Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Obama Deception

This is very long and it’s filled with pretty stupid conspiracy theories, but it’s still great and also filled with frightening truths. Try to watch it and ignore the mumbo jumbo. Focus on the real things and the real decisions that are proven. If you do, this is great stuff.

Another Peter Schiff gem*

*Stole that topic from someone else

You are going to die! Part XVII

Suicide is great fun. I mean, there is countless ways to die and you can pick and choice whatever you like. So whenever you are sitting alone and have nothing to do, try figure out how you would like to leave this existence. Most people like to act in a way that gets them killed, not really intentionally, but they still do it. People all around are for some reason religious and are there a surer way then religion to get burned, excommunicated, start wars or in others ways create your demise? Maybe Government as a collective name for all rulers throughout history is an even surer way of getting killed. So voting, electing and demonstrating for government is another elusive way of getting yourself killed. But there are lots of other things that are much funnier if you want to die. People living on the hillside of an active volcano or insisting on going out on a boat trip with a hurricane at the horizon is great entertainment. People swimming in shark infested waters, climbing mountains or falling down in the shower is other interesting funnies to contemplate on.

But you might wanna leave out those apparent ones. It’s really not so fun taking your own life if millions of others have done the same thing. A shot in the head or turning on the gas seem a bit passé. Hanging has some funny attributes to it, especially if you dangle from the ceiling when the wife comes home or maybe you can hang from the flag post outside a childcare center? Oh, the look on some innocent preteens almost makes it worth it, doesn’t it? Then we have those jumpers. Never really got those. There is a risk you reconsider on the way down and who really wants to be turned into some gooey pile on a pavement? Maybe if you aim at some pedestrians or try to land on top of nice looking bimbo with huge knockers it would spice things up a bit, but otherwise a boring way to go. There are accounts of people tripping and landing in a puddle of water by the road and drowning or that tale of that famous daredevil that slipped on an orange and got an infection that killed him. But those are hard to plan and it takes the fun out of it you arrange such things. Alien invasions or comets crashing down are also achievements that are not really something you can plan. So what does that leave us? Lots of things! There is no end to how you might die! Smoking, drugs, alcohol, over eating, under eating, fires, AIDS, stepping in front of a car, snakes, crocodiles, falling asleep in a walk-in freezer, knifes, putting your head on a train-track, sticking a fork in the electrical outlet, hippos, airplane crash, doing the suffocation thing during sex, walking over a mine-field and thousands upon thousands of others. It’s really only your mind that sets the limit. Too bad most of you lack some interest in this topic and only want to go out to boring way with governments holding the rifle. Use your imagination for God’s sake! Suicide can be great fun and if you are going to leave us, do it in a fun way.

Weapons of mass collaboration

Many people, also in Sweden, have low confidence in politicians and the elite in power. And that’s a good sign, but what most of you don’t know is how close the power elite really are to each other. There are journalists sleeping with and getting married to politicians, you have CEO’s going to party’s with their union counterparts, you have marketing people switching between different political camps and you have elected officials that basically don’t interact with anyone else but other elected officials. In a small country like Sweden this is a problem in many ways and you do not need to be a conspiracy buff to figure out what happens when the same appointed people are sitting together in countless different boardrooms. Someone might argue that it’s because so few are interested in politics, but that’s just BS. You need to move up thru the jugend ranks and you need to grease, lick and sometimes lie your way there. All the way giving up any kind of decent ideology you might have had from the start. And the businesspeople are not much better, they want to keep their power, wealth and status and have no problem what so ever to hold hands with socialist or unions. They might say different things, they might act as they are enemies, but in reality they are a neatly packed little gang of thief’s and opportunists giving each other benefits and high salaries.

So it’s not very surprising that some union leaders get caught in the melted cheese or that executives end up doing this or that. They live in their own little world and you might think you know this and might even nod when you read this post, but in reality you have no idea. Basically imagine the worst crappy soap opera you know, take that times ten and maybe, just maybe, take away the murders, and you have what goes in among the power elite in Sweden.

Wanja Lundby-Wedin, politicians using government credit cards in strip clubs and high ranking people refusing to acknowledge taking part in certain decisions is only the symptom. The real sickness is the whole system. I know you are still going to vote for some of those out-of-touch-with-reality people as you always do and if you are a socialist you might argue that this is what happens with capitalism, but that’s the same thinking that got us those officials we have and the system that exists. The only way of getting rid of the corruption and power hungry elitists is to give the power to the people. If you can decide over you own life, then we are getting somewhere. As long as someone else gets your money and rule our lives, there will be no change. So if you really think, as I do, that we have a system that is wrong and elected politicians that doesn’t listen, you should argue for you. You should be your own king. You should decide what to buy, what to drink, were to live and what to do with your money. If you don’t think you should have these rights, then, by all means, keep doing what you always have done, vote for more government and give away your freedom. But then you should also not complain, you are mainly at fault for Wanja and the rest of the horde, don’t blame them; you gave them your power. Should they decline Godlike benefits and the power to dictate people’s life? Would you? So either argue and take back what is yours, or shut up and go back to voting and mumbling complaints like you always do.

United banana States

America have just let go of the slightly more clever chimpanzee who liked shiny things that throws bombs at people and instead got the Obaminator that likes bananas so much he’s going to form the United banana States – the place where inflation guides the way and the morally bankrupt rules over a duped populace.

What’s happening “over there” is something completely horrible. Maybe one of the most horrid events in history of men. This because the country of USA started out as and have, in several ways, been a beckon of freedom and democracy in the world. This is about to change. As I have written before Obama is planning to form what can only be described as his own private army. If you believe in this or not or if you have come to terms with the fact that many of Obama’s closest have been or are communists, doesn’t really matter, at least not in the short run. Because what’s really troublesome is the economics, or rather lack off. You cannot borrow money and print lots of them in order to spend, spend and spend. Not even government can do this in eternity, even if most politicians would like to. Especially you cannot do this when there is hardly anything backing you up. And what I’m talking about is savings and productivity. America have been living well over its actual standard and with government supported banks lowering interest rates people have spent pretty much all they have on things they cannot afford. And to this bubble we can add the coming currency crisis that will happen pretty soon. When that dollar fails and the manic spending fails there is nothing left but even more regulations and more government. And when people take to arms to defend their freedom, which many Americans will do, the government needs to crack down on this too. Basically Obamanomics is doing what my birth nation of Sweden did in almost a century, but this in a few years, months even. But also in a time where there is no financial back-up for it and with a pending depression lurking around the corner. This will be disastrous in oh so many ways and government knows only one way to react, with violence and more laws.

And Obama, the slick, well-oiled and evil man that he is keep spreading lies and continues to try to trick the populace with stupidities so severe you are wondering why he gets away with it. But the press don’t even comment on his speeches about that his parents, his mother, a white woman from Kansas, and his father, a black Muslim from Africa, had the courage to get married and have a child because of people did “march across a bridge” in Selma, Alabama. The problem with that description is that Barrack Obama, Jr. was born on August 4, 1961, while the first of three marches across that bridge in Selma didn’t occur until March 7, 1965, at least five years after Obama’s parents met. And there are many more of those lies that no one calls him on. But still, people trying to be something they are not or exaggerating themselves isn’t that big of a deal, sure he is the president with communist friends and is going on the biggest spending spree in history without any money, but okay. The worst part is that he lies about the economy. He’s seeing the light, we are already seeing improvements and if people are just patient, everything will be okay. This is by far the worst humbug in modern days of politics, at least among the “democratic” states. This is idiocy so severe that it will throw United States into poverty and despair. And with pretty much the same things going on in Britain and businesses going down all around the world, what do you think is going to happen? Will there be a happy ending?