Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stronger defense yes – useless entanglements NO!

I am a strong believer in a stronger Swedish defense. Not only to be able to defend boarders and keep the population safe, but also as a preemptive measure in order to discourage any present or future aggressor.

When the world economy continues to spin out of control and nationalist- and communist movements grow in size and power a strong defense will be essential for safekeeping of the land. And finally I also believe that a strong defense is needed not only to defend but also to have the ability to strike at a faraway enemy – if such a thing is ever needed.

This demands, at the very least, a doubling of the defense budget and, perhaps even more important, it is needed to put the effort in already today. It takes time to build a strong defense and it takes a lot of effort to secure the boarders and hire enough soldiers to keep the Swedish population safe. I strongly suggest that a few government own companies is sold of immediately and that at least a portion of the money brought in is spent on the air force, the Navy (coastal defenses) and surface-to-air missile systems in order to buy us time to develop and strengthen the rest of our defenses.

However this do not mean I am positive towards us sending troops and war machines to other countries where there is no reason whatsoever for us to be. There is no reason for Sweden to contribute to the U.S. slaughter in Afghanistan. There was no reason whatsoever to send planes to the murderous attack against Libya. And there is no reason whatsoever to send military personnel or in any form or way throw ourselves into the conflict in Mali.

A strong belief in protection of the country and its people is not the same as having a desire to send underfunded and under-equipped Swedish soldiers to conflicts across the world where we have nothing to gain but enemies. Bring our people home; NOW!

IF, and I strongly stress the word “IF” someone, for whatever reason, attacks us, we should be able to and willing to fight back. However helping the CIA grow poppies while U.S. drones fly around butchering children in a faraway country where the population has never, EVER, done anything to Sweden or the Swedish people, is stupid at best, highly dangerous at worst. Those people will want revenge against their aggressors and oppressors and do you really think a demented Muslim idiot seeing virgins waiting for him on the other side really care if he blows up an American complex or a Swedish one?

And now a seemingly bloodthirsty foreign minister wants Swedish troops to involve themselves in the Mali conflict. Why? What the hell is the point of that!? I think too many Swedes watch too many American movies and think they should be as cool as “those guys”.

I would get it if we got attacked, and I could even sort of understand if we went into a country to steal their oil and riches and in order to kill them all and sell their women as slaves. I sort of would understand, not agree and I would strongly oppose such notions, but I could get it. But just sending people randomly here and there for no reason and no purpose and with no gain whatsoever? Why?

Stop meddling in other people´s affairs and stop following the butchers and mass murders of the U.S. killing machine. We have enough problems, present and future ones, and we don’t need to go get enemies for no apparent reason.

Bring our troops home, let them stay home and give them all the funding and equipment they need to defend our borders and our people. 

Can you hear them outside now?

“Little by little, the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him.” 

 Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution

The financial system of and the autocracy of the Europhiles has created a magnificent criminal enterprise. The European Union (EUSSR) has rapidly become the most efficient purveyors of fraud, murder, and theft in Europe. Far outcompeting any Mafia and almost making local branches of elected frauds look like shining examples of accountability.

During economic prosperity the people may overlook extravagance living and God-like benefits, and in general people are too dumb to see how the money masters and lobbyists bribe and cheat their way through the maze of bureaucracy put in place to hinder any revelations or culpability. And whenever cucumbers are too curvy or bus doors won’t close in accordance to Brussels decrees there was a sort of understanding that the unelected sods of the European Parliament could, and should, put their dirty little hands on it and fix such delicate problems without too much interrupting nuisance from the mob they rule.

Most of the time collecting millions upon millions in salaries, benefits and assigning your own family and friends to high-up positions within the authoritarian structure was sort of a given. But sadly for the elitists the people won’t accept it any longer.

There is not economic prosperity anymore, and a few media outlet has even started to investigate and point out all the faults and despotism of the EUSSR. The approval ratings for all bodies ruled by the commissars is plummeting and even the lazy Mediterranean’s, collecting plenty of cash from Brussels thieves to build new bridges and roads, has started to question their allegiance.

People are passing pamphlets around saying that parliamentarians should learn how to make a proper tie knot, in order to hang from it. Threats are pouring in and people are literary sharping their knives and pitchforks all across Europe.

As I have pointed out many times, this will not end without bloodshed.

The only question is, how many will die and how terrible will it become before we can turn this around?

Of course our fantastic leaders react as they always do, regardless of the time we live in or what country or area, they always make the same mistakes over and over again. Sadly those mistakes will not only hurt a lot of people and probably lead to civil wars, but such policies will also lead to the demise of many within the leadership circle.

This is not a threat; it is just a cold statement of the facts. There will be attacks against Europhiles, there will be “terrorist” attacks against their envoys or buildings, and the further down the road we go, the harsher the hammer from both local and central Authorities will come down and so things keep spinning out of control until there is open season for anyone working within the Central planners sphere.

So when do the hangings of the cleptocrats and oligarchs in Europe start?

No idea, but the first targeted and possibly killed parliamentarian/s will happen soon. Of course they will blame extremists and anti-democratic movements and argue that they represent democracy and any attack on them is an attack on democracy itself so all should help, protect and obey them. Our rulers never made any faults to deserve such a faith.

All nonsense of course but that is what they will claim, and even if such fallacy will work in the very short term the next knocked off commissar will soon follow.

You cannot try to take away peoples national identity and culture that has existed for hundreds of years while destroying the economy and not expect serious blow-back   You cannot impose more restrictions and more laws and appoint unelected administrators from vampire squid banks instead of the people’s representatives and not see the anger that brings. You cannot print shit loads of money and hand it over to the big banks while the people are close to starvation and not see totalitarian forces emerging from it. You cannot impose a federal government and a Marxist central bank to an area so diverse and as multicultural as Europe without creating rampant nationalism and new terrorist organizations.

They still do it and mostly they cannot see the writing on the wall - probably all that champagne and luxurious living curtsey of the tax payers that is blocking their view of common folk. 

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
John F. KennedyIn a speech at the White House, 1962

Want to stop the rapes?

Remember, the police can only be there and catch any killer or rapist after the fact, so if you are not armed and not allowed to defend yourself, you are at the mercy of the criminals.