Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fantastic news

Sometimes I just wanna jump up and down and kiss a frog and do other crazy stuff. In two new hilarious decisions the Swedish Justice system have - again - send out a clear and loud signal; there is no justice, the laws are crap and those in power manipulate things to their advantage. And I cannot applaud more. I’m celebrating. This, together with the Piratebay trial itself is some of the biggest and best things ever happened in Sweden. A lot of people are wondering what the hell is going on and almost an entire generation is losing faith in the law - all of which is fantastically great!

Why? Firstly because the laws are crap, not just the ones regarding privacy or integrity but pretty much all of them and those that have some merits have been subjected by endless exceptions or is ignored by those in power. Secondly the justice system is really just ridiculous. Not only are the so called “jury” politically appointed and sit with a clear agenda but the judges are a part of that wheel of power that is not up for questioning. Thirdly; of course those in power will use their leverage to “force” their appointed people judging to do their bidding and of course they will also use all their might to keep the press, police and other supporting troops on high alert. Those whips smacking away at internal opposition within the different political parties is not the only flogging tool being used. All of this is now being paraded in the open and it is fantastic! For those of you out there that – like me – have experienced how horrific the Swedish justice system is and also know how politics really works, this is great news. Finally some lime-lights shines on the big pile of manure that always stinks to high heaven without anyone noticing it.

If any of you really thought that the judge in the Piratebay trial would be found guilty of biasness I hope you now have left such stupid notions and realize that all is not well in the kingdom of Sweden. And if you also happened to notice the ruling regarding IP-numbers and the publisher houses; then I hope you now have left that moronic side completely and came over to us that already knew about such political features.

Some bloggers are wondering where the honor went. Idiots. We have only had a really bad system or - as today – a really horrific system. The general public has just been too blind to see what’s really going on. What the enemy class is now doing in Sweden has at least open one eye a bit so let’s see if the Swedish populace can get smacked with some more realities and wake up from that fantasy most of those baboon’s lives in. I need to warn you all though; it is not easy being the voice of reason; it is not easy being the one that actually understands. It is a tough, hard and most of the time frightening existence and you are constantly being targeted by officials, the general public, bloggers or the politically correct for being a fascist, idiot, thief, extremists, anarchist and so on. But it is also very funny seeing all the headless chickens running around, seeing all the stupidities being enforced and watching how the whole spectacle is being played out.

Justice? Pfffffff… Get up, get out, get drunk. And when there are enough of us that really understand; get up, get out, rebel.