Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another one for the folder of; ”I Told You So”

Politicians hate me!

Swedish media are starting to catch on that Energy-saving light bulbs have been going up in cost and that they are about to make a leap in price. The telegraph sort of announced this over a week ago, but let´s instead take a look at what happened during the latest years.

First EU banned old style light bulbs, and then Sweden outlawed mercury, and then China, having mines producing over 95 percent of the world’s rare earth minerals, mostly in Inner Mongolia, called for a TOTAL BAN on foreign shipments of terbium, dysprosium, yttrium, thulium, and lutetium. Other metals such as neodymium, europium, cerium, and lanthanum will be (or already have been) restricted to a combined export quota of 35,000 tonnes a year, far below global needs of those metals.

Combine all this with the Manmade Global Warming hoax and the taxation that comes with that madness, and what do you get? I mean think very hard now. Is it… lower prices?


Journalists seem utterly surprise by this news. When will any of them actually do their job? I mean this stuff isn´t hard to find or figure out. What´s the matter? Did all you journalists out there take a degree in journalism so you could eat doughnuts?

And you morons who keep voting for, rooting for and cheering on this gramscofabianazi nightmare of absolute lunacy, what you going to tell your freezing children in the future when there´s no electricity anymore?

“Aaah.. too bad baby, mummy like candles anyway, and she voted for soul-sucking demons when she was pregnant with you.”

Let´s recap a few of all these ”I told you so”:es.

I predicted the current Greatest Depression over ten years ago, and with the exception for the exact date when all hell will brake lose I´ve been spot on throughout. I saw the real-estate crash in the U.S. the bubble, the price of gold souring, banks crashing and cheating the system. I saw Greece and the other PIIGS years before any country bail-out; I predicted exactly what the central banks are doing right now. I saw the riots coming, I predicted almost to the letter what would be said, done and what action taken in regards to the swine flu. Col Gaddafi was a fotnot. I wrote about the impending famine disaster in Africa almost 3 years ago warning that we (TODAY!) would squander savings on the starving. And now light bulbs.

I could go on of course; there are plenty of these throughout the years. Remember, I am no fortune teller, I am not Nostradamus. It’s simple deduction, very basic math and knowing a few absolute undeniable truths. That´s it. You can be renamed to Sibyl to, no problem. Just imagine politicians always lie, that journalists never work, Banksters want to rob you every day and that our world is filled with morons, and presto; Oracle are you now!