Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to Thunderdome

Any decent society would live for and by the ethical code of the Non-Aggression Principle as the foundation for optimal social organization and human interaction. In such a society wherein No person may initiate or threaten to initiate the use of coercive physical force, there would be no need for any bail-out, there would be no stimulus package thrown at the already rich and powerful, and there would be no confiscation of the common mans paycheck to save banks that should go bankrupt.

Of course we are far from living in such a tranquil and civilized state. Very far from.

What I’ve come to realize more and more lately is that the powers that be (PTB) will never voluntarily relinquish their power over death and life. Worse yet, they will more than likely commit murder to keep it. The more people realize what’s going on, the more our Great Leaders will impose their fascist regulations comes to internet as well as increase such injections of madness into the very core of our culture. It’s a never ending cycle were we see through one or some of any number of scams, it leads to additional legalization to cover it up or some other scheme to stop us from digging deeper, and when we see through that the same thing happens again and so the show goes on.

This situation can really only be broken by an upraising of some sort. It can be an armed one filled with dangling banksters, but it can also be a pretty peaceful one. An example of the later can be that we all stop paying our taxes or that everyone moves their money from traditional thieving banks to precious metals or any other form of alternative. The problem with the peaceful solution is that those that created the problems, lied to us and have no intention of giving away their lavish lifestyle, are still there, they can still wield some power, and sooner or later people regain their trust in the system built to keep the status que hence the PTB only needs to bide their time.

A good compromise, that should suit most, would be to throw in an additional legislation that never can be tempered with. What I am talking about is the notion of mortal combat, one to one. Imagine that a politician wants to impose, oh, let’s say, shoe-taxation, then that is fine, however, if doing so that politician need to face any challenger in the ring, fighting to the death, well then such legislation would hardly come to pass.

You see the people that rule us are all cowards. You’ll never see any contemporarily leader out bombing Muslim villages, not in person. Not a single one of those that rule us would ever get their hands dirty; they have paid for thugs to do their bidding. Ever seen a politician, in person, sending back an open homosexual refugee to Iran? Ever heard of a politician that, in person, has evicted a family from their home because the bank that stole all their money is reclaiming the house? At least ancient time’s dictators sometimes would personally execute inhabitants or ride in front of the army. In this regard the leaders of the past had a lot more balls.

And the whole thing can be televised to further educate people in power, or striving for power, what happens when they try to govern.

Two men enter. One man leaves.

If the challenge is refused, the alternative is the death-penalty. Hanging by the short-drop.

And to appease any feminist complaining we can make sure that any woman politician that steps into the ring can face a male, preferably a large muscular man that can club a baby seal with a flinch of his fingers.

How many think that we would see any form of legislation ever again?

I think this is a fantastic idea, and something that would not only save lives, it would also be entertaining as well as have an inherent charm.

I know that this suggestion isn’t really a complete commitment to the Non-Aggression Axiom, because according to that any person challenged can say no. However, can we really regard politicians as humanoids? Do they really fall under the humanity-protection clause? Let’s say they do, I still feel my proposal can be implemented because any form of legislation that is not meant to protect basic rights, can, and should be regarded as a violation and part of the oppressive agenda hence any politician arguing their right to govern us is automatically the instigator of violence i.e. any challenge to fight needs to be answered.

Oh, I know what you’re gonna say; imagine if the politicians trained martial arts and become experts in snuffing, would we then need to live with the laws? Well I would propose that the challenger, which always is the ordinary citizen, can choice the way of combat. So if the politician is a black belt, they can fight with guns, and if the politician knows guns, the fight will be with swords. You see, I’ve thought this through.

The only question that is relevant is where to hold these fights. The only reasonable answer I can think of is that we transform the parliament to a ring of death. It stands to reason that the place where our enslavement become obligatory will be the arena it ends.

If there’s a political party or movement out there that picks up this idea, you will have my vote.

I love the smell of mayhem in the morning

It appears that the number of crashing Swedish companies in December increased compared to 2008, and then we need to remember that 2008 was a bad year. At the same time energy prices are spiking at unprecedented levels thanks to taxation and the manmade global warming scam. Unemployment numbers have also gone up recently and when even deeply socialist municipals are firing people working at hospitals you know things aren’t very positive.

I also read that one of Sweden’s largest papers is arguing against the Icelandic ‘no’ to send billions to save banksters and finance departments in other countries. Apparently the leftie journalists at this paper think it is wrong to not tax each Icelandic citizen for mistakes made by people that has nothing to do with Icelandic taxpayers.

If someone invests money somewhere you do so at a risk, it’s your risk, not anyone else’s. But just as the elitists BBC and other networks looking to lick the arse of the powers that be, this paper runs the errand of that small click of powerbrokers that should be stringed up, not saved when their investment goes wrong.

I mean just imagine if those in charge cannot collect money from the little guy whenever their pals at the banks need some extra cash? The Icelandic president is probably the only decent leader in the civilized world and he’s getting thrashed by all of those within the elitist spectra. Ever wondered why?

Enthusiastic blowjob

I was reading an editorial in Los Angeles Times about the economic disaster the state of California is in and noticed that 10% of the state budget goes to pay for prisons. Presumably a huge chunk of the interns are locked up for drug related crimes, so if the victimless ‘crimes’ of making, selling and doing drugs were to be legalized several percent of the state budget, just as any country or state for that matter, could go to other things like lower taxes or better schools. If other victimless “crimes” like prostitution also was legalized, most of the state’s budget comes to prisons could be used elsewhere.

And if this was to be done it means that costly police officers wouldn’t be necessary to the same degree, bureaucrats could be cut down and so on.

Looking at the latest California budget I cannot help noticing completely idiotic things like’ Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control’ and ‘Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board’. Just like in any socialized country loony things like this pops up. And the list just goes on: Office of Real Estate Appraisers, Air Resources Board, Department of Financial Institutions, Public Utilities Commission… why does this exist? No wonder the Governator are having a hard time balancing the budget.
And how funny isn’t this: Economic Recovery Financing Committee! Apparently costing the state $1,351,000 /year.

This is the collective stuff of nightmares and if you want to know why the state of California is in such big trouble and why they cannot and will not get out of it anytime soon, this is why. A deeply socialistic state with ever growing departments can never end up as anything else but a disaster. And it does not matter if they somehow temporarily manage to fiddle the numbers to cover up the many billions in defecit, they are going down and so is the rest of the United Socialist States of America.

Some of that Chinese black magic

As stated many times before, GDP numbers cannot be trusted, not in any form or way. You see snowstorms or the colder weather we have now will most likely increase GDP because it demands actions taken, snow shoveled, more energy input and lots of more funnies to keep the streets clean and people warmer.

The Chinese have figured this out, probably to attract investments, keep companies and the spin-doctors within media happy. Maybe they also, in true socialist fashion, believes that digging holes in the ground and filling them up again, over and over, actually creates value. Whatever the reason, you seriously need to take a look at this article from Von Mises institute. In it they refer to this little thingy from Al-Jazeera:

And to quote myself, below is what GDP really is. As long as you believe that GDP measures wealth and economic growth, they will continue to fool you, trick you in believing in their scams.

This is how GDP normally is calculated.

GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports − imports), or,
GDP = C + I + G + (X − M)

What the equation tells us, among other things, is that if Government spends more, GDP goes up. You probably get this, but what you need to know is that it doesn’t matter what they spend money on. It can be daycare, roads or flowers, it does not matter. According to GDP-calculation it is beneficiary to have people dig holes in ground, fill them up again, and do this over and over. In fact, this is what government often does, not directly, that would be too obvious, but through other schemes like “investigations” or useless government programs to hide unemployment. An investigation takes manpower, costs money and often leads to conclusions a monkey could tell us beforehand. Anything being done to cover up people’s lack of jobs also cost money. Actually it may cost more, in essence contribute more to GDP, then if people in fact had productive jobs.

The same goes for private consumption. The more we shop ‘till we drop, the higher GDP. In the eyes of Keynesians and our enemies it means that the more stuff you buy, the better. If you borrow, use your credit-card or work to get that money to spend is irrelevant, what matters is GDP. Sometimes you can hear one or two voices claiming that savings are too low or that there is a difference in what we actually consume, but those are very few and not nearly as interesting for the media to quote.

How much of the Chinese GDP-growth is factual do you think? It is true that their economy is going better than most, but how much better? And do you think that really matters when the dollar collapses (China owns close to 2 trillion USD) and the Chinese no longer can dump their goods in the hands of overspending Americans?

Better shape up people, the crash is coming, “when” is the only question needed to be asked.

ABB hunting party

Remember what I told you about an escalation of shootings during 2010? Well, the year hasn’t really started yet and we have already seen a couple of those. The latest one happened in St Louis were the shooting left four people dead and five injured.

There will be more, lots and lots more.

Maybe I need to stack up on popcorn..? Seems like the funnies will be coming a lot more frequent this year.

The failure(s) of Europe

I’ve already covered most of the East European countries, the US, UK and Spain, as well as, of course, my birth nation Sweden. However, there are several other fun places at the moment. Let us take a little look at Greece as another example.
Greece has massive debt problems and has been said to represent the most serious test of the Euro since the common currency came into existence 11 years ago. That some statement and says a lot of the dire situation for the Greeks.

The public debt is 90% of GDP but they still managed to throw a 28 billion euro stimulus crap into the fire. This while Greece is not self sufficient, and has to depend on external finance to fund a current account deficit of around 15% of GDP. Government debt ratings have been downgraded in Greece by all three major international rating agencies, and the market seem fixed on bullying the Greeks into submission, this according to the mainstream media that sees ‘the market’ as the main culprit for some reason.

There are fears that further market attacks on Greece could have a knock-on effect on Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain, whose economies are all also in trouble, and which account for 36% of the total European debt.

The Greek government has proposed a cut in public finances and other measures to counter their decline. However, the consequence of this is more than likely much more of the large-scale social conflict that has been hitting the headlines now and again. They are doomed if they don’t and they are doomed if they do.

Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis and his band of marry bandits has no leverage at all. There is no way to raise more money, they cannot borrow, they cannot print, and they cannot change interest rates, partly thanks to being member of the EURO-zone. The screws are very tight and whatever the course of action, upheaval is to be expected.

So what do the future hold? Well, as we’ve seen in the Baltic States, Ukraine and Iceland we can make a pretty good guess. However, the Greeks, as well as many others, are facing their uphill struggle when the rest of the world (well, most of it anyway) are about to go apeshit at the same time. Things are looking so horrible at the moment in so many countries, there’s so many things that have been propped up, inflated and looking more ghastly per the minute that when that famous fan get hit we are going to need to look in the book of revelation to find proper adjectives.

The Greeks may have started down that path before many of us, but they can at least comfort themselves that the rest of us sheople are soon to follow.


We already know that this guy believes in manmade global warming and socialism. Is it a surprise he wants a Chinese-style form of surveillance of Internet?

The cunt is a spokesperson for totalitarian beliefs and an idiot.

'Nuff said.

Cold winter is an anomaly?

Apparently climate experts are rushing out to defend their mad ideas now when most of the northern world is experiencing a cold winter. They say that this is an anomaly that will occur less and less when manmade climate change kicks in more and more. Can you say ‘desperate’?

Their lying have been exposed through climategate, NASA have been caught fiddling the numbers, Chinese scientists have been exposed with deceitful statements, research stations have been moved to show the “right” figures, threes and devises showing “wrong” numbers are being covered up or hidden while the very few ones that show the things they want us to believe are being lifted up and shown as the truth.

But even when ignoring all that, we can still not find a single scientific evidence for their claims. Not a single one, no matter what sort of science we use, whether it is math, biology, chemistry, physics or whatever, there’s no proof, nada, zip, zilch, nothing. Still the fraud continues.

I’ve said it before, but I would like you all to take one of their statements, pick any of their claims, then go out and read about it, check it out, you will very soon find out it is incorrect or even an outright lie. So far I have not detected a single exception for this rule, but please feel free to prove me wrong.

If we look at the latest ten years, temperatures are falling, if we look at the latest hundred years, temperatures are increasing, but if we look at ten thousand years, which any real climatologist would say is the reasonable thing to do, it seems that we are heading for another ice-age rather than a warmer period. No worries though, still many hundreds of years ahead of us. So even if you and I can hope we will experience another warm period like during the Dark Ages or the height of the Roman Empire when, among other things, we could grow grapes in the middle of Sweden, that is probably not very likely.

I wouldn’t care so much about this hoax if it wasn’t for two things. Firstly they use the scam to impose more regulations and increase taxation, which is bad enough, but then those actions, and others, make people around the globe suffer. There are hundreds of thousands of people on the brink of starvation, and if not being allowed to or in other way hindered from using the cheapest form of energy, they will die. In essence anyone arguing on behalf of the elitists is in reality arguing for the death of thousands.

And the lefties, I don’t really get them. On any other occasion the socialist automatic response is the mistrust the rich and powerful, but not in this case. The ones standing to gain massive riches and lots and lots of more power if this scheme is allowed to continue are the already high and mighty. Kind of strange, but the lefties are probably hoping to use this trickery to impose their way of governing.
Anyway, there’s a third consequence of this idiocy, namely that everything we do comes to energy becomes more expensive which means that whenever we experience, oh, let’s say, a cold winter, our money goes literarily down the drain, all thanks to the power-hungry politicians that rule us.

So there you have it, we get poorer, more people will die and we give power and money to the already rich and powerful and it is all based on a lie. I suggest you take note of any climatologist or whatnot that are lying to you right now, those people will be laughed at even more than the people who believed that the Earth was flat. In many ways that was a much more believable statement.