Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who should you trust?

The older media with the journalists who are used to the light and comforts of rubbing elbows with those in power are apparently getting more and more frustrated. And one of the larger newspapers in Sweden has an editorial today which doesn’t say anything, but in the end, they ad the question:”who should you trust in the public debate”. Referring to the blogs and private citizen doing their own journalism and digging without the help of those in power.

I went through several coursers during my time as active politician and learn to know and understand the journalistic elite. First of all they are unbelievable lazy. If you hand them a story that they can print during their coffee break, they will love you. If you put a little bit of spin on it, great, but the important thing is to send it in before 10am so they either can take it with them on the morning meeting and/or can skip doing anything during the rest of the day; they already got their story. And if they need to write something else or fill out the paper, all their stories comes from other journalists or newspapers, often they don’t even check the story or even reflect over its authenticity. If you don’t believe me in this regard, sit down and check the biggest newspapers and stations around the world late at evening and the day after most of those stories will end up in your local paper. And during the course of day those little headlines that you can read on BBC will pop up on your national papers, often with a little poll attached to it. So they are very lazy and easy to get onboard with a story. Secondly the elite journalists are very close to those in power. It can be government officials, high ranking politicians or big business owners, but all journalists with some “respect” knows who is who. Very often the journalist even gets married or sleeps with those in power. I know it sounds like a bad movie, but it is true, it happens much more often than you think. And thirdly, which is the most important part, they need to spin things. Even if they are lazy and sexcrazy and desperately needs attention, they do posses a large amount of creativity. So then we come to the headline game; which means that the journalist can take anything and make it into a story and I really do mean anything. With some colorful words and a catchy headline you can always fool the idiotic populace to buy the paper. It can be a statement, harmless and completely fuzzy wuzzy, but exchange a word and put it in a different context and presto you have destroyed someone’s life, but you got to sell those 26 extra papers. And if you read/watch the old media, anything is a death trap and might kill you. 30 extra bags of chips every day for 20y increase the risk of getting cancer by 11%? The headline will show: Chips causes’ cancer!

Against this old, stuffy and very very lazy group of people we today have the Internet were anyone can get information, from all over the world with just a couple of searches and you have the ones who uses this and their own intellect to form opinions and maybe debate some or write blogs or comment on the older news media’s lack of self-awareness. This is your neighbor, your school teacher, that beautiful girl next door and its happening all over the world. Most of it is crap of course, peoples idiocies shines here too, but there is lots of good stuff being done and of course the old and repressed stuffy media feel threatened. Some regular Joes without a degree and without snuggling with those in power write stuff we should be writing? No way! Let’s thrash them! And when politicians seek to destroy the freedom that comes with internet, these journalists really don’t mind. Okay, they might say or write that they mind, but really, in their hearts, do you think that they are against some fascist rules that will keep them in power and keep people listening to them instead of some pesky bloggers?

So, who should you trust? Basically no one, I believe that people are morons and idiocy is a way of life on this planet. But you make the call, just remember to stop eating chips, stop smoking, drinking, eating fat, and work out to much or too little, don’t sunbath and don’t use cell phones or whatever crap the papers are telling you today. If you don’t listen you might just die someday…

All heil Rajraj

Like the left winged idiot he is, the Swedish prime minister today issued a statement about salaries among some directors. As if he should talk, he lives a great and rich life on money he has stolen from people, he spends the people’s money by the billions and he decides what’s going to happen with our lives. He literary holds our very lives in his hand and he has the stomach to complain over the salary at a private owned company? The sad thing about this is that he probably gets some support for these idiotic statements and he might even increase his support among the incurable idiots that constitute an absolute majority of the population.

Minority groups are idiots

In UK the work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell announced a drive to ensure ethnic minority workers do not get 'left behind' so Ethnic minorities could get extra help during the recession. As we needed confirmation that people are idiots everywhere.

First of all, where's the money coming from? Could it be that the ones paying for this little socialist idiocy are the same ones who are supposed to be helped…?

And second, why send extra help to a group of people and not others based on the ethnic belongings? I mean, do you want more racism; great way to create some more, but otherwise it’s just stupid.

Thirdly, aren’t Purnell and other foolish idiots who support these notions really saying that some groups cannot handle themselves and are therefore idiotic ethnic groups and therefore need extra support? Isn’t that the same as racism?

Perhaps an official ethnic minority group could be recognized comprising white, Christian, elderly, middle class voters who are now verging on collapse thanks to pension raids, interest rates, and suppression of moral, ethical, religious and family values by a political correct government.

I can’t stand spineless idiots

I know I always ranting about how stupid everyone is, and they/you are, but I don’t hate people. I don’t despise most idiots; I just see reality and write about it. But there are some citizens I really cannot stand, and that is those kinds of spineless wimps that claim to believe in something and then do something else to further their status in society. A person that in some surroundings say one thing and in another say something else. A person that wants to be regarded as one person, heroic and ideological, but in reality only go with the flow and never stands for anything but earning more money and status. Those kinds of people are the only ones I cannot stand and politics are filled with them. Politics are all about making deals, getting together and having meetings where you talk until the ones with the best vocabulary wins the debate and everyone vote accordingly. Consequently everyone that ever has been involved in politics have lost their calling and/or lied from the start. There are some that are open and honest about it, Nazis and communists often doesn’t hide who they are and if you talk to them, they will admit their bloodlust. Many politicians also don’t claim to believe in anything or do it for having a job, an income and a high status in society. All those people I can actually respect. If someone wants to kill everyone, tax us all to death or do make a career out of it, I can understand that and at least they don’t claim to be something they are not.

And the worst pathetic wimps of them all is those that not only change their standpoint from one day to another and spit on everything they claim to hold dear, but then also cry when someone points that out. Some tear dripping boohooing and pointing fingers at everything else but their own idiocy and then they go home to drink some wine and sleep well. Those kinds of people exist in hordes in the Swedish parliament. I know of at least a twenty or so politicians, on up high, that really are against FRA and all the other fascist crap the government is imposing on us, but they still vote for it and they still smile to us while doing it, but okay, on some level I buy that, they are thinking of their jobs and maybe getting even higher up. But then you have a couple of them that claim to be on the side of liberty, but still do nothing to stop it and then cries about it when some other people points that out to them. Those spineless wimps are the worst kind in my book. Not even worthy the electric chair.

Paying for sex should be legal

I never understood why some people (read; feminists) have got themselves all worked up over some consenting adults that choice to exchange bodily fluids and money at the same time. I mean, having sex is legal and it is also necessary for us if we want to continue existing as a species. Exchanging money and doing business is legal. How come then that exchanging money for sex is illegal?
Some years ago I had a girlfriend that was as crazy as I am, well actually in several ways even crazier, but she and I started exchanging money every time we had sex and every time we run into a politician, a police officer or (funniest of all) a feminist we told them this fact openly and preferably loudly. One time a policeman actually did a small little inquire, probably thought I was a pimp? But surprisingly enough, no one (accept the feminist idiots) seemed to care. When I think about it, I actually think that woman still owes me money… I always seem to end up getting screwed.

Low faith in Mona Sahlin

Apparently the voters don’t have much trust in the oppositional leader. Not really a surprise now is it. She fiddles around with her “friends” and don’t really make any kind of statement that is a suggestion. Sure her role is to criticize the government, but she ought to make some suggestion of her own too. But her main problems are her history with buying personal stuff with government’s credit card and the internal struggle inside her party. But also she is not really an attractive person, quite ugly actually. Well, no one of the party leaders in Sweden is really attractive, ugly bunch the lot of them, but Sahlin is really repulsive and every time I see her face I turn away and I don’t think I’m alone in this revulsion. So she has her problems how to trick voters to trust her and let her run and govern people’s lives. Not easy being a ugly rich woman leading a party with huge internal problems while trying to juggle both friends and opposition and at the same time trying to convince people to let her steal their money and let her control every step of their stupid lives. She has to have some stamina and audacity, so in the end I kind of like her.