Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Liberty is imprisonment

It seems more likely for each day that when Orwell wrote 1984 he wasn’t writing a warning or a satire, he wrote an instructions manual for the high and mighty. They are copying it. And reading an Ayn Rand novel you can find more amusing similarities with societies of today, but even more so compared to where we are headed.

The surveillance society is creeping upon us, piece by piece, eagerly applauded by the large masses. People defend the close to total monitoring with crazy notions of trusting the government. Our social security numbers floating around everywhere, all the files and data collected, the need to ask for permission to start business or a radio show or a TV-station, and the enormous apparatus of public departments wasn’t enough, citizens clearly want big brother to watch even the tiniest of steps –all sold with the farfetched concept of maybe catching one or two pedophiles.

And precisely like any pedophile, Big Brother promises you a toy or candy, just listen to him, get into the van, no harm can come to you. He smiles, pat you on the back, offers reassurances and hand you some candy he has bought for your money. Most kids, contrary to media propaganda, don’t fall for such ruses, but adults do. Happily the adult population let surveillance teams and the thought police screw them over with rusty appliances. Because Big Brother always has good intentions, he’s never wrong and all who oppose him are radical elements at the fridges of society.

But Big Brother isn’t just a thieving power-hungry smug bastard that is after your nakedness, he’s also determined to make you like all the things he do to you, also in resemblance to many pedophiles.

Our enemies are not content with unenthusiastic obedience, such lessons have been learned from history, forced upon compliance might be a successful way to go, but only temporarily. Even the most totalitarian and ruthless dictatorships have fallen, given enough time. But if you surrender to them of your own free will, voting for system, applauding it, how can you rebel? The trickery tells us that we all have agreed together - who are you to go against the law or what has been democratically approved? Freedom is slavery.

What most people don’t realize is that they, even if agreeing with basic human rights and are in soul and mind opposing totalitarian systems, still are complacent with how much rear-ended they get, lube or no lube.

Roaming around the net, looking for some newsworthy story to comment about, I often stumble across commentary fields to articles. Many of the commentators are absolutely right in their objections. They trash the paper, the journalists and the very content of the story. Comes to economics you can find some real worthy Nobel Prize winners in those commentary fields, but still, these are the same people that votes for and trust the elitists, the very same people that buys those lying newspapers, holding up the scam on shoulders that should know better.

Even if most of the populace is against some foreign war between two armed sides, the very same people have no objections to Big Brother using force against unarmed citizens. To bomb a school in the Middle East will get many Peace-lovers go through the roof, but if the government murder thousands each year just by imposing certain laws, they say nothing. When a dictatorship far away hinders internet users, we regard it as an violation of civil rights, but when our own government, supposed democratic in origin, does the same thing very few negative voices are heard. Ignorance is strength and war is peace.

Looking around at current events you can find plenty of contradictions of terms. With the exception for the Honduras situation which journalists openly lies about, the most apparent ones recently is in regards to the economy. One thing that strikes any person with a coherent thought process is the total lack of basic understanding of how the real-estate market and interest rates work. A blind chimpanzee without arms having a broken calculator can figure out how the bubble in the US come into existence in addition to why the current market in the UK and Sweden also are having similar problems. I expect those deceitful soul-eaters we call politicians to keep lying about it, and central bank people just want to keep their buddies within the banking system happy, but it is harder to understand why journalists keep pretending to be surprised when one or two mainstream economists claim that there might be a bubble forming. Again, looking at commentary fields, there are a lot of people understanding 4th grade math, but for some reason all the mainstream pundits fail miserably. Ignorance is bliss.

Like today I read an article about how great it is to be Swedish because the rates are so low which means people are paying less back on their mortgages then in other countries. This isn’t great, it’s horrible, and it’s a disaster in the making. Out of all the countries keeping interest rates fictively low and printing tons of money, the Swedish effect is currently the “best”. In the eyes of the righteous thought police this somehow translate into something great, you know, bad is good, horrible is fantastic. But even looking aside that this is exactly how a bubble is created, why is it great that the lender, right now, today, is in content state while the one saving money is on the downside? And even if we ignore that looming catastrophe, what about the day when interest rates go up?

What central banksters don’t like to speak of and what moment politicians dread, is the day when a correction needs to be made within the economy. Playing around with interest rates, foundling the printing machine and the amusement of borrowing trillions letting children and grandchildren pick up the tab needs to come to a stop sooner or later. There is a limit for such psychotic behavior. A lot of countries throughout the ages have tried to do the same thing, living on borrowed time, never worked because it cannot work, and it always leads to a meltdown of not only economic functions, but societies as a whole. But that is a good thing, because it means that people get poorer, starvation ensues and maybe we can even get some great war as a bonus.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

// George Orwell