Monday, May 4, 2009

The right of self-defense

It should be every human’s absolute right to own the right to self-defense. Governments do not allow this though and very few complain about it and for me this is very strange. Don’t you girls out there want to hold something in your hands at night which makes you much stronger than any man?
If I was you, I buy a gun no matter what the government says. If your husband, your boyfriend or a complete stranger seemingly wants to rape and/or kill you, shoot the bastard.

It is time we start claiming what’s rightfully ours; our body and our right to protect to protect it. Get protected, and screw anyone who claims you don’t have the right to protect yourself. And if any feminist comes up and says to you that this is a man’s world and you are oppressed as a woman, ask her/him about your right to protect yourself. If this feminist says it is wrong to carry guns, slap the idiot and walk away. No one who really are on your side would deny you your rights as human.

The extinction of journalists

For about 7 or 8 years now I have been wondering how regular newspapers actually survives. To me this is a complete mystery. In Sweden, at least partly, this can be explained with the large governmental support to several of those dinosaurs. But still, I mean you can get all the news coverage you like in any language quicker, better and more in-depth than anything you can buy at the store. Consequently I also wonder who is stupid enough buying a newspaper? The last time I bought a newspaper I was sitting at Heathrow airport feeling bored with a couple of pints so I bought financial times just to feel the weight of the paper in my hands. Reading this paper that, in comparison with Swedish newspapers, is pure gold and often has excellent pieces of journalism; I started to wonder about a couple of news articles and turned on my laptop and updated in pretty much real time I could already see were some journalist had missed something or how a certain news story already had developed far beyond that in the paper addition.

If you have nothing to do, turn on your twitter and follow BBC, Fox news or whatever and you can find the very latest news hours, maybe even days before they reach your local media. You can also find good bloggers online. Bloggers comes by the tens of thousands and it is hard to find those gems, but if you do you will have better, funnier and more investigating journalists at your fingertips than all the newspapers combined. To me it is very strange that any of the old news desks doesn’t just deploy journalists here and there and then more or less turn off the lights at most/all offices and fire all the excess personal. Maybe it can be the news variation of Piratebay? But that’s right, those things need to be under control so the old dinosaurs with their inapt thinking and governmental contributions can live on. Darn, didn't think of that. And since email, phone calls and every other piece of material that passes boarders are being monitored and saved by government’s surveillance this with sources and direct links aren’t really the way to go anyways. Maybe long wave radio? Or how about sending post by throwing a bottle in the ocean?

Lately the old media have proven themselves again trying to scare up an entire world for an almost completely harmless virus. With a couple of clicks and some logical thinking anyone wanting to know the truth about this swine thingy could, but journalists they still need their fix, making the story, not finding it or digging for it. Countless are the tales about how the old media have tried to scare us into believing in the boogeyman, often enough politicians picks up the tread and impose a new law or two just to be on the safe side. Pick up a paper, any of them, any time of the week and they are filled with things that can kill you and/or make you fat. War, starvation and economic crisis is reported as the news comes in from other papers, but some famous rock-star they have several journalists on digging thru trash and finding distant relatives. Of course we as readers have a big fault in this, we keep buying those rags. Again, I need to ask, why? If you have a computer and internet you will never need a TV, a radio or ever buy a newspaper again. You can find everything you want direct, share it with others and make it into something new and send it all around the globe in the same time it takes for journalists to even read the news.

Now why do you think governments dislike this and why do you think journalists thrown upon the blogosphere? The old media should be dead already, but unlike dinosaurs they have governments to protect them and their own self-perseverance is much more important than thinking outside the box. My generation was the last one really reading and listening to the old media, hopefully Internet will make them all go bankrupt at the same time as we save the free world and stop governments from restricting our freedom and our future. Now that it something journalists should be writing about.

More how journalists work here

Thatcher 30 Years After

I know most libertarians with a true approach to freedom regard this lady as a mistake and a disaster, but for me, as an UK-outsider, I cannot help remembering the Thatcher-Reagan years with some joy. In a world were despair is the norm and there is only different degrees of hell, it is easy to regard a conservative that in some cases actually reduced freedom as something good. That’s how starved on liberty and equality many of us have become. Thatcher and, in greater regard, Reagan, is two of the “greatest” leaders the western world have had, this does not make them good or something to follow. It does however say a lot of the others and about most people living in this world.

I’m keeping my thumbs crossed for a couple of revolutions. Hopefully we will get some true freedom fighters that really are great, until that time one still needs to have a half a good eye on Thatcher and her accomplishments even if she was a leftie in many regards.

Epilogue I (the end) – economic crisis summary

What about the future? What does it look like? As I have written before I can only see this ending in one out of two ways. Either the fast depression hitting us very soon or the one slowly creeping upon us. Just like ripping of a band-aid I would probably prefer the fast-hitting depression and that will probably not be as severe either since the amount of time to build all the stupidities even further becomes miniscule. I think it will be something in between, starting out slow but than gaining speed and hitting us with full force during 2010.

During all these predictions further down in this text, please remember that there are increasing protectionism and growing concerns and voices from the left side of politics demanding more and more socialism to stop the crisis those policies created. Dictators in South America together with revisionists and openly violent left groups will blame the “market” and the “rich” demanding power to the people (= dictatorship)

This will happen:

During this year another big crash/es will happen. I do not really think its going to be the stock markets. Those will come down during 2010. Instead I’m predicting a couple of more bubbles will burst. The low interest rates and the increase of money on the market suggest to me that one or several countries will follow in US steps and have a housing and real-estate crash. I’m a bit questioning about the dollar. Sure it should drop and collapse but will that really happen? Many economists thinks so, I’m not that convinced myself. I have no real rational explanation for it, more of a feeling. In either case I think the dollar also will survive 2009, during 2010 however…

We will continue to see things going up and going down. Sometimes a journalist or some evil politician will declare that the crisis is diverted. (take notice that this already have happened and that those people are almost always the ones representing a company that have done the most stupid things. SwedBank in Sweden have “experts” in papers today). Not even left-wing people will buy that crap and this summer and autumn will be a continuous downwards spiral of violence and massive demonstrations. More people will die and several of these will become martyrs of several violent action groups that will use the names as a way to fuel their anger. And keep a close eye on Hungary and Ukraine, fun things will most likely happen there. Also UK is in big trouble and this is also the most likely place were those first signs of hyperinflation will start to show.

During the end of summer and the fall many countries is going to throw even more gasoline on the fire and forms of more stimulus which also means more borrowing and more printing of money. During the same time one or two bubbles will burst which will “force” more governments/countries to follow and put together more “rescue packages”. Here we also see the first signs that those “ups” on the markets lessens and the “down” will get the upper hand.

Somewhere during this time one or several terrorist acts will come to be. I would guess some Muslim idiots will blow up a station in London and some right-wing extremists in the US will bomb some federal building. Maybe we will see even more than that. Several conspiracy buffs will as usual claim that governments are behind it and they might be right as lesser forms of marshal laws and curfews starts growing in size and become more frequent. And it wouldn’t surprise me if the new American president sees it fit to start yet another war in the Middle East. Actually I would bet money on it and with those oil prices going up and even more inflation from paying for yet another stupid war, the depression will hit even earlier and harder.

The Christmas will be pretty quiet and some of the last signs of normality will be shown. We will however se a 150-200% increase in suicides and many families will ignore buying presents which will be a sob-story in some newspapers and be a horrifying thing for mainstream idiotic economists still claiming we should spend, spend and spend. Please if you find any of these mainstream economic as-holes on your walks to find food in the future, please let a sign clearly point out were to stop and piss for the rest of us.

Somewhere around end of January or starting of February another crash will happen and from here it is really only downhill. This far I’m very sure about my predictions, but after this anything goes. Most likely several extremists and many funny parties around the world will rise to power enslaving people even further. More civil unrest and I wouldn’t rule out civil war in the US, if the dollar collapses during this time all those millions of US-soldiers all over the world will be more or less stranded. And in the mist of all this madness hyperinflation will struck and then… oh my….

Is there any hope left?

Basically no. Of course there are those who know how to fix the problems and sure there are some thousands of people in each country that understands fundamental math. Will someone listen? No, of course not. People never have before and it is hard to see why large masses suddenly should have an epiphany. Journalists will do what they always do, tell the story of the government. Business owners and entrepreneurs are in most cases in league with the power elite and those who aren’t are too few and have too little power to make a difference. Politicians are only interested in their power and even if they won’t be re-elected, nothing will change. I would argue that there is only two ways this might have a happy ending for the big majority, either that magical epiphany happens or some Aliens lands and show us the way. Both scenarios have about the same 0-percentage of happening. So the only realistic thing remaining is to do a ‘John Galt’ and/or move somewhere in order to start new and fresh.

I truly hope my worst fears are unfounded and that this somehow can be turned around in the future, at least before someone starts throwing nukes around. But if not, I know I’m going to have a lot of fun, nibbling on popcorn and watching all you headless chickens running around wondering what the hell happened and I will sit there with my sign stating those oh so funny words: “I told you so”.

The story continues II – economic crisis summary

When several journalists and politicians starting to say that a minor, almost totally harmless virus, might cause the economic recuperation slowing down and hurting the worlds economy, then you know things are really really bad. These sorts of things might show decline on certain countries tourist numbers, otherwise hardly even making a dent, but now it “came at the worst time”. Another sure sign on how bad things are is that prostitution all over the world is feeling a slope never seen before (well outside Madam spanks-a-lot’s dungeon anyways..). Regarded as a pretty recession safe industry, the sex trade is facing the worst figures ever seen. Some feminists might rejoice but prostitutes need to eat too and economically speaking this is a warning you should take seriously.

Several American and British cities/communes are using their own local money instead of the national currency. Some US citizens are even using the Canadian dollar, which is unheard of before.

In the US there is a growing movements talking about secession, refusing to take governmental money and in some cases people even talk about rebellion.

Countries all over is increasing the laws, the restrictions and imposing more regulations. Most noticeable are a growing control over one of the things that might take us out of the crisis, the Internet. Apparently it is more important to control information and the populace than economic recovery.

Also government are increasing their debts; many are drastically heighten taxes or will be forced to do so in the near future. Many countries already have or are at least planning to socializing companies and/or banks, very few seemingly knowing what to do next. In other words collectivists are having the best time ever. Since the fall of the Berlin wall totalitarian forces have been waiting for something new and now it is here and it is growing exponentially. Even before the crisis it was bad (which also coused the crisis in the first place) but this economic crisis seems to have managed what the Soviet Empire never could, collectivizing the world.

All the numbers are still falling, grated they are slowing down, but they are still falling and now from a much lower position. The only thing showing some improvements now and again are the financial markets. No surprise there since they get the extra loaned and printed governmental money first.

All this might sound bad, but a couple of fun things are missing in this equation. Firstly and most funny; hyperinflation! This is a risk at the moment, and it is growing for every time any of the central banks are conjuring up more money. Still not enough to create a Zimbabwe situation, but it is not far off and if all these stimuli don’t work (which they wont) politicians will not say they have failed, oh no, they will of course do the same again and again, building and building that risk, just as Japan have done for nearly 2 decades. This money-bubble is already great but the further down this road we go, the bigger it is going to get and the bigger the bang when it bursts.
The second thing to remember is all the personal debts most of us have accumulated. During and after the great depression most common people actually didn’t have debts. There were no such thing as credit cards and mortgages were hardly an issue. So today we have not only gargantuan governmental loans, we are all personally guilty of the same reckless spending.

Can you see all the funnies piling up in a nice little dung heap? And the really hilarious thing about all this is that this is in no way the last piece of this doomsday puzzle. Things are still going in the same direction, money supply keeps growing, financial bubbles are being created during the time you read this. The only answer the enemies of us all have left is to keep doing what they have been doing, but at a higher rate and with higher speeds. This is of course complete madness and it cannot last. The only question is when this is going to burst? And then the follow up: how bad will it be and how long will this depression last?

Prologue III (what have happen) – economic crisis summary

This crisis has been predicted beforehand by many economists and others (including myself). In other words there were, there are and there will be many people that know exactly what is going on even if journalists and politicians say the opposite. I have articles from the end of the 90’s I have written predicting much of what we see today. And since 2 year back I have been saying we first face a recession (which no one believed) and now we face a depression (which no one believe). And I’m not alone. Google Peter Schiff, Marc Faber or any of the others saying the same.

So what has happened so far?

- Restrictions, regulations, to high taxes and too many interventions from several governments have created and are still creating bubbles and strange markets around the glob. This is also the main reason for creating this current crisis (Read: Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae).

- However the crisis had never been so bad and it wouldn’t carry on for many years if it wasn’t for governmental borrowing and printing of money (today they play a wee bit with a computer, but you get the idea). This is what’s really concerning right now but also one of the reasons this crisis is so severe.

- Trade is way down and still dropping. For instance the Baltic Dry cargo index has never, in history, fallen more than the last year. Every figure is saying similar things. Still trade is one of the very few things keeping us going at the movement. Protectionism is rising, but slowly which is a good thing if you want to postpone the depression.

- Gold prices have gone up, not really as much as one would expect which is one of the reasons some people want to check the gold reserves in certain countries. India and China are buying gold and have announced they will continue doing so.

- The US dollar is overpriced at the moment and has been kept that way for some time now mainly thanks to China that has borrowed countless billions to the US and also has been instrumental in keeping the charade going. It is said that China hold 2/3 of its currency reserves bound to the dollar. This together with the history of the dollar is the only thing keeping appearances up. This will not and cannot last. And the question is if the American government really want it to last?

- Pretty much every government on the planet has issued complete mad spending sprees mainly on borrowed and newly printed money. Japan has been doing this twice or three times a year since the 80’s but is falling deeper and deeper and is today showing the worst economic results since WW II.

- The American corporate loans and bonds markets in America for example the defaulting (people not paying back the loans) is growing and the situation is very similar to what we did see with the real-estate market in the US 1,5 years ago. The next bubble to crash?

- In the US close to 30 banks and several important companies and businesses has fallen, no one is taking over their commercial space and some is saying this might be the next bubble to burst within the American economy.

- Great Britain is not only broke, it is worse than that. Even governmental bonds are not selling which is the closest thing a country can get to being Bankrupt, still the deficit seems to be around 10% this year. Civil unrest is growing even faster than the gigantic deficit. No wonder the government is calling back troops and asking military officers if they are willing to shoot at their own population.

- Many other countries are also suffering severely. Worst of in Europe is Ukraine and Hungary where both is pretty close to both economic collapse and civil unrest. Island might already have seen the worst in-house troubles but will continue the downward spiral together with the world economy.

- IMF has issued another nail in our collective coffin of screwed-up shit. Calling several “rich” countries to print money like crazy and give them to IMF so this idiotic institution can spread inflation and the depression all over the world.

- More and more voices are being heard for a “world currency” and many are talking about a “New World Order” including the British Prime Minister. Further feeding conspiracy theories.

- Increasing worries from Africa is being heard. Half the continent is showing signs of famine and malnourishment. If things get worse millions might die from starvation.

- The Muslim smurf Ahmadinejad is hitting his bongo drum now and again, North Korea is doing the same although hardly heard since people dies from starvation faster than they can carry out orders. Pirates are a big nuisance and in South America every other country seemingly getting their own Stalin wannabe.

I have certainly missed several things and I have hardly even mentioned all the companies having an economically hard time or already gone bankrupt. I however regard most of those things as symptoms of the illness and consequently secondary. I have neither focused on the particulars or the details on each stupid decision governments make, I see no real point, it is all bad.