Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The important issue of hand luggage

As an FYI; right now the European Parliament is debating the nuisance of only allowed to bring one hand luggage on planes. Supposedly it is the same for the rich commissars of the EU, which is kind of annoying for them I suppose when bringing all that loot home.

Sort of entertaining stuff, just wish I was completely stoned while listening, would make it amazing…

A golden frog Mali style

In case you have missed it the Germanic tribe lead by Merkel has decided to withdraw almost all of its foreign kept gold and bring it home. Apparently, for a not disclosed reason, shipping all that gold will take the U.S. Fed 7 years.

Weirdly the extremely manipulated gold market where gold seem to appear and disappear depending on the time of day, has not reacted that much to this hilarious news. At least not yet. How it will react if that gold is nowhere to be found you don’t need to be an alchemist to predict.

But even IF that gold do exists for Ze Germans I hardly believe The Dutch underwater tribe will be so lucky. And I can guarantee that whoever is next to visit the vault of the Fed will, perhaps, enjoy the echo, but will not leave with any shiny metals.

And is it really a fluke that Mr. Hollandaise and his froggy tribe are in Africa fighting Negros again when we consider that Germany wants its gold kept in France back at a rate of 50 tonnes/year and Mali produces just over 50 tonnes/year?

I would not be surprised if the Anschluss of Alsace-Lorraine is discussed behind closed doors in case those Mali blacks do not dig fast enough.

Regardless this is the fire alarm singing at the shopping mall and all those with Germanic and Dutch ancestry hear it first and start running for the exists while the rest are standing around watching the latest fire sale.

I do hope you are paying attention to this. Personally I am hording so much popcorn now that the local stores around me are all sold out – this is going to be the most magnificent show of all time!

End of the line flashing in bright red

I had a notion that 2013 probably would be another build-up year where our masters of despair borrow, and print, and lie, and print, and spend and print our way into oblivion. I.e. a year of making the Greatest Depression bigger and worse while the people slowly awaken more and more. At the end of the year reality would set in and journalists would start to scream that “the end is nigh” while headless chickens of politics would run around trying to sell trillion dollar/euro/krona/pound (“insert your currency”) coins or any other mad scheme to postpone a defaulting and crashing world economy another month or two.

Although that can still happen, when I read things like this, I start to wonder if we´re not weeks or even days away rather than months and years.

If you don’t understand the significance of that the second biggest owner of Gold in the world, and a central bank no less, wants to guard its own possessions and make this move now, then you are simply clueless about all things economic.

Our train of anguish has reached its final destination before going off that broken bridge just up ahead, and if news like this do not get you to start hording canned goods, dried up food packages, guns, coffee and sugar, then you are so screwed.

And of course the Great Oduma across the ocean managed to scramble together 23 unconstitutional decrees today at the same time as he deliberately declared war on several states, counties and individuals who will refuse to obey. If you watch YouTube or read several issued statements from certain states and local politicians and sheriffs they make it abundantly clear that they will not abide and will jail any federal employees trying to force this or any similar legislation upon them. A few have even openly declared that any authority figure coming from the government with the intention of enforcing these illegal laws will be shot and killed.
Of course the government will force a confrontation on the issue, just as they did during the Waco massacre. They want the people in minor number to fight back, and even a knocked off politician would be a great thing since it will force the people to take sides and with the leftwing media and all the power and strength of the government on one side with the support and massive pressure from abroad it is not hard to see where this is heading.

As I have said before; we´re talking successions, bloody open battles and the possibility of civil war –like situations.

These are just two out of many crappy, crappy, very flushable crappy situations over the world and above it all hangs the Damocles sword of The Greatest Depression. We are living in an era of big change and great upheaval – we are part of history right now and any survivors will sing songs, make movies and write books about these events.

Remember that, perhaps that’s one way of finding solace.