Thursday, October 29, 2009

Madness III

Glenn Beck does a simplified explanation of inflation which is just around the corner. He does waver a tad, and the final suggestion of where this is headed is probably only half-true, but it is still worth watching. Sometimes Beck get it pretty accurate, but even better, he explains it in a way that even you, the idiot, can understand.

Madness II

Here we go. More internet funnies.

I’ve said it many times before, and I will say it many times more. This is just the beginning, they are only getting started. If you are complaining over IPRED, ACTA or any other such fascism, haven’t you figured out yet that such madness is only the second wave?

The first wave was government subsidies for broadband, extra laws against kiddy porn, restrictions about whom that can be an internet supplier, the first surveillance things to catch some elusive terrorists etc. The second wave have passed very recently with anti-file sharing, terrorist hunting into overdrive, more kiddy-porn laws, total monitoring of the people, new or reinforced agencies, increased surveillance cooperation between countries and so on.

Now we are entering the third wave, overlapping the second. And as with the overlap between the first and second you can already figure out what comes next if you have paid attention. During the last year or so there have been many politicians arguing for better control of bloggers, there have been calls for more cooperation’s with interlocking penalties and swift transfers of “criminals” from one country to the other. We have also learned that information sites, not public ones that is, that give out “wrong” or “unregulated” information should be scrutinized.

From this we can easily conclude that there will be a couple of control functions popping up. During the next wave, that to a large extent already is here, we will see new government bodies set up to control, monitor and license bloggers. We will see the first fines against “wrong” information, possible someone getting sued and/or jailed for saying that the Swine flu is harmless or complaining too hard over some tax. During this time we will also get many exceptions from the rules previously implemented. If one agency cannot spy on its own people, why not have the neighboring country’s equivalent agency do it for them? And don’t we need an additional law to strengthen said agency?

More money is certainly needed to found another agency with a certain task that transcends the “real one”. There will also be more restrictions being placed on online communities and internet suppliers. Sites will more and more go towards charging people for their use, and more and more laws and regulations will also come with a bill directed at internet use.

And you don’t really need to be a genius to figure out that they will soon parade a bunch of pedophiles in front of the cameras, supposedly caught via the new laws. In reality it will be old fashion police work, but they did use a computer to log everything, so…

Of course there will also be a “hacker”-attack against a daycare center or old folks pensions will get stolen by some computer nerd. All in all it will be sold with the notion of “need” for the laws.

EDIT: I didn't even have time to really post this before an "hacker"-attack knocked out several Swedish newspapers. Or so they claim...

You don’t really want to know where this will end up, but take a look at this video, maybe you get an idea.


The Swedish government is running a SEK 40.4 billion deficit, measured in September. But for some strange reason this is considered to be good news because the anticipated number was minus SEK 46.1 billion. In an alternate universe they may be right, in the real world, however, this is horrifying.

Even if we assume for a moment that the growing housing bubble can be managed and lets also at same time ignore current world events and the coming crashes in the US. Let’s also ignore the fundamentals in the Swedish economy, which are horrific in their own right. Even if we do all that, we are still left with the presence of this debt. It needs to be repaid, with interest. Just like with any loan the end result is much, much more money being wasted down the line than the actual money you get from the loan.

And the very notion of this as “good news”? How the fuckidi fuck of all that is unholy can they come up with such a stupidity?

The people behind this plot of by borrowing and spending on our tab should end up in prison doing sixty-eight years, breaking rocks and making special friends with Bubba the Weightlifter. Journalists writing about stuff like this in a positive way should be keelhauled, naked, in shark infested waters. And you who buy any of this crap are an idiot, plain and simple.