Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Deafening propaganda and the next war

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I do believe that the Powers That Be (PTB) are starting to move on from their Russia bashing.
They´ve now firmly established that Putin is the reincarnation of Hitler, that Russia “invaded” Crimea, and that the, in part, neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine is in fact democratic and not at all a coup government supported with billions via U.S. in order to “make the correct decisions” to join EU and NATO.

Even more important is that PTB and their media friends have completely ignored the background story – they simply lifted out the Crimean referendum and Russian responses out of context and only argue and complain about those with no regard whatsoever to anything else. The Ukrainian Nazis; ignored. NATO´s incursions and planned “excises” together with Ukraine; ignored. NATO/U.S. constant bombing and actual, and factual, invasions of country after country; ignored. The murder of families and slaughter of kids by drones; ignored. Russia’s important naval base; ignored. History, the majority of Crimean’s and safety concerns; ignored.

I could go on but the image packaged and sold in the West is that of a hyper aggressive Russia seemingly invading countries on a whim in total disrespect of international laws and that both the Crimean referendum and the potential voting process of Transnistria are both equal to “invasion” by Russia.

It is an anti-intellectual repetitive rant of western politicians and western media.

I do not believe such anti-Russian propaganda is primarily for now. They are setting this up for later. The western PTB´s know that if they continue to provoke and do more later, a couple of years from now, Russia will, again, respond in the same way. Russians are predictable, they think logically from their perspective, and they have no intention of getting bullied around by NATO. Consequently there will be more clashes in the future, however not now.

Right now they are only setting this up in your brain, indoctrinating you. Later on, when the same thing happens again, they will repeat the rants and propaganda and that time, if not already, you will be much more inclined to agree.

For now though they will, more then likely, move on and focus on Iran and/or Syria.

Lately we´ve been informed that Iran had something to do with 9/11, that they most likely were behind the Lockerbee disaster, and we´ve heard that the Malaysian plane was boarded by Iranians with false passports. If we put all this together with earlier exaggerations and lies Iran is a primary target. Sooner or later the Israeli will convince U.S. and/or a false flag attack will occur and more lies will sell the war against Iran.

However it is also likely that they will launch a new barrage of propaganda against Assad and Syria. Before the Russian debacle they firmly established Bashar al-Assad as the Hitler of Syria, the user of chemical weapons (weapons of mass destruction), the murderer of his people, a dictator with grandiose dreams of a nazi-commie-Muslim Grand Syria, and that he, of course, is the sworn enemy of Israel.
Conveniently hiding the, by CIA and MI5, flown in mercenaries and al-Qaida forces that make up the bulk of the so called “opposition”. An opposition to Assad that, among other things, continue to slaughter Christians and teach kids how to chop of heads of those that do not obey. Of course they also hide that the NATO-leaders are letting Turkey (and Israel) to constantly fire into Syria to provoke further violence. And, of course, the evidence that it was (mainly) the "opposition" that in fact used chemical weapons is thrown out as nonsense.

Syria is home to the second most important Russian naval base (the Crimean one NATO tried to steal away is the most important) and Putin has previously thwarted U.S. attempts to bomb and invade with nice diplomatic moves. Now with Putin´s “invasion” of Crimea and him being the new Hitler, any support for the Syrian Hitler coming from Kremlin will be sold in the west as two dictators hell-bent on destroying the world.

I of course laugh at the entire thing – it is so ridiculous and so transparent.

However I´ve seen a lot of my friends and even libertarian minded people giving support for NATO and the U.S. against the horrible Soviet Union 2.0. Very weird. I do not expect people in general see through the propaganda, why would they? Never did before. I do however expect that intellectual people accept reality, but apparently not all of them do. Some probably blinded by historical events, but mostly I believe they too have bought and swallowed the mindless rhetoric.

The most obvious of all lies and very easy to find out the truth about is the claim that 123% voted in Sevastopol. Even Wikipedia has debunked that crazy idiocy long ago, but it is still sold as truth by many and I´ve seen plenty of my libertarian-minded friends do the same. Ever heard of Google people? Fact checking? Before you write editorials or put forward weird claims, perhaps you should check the validity? Just a suggestion…

I do laugh all the time but there is one thing that pisses me off in this story and that is how they treat Russia and Russians. The moronic sanctions for one; not only are they pointless, they are also mainly aimed at folk that had nothing to do with anything. And however bad western media say those sanctions are, they are in reality, at the most, an irritating fly.
But the worst thing is that they do this only against Russia. Not against Ukraine that has just as much (or more) to blame for the events, and certainly not against NATO/U.S.
Apparently U.S. invading and occupying countries while protecting drug-smuggling warlords and butchering entire families via drones or military hotheads is not enough to be sanctioned.
It seems that only accepting a democratic majority is something to be imposed with sanctions.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, referendums are invasions, and bombs are democracy.
Kids murdered by drones = democracy and freedom. 

This world has really turned into a crazy place.

Recently the Nobel Prize winner (oh the Irony!) Obama visited The Hague (oh the irony!!!). Playing war-games with his bloodthirsty (and listen to by NSA) allies while, more than likely, drawing up plans for USA´s next peaceful, freedom loving and democratic war. 

The only question is where it will be and what societies soon to be swimming in democracy.
My money is on Iran; Syria will probably come as a bonus or be attacked later after 3-4 millions of Iranians are dead and millions more starving.  
It is amazing what freedom bombs and peaceful slaughter can do to the world – wouldn´t you agree?

... do not pay any attention to these Pakistani kids to the left, they were killed by drones but that is all good and need to sanctions or condemnation whatsoever.