Saturday, August 1, 2009

The statistics game

I thought this swiney flu would cool down a bit before loathsome reporters started beating on that scare mongering drum again. Apparently it seem like I was at least partially wrong.

110.000 people infected last week in England?

Is it 29, 30, 31 or some other number of dead from Swine Flu in UK?

The statistics lie and journalists writes crap as usual! Check the facts for yourselves, don't trust media.

We already know that media have and will come up with daunting headlines, conjure up stories riddled with large holes. Since the start I have only seen a couple of articles with so so reporting, the rest is pure trash, or even worse; pure lies. But in the beginning this was very fun, I mean, come on; Swine flu!? It doesn’t get better than that, well it could (and still can in the future) have been cute little puppy flu or Tyrannosaurus flu, but swine’s open up an unprecedented flood of jokes, pictures and such. Fantastic stuff. But now it is getting old, boring really.

Well, the journalists are still making it worthwhile, very hilarious media coverage in a tragic sort of a way. Reading the news in Sweden they are very focused on UK at the moment since, seemingly, people on the British Isles are dying and suffering more than during the Nazi bombings.

Me, I live and work in the UK, in fact the first two victims of this pink Hog Flu passed away just a couple of kilometers from my house. Like most victims of any flu they had "underlying health conditions". At my work a bunch of people have had this flu (at least that was what they were told), all with very minor symptoms and all recuperated quickly. Also; one of those “crisis centers” set up by the government is working at the same office as me, all those call-takers earlier unemployed and now, with no training or knowledge in healthcare or virology whatsoever, they are paid a couple of pounds to give advice to the general public.... Just the other day an elderly woman called one of these “health-line people” and was told she had swine flu and was told to stay at home instead of looking up a doctor. Now she is in a dreadful condition with pneumonia, not any bloody fucking flu! Another woman, pregnant, also got the wrong set of advice. They are still counted in the statistic though… oh… can that have something to do with the massive increase in infected lately? Noooo? Can it?

I don’t believe the dead and infected numbers for one second. Something is seriously wrong with those. I have been following the news here in the UK and the numbers change all the time - for some reason.

This morning I read: 'Yesterday the deaths of an eight-year- old girl and three adults in London were announced, bringing the total deaths in England to 27. (Daily Mail: August 1)'There have been 27 swine flu related deaths in England to date. With the four in Scotland, the UK total is 31' (NHS online: July 31) these seems to be confirmed by The Department of Health. But - and now it gets interesting - The Department of Health said there have been 26 deaths in England and three in Scotland.' (Yahoo news: July 16). Can you see it? If the number of deaths, with the 4 new ones confirmed is 31 as of today, 1st of August, how come it was 29 dead already July 16th? Doesn’t this seem strange? The European CDC is still, when I’m writing this, claiming it is 30 dead. A quick check with WHO’s latest report (27 July 2009 09:00 GMT) the number of laboratory-confirmed cases of H1N1 (a.k.a. Swine Flu) is said to be 134503 and the number of dead 816 (remember these numbers). The number of dead in UK the same date is 30. So what is correct here? And look at the WHO number of infected and compare that with the numbers the UK department is claiming in this report using HPA modelling (Don’t get me started on that crap). And checking with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), by 29 July, 175,785 laboratory confirmed cases of pandemic (haha... "pandemic", that one is so funny) influenza (H1N1) had been reported globally with 1012 deaths. Those two days between WHO’s report and ECDC’s report can hardly have resulted in that big of a difference, or?

So, which one of these stupidities have got it correct? Is it WHO? ECDC? UK health department? It is like playing cluedo – I take colonel Swine doing it with an injection of anti-virus at the hospital killing 2 people from West End that actually had cancer…

Okay, I get that there is some problems coordinating everything and these are bureaucratic organizations after all, and I need to admit, I’m no doctor or expert and perhaps I have misread these numbers somehow, especially since I’m very tired when writing this, but this smells like very rotten fish to me.

How about some media people got up from their fat asses and do something to earn that extremely high salary they get for eating donughts and translating other peoples work…

Lazy stupid idiots.

There must be a maximum limit of not having over your shoe size in IQ to be hired by the biggest media firms. I hope this is the mother swine of all swine flues and that it mutates into a flesh-eating super virus that target journalists.

How do I send money to the Honduran Army?

I’m looking for a way to support the Honduran armed forces and could use some pointers. Where do I send the money? The warmongering psycho Zelaya is threatening with war, most likely backed by his dictator pal Hugo Chávez (that’s not even trying to hide his dictatorship anymore) and other leftie extremists. So the democratic government of Honduras and their defenses might need a bit of support. My small contribution will not help that much, but it is a start and it’s a hell of a lot more than the US and the representatives of the European Reich does. I still cannot believe how the collective forces of the enemy class can get away with supporting a complete loony and dictator wannabe like Zelaya. And journalists, useless as ever, do nothing to really check the facts and put pressure on politicians to do something and help Honduras.

We need to stand up for democracy and the Honduran people against tyranny, so please let me know if any of you out there knows how and where to send some support, and if you know; send some yourself. It does not need to be money, it can be guns, blankets, food or others similar items that probably will be most welcome.