Friday, October 1, 2010

Random coincidences

Nothing to see here folks, only a random event. Move along.

There are a lot of things that can happen that surely have no planning behind them and are definitely totally random and circumstantial. That bad news in regards to finance and markets almost always is mentioned on Fridays happens by chance. That bad news in regards to finance and markets that for some reason isn’t conveyed on Fridays always is followed by two or three ‘good news’ hours afterwards with an immediate bump upwards on the stock exchange that otherwise would be going down is pure coincident.

That the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) has raised the terror alert in Sweden to "elevated" due to an increased threat level just weeks before the government budget proposal is put to the vote is just a fluke.

That FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III told a congressional hearing that a spike in recent terrorism cases is direct evidence of the evolving threat just as the Tea Party is gaining momentum and people are starting to silently prepare for tomorrows financial collapse have no association to each other whatsoever.

That the Church of Climatology produce and spread a video depicting children getting blown up for not confirming to the Green God’s decrees - but then, suddenly, withdraw the film issuing apologies while the horrendous flick keep spreading is only an accident. No-one that watched the film will have a slight remembrance of it, somewhere deep down, when the state impose their next set of fascist laws meant to “save the planet”. Nope. Not one.

That the International Council of Shopping Centers has come out with a prediction that U.S. retailers’ sales will climb 3 percent to 3.5 percent this holiday season only a few months before Thanksgiving and x-mas is surely unplanned. That trucking in the US is in full collapse, the dollar is plunging and that the current calendar year has a deficit "run rate" of $1.667 trillion, essentially identical to last year, means nothing to these folks. Souring debt-mountains, US unemployment over 20% and a global who-can-devalue-their-currency-the-most competition is secondary. So it’s surely a coincident that shopping center owners and retailers predict an upswing.

That Sweden's last remaining copper coin, The 50 öre coin, took its final breath recently and is only remembered in a historical context with pundits giving funny anecdotes while hardly anyone mentions that this a inflationary fiasco and a real bloody sign how we are getting screwed by our masters, is only a stroke of bad luck. Don’t you think?

Other reoccurring examples of totally unrelated events:

Laws, hinders, terrorist chases and taxation in regards to internet are in exponential increase while the economic fundaments are crashing before our eyes.

Increase in anti-immigration discussions and more blaming of Romani’s, Jews, and Muslims while the economic fundaments are crashing before our eyes.

More and more stories about greedy businessmen and capitalism’s “failures” on the news while the economic fundaments are crashing before our eyes.

That we daily are reminded on how Oduma, Gorgon Brownie and other soul sucking entities “saved us” from a depression while the economic fundaments are crashing before our eyes.

I could go on about such random unrelated events, but maybe the funniest, and probably most coincidental thing ever, is that people out in the world seem to really believe in such a chaos filled world were nothing is related to anything else.

I have mentioned it before, but it is necessary to repeat – you are all idiots.

This little movie has nothing to do with the text above.