Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a forbearer of future events…

I just woke up after having a bad dream, a very bad, bad dream.

In it I saw a bunch of people, badly dressed, about twenty or so of them of all ages, one, a woman, carrying a child in her arms. They were upset over something, angry and battered the walls and door of a store. In my dream this store was very old and held some kind of significance for the inhabitants of the town my dream played out in. The town, old style with stones making up the street, was covered in grayish colors, it started to be nighttime and it was raining.

I didn’t feel like the small group posed a threat, but it was still a concern for those inside the store whom looked the place up and called out for help. Apparently I and some other folks heard the outcry and rushed from somewhere pretty far away to assist. The feeling was that something was wrong here in several ways and the fear wasn’t so much for the people inside, but more of a general anxiety, a doomsday feeling. With my heart pumping more out of this uneasy feeling then the running towards the distant store, I knew something was terribly wrong.

Coming out from a side-street 'we' reached the outside of the store were there still was a gathering of people, but in silence they stood and watched nothing. With empty eyes they stood in silence seemingly apprehensive and chocked over something. In the entrance to the store stood the owner, letting out from behind him what seemed to be the only light in the area. As the only one with apparent silhouette I walked up to him, instinctively knowing the gathering outside wasn’t the same upset bunch of people that had, just moments ago, tried to make their voices heard and furiously banged on the door.

He, the man standing there in the doorway, slouching and with hanging shoulders looked terrified but raised his head and looked at me with teary eyes, tried to speak, but no words came out. I opened my mouth to say something but he shook his head and nodded in a direction behind me. Turning around I noticed another crowd further away, these were more exited for some reason and I immediately noticed two young men standing further away from the rest, throwing stones downward at something. For some reason I knew what they were doing and rushed over. In an alley between low built houses the street where they stood sort of ended in a downward leaning wooded area. The town sort of stopped and went over in a forest. The two young men almost tipping over the edge for every throw. Still everything was like in a black-and-white movie, the rain not so much pouring but rather dripping down. More of a mist then rainfall.

With tears in my eyes and a big knot in my stomach I reached the young men, crying towards them to stop. One young man turned and looked at me angry and said something that I couldn’t really hear. Something I loved. He spitted it out with hatred and made a move to again throw a stone down in-between the trees. I shot him in the leg with a gun I apparently had in my hand. I then turned towards the rest of the angry mob screaming that I would kill anyone trying to do anything threatening. The people standing there in a cluster looked both surprised and angry and some moved a bit in my direction so I pointed the gun at them and screamed that they shouldn’t try me. They stopped, now looking confused and the angry hatful feeling slowly faded away. I couldn’t make out any faces other than that of the young man I just shot. They felt more like a cluster of darkness banded together. Some companions of mine reached the area pointing their firearms at the dark, grayish mass of people standing there in the rain. I turned around facing the descending wooded area with raindrops and tears streaming down my face, mixed together.

Down a slope I did see the contours of people laying in a pile, mixed together so you didn’t know where one started and the next ended. A grayish mass of bodies, no one moving.

For some reason I now knew what had happened. The people laying there some meters from me, not moving, had had enough. They had been bullied, attacked and unjustly accused for everything that was wrong in the world. And then an incident at the store had made them band together in a last effort to wake people up. They had not been threatening towards the store owner and his costumers, rather been trying to say something, get something across. But the mob of towners wanted nothing of the sort; instead they beat them, kicked them and kicked them again until no one was moving. Then they shuffled all of the lifeless bodies together and rolled them over down into the outskirt. But some didn’t feel that was enough, spitting at the corpses and throwing stones at them in disgust. I turned my head away from the bloody mess of the no more living and noticed the other young man screaming something at me, apparently upset over me stopping their fun and angry that I’d shot his friend. He rushed towards me with his hand raised and I shot him, again, and again, and again. Walking towards him and emptying my gun into his body.

Not caring what anyone thought or did I turned around again facing the bodies below. I slide down the muddy hillside, went down on my knees and felt helpless. The woman that had been carrying her child was still clutching to the small bundle of what used to be the love of her life.

I didn’t really know who the dead had been, but in my dream I could feel they were a minority, like a small group of Jews in a German town 70 years earlier or Romani in modern day Hungary. Here I woke up and felt it necessary to write about this dream.

I feel like this dream was not a look into the past, rather approaching future events…

The predictions of 2009 – The oracle speaks about the past year

During this year that has just passed I’ve made several very accurate predictions. Among those how the Swedish banks would perform, the mess of the automaker SAAB, what the tricksters in power would do and say throughout the year, how the oil-price would fluctuate and I’ve almost predicted the price of Gold to a dollar. It wasn’t hard to see what would happen during the Copenhagen climate madness or how the Obamination would continue to wage wars and become the most warmongering American president of all time. The rally on the stock-markets and how people in Africa would move closer towards starvation was also easy to see coming. The escalation of Pirate attacks, the huge unemployment numbers and the continuous lying comes to manmade global warming; Honduras and many other events around the globe came as no chock either. And that funny Swiney Flu? Oh my, I could I’ve been the author, commentator and inventor of the whole spectacle. I don’t think I missed a single prediction.

I could go on with many other spot on forecasts, however, I did the same mistake as many other economists and pundits have done, I was thinking rationally comes to the economy. As I should know by now, nothing government, state-employed cornflake economists and big business do has anything to do with rational thinking. I was also a bit too hasty stating how the economy would decline, well it has gone to hell even more than I thought, but the actual crashes I did see coming, didn’t emerge. In this sense the printing press, the extremely ridiculously low interest rates and the borrowing Keynesian style have sort of worked. They have managed to yet again inflate the bubble and this time to heights I thought would not be possible. Mainly they have managed to do so with behind-the-scenes trickery. Many markets that should have crashed didn’t because of shadowy deals and manipulation of commodity prices etc. In a way this makes it even funnier, when the year begun my persona built on apocalyptical scenarios was half a joke, now however I’m not so sure it is anymore…

In light of above my earlier stead-fast prediction of the real crash-and-burn around April next year may not be realized. It can still happen because there’s so many things going on at the same time and at any moment some terrorist may blow up London or a large company like GE can go bankrupt, but the risk of a big blow-out after the 1st Q of 2010 isn’t very likely. Instead I’ve come to believe, as most other economists out there that did see this crisis a mile away, namely that we will stumble on for another year or so before this, the mother of all bubbles, bursts.

And when I say “the mother of all bubbles” I really mean that and it’s imperative that you truly understand what predicament we’re really in. . Nothing before in history comes even close, we are so deep imbedded in crap, so truly screwed that anything goes comes to the future.

The biggest spending spree in history with the biggest debt-accumulating in the shortest amount of time in history has just passed us by. So also did the biggest bank heist of all time and most of the crocks are still out there, now fueled with bail-outs and newly printed money, buying up things for the future. The growing resentment and animosity towards internet from the powers that be was also easy to see. Put all of this together and never before in history, not even during the 1920’s and 30’s, have so many people lost so much freedom in so little time. 2009 is without a doubt one of humanities worst years ever.

I would rate myself with an 8 out of 10 for how spot-on I’ve been during 2009. Maybe even a 9 would be okay, but I did miss a couple of things and the crash during the Autumn I thought could be a reality comes to America didn’t happen, and so I cannot give myself a higher rating then an eight. I also think my English have improved significantly. I still miss now and again and my sentences are not perfect in any way, but I’ve gone from a proficient Swede to a fluent writer. Those last couple of misses and structural mistakes will be corrected with time. I have also pissed off a lot of journalists whom very often now delete any comments I make on their papers website and sometimes delete linkage to my blog. And since I’ve had several authorities from several countries visiting my little corner of the soon overregulated internet, I know I’ve made some headway. But most of all I had fun, did meet some strange fucked up people that I love and hereby send a thought of appreciation to.

Have a fucked up very messy and economically disastrous 2010 everyone! Now I’m going to get drunk, that’s the future for me - drinking vodka and watch the idiots of this world plunge down in the deepest abyss of misery ever seen will be fantastic entertainment.