Friday, October 12, 2012

Licking fecal matter of shoes

Translation from Norwegian; Spontaneous scenes of joy
after the announcement of 2012 Peace Prize

As our worldwide debt serf system work its magic in spectacular fashion the Norwegian Nobel committee decided to hand over the Nobel Peace Prize to an entity that is creating animosity, nationalism and economic disaster in Europe.

This entity is run by unelected bureaucrats, has a president voted on by no one, and the entire power structure is filled with “ex” Maoists and “former” Soviet Union concubines. It has created hatred of Germans, Northerners nowadays sees Mediterranean’s as lazy idiots, fascist parties are growing everywhere, Nazis now have support of 20% of Greeks (and they go; whaaat?), and communism is showing its ugly bloody head all over the place.

This entity´s counterfeiting machine is throwing money at big banks while punishing the poor and the elderly – and today, according to surveys, only 25% of European sees this entity as something positive.

Out in the world the dismal failures of this entity are just as bad - failed diplomacy and pointless speeches are the only things showing up.

So while Spain is heading for civil war and the sound of combat boots echoing over Europe again, the Norwegian committee headed by Torbjorn Jagland (coincidently the Secretary-General of the council of Europe) appoints the very entity highly responsible for the riots and accountable for the approaching Greatest Depression a Peace Prize.

Satire really is obsolete.

This entire thing stinks.

Al Gore got the Nobel Peace Prize for… well, no one knows why, but presumably so he can continue to fly around in his private jet collecting millions from duped morons while promoting the biggest scam of all time; manmade global warming. The Obamination got the prize so that he could increase the military budget peacefully while start more wars and murder thousands of children – and now, when the pet project of our Great Leaders is in jeopardy, it get the prize. And only seconds later our unelected president van Rompuy (a Goldman Sachs flunky) announces that a Eurozone budget is necessary to bring us all together and curve the economic disaster he and his compatriots have created.

I wonder if they will continue to claim its peacefulness when mobs rule supreme and dangling kleptocrats and riddled with holes Oligarchs is littering our streets?

The importance of leaving the EUSSR cannot be stressed enough. So what if a political party is supposedly racists, if they want to leave the Marxist project of the continent, vote for them. If the tree huggers want to stop paying billions to this Marxist entity and to its idea of getting its own army, vote for them. Get out on the streets, write editorials, and get people to sign petitions, scream, complain, and refuse to obey any law coming from Brussels. We haft to end this now. Not later, not years into the future, now!

If not, the next time people really “complain” about the EUSSR they will do so with guns in their hands and murder in their minds. Our elitists should be afraid, very afraid, they cannot win this. Either they stop with this crap, or they will be stopped. I hope for all our sakes they take the right road.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We have to leave – now!

Sorry, we don´t accept Euro. Zimbabwean dollars is okay though...

The European Union (EUSSR) is going to fail miserably and the Marxist euro will crash and burn. This is no surprise for people paying attention, we knew this would happen. I wrote several articles more than a decade ago that civil war would come to Spain and that Greece would turn fascist. I also pointed out that asymmetric chocks, too low interest rates and too much of Froggy and Italian policies would turn the euro into a spectacular failure which could lead to hyperinflation.

A blind parrot dying from congestive heart failure could have predicted this outcome – but the money masters, the socialists and the bureaucrats ignored it. Sadly even so called “conservatives” or “nationalists” and even a few “neo-liberal” screw-ups put their fingers in their ears, closed their eyes and went “La! La! La! La! – I can’t hear you!”. My best guess is that all those freshly created cushy comfy jobs with God-like benefits that come with the EUSSR kleptocracy silenced most, the rest of the party members with the slightest hint of anti-Europe sentiment was taken care of through internal bullying.
No worries! We´ll force those darn whore´s to accept our Marxist Euro.

But let’s also face it, it was funny for a while. New regulations deciding how hard buss-doors should close in every European country and how bendy a cucumber should be, is the stuff of entertainment folklore. Watching the oligarchs send thousands of lobbyists with money-filled suitcases trying to force their way through an army of helpers, assistants and administrators in order to get their bribes through to the European Parliamentarians was, and still is, huge popcorn moments.
And who can forget how magnificent leaders of this European serfdom managed to impose myriads of restrictions on smoking and paying tens of billion to non-smoking organizations while at the same time giving hundreds of billions to the tobacco industry? Not to mention the burning of Food Mountains created through subsidies while people on the other side of the Mediterranean are starving.

Great stuff! Funny as hell.

But it’s time to stop laughing at this miserable excuse of a comedy show – it’s time to leave.

Being Scandinavian I believe that both Sweden and Denmark should hold a new referendum, at the same time, just when we joined the unholy commissar empire of the EUSSR. And I hope the Finns will do the same – as well as all of you out there.

This new referendum must take place soon, very soon. The faster the better. Next year is probably too late, that’s how bad things are going to get very fast.

You think rioting Greeks, empty pension funds, skyrocketing unemployment, rebellious Catalonians, Portuguese exodus to Angola, crashing economies and succession hungry Scots are bad? Wait until you see what’s next on the menu.

This is the most important issue we have at the moment. Far more important than taxation levels or political color. A political party that wants to leave the EUSSR should get your vote, regardless if the party is left-wing or right-wing. We can sort out internal differences and political ideologies after we´ve gotten rid of the 30bn SEK (Sweden) pay to the commissars each year and after we gotten rid of the fact that over 70% of all laws nowadays come from Brussels.