already experienced a decrease in pricing -although not really a crash just yet. The main reason why those countries haven’t crashed yet is partly government madness and partly banks have been buying housing from themselves to keep prices up (watch out for Spain…).

D) Swedes debt ratio to income is at a record height. We’re more in debt today that we were before the 1990-crisis and it’s higher than the American equivalent.

E) Swedish interest rates are lower than European counterparts, and keep in mind almost everyone have been trying to keep interest rates down, and in this mad race for bubbles Sweden is in the lead.

F) The Swedish Government owned lending institute of SBAB (think Fanny and Freddie on steroids) has been fueling the market with increasingly generous lending and very low interest rates. It is not uncommon for the lender to borrow close to and sometimes over 100%.

G) The central bank has thrown hundreds of billions of freshly printed money at the commercial banks. They don’t use all of this money; most of it actually goes back to the central bank with interest which you, the taxpayer, are paying for. But some of it is used and the amount that hasn’t been propping up the stock market goes to real-estate and housing.

H) During the worst crisis since the 30’s prices haven’t just been going up in Sweden, they have reached record heights.

Before we continue, there are some additional facts you should know before making the judgment whether or not there’s a housing bubble. Since the government in Sweden practically runs, controls, subsidize, tax and regulate every single part of the Swedish housing market it isn’t always easy to see what fundamentals are a problem and what is not. For instance the black market of renting is massive and make up 40% of the renting market. This makes renting more expensive, and it makes some of the problems less visible.

And normally (maybe about to change) renting costs is set in central negotiations because in Sweden socialism is what matters. This means that renting a flat in a rundown town out in the wilderness has about the same cost as a flat of the same size in the centre of Stockholm. This in itself is enough to cause distortions and bubbles.

Now, let’s go back to my two basic statements:

Swedish median annual income: SEK 225 000 ($ 31 500)

Average price for a home: SEK 2 million ($282 000) – a new record

282000/31500 or 2M/225K = 9

So the average home cost about 9 years worth of income today. Or, as said above, 3 times as much as it should be.

And do I even need to show you the ‘owning’ of a home versus renting one? All I can say is, if you’re buying with this rent-to-buy ratio which is 1:1 at the very best, and normally about 1:2 – well then you’re an idiot.

So does Sweden have a housing bubble?

Well, with all I’ve just said and during a time of high unemployment (officially 9%) and within a recession (in reality a depression). With companies doing pretty badly and the world is still in a shaky condition. Country after country is closing in on default and there are still wars raging in oil producing countries.

What do you think?

We already know what the central bank, politicians, the commercial banks, SBAB, several economists and lots of other con-artists are saying. And those folks are never wrong, right? Nooo, just keep on borrowing, buy it all, and keep increasing your debts. No worries. The Doctor will protect us from the intergalactic clockwork androids from the future who wants to use our brains to power their spaceships…

Invisible Empire

As said before, I don’t buy all of this conspiracy talk. But some of it is true and the quest for a New World Order is one of those truths.

You don’t haft to buy into everything and eat it all up, I don’t, but the general idea and the basics are true and real. And in my mind the gloomy forecast of our future that is painted in this movie is in the making and will soon be a reality, and you don’t need to live in a trailer with a tin-foil hat on to see this coming over the horizon.

If the New World Order is a Malthusian dictatorship being created by shadowy figures or if you believe it to be a benign UN creation is up to you to decide, either way it is coming.

So this movie is a good way of getting one side of the coin. Really good information throughout but as usual with these sorts of production I cannot help feeling the moviemakers miss some additional facts and they don’t always back up their claims in a way I as a product of academia feel is adequate.

Oh, and who the hell cares if the Bush family and their friends are all gay? They are fascist idiots no matter who they fuck. Why was that in the movie? Stupid.

Maybe they should choose one part of this conspiracy thought and elaborate on that? But then again, it has been done before and by others, so I would see this flick as a good way of getting a wake-up call.

Watch it, it is worth the 2+ hrs

Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full (Order it at

Iran VS United States

Following a debate on Facebook a “friend” ended our ‘friendship’ all of a sudden because I argued against him when he said it would be a good idea to nuke Iran since they apparently support terrorists.

The point I made was that the US is a much worse terrorist state in comparison with Iran looking at statistics and then I tried to explain why I put forward this controversial opinion.

He saw me as a friend of the dictatorship in Iran and apparently he detests ‘libertarians’ although claiming to be an objectivist and a lover of Ayn Rand. He’s also a member of the supposed libertarian party of Sweden and claims to be an advocate of capitalism and freedom…

I’ve been thinking to become a member and at least be a silent partner of the mentioned party, but with members like this guy..?

Anyway, to explain my view.

I never said USA was a totalitarian society. However America is certainly not a free country, not even close. And given time and the current path the country is on I would say it is only a matter of time before the US ends up on the same ballpark as Iran.

And then comes to the statistics. You don’t need WikiLeaks videos or watch how private contractors shoot at innocent civilians, you don’t need to read about how they have slaughtered entire families and tried to cover it up, you don’t need to discuss drones murdering thousands of fleeing refugees or even discuss the “reasons” to go to war and kill about a million Muslims in the first place. All you need to do is the check the overall picture and the facts.

How many wars have Iran started lately? How many innocent civilians have died because of Iran? Who is causing millions of refugees and destroying homes by the thousands, USA or Iran? How many countries does Iran have troops in and how many countries are they occupying? How many hundreds of civilians from countries across the globe have Iran kidnapped and tortured without any due process as of late?

I could go on for a long time; the picture is however very clear and only idiots refuse to see it.

United States of America isn’t a free country and the crimes against humanity its administrations have been and are committing do by far exceed that of Iran.

This isn’t in any way a defense of the Iranian priesthood or the dictatorship of fanatics dwelling in that stupidity of a country. I would also like to point out that America is still a good place filled with good people, and given the choice of which country to support, move to or in any other way stand behind I would chose US over Iran everyday of the week. This however isn’t the point and not the discussion.

Would Ayn Rand have supported the US committing warcrimes, the occupation of several countries and throwing trillions of dollars at the military when the US economy is defaulting? Would she have been sympathetic towards rebuilding poppy fields and handing them over to warlords? If given the chance, would the lady have thought it was a good idea to blow up families and destroy entire villages with very questionable motives?

I think most of us that actually like her writings and ideas can figure out the answer.

And how much pro-capitalism is it to not acknowledge banksters trickery, weapon cartel’s cons and US administrations shadowy reasons for both the wars and the nationalization of the economy?

Thankfully I hadn’t yet paid my contribution to the supposed Libertarian Party of Sweden. Not that I mind a difference of opinion. I hate religions, I like the royal family and to a certain extent I support the pro-life movement. Things many libertarians don’t agree with me on.

The basics for any libertarian stand is however the same all throughout the world, and for the love of Beelzebub I cannot figure out why someone writing, in honest, that nuking Iran is a good thing while refusing to see US faults has anything whatsoever to do with libertarianism.

I told him he was twelve when refusing to discuss the subject, but what he really should be checking is his views and see if he really understands Ayn Rand teachings and can claim to be a libertarian.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where are the environmentalists!?

An immense plume of volcanic ash cast a silent pall over the skies of Northern Europe on Thursday, grounding air traffic across Britain, Scandinavia and elsewhere, halting flights to and from North America, stranding travelers and isolating much of the continent to an extent that was without precedent in recent memory.

The culprit: an Icelandic volcano that could continue spewing grit into the atmosphere for months or years to come.

The material spewed by the volcano consists of fine, sharp-edged particles of rock and glass, most of them ranging in size from about one-twelfth of an inch in diameter down to about 1/25,000th of an inch, and they are capable of circulating in the upper atmosphere for months. If they are inhaled by humans or animals, they can damage air passages. If they are sucked in by a jet engine, they can shut the engine down.

The most abundant gas typically released into the atmosphere from volcanic systems is water vapor (H20), followed by carbon dioxide (C02) and sulfur dioxide (S02).

All three can contribute to climate change. Although the level of carbon dioxide (C02) is only about a tenth of that of human any normal year nowadays, over the millennia it's no contest. Also certain years or when the larger ones erupt they can reach or maybe even surpass human activity.

I will not go into all the other gases or what impact this has on life on the planet. Partly because no-one really knows and partly because that’s not my level of expertise.

What we can be sure about however is that emission like this Icelandic one is, according to ‘the green’ tree-hugging freaks, the same as murder. Also since a proposal have been put forward to declare mass destruction of ecosystems ("ecocide") a crime on par with genocide, it raises a lot of questions about how we should handle volcanoes.

Is the Icelandic volcano(s) liable for murder, "ecocide" and can be sued for the economic cost of delayed flights?

I also noticed that the heat melted the surrounding ice and flows of meltwater started coming off the glacier. A glacier melting eh? How horrific, that has never happened before and should also render lots of sleepless nights to the doomsayers within the ‘green’ asylum. It also caused flodding, another scary thing that ONLY comes from manmade global warming.

Someone argued that this is how the ‘greens’ what our future to look – no air travel. But the small relief the environment might have from this pause cannot even compare to the volcano and its activity. It would have been better, in the eyes of the righteous ‘greens’, to have planes in the air without the volcano.

So again, the question remains; is the Icelandic volcano(s) liable for murder, "ecocide" and can be sued for the economic cost of delayed flights?

One more impossibility

The median price paid for a California home in March jumped 14.3% compared with the same month last year. The San Francisco Bay Area sees a 31% median-price gain.
The median was up 9.7% to $329,000 in Los Angeles County and up 12.2% to $432,000 in Orange County.

Isn’t this nice? Unemployment in California is officially 12% (real number over 20%) and the state is close to defaulting. Think Greece.

And with this in mind home prices jumps that much? This isn’t possible folks. So what happened?

About 40.5% of the previously owned homes sold in March were foreclosures… Oh, how interesting. And as we all know, banks are buying housing from themselves in order to keep prices up. This cannot explain the whole increase; neither can inflation that is starting to gain momentum.

This cannot either, but it is fun to watch:

was just smoking some goooooood shit

Number one industry eh?

What trickery is this?

Sorry I’ve been absent of late. Been reading up on history, checking the financial numbers and trying to figure out what is actually going on. Also been planning for yet another move - to my sixth country in as many years, hopefully more permanent this time. Not really the desolate island with bananas I was looking for, but a step in the right direction.

Anyway, I cannot really pin-point each and every scam out there, but the math doesn’t lie and so something isn’t right in the state of the world.

As I have said before on many occasions the markets crashed last year, just as I predicted many years ago, but I thought they would only be able to cover it up until about now and then it would be all downhill. The first time I said the real crash would happen during the spring of 2010 I think was back in 2000, and I’ve kept to it ever since.

Granted, when looking at this outcome several years ago, I didn’t know what schemes they would pull out of their hats, so this unprecedented spending-spree and very hot-going printing presses didn’t really occur to me. Well, they did, but not at this level.

But even factoring in such nightmarish schemes, it shouldn’t matter; in fact it should only make things much worse and increase the depression into the giant Tsunami that it also have become. So how are they covering this up and for how long can it last? And even more importantly; why are the numbers all wrong and who is behind all the lying and deceit?

You see the math tells us that things have never been this bad. Never.

The correlation of trade surpluses and trade deficits between countries doesn’t match up. Strange sudden spikes on markets that should be going down. Gold that doesn’t exist is getting sold in massive amounts to secret buyers. Weird consumer loan blips. Banks are buying housing from themselves to keep prices up. Governments are buying treasuries from each other (even more so from themselves) in order to cover up that the debt market is overcrowded. Inflation (the real one) is eating into people’s purchasing power but somehow the borrowing and spending continues.

With so many countries not only owing 100% or more of GDP in debt, but also have long-term debt-obligations and pensions that is on levels in ratio to GDP on 3-400% or more (UK is close to 400% in total debt, excluded private and business debt). Stock markets are highly overvalued but are still continuing upwards.

I could go on for a long time, but to summarize, things have never looked worse than they do right now. The fundamentals are horrific; our producing power is continuing down, the debt mountain is going for the moon. It should be crashing and burning right now. But it isn’t. And since the math and the fundamentals don’t lie, something else is going on here.

There are only two things that can explain deviating numbers and why the world continues onwards.

Firstly governments are in cahoots. They are working together in order to cover up how bad it really is. They do this by buying treasuries from each other, or have their banking pals do it for them. They manipulate trade- and market numbers which they only can do if they do work together. They can keep the market optimistic by using spin-doctors and the faulty numbers they’ve fabricated and by appealing to the feeble minds of the general public. They also use minor crisis’s, like Greece or Iceland, to hide the real problems. While we’re focusing on the, in these circumstances, small problems they are sweeping away whistling jaunty tunes and telling us that there’s nothing to see here. And you don’t need to be a conspiracist to figure out that they use terrorists and wars for the same reason.

Secondly there’s something in the works here that no-one knows about. Call it an alien conspiracy, Illuminati trickery or reptilian cover-ups if you will, but there is probably a more mundane explanation to it. Lately the money flow towards IMF, the lying statistics and the strangeness of sudden spikes point to something big.

Have Japan already crashed? Is Spain being hold up by manipulators? Is the UK real-estate market totally bogus and about to fall apart? Or are they getting together and handing money over to China so the Chinese can buy up everything in sight and “help” the world economy? I don’t know, but there’s something going on.

In the meanwhile the debts continue to be accumulated, the regulatory fascism comes to internet increases each day, and governments are seemingly looking towards Kim Jong Ill for inspiration.

This we do know; the next crash is just around the corner and this time around there’s nothing they can do about it. There’s no more inflating of the bubbles, no more borrowing and the printing press will only create hyperinflation. I am sure they will try it all again with negative interest rates money-piles everywhere and more fictitious borrowing. However, it won’t work. There’s no power left in that sort of Keynesianism.

In Sweden it is clear that neither the government nor the opposition have any clue what is going on. Right now about 150 billion is needed to be saved in the government’s budget, interest rates should be forced up to 7-8% and every state owned business should be sold when there’s still time for it. I do hope, whomever you intend to vote for, that you hold these elected criminals responsible for not doing the right thing. You’ll soon understand why…

They have walked us all off a cliff and handed us an anvil. But before this cartoony end is upon us they will find some scape-goats to blame, more distractions for you to keep an eye on and some new schemes worthy of Stephen King to keep them in power.

If I had to guess, this is the reason why we’re not in a full out depression right now, they are consolidating power and coming up with new trickery before we find out what they have done.

I’ll let you know when I have figured this out. Until then I urge you all to get stocked up and get armed. This is going to be ugly.

Now… we’re did I put that toothbrush?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Humans of earth! Bow down tooooo meee…

The cockroach is a formidable animal. They are known for being able to survive on limited resources like the glue from the back of postage stamps. Some can go without air for 45 minutes.

Is has been suggested that these creatures will "inherit the earth" if we humans were to blow ourselves up. However, what such scientists refuse to recognize is that they already have.

Let’s look at the facts.

They feed on human acquired food and can leave an offensive odor. Check.

They can also passively transport microbes on their body surfaces including those that are potentially dangerous to humans, particularly in environments such as hospitals. Check.

Because of their long, persistent association with humans, cockroaches are frequently referred to in art, literature, folk tales and theater and film. In Western culture, cockroaches are often depicted as vile and dirty pests. Their size, long antennae, shiny appearance and spiny legs make them disgusting. I know of several just like this so; check.

Although some features aren’t compatible, I see no reason why not to think that many of these things are walking among us, posing as humans, but in reality plotting our demise with mad schemes such as ‘public healthcare’, ‘religiosity’ and ‘wars’.

The ones I am talking about are of course politicians.

Have you read Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis? In it a man is transformed overnight into a cockroach-like creature. He views himself as repulsive in his new identity and I can certainly relate.

When I entered politics many years ago I did so with a pretty dim-witted naive look at things. Of course I knew already back then that the world was messed up and that politicians in general were evil incarnate, but I had no idea how bad things really were. Worse still is what politics does to you as a human being.

You see politics is partly about what the elitists call “compromise” which in reality is another word for finding the right coalition by bribing, threatening and in other ways convince others of your idea and then make them vote to support you.

Partly it is about doing almost the opposite i.e. thrash-talk or stab those you don’t like who are in the way. Sometimes the stabbing part is literal, but mostly it’s about finding some negative thing about their past, character or views you can exploit to your advantage.

When acting out these characteristics of politics step by step your soul gets sucked out and if it goes on long enough sooner or later that person looking back at you from the mirror is a stranger - a vile beast that will sell his mother for a couple of additional votes.

Someone might argue that this is sort of common practice in all jobs and that ‘politics’ is the same no matter what you do. This is wrong.

Ever seen a really hardcore soap opera like Falcon Crest or Melrose Place? Intrigues everywhere, everyone is sleeping with everyone, there are murders, frame-jobs etc. etc. That’s nothing. Take one of those shows, the worse one you can think of and multiply it with thousand and maybe, perhaps, take out the murders and that’s politics.

What do you think such an environment does to a person?

I would even go so far as to say that sociopathic thinking, anti-human behavior and inferiority complex are the cornerstones of any ‘good’ politician. The higher up in the food chain you get, the more your lifeblood drains away and the more that despicable cockroach takes over. To be a famous and very high-profile politician means, per automatic, that you’re one of the most evil people around.

Maybe I am a bit too condescending towards cockroaches; you can actually find good things to say about them if you look hard enough…

The sad part is that I actually where a very good politician… However I almost never compromised about my beliefs, even voting against my own party on several occasions. This, as anyone ever been in politics knows, is the cardinal sin - the worst atrocity possible is to not follow the stream, and especially horrific it is when it comes to elitists benefits. I got a whole government body to say no to a lavish excursion and several days of feasting at a castle one time, oh the looks I got from my own party members would have made Medusa proud.

Needless to say the bullying was massive for many years, but had nothing to do with me eventually leaving. I just got fed up with ignorant enemies of reality thinking they are someone just because other idiots have elected them.

And you cannot really do anything or accomplish a single thing without walking down the soul-sucking lane. You need to be despicable and be able to do whatever it takes in order to change that which is despicable. I didn’t want to be that person or take that many years out of my life for the goal of maybe change things a little.

Ever wondered why so many youngsters leave political parties and politics in general and instead focuses on single issue like the environment, animals or freedom of speech? This is why.

I think it was on the TV-show ‘Bones’ one of the scientists said that if there are aliens out there, they are far more likely to have cockroach-like qualities than be similar to us. That is probably true, but if you want to go and look for such qualities in a humanoid look no further than to your local government.

Taken from above, this might be one of the best descriptions of a politician ever written:

They can also passively transport microbes on their body surfaces including those that are potentially dangerous to humans, particularly in environments such as hospitals.

What truly makes a woman equal

Wanna rape me?

Organized rape is a tactic used to denigrate and repress political prisoners and victims of war and it is often under reported due to the stigma attached to being a victim of this crime in many parts of the world. Rather than existing as a side effect of war, in countries such as Darfur, Pakistan, Peru, Serbia and Rwanda mass rape has been systematically used as a tool for ethnic cleansing, to spread HIV, extract information and to terrorize rival tribes, movements and dissidents.

This isn’t something new, history is filled with slaves from wars and females being raped or submitted to unspeakable horrors at the hands of conquers or, as is also a persistent factor, by their own men.

One thing has actually changed this...

Not that rape will ever stop existing, there will always be rapists - female and male rapists. Always has and always will. Nothing will change that. However the main reason why women are more susceptible to rape is a physical disadvantage.

I know there are a lot of feminists out there claiming it’s a man’s world and so women are automatically prey. To a certain degree I need to agree with that basic assumption, but that actually goes for all humans, of both sexes. Actually men are much more likely to be beaten up, murdered, killed or be subjected to a crime than women.

But talking about rape it is much more common that the offender is male and the victim is female. And as said at the start, often this is used as a ‘tactic’ in wars and ethnic cleansings.

Since a couple of hundreds of years back, and certainly today, one thing has change the disadvantage women has against men. A tiny female can do nothing against a pair of big hairy thugs, right? Wrong!

Self-defense classes? Please. If you’re a woman you need a black belt to fight of one attacking man if he’s a lot bigger and stronger then you. Sure a lucky punch in the right place or dislocating the knee with a kick will do it, and it happens that even the tiniest of creatures can fend themselves against a much bigger attacker, but is that really the kind of odds you like to play? And what if there are two of them? What if there’s seven of them? No black belt or training in the world will help you then, no matter what the movies tell you.

Having training and by avoiding being alone, drunk, and stumbling around in high-heals in a dark alley at 4am will go a long way. That would make you more confident, and maybe, just maybe put you on pretty equal terms with one attacker.

I know of a couple of women that has never even been faced with unwanted sexual advances. Such females are actually, and sadly, not so easy to find. Most women do get attacked, taken advantage off or ends up in an unfortunate situation one time or the other. What is clearly the common traits for those women I do know that has avoided such things are self-confidence, self-reliance and a clear aura of “don’t try anything buster or I will bite your dick off” –attitude. Also, it should be pointed out, none of them are feminists.

However, attitude, some training and not jumping into the van because someone offers you candy isn’t always enough. And it certainly isn’t when there’s a war going on.

There is however one thing that makes all humans equal, something that will make a single petite woman much stronger than any two hairy thugs.

A gun.

I promise you all, if every woman on this planet had a gun or was allowed to carry a gun the number of rapes would go down dramatically. Even the potentiality is enough to scare of most attackers, which means that not all women need to actually have a gun. So if you’re scared of them or don’t want to own one, fine, but as long as some do and it’s legal any would-be rapists need to think very hard before doing something.

But wouldn’t this lead to some shootings and dead folk? Well yes it would, yet another reason why rapes would go down in numbers. Rapists are often multiple offenders, shoot one dead and its very likely future victims will be saved.

And this argument holds true all throughout. The people of Ethiopia or Haiti don’t need money, they’ve got aid coming out of their ears, never helped before, and it won’t help now. But give all the normal people a gun each and watch the status que change overnight. I am not saying guns would save the starving, no, of course not, but it will make their oppressive leftie governments to think twice before raping, pillaging or taxing them and that in the long run will help.

This isn’t a universal solution. I know this is an easy argument to make and it won’t solve all problems, not by far, but it will save lots of women (and men).

And, as said, a gun makes us equal, strangely then that those women-rights activists aren’t proposing and advocating gun rights. That has an explanation too, you see most such groups are formed by socialist ideas and the thing a socialist fears more than anything is if the people are armed. It is much better to have lots of raped women than a populace confident enough and armed enough to actually say no to government.

You are going to die! Part XXXIV

I always get so pissed when watching TV-shows and movies when someone dies and immediately they have some epiphany or religious experience walking around on clouds, meeting some dead relative or seeing their waiting 72 virgins licking each other (okay, that’s my fantasy…).

Yesterday I watched some old episode of Grays Anatomy were one of the lead actresses died. Of course she woke up seeing whatever, experience some other and pffff… There I was, actually feeling tears nearing my eye, and then she dies and… wakes up… seeing whatnot with whoknowswhat in some happy fluffy thingy. So stupid. I changed the channel…

Remember ‘Lilja 4-ever’? A fantastic movie about the sex trade between the former Soviet Union and Western Europe. Really great, and you have tears in your eyes all the way through, but in the end that underage girl (the main character) needs to run around on rooftops with wings. WINGS! WTF!?!? Completely destroying a fantastic movie with a couple of minutes of idiocy.

Another thing that is highly stupid on the same theme is when a lead character dies and sort of ‘come back’ i.e. walks around the survivors “talking to them” as in they are remembering that person. Probably meant to be a smooth going away goodbye of that character, but only makes it ridiculous.

Like in NCIS when Agent Caitlin "Kate" Todd in one of the most shocking moments in TV history, gets shoot in the head and dies. For TWO whole episodes her ‘ghost’ is hunting the other main characters. What could have been absolutely TV-magic suddenly turns into disaster because some softy director or useless producer likes to show a religious endgame.

And it’s almost always in American movies and shows this happens. Probably because so many idiots in that country embrace creationism, but regardless, it’s stupid.

Not to say other countries or cultures are any different. Remember ‘The Seventh Seal’ by my now deceased countryman Ingmar Bergman? But at least in many of those examples death or any afterlife is sort of part of the story. If the tale is about religion, Jesus or death I sort of get it, it’s part of the story. That’s not what I am talking about.

What I mean is when some hard-line character in a detective movie or action plot filled with alien headhunters from Venus and the movie/show incorporate lots of nudity, violence and rock-and-roll and suddenly someone dies and… goes to God..?

It just doesn’t seem right.

Washington Mutual

The failed bank Washington Mutual made subprime loans it knew were likely to go bad and then packaged them into risky securities, investigators say.

Is that manure I smell my dear Watson?

Before Washington Mutual collapsed in the largest bank failure in U.S. history, its executives knowingly created a "mortgage time bomb" by making subprime loans they knew were likely to go bad and then packaging them into risky securities, a congressional investigation has found.

Nooooo… really?

A new consumer financial protection agency, has been proposed by Obama has proposed as part of his regulatory overhaul, to stop lenders from preying on borrowers.

Well, they are going to keep Franny and Freddie and who many out there thinks that the administration that is literarily overrun by Goldman Sachs people will ever check out the tentacles of that bank?

And the main problems with insanely low interest rates, maniac printing of new notes and extra government cash thrown at new buyers of housing are still there, still increasing the debt bubble, still building on that financial disaster.

The truth is that Washington Mutual isn’t the first or by any means the last bank going out of business here. Everyone of them, EVERY SINGLE ONE, have after bankruptcy shown a 30-40 and even 50% in overvalue thanks to the scams. We’re counting 150 banks so far. If there’s no exception for this among the so far failures, raise your hand if you think the rest are really solvent…

We’re talking trillions, many trillions of dollars and the federal government has either already bought them through Franny and Freddie or promised tax dollars to cover the losses. You think last year was bad? Wait ‘till you see what this brings…

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ah, the dominoes begin to fall.

What’s that honey? A ‘green shoot’ you say?

Hideo Kumano, chief economist at Dai-ichi Life Research Institute, said recently about Japan that:

"There is no problem as long as there are flows of money in the bond market,"

Of course referring to the chance that Japan can be heading for a default.

Based on fiscal 2010's nominal GDP of 475 trillion yen, Japan's debt is estimated to reach around 950 trillion yen or roughly 7.5 million yen per person ($80,375). And it is starting to be hard for them to borrow more money.

I want you to read that sentence above again. This is the key for so many reasons.

"There is no problem as long as there are flows of money in the bond market,"

Remember all those stimulus packages getting thrown around? Where do you think all that money went? Do you think they bought food and gave it to the starving?

Remember the bailouts of certain banks? Ever wondered what they are doing with all those trillions? Hiring people?

But maybe the most important part to remember here is that there is only so much debt the market can soak up. And pretty much every country on the planet is screaming “sell, sell, sell” wanting their new government issued debts to be bought up.

How long do you think they can keep this up?

Greece, Dubai and Iceland were only the prelude and are in these circumstances tiny players, but what about Spain? Italy? Or, as mentioned above, Japan? What do you think will happen when one of those major players cannot sell their debt anymore?

I have news for you people, if it weren’t for the scams, the manipulations and the freshly printed money piles, it would have been game over already. All they have done is bought some time and in doing so seriously increased that Tsunami wave of financial and political Armageddon lurking beneth the surface.

Keep a close eye out, because once this really starts most of you can say goodbye to your comfortable lifestyle and say hello to the Greatest Economic Depression in the history of mankind.

Blood on the American flag

When the next terrorist attack strikes the US, and it will, and Americans start complaining show them this video and/or similar ones. As said before, this is how empires die…

Sunday, April 11, 2010

And so the Euro died...

Please Germany, help us!

I wrote a post a couple of days ago entitled The death of Greece – will the Euro follow? and in it I argued, as I’ve been doing for a decade now, that bailing out a membership state (in this case Greece) would be the coup de grâce of the Euro.

Of course the masters of our faith didn’t wait long to break their own set of rules and make statements contrary to the treaty they all signed - together with a €30 billion add-on to the fire of doom down by the Aegean.

The slick, olive-oiled Greeks waited for about… 75min, before a senior official told reporters that;

"40 billions (including IMF) for 2010 is part of a bigger amount for the three-year period. A logical amount for the three-year period would be double than 40 billion,"

I am watching for the time, day and date for when the rest of the shitty economies around the Mediterranean call for aid. The smart thing to do is to be first, so I expect it to take no more than weeks. My money is on Portugal because they are already pulling the screws and taking austerity measures, and I expect that Italians and Spaniards will hold out as long as possible.

Well, we also have countries tightly linked to the Euro such as Bulgaria or Lithuania that surely want some cash, but I suspect these bailouts are aimed at saving the Euro, not the countries themselves, so tough luck for those fucks.

Save Capitalism thinks that Germany will chose to leave the Euro if we go down this path, and I consider that to be a real possibility, but I think that long before that happens the cries from the other PIIGS will echo into any survivors history books. Also I expect the money printing to pick up speed pure Zimbabwe-style. This summer will be one of riots and political turmoil, but that’s just the prelude, it can only get worse.

The markets will of course like this move, and despite Russian built planes crashing with lots of Poles onboard and really horrific numbers spat out from the US I expect a pretty steady market tomorrow.

However, that calm is hiding what comes next.

How many billions/trillions of Euro will be needed now when the floodgates have opened? Shall we guess about €500 billion the coming year? And remember, these are bottomless pits. Not a single one of these countries will ever get their numbers in order. Never gonna happen.

And Germany cannot bear this burden alone, that’s impossible and the other countries with pretty good fiscal policies like Sweden and Denmark are too small, and Sweden isn’t even in the Euro. Maybe France can help out a little, but they have their pension debt to worry about.

How long can this last now when the Euro is doomed to fail?

If this was normal times I would probably argue they could keep it up for several years, maybe even a decade or two. However there’s nothing ‘normal’ about propped up markets, trillions in newly printed notes floating around, maddening low interest rates and asylum-style Debt Mountains. Add in the world-wide derivatives scam and so much more of absolutely insane schemes everywhere and I would be very surprise if even Greece will receive this first batch before all hell breaks loose.

Another Sunday rambling

While pouring myself glass after glass of vodka last night and playing the original Colonial Conquest game I sort of started to reminisce about a long forgotten youth.

The question I started to ask myself was whether or not it was better being young and oblivious.

In a way I need to say yes.

Well, I don’t miss the Swedish school system and its sole purpose of spitting out mindless robots, and I don’t miss fondling in the dark after underage breasts (really, I don’t).

However there are two things about being young that I sort of miss.

First, in relation to my current situation, I miss having a proper liver and a youthful body that after a week of hardcore partying had no problem continuing for yet another week. Pulling one all-nighter when barely having the stamina to survive the following day (today) isn’t the same thing.

Secondly it is hard not to acknowledge how much better it is to not know how beyond repair and how really screwed up this world is. This is also the reason why I still haven’t entirely given up on you sheople out there because I get it. Seeing and understanding the real world isn’t a good thing, it doesn’t give you pleasure or release. On the contrary. If you don’t want to live in fear and sadness or walk around within a cloud of cynical apathy, the best thing you can do is to ignore reality and never, never go out and look for the truth.

I think people have a built-in safety mechanism that automatically responds to any distress in our surroundings with the ‘that will never happen here / to me’ and, the ever so funny; ‘those people are nuts’. This kind of automated reaction may be good for a person in the short run, might even be great (especially since that pesky reality is kept at a distance). But it also leads to certain problems.

Because when government are seeking henchmen for their righteous army or looking for silent consent it has no problem getting just that.

What did you say? Jews getting transported on trains to death factories? No, that would never happen, if anyone says that they are nuts.

But we don’t need to Godwin ourselves to find examples of the same phenomenon.

The scientists at the UN and our government say they need to tax our cars? Maybe that’s the right thing to do then... Those nuts claiming my money only goes down the drain for no reason whatsoever are only conspiracists…

People are dying in a foreign land from starvation and wars? Those Africans/Muslims/Asians/[insert] people have brought it on themselves. That will never happen here.

I could go on for a long time, but I think you get the idea.

This is why it is so easy for them to con you with false flag attacks, and why it is so easy to get your money to fund new schemes. You’re giving them a free ride, and you are the one paying for it – all for the sake of ignoring and hiding from reality.

And we all know what the price is for going against the stream. You’ll become a nut, an outcast, and the best epithet you will ever receive is “he walks his own way”.

Do you know who the really great leaders of men have been making a mark on history? It has been the ones “going their own way”.

Want to be a hero or be remembered? Start to think, see reality and go your own fucking way.

Most of you won’t do this of course. Maybe no-one will.

Instead you will listen and comply like the good little sheep the powers want you to be.

Don’t speak on the phone while driving, don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t eat fat, suger, candy, meat or a million other things. Any drug, flue, dog, wolf, or too many mini pizzas will kill you. Stay away from cell-phones, computers, TV’s, Radios, microwaves, and all other things generating electrical fields, they may kill you. Don’t swim after eating; don’t eat fifty-five eggs each morning because it increases your chance of getting cancer by 0.01%. Sunrays are dangerous, cold is dangerous, wind, rainfall, storms and landslides are dangerous. And out there, around you, there are pedophiles, terrorists and drug dealers hiding behind every bush. All men are rapists and all Muslims want you dead.

This is what they are selling you, and this is what you are buying. FEAR.

Fear of seeing reality, fear of going outside the norm, fear of standing up for yourself.

You are afraid of knowing, and I do understand, I get it. As I said, this is one thing about being young I miss. Being innocent and oblivious was, and for most of you out there it still is blissful.

I’ll give you a way out, a way you won’t be so afraid and become able to face reality; see the fun in it!

People are living on volcanoes and get surprised when lava flows into their living room. People go swimming with sharks and get taken aback when one arm is missing. Millions are starving to death or dying from wars right now. There are millions unemployed while your government is building monuments over themselves or bombing Afghan villages. While they demand that you pay taxes, they fly around in private jets, are drinking champagne and telling you want to do, and this on your tab, with your money!

This is funny shit!

It is time to wake up people. You cannot watch the idiot box anymore and let them dupe you into seeing things that aren’t there.

Consider this; 50y ago in a western household a family could survive on one salary. Sure they didn’t have the same level of technology, but they survived, many even thrived, and most didn’t have debt coming out of their ears despite owning a house and a couple of cars.

Today we need at least two salaries in a household to get by, and this with a higher level of technology and much higher productivity. Why do you think that is? Have you ever asked that question?

We should be able to live on half of one salary today compared to 50 years ago; instead it is the other way around. HAVE YOU WONDERED WHY THIS IS?

For many years - in my opinion since the dawn of agriculture - we have had the means and wealth to feed, clothe and equip every single person on this planet. Several times over. Still a billion people are starving, and even in the ‘modern’ developed countries there’s massive unemployment and misery. HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY THIS IS?

What I am is a believer in capitalism, which has NOTHING to do with today’s societies.

You see I like tobacco, I like to drink, I like to fornicate (with the right person on my terms) and I like being my own man making my own decisions. This has nothing or very little to do with money. If you think so they have fooled you from the start.

Capitalism isn’t about money or wealth, that’s a lie being told to you from rich and powerful people in order to fool you into believing someone else have stolen your wealth. Well, someone has, but it isn’t any capitalist system.

I have never own a car, never. I’ve not own a TV in 11 years, and I’m a very unwilling participant of the x-mas hype. In fact I cannot remember the last time I bought a x-mas gift. I’ve never cared about money or status other than a way to pay for the next drink. And I have never borrowed money to spend it.

I don’t believe there’s a life after this one, consequently I recon I’ll better do the best I can with what I got during my 80 or so years on this planet. This is what made me into a true believer of capitalism – made me an advocate of life.

Because to truly have a chance to make the best out of your life you need to be ‘allowed’ to. Capitalism lets you, as the only system, it lets you be you.

Can you see why all of our enemies hate capitalism?

They have told you that only rich white folks in suits working on Wall Street are capitalists. Everything on this planet that we think is horrible (that is not blamed on manmade global warming) is blamed on capitalism.

Have you checked the facts? Do you know why they say that? USA of today is closer to Soviet communism than capitalism, but still America is said to be the Mecca of capitalism and the evil empire of greed.

Can you mention a single thing that’s not regulated, taxed, restricted or outlawed? I can’t, not in any country.

To live in a world so restricted is horrifying (and it is anti-capitalist) - if we cannot enjoy things, what’s the point?

I’m no anarchist, that’s not what capitalism is. There are laws and regulations but very constricted as capitalism is built on the premise that you can do whatever you want until you encounter another individual that has the same right.

Within a capitalist society you would be able to run down the street naked while smoking a cigar and then turn into a ‘Fatty Joe’s place’ for a juicy beef and a glass of vodka. Then you can take a man home to sadomize, and then marry him without worrying about licenses or laws. During the daytime you can work as a stock broker or prostitute and the money you earn is yours, no-one else’s. No taxes. When you go shopping at the supermarket there would be shelves of cocaine, guns, alcohol and porn to chose from. And no-one would force you to do military service or steal people’s money to buy weapons of war and then wage wars.

The very few politicians that would exist in a capitalist state would have so few tasks to do and earn so little money that they would be both bored and pretty broke.

Do you see why the elitists hate capitalism?

Capitalism is about being proud of who you are and make the best of what you got. Capitalism is to be free from the starting point. If you want to be something, learn something or do something, that’s your own path - no-one else’s. You are your own king, you decide over your body, money and soul. You would decide where to work, how to live and what color your house would have. The only thing that would restrict your actions and choices is the free will and equal rights of other men.

No wonder the righteous know-it-all people and morally ‘superior’ thugs that run our lives today hate capitalism.

Throughout history, with no exception, the best and the brightest societies have embraced some or much of what is the capitalist ideal. And, again with no exception, when they failed and crumbled they’ve instead embraced restriction, control, government intervention and statism.

This is also what is going on today. Capitalism (or at least half of capitalism) built our modern societies, created our wealth and made us leave poverty behind. Humanity’s best century of all time, the 19th century, created so much momentum and lifted so many people from dirt poverty to prosperity that we still live on momentum today.

This has gradually changed. They are still keeping some level of market economy around, they are not stupid, they know what creates value. But the interventions, the regulations, the laws and the imposed planning of our lives and economic system have halted our progress, and in many cases even turned it around.

They say we need bailouts, stimulus, lower interest rates and more regulations to curve the problems of our financial system. The fact that bailouts, stimulus, low interest rates and regulations are what caused the problems in the first place is totally ignored.

They are trying to fix regulatory statism with more of the same. Hilarious isn’t it?

This is why it’s going to crash again, and this time it won’t take 6 years like the last bubble, no it is about to burst at any moment. No doubt they will blame greed, capitalism, Jews, Muslims or some other scapegoat, just as they always have. Will you buy it this time too? Probably. Being afraid and ignoring reality you sheople out there will eat it up.

Funny enough, this time around, with a situation far, far worse than the minor depression in the 30’s, the hysterical problems will be massive and so the hysterical solutions put forward by hysterical men will most likely be worse then back then. And remember what we have today they didn’t have back then; weapons of mass destruction…

Very entertaining times ahead...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Today I'll buy Polish vodka

A plane carrying Polish President Lech Kaczynski has crashed. Mr Kaczynski was on board along with his wife Maria and several senior government figures including the army chief of staff Gen Franciszek Gagor, central bank governor Slawomir Skrzypek and deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Kremer.

They were in Russia to mark the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, when the communists killed thousands of Poles. One of hundreds of massacres and mass graves littering the Russian landscape curtsey of socialist policies.

So a president (and Eurosceptic) seriously disliked by Russian authorities is together with the army chief and other dignitaries on his way to commemorate lots of dead Poles by the hands of leftie Russians, they flew a Russian plane (Tupolev 154) and they end up being crispy corpses themselves on Russian soil…

So it is not unlikely that conspiracists will be watching this right now cooking up some plot about shape shifting relatives of the British Queen psychically channeling the Spirit of Stalin to bring down the plane to start WW III.

However there are no indications so far of foul play, just an ironic demise of many of the top wigs in Polish politics, which of course will cause some serious internal Polish problems and probably won’t do any good for the financial markets when they open on Monday. Another story like this during the weekend adding to the Greeks getting sucked into a black hole of despair and we’ll see a market crash next week.

I’ll be watching this closely with popcorn and some polish vodka…

Ready for a reality check?

For those of you who can handle a goodly dose of reality, you might be interested in what Alan Watt has to say:

6th April:

7th April:

8th April:

Visit Alan Watt's site for the documentation that backs up his arguments. You might want to purchase his wares once you're there. What I've seen so far is excellent.

The death of Greece – the Euro to follow?

Anyone following the news ticking in about our olive-oiled friends down by the Aegean are either laughing or crying today. I am, of course, laughing. Remember, today is Friday, this is significant for market manipulators. I wonder what they will say during the weekend…

I will let the people over at ZeroHedge explain:
If this information is correct, it is all over. Bloomberg calculates the yield on the Greek 3 Month as determined by the bid, or where investors are willing to buy it, based on BVAL sources at 21.3%. In all honesty the bid/offer market in the 3 Month are all over the place. HDAT gives it as 99.650x99.840, BVAL is at 99.470x99.773. The HDAT bid implies a yield of 14.049%, which is still game over for Greece.

Greece plans to sell €600 million in 6 Month and €600 million in 12 Month Bills on April 13. Sorry, if the 3M is anywhere close to 14% bid (let alone 21%), this is not happening.

The Market Ticker thinks that:
Greece needs to pull out of the Euro now and take the hit. There is a point beyond which the spiral tightens beyond all reason, and they may already be into the vortex too far to do anything meaningful, but this much is certain – the longer they delay the worse it’s going to get.

I am not so sure about that myself. Defaulting, setting up their own currency and jumping ship may actually, at least in the short run, be much, much worse. Their best bet, from Greece’s point of view, is still to rely on the Eurozone to come and rescue them.

However, such a move is contingent on Germany actually allowing it to happen. And even IF that is the case, what about the ramifications? Can they break their own laws and bail out an entire country?

And IF they do we have Italy, Spain, Portugal and possibly Ireland waiting in the wings for their bailouts. In effect, bailing out Greece would be the coup de grâce of the Euro.

What? ‘IMF’ you say? Well, good luck with that one…

And don't come saying "no-one told you so", I did, many did. We've been saying it for years. Time to start paying attention soon?

Now put on the music and shake it baby

Internet a breeding ground for extremists?

I’ve said it before; the anti-internet campaigning is just getting started. Apparently some Swedish journalists have figured out that racists and the ‘extreme right’ is very strong and growing online.

So horrible.

On the other side of the pond this has been argued by Democrats and liberals for a long time. And since Ron Paul gather many of his supporters on the internet, the ‘conservatives’ are tagging along. Cannot have contradictory views out there now can we?

Me, I hardly notice ‘extremists’ at all, from any side, well despite myself and lots of other libertarians that are “extreme right” (in one sense) so we’re very likely to get bunched together with KKK members and skinheads. Easier to discard sensible humanists and peace loving citizens looking out for the little guy if all such individuals are labeled ‘racist’...

It is likely I’ve stumbled upon one or two blogs when checking stories, but as far as I can tell the racists and what the mainstream journalists call ‘ultra right’ are very hard to find. And those that you can find are terrible writers with low or no intellect.

Basically a ‘extreme right’ blog copy and paste a certain news story and then they write one or two sentences with amoeba-like qualities like; “If we just kill all the negroes, everything would be fine”.

According to certain journalists this makes them very dangerous and apparently they can grow their numbers this way.


If that really is the case, which I seriously doubt, people in general are even more stupid than even I thought.

The story also goes that commentator’s on papers and such online are to a large degree hiding behind pseudonyms in order to spread their hatred.

This I do, to a small extent, agree with. Visiting a commentator field you can always find one Marxist saying we should kill all directors, one racist that believes that Auschwitz is a made-up fictional tale, and some youngster hiding behind the screen writing obnoxious stuff for the fun of it.

Most of the people writing are however ordinary folks showing their anger or correcting journalists that are more than often wrong.

The problem here is that a normal guy saying that immigrants are “getting away with murder” is bunched together with the racist one. Also every time someone complains over problems with refugees or that immigrants committing too many crimes or that Shari’a laws are an abomination, are also ‘racists’.

This is of course a lie, and a deliberate one at that.

Are people getting pissed that some immigrant comes to their country, spits on the laws, lives on welfare and murders some defenseless pensioner? Nooo? How can that be?

This is the sort of ‘thinking’ that have given momentum to racism in the first place.

Our masters only have two ways of dealing with racists.

The first, and most common one, is to basically ignore them. Cut them out. Refuse to take in any publication, ideas, exhibits or lecturers that might be dangerous ‘ultra rightists’. And if any such thing appears then in step the stone throwing hippies and fascist anarchists that are just as bad, or worse, to knock the racists out. Seldom condemned by the mainstream media (with the occasional “bad little leftie” automatic response as the exception) they can take streets, destroy property and burn cars and it is all for a good cause – to get rid of ‘right-wing extremists’.

This first way isn’t working, never has and never will. This because it make people sympathetic to the racists cause, because they get bullied by the elitists and their underlings and consequently get martyrdom. But also because some of the issues raised by them are actually true, partly or fully. There are problems with immigrations, there are problems with refugees, there are crashes of cultures and there are fanatics within certain immigration groups that are just as dangerous as any racist.

Just because racists are stupid enough to think that knocking off some Jew or shooting some Muslims will solve the problem, doesn’t mean that the actual underlying problem isn’t there.

The second way of dealing with racism is probably even more stupid then the first one. This is the ‘word-game’, and this anti-internet thingy is an example of that. Anything and anyone not compliant with the mainstream politically correct view is an example of racism.

Want to enforce the law on immigrants? Racism. Want to stop immigration for a while so the ones already here can settle before we take in more? Racism. Want to celebrate in church? Racism. Wave the American/British/Swedish flag? Racism. Singing the national anthem on graduation? Racism. Say you hate Muslim fanatics? Racism. If you don’t like Jewish atrocities in Gaza? Racism.

And if you’re not racist, you’re “ultra right” and/or an extremist that makes Hitler look peaceful.

Getting Godwin’ed is a way of life for most of us, and this on a daily basis.

Under the surface ordinary, peaceful, law-abiding citizens see the problems that are ignored and the animosity grows. In affect this actually creates “racists”, not suppress them as the intention is.

The powers that be are mostly just ignorant fools; they don’t understand that they actually are the ones creating the problems. Firstly by making immigrants unemployed, forcing them to live in ghettoes and pity them along with tons of welfare checks. Secondly by this anti-racist politically correct righteous crap that fuels the problem.

But there’s also another side to it. You see immigrants are to a large degree dependent on government, so they will vote for governments that give them stuff. In essence immigrants are voting cattle, mostly for the lefties.

As a libertarian I am for open borders. I see no problem whatsoever in people moving in or out. I don’t care if people around me are blacks, Hispanic or Muslims.

Why would I?

What I do care about however is that people obey the law and shouldn’t get any preferential treatment. Move or flee wherever you want, but do it on your own accord. From me you would get no welfare checks, not a single government job, no language courses and in exchange I demand that you obey the law, do what you can to fit in and learn the language on your own.

You can dance the cha-cha, play the dreidel song or go around mumbling Allah Akbar all day if you want, just don’t expect me to change my life or adjust to your ways. If you come to my country, you’re mine and my countrymen’s guest and I aspect you to act accordingly.

I’ve lived in four countries so far and I have never expected anything else from myself and as far as I can tell most immigrants coming to a foreign country have the same state of mind. But then in steps government...

As usual government and the righteous elitists are creating and worsening the problems, if you really want to eliminate racism; eliminate those groups.

Had a job interview today…

Some people shouldn’t interview others for jobs. They should let HR people or someone that actually know what they are doing handle it. Not like this…

You are fluent in Swedish?

Yes, I am, being Swedish and all…

So you speak and write Swedish on a native level?

Uh? Yes, I am Swedish and have worked for Swedish companies and with Swedish costumers.

So you would say your Swedish is proficient to handle costumers?


Have you worked with Swedish or Nordic Costumers before?

... Happily there are no ways of strangling someone over the phone…