Friday, October 23, 2009

Sweden sending more troops

Apparently the sweet loveable country I grew up in, that has a large portion of believers of the deity called Allah within, is sending more soldiers to Afghanistan to help a corrupt regime kill some Muslims. Oh, and yes, to help the current ruling Afghan establishment killing their own citizens as well.

And the Opium and Heroin-trade coming from Afghanistan has never flourished like this before.

Each year people are sent back to their countries, courtesy of western governments, because of shadowy reasoning, some of those home-comings end up in killings or they get locked up at arrival. Other Muslims are just thrown into welfare programs and lives in run-down suburbs without jobs, they are poor you know, also illiterate, we need to feel sorry for them, support them, so keep them ‘out there’ without jobs on welfare and throw platitudes at them.

Some western countries like to lock up some of those colored people for no reason, torturing them, taking their money, all without even the hint of any basic human rights. We have the war on terror, we have film makers and entertainment industries that demonize Muslims, and we have two very questionable wars being waged in Muslim countries knocking of families and hardened criminals like newborn babies.

At the same time our elected officials blame a growing party of being anti-Islam?

To some extent Muslims should be voting for racist or fascist parties, all they say they want to do is throw them out, get rid of them. I’ve not seen any “evil” parties argue for war, torture or help other elected frauds to keep Muslims trading in drugs. Have you?

I wonder if terrorism and suicide bombers would exists to such extent and growing in numbers if the idiots of “evil” parties ruled, as opposed to the idiots of the current ruling elite?

The whole thing smells, and I’m not only talking about the brown shirts.

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