Friday, March 21, 2014

Sex, lying and videotapes

Is he putin it to them or not? 

I hope you´re really paying attention what is going on in media at the moment. I am of course referring to the Crimea-“crisis” as they are calling it.

Let´s do a small recap.

First we have an agreement between NATO and Russia that certain areas or states should not be persuaded to join with NATO. Secondly we have a defense agreement between Russia and Ukraine. Thirdly Russia’s most important naval base is station on a leased area of Ukraine/Crimea. Got that?

Okay, then we have a situation in the world whereas NATO/U.S. occupies Afghanistan and practically still occupies Iraq -all based on lies. During the last years NATO/U.S. has also invaded or bombed countless of countries. Libya of course comes to mind, but Sudan, Yemen and constant drone attacks on Pakistani soil cannot be ignored either. All of these conflicts (and more) occurred without a declaration of war, without UN approval, and without any form of legal right or casus belli. Basically they just decided to bomb a few countries, invade, slaughter a few hundreds of thousands, rob the area of riches and then set up puppet governments.

Where are those fucking sanctions!? 

Now, afterwards, they of course site humanitarian reasons and blame the previous dictatorial regimes lifting up the occupational forces to a higher pedestal. And yes, Iraq can do better without Saddam and Libya can do better without al-Gaddafi, but so far the growing terrorism and horrific poverty in the wake of NATO-bombs haven´t made the situation better, on the contrary.

The point here however is not whether or not Iraqis or Afghans have it better today or whether or not there was some kind of justification, no the main point is that it happen. The acts themselves speak volumes to the violent nature and aggressive policies of NATO. If they find a reason to act, bomb and invade, they will do so.

If you belong to a country that historically been the main antagonist of NATO and you see their bases start popping up all around you in violation to previous agreements, wouldn´t you feel like you need to enhance your defense capabilities?
NATO did not however feel content with signing agreement after agreement with nation after nation - most of which are pointless since the U.S. and its main allies are fully capable to withstand or invade whatever country they so wish – no, they of course also felt the need to setup “exercises” together with and within the boarders of Ukraine and without hiding their intent seek to incorporate Ukraine in both EU and NATO. The consequence could not only be that Russia will have an even more difficult defense position; they would likely also forfeit their very important naval base. In addition the reach and power of the western allies would be strengthening while Russians weaken.
This, alone, only what I´ve written here, should make you feel sympathetic towards Putin and Russia. And with a history of French, German, Swedish and Polish invasions which killed millions upon millions of Russians, can you really say that it is weird or illogical for the Russians to say “Njet” and show some forcible attitude?

Personally I believe the Russians, so far, have been very timid, very relaxed and very understanding.

Above was a geopolitical and historical background that cannot, in any form or way, be ignored. If you hear anyone, regardless of this person is Journalist, politician or neighbor say that Russia is evil and wants to steal land with no reason and this person do not take above into account, that person is most likely lying or, at the very best, is totally ignorant.

But of course things are a lot worse.

The coup in Ukraine occurred with western support - according some this included direct action. The coup government now in place, legal or not, house several prominent neo-nazis. You can complain and argue against the previous administration, as you should, but the one in place now is not better – only more west-friendly. So when you (and Russians) see things like in THIS clip, is it so strange that Putin refuses to back down?

As I wrote in my previous post I believe Russia to be the only direct military threat to my birth nation of Sweden, but I cannot sit still and let the warmongering thugs of U.S. or their ass-licking allies get away with this crap. This entire situation is due to NATO/U.S. and is not anyone else’s fault. NATO/U.S. is also the entity, together with the soul-suckers of the EU(SSR), who continuously throw fire on an unnecessary situation.

I have also seen a lot of commentaries in papers and politicians in the west say that Russia won´t be satisfied with Crimea and they will either attack Ukraine with force or go further in another part of the world. To this I first say; Duh!!! But then I also need to state that this is the “war” of information they are perpetrating. Consequently they keep saying that Putin is the new Hitler, Soviet 2.0. is here, Russia is the aggressor, and the fully lawful opinion of Crimean’s should not count since… well, because!

The anti-intellectual banter and the horrific history revisionism now enacted in west is far beyond anything seen since the grandiose days of the Manmade Global Warming stupidity.

This dangerous scale of lying and exaggerations can only be interpreted as pure warmongering. They want war, or at the very least they want a new Cold War. That´s the only way to look at it.
Of course they will soon find a new bogeyman; probably Iranian terrorists with Syrian passports will be behind the Malaysian aircraft hijacking or some such made up story, but sooner or later they will get back to Putin and Russia with a new repartee of lying embellishment.

Why you may ask?

Because what I´ve been writing on this blog and screaming about for many years now, because when they have exhausted all other options and the people are starving; what will they do? They take us to war! 
This is the end game of the financial apocalypse that statists and the banksters have created. You´ll be a fool to believe otherwise.

Next up on the agenda; Iran?
They too are very nastily close to U.S. military bases, must be a reason for it...