Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SwedBank getting close to bankruptcy – let them

As I have mentioned several times before (latest yesterday), SwedBank is showing big loses and the stock is dropping like a stone at the moment. Again to no surprise whatsoever for those with basic knowledge in economics and finance. And even if many of these minuses are "plus" in the sence that the bank is cleaning up some, this is just another nail. Since the Swedish government already have pledged to support the banking sector it is already too late to tell them and everyone else to let this shitty company crash and burn. But on the other hand, more is to come in the near future. More banks and companies are going down so I will just continue to say “I told you so” and give you all the same advice. Maybe some of you idiots will listen.

A bought Judge? Pfff... hardly news...

To no real surprise it has now come to attention that the only educated Judge, Tomas Norström, with a law-degree judging the Piratebay trial was, and is, sleeping with the prosecuting side. Among other things he is a member of several organisations with direct links to many of the people and companies on the prosecuting side. He is also a member of the board for ‘Swedish Organisation for industrial law-protection’ whom works for stronger patent protection. He is also colleague with the American movie-companies attorney in Sweden, Monique Wadsted, at a foundation and apparently knows this woman very well since they both also are members, together with Henrik Pontén from the anti-pirate agency, in the organisation SFU.

As mentioned before this is how the enemy class is used to doing business. Journalists, politicians, judges, prosecutors, big business, they are all in cahoots and good friends since several bottles of wines ago. Not really in a conspirator way, it is no planning of plots, it is just how the system is built. Without these Questionable collaborations the whole system would break down. It is one of the pillars the foundation is built upon. And several calls for a mistrial is heard. Idiots. There is not going to be a mistrial. Mr Norström was given this task by a certain system and his colleagues are the ones making the ruling if there are going to be a mistrial. Based on this information, that will never happen. And some bloggers are talking about a “threat to democracy” and calling this a “travesty”. What!? This is how it works, this is normal things. If you haven’t gotten this fact, then you have no clue about either democracy or the system of government we live with. Actually this is probably one of the better and nicer things about the system. I actually think that Mr Norström might be a good judge and might have made a fair ruling despite all this new information. This is nothing, please. If you think this is bad, you should really know what goes on in the corridors of the enemy class.

And finally you really need to ask: is it a coincidence that this Judge got to reside over this trial? What he's doing on his spare-time or what hobbies he has is probably not a secret and since he knows several of these people very well from being members of the same organisations, what says that not several other judges have the same “secret” partnership? I would bet a thousand pounds that there are several more judges in the same or worse collaboration with the entertainment industry. And why would they put down their good friend and colleague? For these puny reasons? Not going to happen.

It is much worse

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has presented new alarming figures and the world economy is expected to shrink. What the idiots at IMF and journalists don’t tell you is that the real numbers are much much worse than those being presented. I could show you numbers and we could do some counting exercise, but all you really need to know is that even if IMF is closer to the truth than politicians, they are still idiots and we are all completely and utterly fucked beyond all comprehension.

This is from the financial Times and please remember, also these guys are in reality not counting the whole picture and are way too much on the positive side:

For more than a year, the IMF’s loss estimate has swollen with each update. As late as October, it expected losses on US loans and securities of $1,400bn; it now foresees losses almost twice that size, at $2,700bn. In addition, it has now added forecast losses of $1,200bn in Europe and $150bn in Japan.

The ballooning numbers reflect two important facts. We have no certainty whatsoever as to what the real losses will eventually be – except that they get worse every time we look. Last year’s gloomiest forecasts have proved far too optimistic.

Have you still not started buying candles and dried up food packages? Might wanna get going on that…

Great thingy - Ron Paul for president!

Were is superman now...

What they ought to be saying

My countrymen. To you, I say today; you are going to pay. You are going to pay for the lavish spending of your parents; you are going to pay for the public debts but most of all you are going to pay for your misplaced trust in government and the state. It is going to take several years of hardship and high spirit before we once again stand prosperous. And you are going to do it. As of this moment, every governmental expenditure, both state and local as been withdrawn. With the exception for the police, the armed forces and a couple of minor administrative groups all else is gone. As of this moment no social workers, no nurses, no cleaners, not doctors and no teachers are employed by the government. There are no governmentally own companies anymore, they have been sold to the private sector and the money has been used to pay off the debt the socialist before us collected. There is no subsidy to get anymore; there is no special treatment to either the individual or the collective. Sadly the taxes will not be cut with more than half at this moment. We are still paying for your mistakes and earlier left governments and we as a nation will honor that debt and repay it. During the curse of time as the debt decreases, so will the taxes.

In addition to this, 97% of the laws will get booted out and will never be seen again. This process will take a while so in the meanwhile most of the old laws will still have effect. Things that will be changed immediately are;

Freedom of body:

You may eat, inject, smoke, drink, sell and do whatever you want with your own body. As long as it is consensual and no force is involved, do whatever with yourself.

Freedom of soul and mind

There is no state church or restriction for religion whatsoever. Get married, get divorced, get 16 husbands or build a mosque in your backyard. No one have the right to impose on your life and freedom of choice.

Freedom to protection
Effective immediately everyone has the right to self protection and hence all banns of firearms and weapons are hereby lifted. If ever a socialist government gets to power again and they even wants to make the slightest miniscule change to government and law, rebel, go up to them and shot them.

We're have left humanities bloodiest century plagued by a terrible political invention -- totalitarianism. The socialist way of thinking that communists, fascists and national socialists share, might be easy to see thru for most, but the smaller bits and pieces are not. We have partly left the worst totalitarianist ideas behind us, but we have still carried the collectivization with us and with that comes big government and a more sneaky and elusive socialism.
This is what caused this depression.
We are going to fight ourselves out of it with capitalism, freedom and equality. We are going to prevail, because in the end, we are humans. No race is more fragile and less equipped to rule this world if it wasn’t for one thing, our brains. It is time to use that intellect and get rid of all instruments of repression. Good luck to you all, now I’m going to get high and get me a hooker. night.

A suicide? My freshly shaved bodily cavity tells another story

David Kellermann, acting chief financial officer since the government takeover of Freddie Mac, was found dead in his Virginia home. The death is under investigation.

Reporting from Washington -- The acting chief financial officer of Freddie Mac, an embattled government-owned company that controls millions of home mortgages, was found dead today of apparent suicide in his suburban Virginia home.

LA Times

Americans seem to get it

Even though these left journalists and several others blame fear of Obama passing laws, that’s not really the issue. It’s rather the fear of the Fascist Obama himself and the economic crisis. Hopefully some of these Americans also are planning to overthrow the government. One can always hope.

My Darling psychosis - nothing left to bleed

I have been spending some time this afternoon reading the new British budget and it is really funny. Normally I would try to avoid complaining since being a guest here, but this is to idiotic to stay away from.

Not only is there lots of higher taxes (what did I tell ya) but there is also more fun things. Like the complete wastefulness of the taxpayer’s subsidizing themselves to buy a new car. “Oh, it works for the Germans”. It is just destruction of capital. If you own a perfectly good car or don’t need one, why pay tax money in order to get a new car “cheaper”? It’s complete madness.

This is fantastic: "income tax for those earning more than £150,000 to rise to 50%". Together with the rest of the budget this is a sure way of getting the last investment money to flee the country. So not only have this government completely wiped out the entire country several times over and collected a debt that might never be paid, now they are scaring off the only investment capital that might get the country going again. In addition to all this craziness they also do as socialists always does, throw money at the unproductive and lazy in order to get them dependent on the government and keep them voting for the same socialism.

But maybe the most fun about it is the tax increase on tobacco and alcohol. Especially the later will not be very popular among the British Isles. So even if there only about a year to next election, I have the same advice to the English speaking people, revolt. Labour has destroyed the country, totally. Don’t let them also destroy the only means there is climb out of this darkness. A year from now there might be nothing left to save.

I also checked the pictures of the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, and that idiot actually looks happy. On every picture I can find he has that smug crocked smile. Unbelievable.

They are bleeding us dry

As I have predicted, the central bank have lowered and lowered the Swedish interest rate until it is practically zero. This together with more money in the system have lead to higher prices on real-estate and more people borrowing in addition to wasting away their last savings in order to buy things they in reality cannot afford. Nothing strange about it and very easy to understand if you are not journalist or economist in lieg with those in charge. The worst thing about this is the next step when either prices fall like a stone or (more believable) the interest rate will go up towards 15-20%. Either way, billions will be wiped out.

So in two magnificent moves the enemy class have wiped out the last line of defence Sweden has. Firstly the government decided to spend, borrow and print. Granted not at any high level just yet, but they still decided which direction to take and any money wasted is bad enough. And then the central bank lunacy which is followed by people going out and spending all they have left. In other words practically no savings are left, there aren’t any buffers in the economy and the unemployment continues to rise. It is almost like they want the country to fail and the people to starve. When this crisis slowly but surely goes over to a depression, people will probably turn towards the lefties and their “solutions” which is the very policies that got us into this mess. And if you didn’t starve before that decision, you sure will after it.

What my birth-nation needs, like most other countries in this world, is a revolt. You can wave your hands in the air over some triumph, but next year that victory will be gone. If those in charge lower one tax, they put 3 regulations and 5 laws into place instead. And they might agree how horrid it is to restrict personal freedom, but behind closed doors they either vote the other way or plot how to circle around. For every year that passes; more laws, more restrictions and more monitoring is put into place. And every time there is a problem, more regulations or the printing of more money is the only answer. This needs to stop. But the enemy class will never give up the enormous power and dictatorship privileges they have and they will use force, both in order to enforce the laws and to protect their sorry asses. When you are starving and without a job, do not blame immigrants or some elusive ideology. It is those in charge that should be blamed. Your enemies are neither the rich or poor people nor are our enemy the market. It is those within the system, supporting it, ruling it, that is our enemies. It doesn’t matter if they call themselves left or right, they are all in support of the same planning and controlling system. This surveillance and regulation state is not only creeping into every corner of our homes, it is also the main reason for this crisis and the coming depression. The only way out of this vicious circle is to rebel; to bring in freedom, equality and objective justice in the country.

When I look around what people are writing, they are for the most part right. I have not seen a single commentary saying lowing interest rate was a good idea. Still newspapers are filled with stories about this or that family going to buy lots of stuff. The Prime Minister says it was necessary and several economical “experts” argues it was the right thing to do, but not you, the people. Even the people have realized that making it cheaper to borrow and destroying all saved capital is a bad idea. Even the people knows it is a bad idea to print a lot of money and borrow yourself out of debt, but not the enemy class, those in power, those in charge. According to them it is necessary to save foolish bankers and make people throw away their last savings. According to them it is necessary to bail out others within their ranks while normal people are unemployed. Why are you letting them do this to you? Many of you apparently have more brain cells then the entire Central Bank and the parliament together; still they rule your life. Why? Are you happy being monitored and controlled? Do you love paying ridiculously high taxes and not getting anything for them? Either you do something or you fall. This crisis is already too late to avoid, but maybe, just maybe, we can stop the next one. Our enemies can be defeated; you just haft to make an effort and, maybe, get a gun.