Monday, March 30, 2009

Is it a golf ball? Is it a bird? No it is…

Why aren’t we getting rid of polar bears in the same fashion?

Aren’t we egging enough? – April fool?

Apparently eggs can kill you. Yes you heard me right. Eggs. From the makers of: “20 bags of crisps each day for 25 years might cause cancer” and the ever funnier: “If you smoke you might die” comes now the next startling revelation. One of Sweden’s biggest news papers, Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), has a huge article about eggs and it’s so hilarious. If you cannot understand Swedish, you might wanna learn to read this. I truly hope this is a april fool thingy, and not news. But if it is news, its even funnier!

Let me first throw in some quotes:

“Is eggs dangerous to your heart?” - This is the headline

And just below the headline, as sub-headline you can read:

“Eggs: An oval poisonous capsule that glues to your hearts vessels with cholesterol, or the perfect food that alone can give life. Our image of the eggs goes back and forth between death and a resurrection, precisely as Easter. The reality lies just in the middle.”

And these are just quotes from the article:

“The yellow center is measured according to the 12-grade Roche-scale, named after a big supplier of synthetic lutein. The Swedish standard-yellow has an “8” on a scale were 12 goes towards red.”

”generally speaking eggs are much healthier than lots of processed industrial food, even if average amount of eggs is the best way to go.”

Can you believe this? And after referring to several big studies on the subject (haha…) they start talking about which eggs to eat speaking chemical mumbo jumbo. And then they top it all off with some crazy things about eye sight and that you should eat spinach – with butter - instead. Oh, I really hope this is April fool thing, otherwise I know who should get fired. Either way, it is one of the most side-splitting things I have ever read. Great stuff!

Sexually abused?

A priest in Sweden has been accused of sexually taking advantage of a woman. She was 16 years old when they started to have sex and it apparently ended 6 years later. Before I write anything else; I have not met any of the involved and I have no idea what has been said or done in this case and I want to make this clear before I trash this woman and the news reporters, because if I’m wrong, I apologize in advance, which is something I never do otherwise.

What I’m getting at is that this woman was legal to have sex with (the legal age for consensual sex in Sweden is 15 years) and she apparently had sex with this man throughout the years and as far as I can see or read about it there is no force involved. But still she choice to press charges, why? You might claim that the priest took advantage of his position and lured this poor young woman to sex at the beginning, but that’s sounds more or less like bull to me. If this female can point out that she was deeply religious and this priest somehow used this as a way in (so to speak) okay, I might get it. But otherwise shout up and stop pressing charges against someone who made you happy. Yes, happy, no one can tell me that a young woman not being forced and staying with the same lover for 6 years doesn’t feel something good, emotionally and/or sexually. And if this is the case, what the hell is the news? Why are the journalists making this into a “religious thing” except for selling newspapers? He – the journalist – should go after the girl, but that’s not really PC now is it? If this is only a way to trash some poor priest it is the worst kind of journalism and I truly hope this reporter burn in the deepest corner of hell*. Journalist like that – no matter what is true in this case – are the worst bloody idiots around. And that girl, if she didn’t get abused or forced, she should burn right beside him.

*I’m not religious, but sometimes religions have the best punishments…