Friday, October 23, 2009

Mastering the Internet

I’ve covered this before, but I was thinking about two things while reading this. If these sorts of things go on pretty much in every country, all the surveillance is shared among nations to help each other out catching “bad guys” - that’s one of the main arguments for this Orwellian nightmare - and if internet isn’t really located within a certain country, there are two main questions:

Firstly, how can any agency or government claim to NOT be monitoring their own citizens? Why do they lie about this? Any email, any chat, any online activity isn’t confined to one computer or one area of the world, it travels all over the place. And so any control-grid automatically becomes global and it’s impossible not to be targeting their own populace.

Secondly, if these kinds of cooperation exist, what stops one country to spy on another country’s people, and then share it with the in-house agency that is stopped by law from doing it themselves?

In Sweden the new very creepy laws have only one flaw comes to the controllers, they are not allowed to spy on Swedish citizens, at least not without a court order. But if they get their British counterpart to do that for them, is a court order then really necessary?

Oooops, did CIA and Mossad find some information about some Swedish citizens and then send it to us? We didn’t do anything, we followed the law, it was them, but we needed to act on this information. Right? So a couple of Muslims got sent to Egypt for interrogation? So what? Dumdidumd, tralalala…

This way they can circumvent the law, and also they have their own hands clean. If British intelligence assassinates some people that happened to get picked up by the Swedish monitors, it wasn’t the Swedes fault, they just relayed the information.

Is this how it works or is supposed to work?

And even if there are some international agreements or laws that may prevent this between western countries, how about out-sourcing such surveillance to a country that isn’t compliant with such rules and then buy, steal or exchange that information?

If Bloggers, certain dissidents or supposed terrorists starts to disappear, I would probably look at this little scheme for confirmation…

Very scary shit…

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Mastering the Internet" is reportedly a massive UK government mass surveillance project led by the British communications intelligence agency GCHQ, with a budget of over £1 billion. According to reports in The Register and the Sunday Times, as of early May 2009, contracts with a total value of £200m had already been awarded to suppliers.[1] [2]

Responding to these reports, GCHQ issued a press release countering these claims of mass surveillance, stating that "GCHQ is not developing technology to enable the monitoring of all internet use and phone calls in Britain, or to target everyone in the UK

Sweden sending more troops

Apparently the sweet loveable country I grew up in, that has a large portion of believers of the deity called Allah within, is sending more soldiers to Afghanistan to help a corrupt regime kill some Muslims. Oh, and yes, to help the current ruling Afghan establishment killing their own citizens as well.

And the Opium and Heroin-trade coming from Afghanistan has never flourished like this before.

Each year people are sent back to their countries, courtesy of western governments, because of shadowy reasoning, some of those home-comings end up in killings or they get locked up at arrival. Other Muslims are just thrown into welfare programs and lives in run-down suburbs without jobs, they are poor you know, also illiterate, we need to feel sorry for them, support them, so keep them ‘out there’ without jobs on welfare and throw platitudes at them.

Some western countries like to lock up some of those colored people for no reason, torturing them, taking their money, all without even the hint of any basic human rights. We have the war on terror, we have film makers and entertainment industries that demonize Muslims, and we have two very questionable wars being waged in Muslim countries knocking of families and hardened criminals like newborn babies.

At the same time our elected officials blame a growing party of being anti-Islam?

To some extent Muslims should be voting for racist or fascist parties, all they say they want to do is throw them out, get rid of them. I’ve not seen any “evil” parties argue for war, torture or help other elected frauds to keep Muslims trading in drugs. Have you?

I wonder if terrorism and suicide bombers would exists to such extent and growing in numbers if the idiots of “evil” parties ruled, as opposed to the idiots of the current ruling elite?

The whole thing smells, and I’m not only talking about the brown shirts.

My name is Cornholio

Bunches of bungholes disguised as elected frauds in Denmark, are waging a war against its own citizens. Just like the Mexican and Brazilian (and everyone else) counterparts they were not satisfied with telling people what to eat, drink or snort, nohoho… they also need to induce the, in comparison with themselves, less criminal elements of bikers and such to wage internal struggles over power and drugs.

And, of course, the government’s response is more police on the streets, harsher penalties, more tax money thrown everywhere and war-like rhetoric in order to move the focus from themselves towards the more peaceful gangsters of Hells Angels and other similar gangs.

This is very simple folks, it has been tried thousands of times by virtually every government throughout history, and it has always, without exception, failed. Do you know what Einstein called the very essence of insanity? He said that insanity is: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

The Americans tried to outlaw drinking, it gave birth to the Mafia and, of course, people drank like they never did before or since. Even the communists in the Soviet Union tried it under the rule of that funny man Stalin, they failed miserably. If a totalitarian regime with close to total control of the populace with the threat of getting shot or moved to Gulag couldn’t stop people from taking drugs, why the hell does anyone think it ever can be done?

It can’t.

They will always fail because of two very simple facts.

Fact 1:
People want to take drugs. It can be alcohol, cocaine or smelling a pair of old socks, but people will do it. Always have, and always will. No matter the religion, no matter the regime or the penalty. And if some drug becomes hard to get to, for whatever reason, they just move on to the next.

Fact 2:

The more ruthless the punishment, the higher the risk becomes - and so the higher the profits and gains grow to be. And if the police get one or two thugs of the street, it only means that the profits grow for the ones left hence an open invitation for new competitors that will try to get some of that money. Close down one drug-factory and two others emerge. If the government successfully shut down one gang, there will be another one, or two.

Do you know why they still try it and why the propaganda machine with the spin-doctors still sells us this con? Because of control and power. The government gets a purpose, to fight crime. They get an incentive to take taxes to pay for this scheme. And you, the people, are scared, and where do you turn? To the very people that created the mess in the first place, the biggest criminals, the elected frauds of your government.

Every day people die, not only in government created drug-wars, but by bad information and bad drugs. On an open market were you can decide over your own body, and not have the government making that decision, drugs would be sold at any supermarket, effectively cutting the head of all the gangs and mafia without shooting a single shot. And in a blink of an eye, better information and market controlled substances with less level of danger would be available.

Fall of the Republic HQ full length version

The whole movie without parts, in HD if you follow the link.

As said before, it has some parts that may not be to the linking to all of you, but you should watch it. Most of the stuff mentioned, especially the parts about the economy, is facts, nothing but facts. And you cannot get that information from the mainstream media. I wonder why…

Supplementary morons

Apparently some Swedish artists are going to perform tomorrow at some event in order to promote climate awareness.

One of the bands is ‘Those dancing days’. I used to like those girls, well I sort of suspected they had some crazy political affiliations, but many of the best bands of the world do have leftie opinions, so most of the time you need to ignore such insanity. But first their latest record, that was crap, and now some song about the climate? I don’t care if the lead singing girl is hot like hell, I actually care more about intellect than looks.

Hot and sexy crazy babe

Again, this cannot be said enough times. There is no evidence of manmade global warming. Not a single one. Nada! Zip! Zilch! Nothing!

Take a look at any report those enemies of the people spit out, read their statements, and check their arguments. It’s all bogus and don’t contain a single shred of evidence. Not even a single one.

All they do is they show you a falling ice-sheet, they put up a picture of some cute cuddly Bear, and then they throw up a graph with some bend, and aspect you to be terrified. After that they show a movie with smoke coming out of chimneys and some cars going by, all accompanied by some spooky voice stating how terrible it is to own house pets because they cause de-forestation


No, it’s not only a scam, it’s the biggest trickery, the biggest lie, the most outrageous madness ever pulled out of a hat in the history of the human race.

All the science, all the evidence, all the real scientists says it’s a scam. Why does anyone listen to the übermenchen that only wants to control your life and tax you to death?

People are such idiots, and this is the ultimate test. If you believe in what the alarmists are saying, if you buy the total lunacy of manmade global warming, that’s the sign of alarmingly low synapse activity. Are you sure you’re able to breathe?

One more won over

An economist I know kind of agreed with me in regards to UK and the US, that those countries are not only broke, they are about to fall down into a super depression. However, he also argued that China was great and that most of Europe could withstand such events even if it meant a couple of years of adjustment.

Adjustment? Really? And what sort of adjustments do you think there will be?

Over 70% of the US economy is based on shopping. When people don’t have jobs, all the phony market manipulations fall down and the depressional Tsunami have really hit the shoreline, there is no shopping anymore. People will be broke; they will go back to homegrown or roam through garbage. And much of that shopping is of foreign products which mean that it will have serious impact all over, not to mention Sweden that is very trade-dependent and have US as one of the main markets. UK is also a big market for Swedish companies, and as a very important part of the European community, it too will have serious effects.

But worse still are the complete destruction of the USD and the fall of equity markets. Equities are not only, to a large degree, valued in dollars, they are also much entwined all over the world. If one stock market crashes, others will follow.

So even IF some European countries will not be directly affected as hard as the mentioned countries, the impact will be severe enough to force those in charge to take appropriate measures.

And what do you think they will do? Will they cut or raise taxes? Will they de-regulate or over-regulate? Will they cut spending or will there be more stimuli? The repercussions are self-evident. There will be more and bigger government, more and bigger stimuli, more bail-outs, higher unemployment and more propping up of markets. In other words, creating more problems and leaving the people that have no clue what they are doing in charge. So crash after crash after crash will hit.

And this with totalitarian parties on the raise all over. It’s back to the 30s again, this time with nuclear weapons in the mix.

Once the crashes cometh, there is no recovery, not for anyone.

Just think about those tens of millions of people already today on the brink of starvation. There will be so many dying that we are going to see cemeteries with millions of crosses.

And China? Please. When everything crashes, so will their exports and their fictively low yuan will be a huge problem. And they too have been doing the same idiotic things. Not to mention the huge wealth differences and the diversity in that country. I’ll be very surprised if China doesn’t have a civil war on their hands in the near future.

This guy I talked to is pretty mainstream, but even he has figured out how bad it looks in some countries, I hope I persuaded him about the general picture. He’s a pretty smart one, just too indoctrinated and too much into the general opinion to see it all.

When will the rest of you apes get it?

The showcases most go on

While the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation does it very best to give BNP higher approval ratings and more followers, the Great Leader of Britain, the one-eyed Scottish madman, have another disastrous GDP-number to tackle . Unlike many European counterparts that actually manage to fiddle the numbers enough to show positive “growth”, Neulabour cannot even manage that. The current UK administration is the worst government in modern time, and most likely one of the worst in recorded history. You cannot mess things up more even if you try.

Just like the rest of the enemies of the people Gorgon Brownie and Co are living in a world that is so, so far away from our own dimension of reality, you can expect them to be beamed away at any second. But unlike their counterparts in other countries, they cannot even handle the simplest task of manipulating some numbers. Well, there is also the fact that UK is in such mess that even magic tricks wouldn’t work, but still, hats off to NeuLabour, good show mates.

Looking around at discussions handling the news that GDP fell 0.4 percent from the previous three months, some argue that France, Germany and Japan have left the recession since they have positive GDP-numbers, this is, of course, not true. GDP can be manipulated easier than you can make lemonade; all any government need to do is to slash imports or increase spending and volá, positive numbers. This is the scheme being perpetrated by our elected criminals and the central banksters.

You see, it’s all about GDP, and not actual wealth-creation or us producing things, no, it’s a fictitious swindle that everyone from cornflake economists to that person looking back in the mirror believes in. It’s an enchantment of the mind being packaged, sold and maintained by clueless journalists and mainstream pundits.

Meanwhile, in the real world, economies are being held up by the printing machines endless ruckus, by the schemers borrowing from each other and from constant market manipulations. Most stock-markets, the US in particular, are so overvalued thanks to the hoax, that when they crumble and falls, and they will, it will dwarf the “Great Depression”. You will look fondly back at the 30s and argue that was the good old times. And the real numbers are there, you don’t need a degree in finance to find them or understand them, all you need is the mathematical understanding of a 12y old and the will to actually seek out the facts.

The biggest heist in the history of mankind has just taken place in front of your eyes, and the illicit tricksters and con-artists that performed this crime are the ones claiming to be our saviors. The very people that brought us this crisis, the ones that didn’t see it coming, they now claim to have saved the day by this magic number of presto-o-change-o GDP. It’s like something out of a fable; there is not a single science fiction writer or cartoon storyline that come close to this absolute insanity that goes on right now.

And people all over the world either don’t care or turn to other madmen with basically the same agenda just trickled over a wee bit with some anti-immigration policies or some slick socialist rhetoric. Why does anyone question why I regard all of you as complete idiots?

If you really knew what goes on, and you should, as said it doesn’t take more than an hour of your life with a calculator checking the numbers, you would be out on the street with pitchforks and torches. The moment you realize how screwed you’ve been, and that they continue to fuck you over with rusty appliances, that moment you’ll go berserk.

Or will you?

You are a lazy bum and an indoctrinated buffoon, maybe it’s too hard to lift that fat ass, put down the beer and pay attention? And even if you did, it then takes another much bigger effort to actually do something about it. Nah, you won’t do that, and since there are no heroes left in the world, we are going to get it, get it real good, and let’s face it, we deserve it.