Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In-twain with the crisis

Shania, except for being hot as usual, is kind of telling the truth behind this economic crisis we have been sucked into. When you hear her sing, do not only think about greedy directors or how stupid your neighbour is borrowing to spend money on things he/she in reality cannot afford. Think also about your government. What have they been doing and what are they doing now? What are they urging you to do both by words and by lowering interest rates?

Getting deeper into debt and trouble is not really funny or sexy, no matter how many times you check out this cutie running around.

This is why you should not vote

I’m sorry for you stupid people that actually do vote, not one single argument for voting holds against any test. During these days the enemy class wants us to vote for the European Parliament. “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just as long as you vote!” – most be history’s biggest stupidity comes to sentences. Why shouldn’t it matter? And if there are no good candidates, why should I vote? The only thing about this is to get you to support the system, because if you do, they can say it is “democracy”. If they get enough of you morons to put a useless vote on a useless politician and they have trapped you within the system.

1. It is hard I do not understand
The voting process is hard work. Getting to know how the European Parliament works is almost impossible, one needs to be a professor dedicated one’s life to the whole idiocy. And Europe has very little (nothing) to do with ideology and everything to do with power and the überstate.

2. My vote do not count for anything
Absolutely true. Not a single thing will change whether or not you vote. The only way of having a guarantee that your voice matters is to stay at home. Only those who do not support the system or the power elite are sort of a question mark in the eyes of those in charge. To take a stand and not vote is to take a stand against existing parties and the existing system. You are saying: I don’t want you deciding over my life, leave me alone. The enemy class will always fear people thinking and being “outside” but they will always love you if you vote, even if you temporally vote for the opposite side.

3. I have no interest getting to know the European parliament.

Most people have no clue how national election works and they shouldn’t. And the EU is even further away, more elusive and just another waste of money. Bad knowledge is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t vote. You might end up voting for some really bad people. And if you do not have the urge or power to go through 6000 pages each day for a week, then maybe this with EU isn’t something for you.

4. I do not know what the political parties’ wants
This is very simple. They want you to vote. They want you to pay your taxes. They want you to blame someone else than politicians for the economic crisis. They want you to obey the law. They want you to be a good little citizen. This they all want, no matter the color or the name of the political parties. You might think those Pirate people will do a difference, but think again, they will have nothing to say comes our future. They are a minor road-bump at best. But if you really are stupid enough casting away time and effort on this idiocy, vote for the Pirates, I won’t, but at least the Pirates don't have a criminal agenda like the rest of the bunch.

5. I do not know what they do at the European Parliament
Nope, no one else does either, least of all those politicians sitting there. Basically it is just a big pile of dung were beetles and ants run in and out voting on how much more crap they will increase the pile with, but no one really knows for sure.

6. I do not care
Well, actually you should. EU like any other parliament is hilarious entertainment. MEPs have a basic salary of £83,282 a year and a £41,573 in "transition payments" when these wasteful buckets of manure leave office plus they have pension rights for around £30,000 for a single five-year term. But the real fun is that MEPs can claim £363,000 a year in expenses – not a penny of which requires a receipt. I mean, come on! How funny isn’t that!? And can you remember those circus folk travelling around Europe”teaching” us about the EU, everything paid for by us the taxpayers. Do ya? Marvellous entertainment. And don’t even get me started on Ireland, the monetary union and the agricultural policies. The European parliament is a huge source of amusement, check it out!

7. Everything about politics sucks
Absolutely true. There is not one single thing that politicians do that couldn’t be handled by the people themselves. But this reality isn’t the real kicker; the interesting part is that politicians in fact make things worse. Every political problem has a political solution and when that fails, another political solution emerges and so it continues, never ending. This might be the only true source of eternal youth; the bureaucracy of the ruling elite. No matter what the color, no matter what the country or time in history it just keeps rolling along.

8. There is no difference between candidates
Well actually there is, at least some, the problem is rather that there is hardly any difference between political parties and the constellations those belongs to. And anyone that knows anything about politics (journalists and political scientists excluded of course) is fully aware that the individual MP/ MEP are a pawn 99% of their time.