Monday, August 1, 2011

Early quantum state phenomenon

Money, money, money...

Well, the lying continues. Go figure.

Been reading through papers this morning and even if we ignore the total phony stupidity of using the word “cut” together with yesterdays Demopublican budget agreement, we can find lots of other lies.

For example almost every article I can find referring to U.S. GDP numbers keep telling us only a fraction of the real story. Sure several journalists have finally (sic!) picked up on the downgrades of GDP which show a bad story, but none of them, - Not. A. Single. One. - point out the deficit spending that has been at 10-12% levels for 3 years also is part of the same equation.

This is very simple. Its basic math. Easy pluses and minuses. Don´t need to know differential-equations, don´t need to solve Fermat's theorem and you don´t need to go search for macroscopic quantum phenomena’s.

Let´s say the government is borrowing/printing to keep spending at a level of -% of GDP in deficits (in effect contributing to GDP) and keep increasing this every year at a rate of 2% and GDP is growing with 1%.

And what would happen to GDP if the U.S. suddenly withdrew that 12% of GDP in deficit spending they are currently running?

Uhuh!? hard? Impossible math to solve?

Although the latest years have been the worst, this has gone on for a long time. This while U.S. consumers have been overcharging their credit cards and productivity is in freefall. At the same time as the Federal Reserve have been printing enough dollars to fill up the Great Lakes. At the same time as the entire housing- and real-estate market is totally bogus. And at the same time as toxic assets are floating around just waiting for the crash.

I could go on, but after this tiny oversimplified exercise you should know two things:

1) The U.S. economy is crashing, burning, going up in flames and actually in a depression since several years.

2) Since U.S. have been and to large degree still is the engine of the world, you now know that anything crashing over there, will effect everything else.

Not that Americanos are alone in this. Many European countries are actually in a much worse condition. Focus have been on the PIIGS, but they aren´t alone in this debacle either. China is building entire cities no one lives in, only in order to keep GDP numbers up. Japan keep doing the same thing they´ve been doing for two decades now. Never worked before, but they´re still at it. And do I even need to mentioned the screw-ups in Africa and South America?

The debts have never been higher, not even putting all the wars of the 20th century together with the Great Depression (soon to be re-named into ´The Minor Depression´). The amount of fictitious and overstuffed derivates are at an all time high.

The world economy is in such bad shape that it’s hard to find anything from history even close to it. All it needs is a big crash, another war or a currency crisis and we´re off into that hilarious funny financial Armageddon I´ve been awaiting for the past decade.

Again: this is math. Easy simple math.

You know the thing journalists, politicos - “conservatives” and lefties alike - ignore. Well, not completely “ignore” really, many of them are fully aware, they just chose not to abide and act accordingly. How would they be re-elected if they told you idiots the truth?

However their world of consensus is falling apart right now though. The signs are there to see. Everything from certain countries refusing to print more money to China and Russia criticising the U.S.

Before they worked in unison, everyone printed and borrowed to “save us”. They did this in unison because if all of them do the same the comparison between currencies and debt stays about the same. Now they aren´t doing that anymore.

Despite what you may think about me I don´t want to go through the worst disaster ever stricken the modern world, I would love to put my head in the sand and pretend GDP´s are in the positive and that a budget deal actually cuts a bloated budget, but you see I think too much, I actually use my brain.

Time for you idiots out there to do the same.

Not much time left now.

What’s wrong with you?

Spent some time yesterday checking who visit my blog in regards to the demopublican useless piece of agreement. As mentioned and as anyone able to read now know; that budget will increase spending, it will increase the deficit, and it will, in all likelihood, mean higher taxes. Also, and most importantly; it will NOT CUT A SINGLE THING.

This is fact. Hard, irrefutable, absolute fact.

Since I noticed that several journalists and plenty of leftie bloggers visited me and read the truth I actually expected that at least one of them would turn around and say “uh, I was wrong”, but of course not.

Reading papers this morning they continue the lying. They talk about “cuts” and that republicans got their way. They mention trillions of dollars to be withdrawn from the budget and they talk about how the Tea Party movement, a movement in uproar over this shadowy deal, are, somehow, happy today.

Leftie bloggers basically write the same only with the twist that somehow (don´t ask me how, have no idea) the poor will pay the bill and the rich got away with it again.

So I got to ask: when did so many of you become so pigheaded and stupid?

And to journalists, supposedly those who should watch the Powers and tell the truth to the general public; when did you sell your soul?

A politician: “I saved $1 million today”

Journalist: “Aha, how come?”

A politician: “I decided to not to borrow to buy 4 luxury limousines in the year 2019, instead I will only borrow so I can buy 3 of them”

Journalist: “Oh, great. I will put that in the paper tomorrow telling people how good you are saving the people’s money”

A politician: “But wait. That horrible opposition also forced me to cut spending in healthcare”

Journalist: “Oh no! How much?”

A politician: “One apparatus less. Don´t know which one out of the 32478392675 apparatus we had considered borrowing money to pay for and it’s in the year 2016, but I feel terrible for the elderly. And the poor will now die horribly”

Journalist: “Oh no!! I will certainly write about this. The poor will pay for it again uh? That bloody opposition. How dare they!?”

A Leftie: “The neo-liberal capitalists swine’s are stealing from the people”

Do I even need to say why this world is about to face the Greatest Depression anymore? It’s obvious you idiots out there love to live in a hellish nightmare.

So be it. Time to buy more popcorn. This is going to be the ride of a lifetime.

Aha!! Double-dealing deceitful politicos!

Noticed that every little useful idiot leftie was out criticising the DemoPublican budget agreement.

Every. Single. One.

Saying that this was for the rich, that budget cuts would hurt the little guy.

Of course this was only because lefties didn´t read the actual suggestion – just as journalists refuse to do.

In reality: THEY ARE NOT CUTTING A SINGLE THING!! It’s there to see, to read and to understand.

Can you idiots at least try to read the suggestion before making stupid comments?

The suggestion will increase the deficit, it will increase spending and it will NOT CUT ANYTHING.

And as if that wasn´t enough. The Market Ticker figured out the sneaky deal the Obamination managed to steal for himself – or, very possibly, with the aid and full support of soon to be out of office Republicans.

Not only are there NO CUTS (!!!) there´s also a higher debt-ceiling with higher taxes (!!) at the same time as the money printing and borrowing continues.

This is the end of U.S.of A.

Seriously. This is it. The final nail.

The former entrepreneurial Mecca, the richest and most powerful country in the history of mankind have taken the final nail into its progressive leftie GramscoFabiaNazi coffin.

I don´t think you understand the impact of this. We´re talking successions, upheaval, riots, and even civil war. That´s what this deal means. That´s where we´re heading.

Ask only this: How bad will this get? And: WHEN will it all go to hell?

The Greatest Depression is not only sure anymore, they are building upon it.

Every. Single. Day.

Until you, the people say no, they will continue and so prolong and worsen the Greatest Depression.

Welcome to the end of the world as we know it – say hello to yet another greedy leftie nightmare.