Friday, July 29, 2011

LIES again exposed!

Oh by Beelzebub the almighty lord of us all what crap we´re now faced with!

U.S. Department of Commerce have released their latest data and they are basically admitting earlier lies and saying that U.S. of A. is crashing before our very eyes!

Read the report here.

Now they are saying that U.S. in the first quarter, had real GDP increased by 0.4 percent. A few months ago the number was 1.8%!

If you read the data and you compeer that GDP number with their “official” inflationary figures it basically tells you that U.S. citizens are getting royally screwed right now, getting poorer by the minute.

AND remember, the U.S. is running a deficit spending of close to 12% ($1,700 billion)- on borrowed/printed money! What happens when they cut that deficit do you think?

Again: very easy math...

In essence the biggest most powerful country on this planet, the former engine of the world, is in a depression. Have been all along.

They are lying to you!! Look what the press writes! See how journalists tell this horrific story! Either they aren´t checking the facts or they are openly lying to you!

See through the scam and prepare now. Math doesn’t tell lies, and right now the math is telling you to run to the hills.