Friday, February 27, 2009

25 million kronor

The princess is getting married and the Swedish people love to gossip and everyone hates those that have more than others? Hm… what can we write about… Let’s make a story about how much you can get for 25,000 000 kr!

When I was in a local political forum in a small town in Sweden in one single committee, we once did take a trip to live on a mansion for a couple of days, the cost were 15 000kr/person and we were about 40 people. And this was just one time, it went on and on and in all the different councils and committees. Did you know that two, maybe three larger political meetings with people from all over Sweden cost about 25,000 0000kr? I once calculated that my cost from being a politician for 14y, at a lower lvl, totally were about 20,000 000kr and I wasn’t even payed with salary, I did it on my spear time, think then what idiots like Reinfeldt or Sahlin cost you each year. What’s the cost for security or even heating for different government buildings each year? How many billions haven’t the social democrats spent on elections throughout the years? And you are the one paying for it. We have thousands of politicians in Sweden and all of them are chosen by the same idiots that then pays the bills. For the pleasure of getting controlled by and robbed by your elected official, you also get to pay for the alcohol; hotel rooms, flight tickets or candy that official buys for your money. Yeah, sure, Victoria is a part of this idiocy, but she and the royal family is few, cost very little compared to other government accounts and at least she can say that she draws tourist money in to Sweden.

Muslim idiocies

I have known a couple of Muslims in my day and most of them have been great drinking buddies, but sometimes religion is in the way for them to. We Christian idiots have been burning witches, doing crusades, outlawing alcohol and believing in a spooky father figures, but so have Muslims. We are all idiots under the same sky. But sometimes one idiot stands out a little bit more than the rest. Sheikh Mohamed Al-Najimi, member of the Saudi Islamic Jurisprudence Academy is such an idiot. He is now stating and issuing warnings to youths studying abroad of using ethanol or other fuel that contains alcohol in their cars since they could be committing a sin. Could be? Sin? How about after shave dear Sheikh? And that ethanol is a “competitor” to oil and its derivate have not the slightest thing to do with this statement…

What are the idiots talking about?

Apparently there is a discussion about who is going to pay for Princess Victorias wedding, the King or the government. Here is a newsflash to all you idiots out there; it doesn’t matter! Its tax money either way! You are going to pay for it even if you don’t like the wedding cake or that the bride is wearing white… Who cares if it’s the state, the city of Stockholm or the Social Democrats that’s paying for this shindig, its tax money. And don’t come dragging that idiocy about the Kings personal wealth, were do you think he got that from? The Easter bunny?

This is going to be a great day in Sweden and we should all be happy that the Princess and Queen to be has found love, but don’t go around pretending this is a great cost or that we can avoid paying for it with tax money. Do you know what each political party throws away at things like alcohol and hotel rooms each year? And those ever so funny “art students” are a fine little expenditure aren’t they? If some of you idiots out there really care about tax money, you should start complaining about the real problems that exists, not a happy loving occasion for Sweden’s future sovereign.

Stop crying and plan your funerals better

Several Swedish newspapers are reporting about 82y old Inga Svensson who needed and wanted to say goodbye to her fiancée. Her tear-filled eyes and her wheelchair didn’t help her because the public service people that was supposed to help her get to and from the funeral missed the time they were supposed to pick her up and then the driver didn’t want to stop at the chapel for some unknown reason.

Now Inga Svensson is very upset claiming that saying goodbye to a loved one you can only do once. Here is a thought for you Inga, say goodbye now, in 5min from now, tomorrow or whenever you like to. You can even say goodbye before someone dies. Your fiancée aren’t going anywhere, he is rotting away, happily eaten by worms and beetles. He can’t hear you, but then again, he couldn’t do that even if you had made it to the funeral. And you should know better than to trust anyone else to get you someplace. If you have lived for 82 years, you should really plan things better. Take a normal cab, they might cost some more, but hey, if you really want to get to your dead boy toy before he turns into humus, you might pay for it. Or maybe you should have gone with those friends you claim to have and apparently they were able to get to the funeral. What? They couldn’t pick up the dead ones bride to be? Or don’t you have any children, relatives or neighbors to help you out? I mean come on, you rely on a public service for the elderly to get you somewhere in time? Did you really love that guy?