Wednesday, March 18, 2009

copier machine game

Don’t you think that those central bank people all over the world are having so much fun? They get to play with colors, numbers and hand out pieces of paper that people for some reason use to exchange gods with. And let’s not forget, they get really high salary. So here are some pointers how to have as much fun as those people.

Go out and buy a copier machine. Do not assume that buying a copier machine with tons of features means that you will be paying for unnecessary options. So many features are built into digital machines these days that the "extra" features may have little to no impact on price. Just make sure you stick to your requirements. Then pick up some pieces of paper, choice preferably some paper with nice colors. Always more fun with some bright and shiny paper, just remember to have a couple of different colors. Then figure out some cool name for your money. Lets call our money “Stupidity”, it’s just a name, don’t worry about it, you can call it whatever you like. Then choice a couple of numbers to write on those pieces of papers you bought. Let’s write ‘stupidity 10’ on the red ones ‘stupidity 50’ on the blue and ‘stupidity 100’ on green ones. Before you do anything else, go and join up with Hells Angels and form a protection agency with them. After all, only you should be printing money and if anyone else prints money, you need to “show them the right way”. Now, let’s start printing! When you have a couple of fine piles of those newly printed pieces of papers, hand them out in your neighborhood and convince people to start using them as currency, exchanging them for gods. And now comes the first really fun part, playing with numbers, colors and the printer is fun, but to continue doing the same is even funnier. Especially when you do it all the time, no matter what the problem is. Prices rise on food? Print more money. People are losing their jobs? Print more money. People can’t afford their homes anymore? Print more money. And when your community “needs to borrow” money from another neighborhood, you can also print more money to buy those debts which means that once again your monopoly money saves the day. A copy machine to the rescue! Almost like a superhero isn’t it? Now for the next fun part, you can take out a high salary for doing all this good to your friends and neighbors. After all, you are the hero with pieces of papers and some numbers. But in all neighborhoods there are troublemakers. Like that pesky shop owner at the corner who insists on raising his price higher then he should be doing, but you can show him with the help of some bikers. And then there are those women that seems to wanting to use gold instead of your pieces of paper. They are probably tired of using more and more paper and getting less and less for them, but hey, that’s not your problem. Send bikers on them too!

Now, you have a society deeply in debt with ever increasing prices and inhabitants that’s not really doing as they have been told. Some business has also gone down with more people not working as consequence and some of your neighborhoods debts owners are also having some problems. A recession. What do you do then… I know! You print more money! And then you can use them to increase spending and while you are at it, remember to also borrow even more money.

We can call this the “Weimar republic”-game or “Zimbabwe showed us the way” – game. It’s a great way to spend a couple of years. Especially when you also can play, at the same time, games like: “I know best what to eat, drink, inhale” – game and that fantastically funny: “Let’s send more printed money to some in the neighborhood but not others” – game. In combination with making the best use of Hells Angels bone cracking skills, you have lots of fun ahead of you. Just remember, keep that smile on your face!

The next sign

Oh my… The US Federal Reserve is creating $300 billion to buy long-dated Treasury bonds, plus another $750bn to buy mortgage-backed debt from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

This is going to be so great! "creating"... haha...

Time to start buying those candles and fried up food packages I been talking about.

Taxation is robbery with deadly intent

A couple of professional robbers had their little spat on Swedish TV the other day. The argument, as so many times before, is how much – not “if” – money they are going to steal under gunpoint from the Swedish public. Then of course they are going to “decide for us” how this money is going to be wasted on different useless political councils and other project. In one corner we had the female, well sort of anyways, from the biggest oppositional party; the social democrats. She (we can call it that), as always, have tons of money. She is going to save companies, spend lots on the entire country in different ways. Basically if you move, she taxes you, and then she spends the money. Not that that is enough, she most have some magical box somewhere with gold pouring out in an endless stream.

The prime minister isn’t really better. Well, he isn’t going to rob you as much, but if he gets the chance he will still kill you. And he plays the father figure speaking about saving and waiting to see if the recession goes back. Kind of a good notion if it wasn’t for him being such a sellout. Once upon a time this guy actually believed in something, but nowadays he believes in power and administration, nothing else.

If these two come together and formed a government, no one would notice the difference. Lots of lefties and brownies might think so, but a couple of percent here and there is nothing. They both believe in taxation, in the power of the government and that the role of the politician is to lead and make others follow. They both want you to vote, they both want you to be a nice little citizen. And they will both kill you if you oppose them. If you don’t believe me in this last regard, try stop paying taxes, refuse to obey some stupid traffic laws or try to start a business without paying attention to the rules. If you do this, they come in force, if you then make fuzz, you will get hurt and possibly killed. At least a robber on the street takes your money and goes away; those politicians will also control your life and rob you over and over and over…

Environmentalist idiots again

Apparently the”middle milk” (The milk with average amount of fat, is there a better translation somewhere?) in Sweden are going to change colors to a darker one. This just to appease those back-to-nature freaks who think that turning down the worlds lights is a good idea. We should of course increase the energy usage in the world, not lowering it, but these mindless chimps would rather have people starving then a couple of lights being on too long.

And of course this stupid notion comes from WWF and of course it is the scam of manmade global warming they are opposing. This crazy notion might actually be history’s biggest lunacy and I really mean that. Okay, sure religions and socialism could be regarded as bigger idiocies, but those have some tricky things about them and I can almost get it why people get ripped off by “saving the poor”-crap and those promises of an afterlife. But this about manmade global warming is so absolutely crazy and the truth is right in front of everyone. The science isn’t hidden, the history of this planet is right there for everyone to see and there is not one single proof for what the chimps are saying. But still you buy it! If there ever was a clearer evidence for people being idiots I have never seen it.