Friday, September 30, 2011

Ze Germans helping out destroying Europe again

The German people didn´t want to, hardly any people, no matter the country, really wants to, but our elected frauds continues with the charade. Germany's parliament has now voted with an overwhelmingly YES to give more powers to the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) so that yet more German taxpayers' money can be poured into the bottomless pit of Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Belgian, and...(insert ´whatever´) debt.

I mean who cares what the people think when the most precious political project of the generation is at stake? Who cares that more money just add fuel to the fire? Who cares that no matter what The Greatest Depression will hit us now and all our benevolent leaders are doing will worsen and prolong the pain?

There´s only one way out!

Winners being allowed to win, losers being allowed to lose, bankruptcy for the insolvent (at little to no expense for the taxpayer), transparency in accounting, honesty in transactions, no toleration of 'off balance sheet' shenanigans, forcing paper instruments (CDO's, etc) onto an exchange, where they are vulnerable to market price discovery and nightly margin calls, by stopping the vampire squid banks from ruling supreme, a return to the Rule of Law, remove the whole strata of unimaginably corrupt and stupid career politicians (how on EARTH have we ended up with such a density of morons in politics?), we need capitalism, and we need to use lots and lots and lots of handcuffs, and so that will cure this crisis.

Stop the Looting! Start the Prosecuting!

Only this will turn things around.

And yes, doing this will crash the markets and throw us into The Greatest Depression, but it’s a necessary pain and the longer we wait the worse it’s going to get. You see the Depression CANNOT BE AVOIDED! It’s impossible. The math doesn’t tell lies, and the math tells us that things have never looked worse.

We will crash and burn.

The world will go down a drain.

The only questions needed to be asked is; for how long? How bad will it be? And what consequences till this have for the world?

Since most of you are idiots and since it seems that not a single soul on this planet seem to learn anything from history I think we can go back to the minor depression of the 1930´s with all the funnies that brought with and take that times 10 and then we probably get pretty close to what awaits us. Most of you will turn towards hysterical solutions and buy into all the leftie crap the righteous elitists already are trying to sell us.

I can already hear the sound of large combat boots echoing outside... can you?