Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kiddy porn and UN idiots

Some 750,000 sexual predators are constantly prowling the internet in a bid to gain contact with children, a United Nations report is warning. Well, let’s take a look at that for a while…

"The number of sites devoted to child pornography worldwide is growing. The number of predators connected to the internet at any one time is estimated to be 750,000," said Najat Maala, Special Rapporteur on the child prostitution and child pornography issue. Unicef also estimates there are more than four million websites featuring minors, including those of children aged under two years.

Really? Even if so, it gets a harder and harder to find any. I remember a time when you hardly could go online looking for regular porn without stumbling upon some child porn, and if you looked for some porn at Kazaa, DC++ or similar downloading places, you were bound to find some kiddy stuff as well. Nowadays it’s almost impossible. There isn’t kiddy porn on any of the main downloading sites, not what I could find. And I cannot remember the last time I roamed the net looking for porn and happened to end up at some preteen site, it was a long time ago. And I’m a porn lover going online looking for porn all the time.

In the wake of this report, I set out to find some on purpose; it was very hard to see anything at all. The closest I could find was some semi-nude models of pretty young age, but that you can find in any clothing catalogue.

So the search engines have cleaned out most of it, regular porn sites have no links or pop-ups anymore, very little can be found at downloading sites, and if you go look for it, it’s almost impossible to find. Internets own built-in regulatory system has worked and deleted the easy access that was before.

Najat Maala noted that the age of sexual consent should not be used as an excuse for child pornographic peddlers - as it is used in places where this age limit is lower than the definition of who constitutes a minor. This is because a "child under 18 cannot be considered to be able to consent to sexual exploitation, including child pornography," she added.

I have myself always thought that that age limit is highly stupid. The legal age of sex consent varies a lot from country to country. Everything from 12y to 20y. It’s 15 in Sweden, 16 in the UK, but 18 in most American states. So what constitutes as statutory rape in the US is perfectly legal in most of Europe. And we all know that most teens start to have sex long before they turn 18. A 15y old girl choosing to pose nude in front of her webcam isn’t the same as an 11y old getting raped, but according to UN it is. Makes you wonder how this affect the statistic doesn’t it?

And look at the choice of words Najat uses. “consent to sexual exploitation” - so everyone taking picture, doing porn or such is being sexually exploited no matter what. How nice.

And doesn’t it strike you as odd that these kinds of reports is pouring out all the time, papers keep quoting them with doomsday headlines and parenting groups shout all the time, at the same time as regulations, laws and the monitoring of the internet is reaching fascist heights? You don’t need to be a conspiracy nut to see the writings on this wall.

"Images of sexually exploited children are not only growing in number but are also increasingly shocking," added Maala, who estimates that between 10,000 and 100,000 minors are victims of the child pornography network.

Between 10 000 and 100 000? Leaves a lot of roam for errors, don’t you think? And again, notice the choice of words. “the child pornography network” – it seems to imply that there is one big network out there, are they really trying to convince us of such stupidity? And what does she mean by “increasingly shocking”? Was older times pedophiles more prudent and only fiddled a little bit? Did pedophiles 50 years ago handle their victims much better and less shocking? Are we seeing the dawn of the age of super-pedophiles?

Pedophilia in itself may be bad, acting upon against youngsters makes it a crime, but when stuff comes out of the UN with very strange conclusions and sentences it is very hard to take it serious. Maybe kiddy-porn is on the rise, but I doubt it. Maybe there are more underage sex-slaves, but I doubt that too. Things was not better before in history, we are just better at detecting it nowadays, and these kinds of reports will only have two effects. 1) Make pedophiles even harder to find 2) give our enemies another reason to shut down internet.

Warmongering Barack

Oh, the nonviolent messianic figure of the Obamination loves harmony and peace so much that do you know what he is doing now? He’s sending an additional 3000 troops to Afghanistan and 1000 to Iraq which will make the total amount of fighting forces in the area higher than during his predecessor’s time at the oval office. There are also thousands of so called “contractors” doing lots of the dirty work.

This goes well together with the 14.8% increase in defense orders that made up most of the content in one of those “positive” reports we heard about from the US recently. You know, one of those reports that were quoted by brain-dead journalists as a goooood siiiign.

Yeah... this is going to end in such a happy note…


Well, I like rammstein and I like porn. Seems like a good idea to combine the two then.

Oh, and this new video is kind of XXX, but you probably already got that...

Et tu Daily Show, et tu

This ACORN business is so funny, and it’s almost completely ignored by media. It's one of the biggest scandals I have ever seen and I'm yet to see a single article in Europe about it. Worse yet, the American press don't report either.

The old media continues to fuck up. No wonder people aren't buying newspapers or watching the news anymore. It's all crap, and can you mention a single journalist actually doing his or her job?

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Another Suicide…

Those pesky suicides among banking people is really kind of annoying aren’t they?
Earlier this year the former chief financial officer at Freddie Mac, David Kellermann, is said to have committed suicide through hanging. Then Finn W. Caspersen the former chairman and chief executive officer of Beneficial Corp, was found dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Now another magnate James McDonald, a prominent advisor to wealthy families as chief executive of investment management group Rockefeller & Co, died of a single gunshot wound on Sunday 13th of sept 2009. Earlier this year, Mr. McDonald was one of the directors who left the board of lender CIT Group…


One is left pondering why such individuals with lots of money, power and from pretty stable family and personal histories suddenly jump of the deep end. Not that such individuals cannot be depressed or commit suicide, I’m just saying…

Old post

The mystery of idiotism

Some more mainstream economists and other clueless morons are starting to smell the housing-bubble in Sweden. Another couple of warning flares was sent up today since the prices continue to move upwards.

However fun it is to be right all the time, I cannot help wondering why they didn’t see this coming? Or did they but don’t care?

Economics is very simple. It’s not a barrey of mumboes and jumbos; it’s not magic or as hard as our enemies want us to think. It is very easy. All one really need to know is how supply and demand always coexist and how 1+1=2 and 2-1=1.

Keep those very simple facts in your head and think about what happens when the central bank makes money very cheap to financial institutes (much more money in the system) and interest rates go down to zero. Add then in how the supply of housing is scarce at the same time as the central bank does this. What’s your conclusion?

And above is during normal circumstances when we’re not in an economic crisis. The same apply, however, today, which is why despite very high unemployment and very high debts within the system - already before this madness - the same still happens.

This is the very definition of a bubble, and they have created it, most likely willfully to keep you, the people, spending money you shouldn’t have on things you in reality cannot afford.

So, now, what will happen when interest rates goes up (which they haft to) and the central bank withdraw money from the system? That’s right, crash boom and smash. If you/we/they are lucky, the defaulting levels (people not being able to pay back) just goes up a few percentage and the banks have counted on this and manage to stay floating. But think about that for a moment, is that very plausible? Is that best case scenario really how this will turn out? Are the banks really good at math and knows how to handle money?

And please remember, the housing market is not the only market, it’s not alone and standing by itself, it’s a part of the whole economic system. In other words to really find out how things are progressing with the economy and this bubbles future, one needs to take a look around. Use the same basic concept of economics above and apply it to more markets. The math doesn’t tell lies, our politicians and most of the mainstream economists always lies, or do not know what they are talking about.

Mark my words, the absolute worst thing you can do right now is taking out a mortgage and buy a house. It is not a good idea even if you get a very good deal with very low interest rates. It is the worst possible timing of buying you can ever find. However, if you are able to sell, do it. Don’t wait; the number of morons buying will decline sooner or later. It does not matter if prices goes up another couple of percent, now is the time to sell. Renting is often less costly anyway, why have all your money tied up in a house or apartment when you could make better use of them?