Sunday, November 8, 2009

The biggest hoax of all time

The scams, the trickery and all the shows put on throughout the ages have been somewhat obvious. Lunatic claims that the earth is flat, snakes are divine beings or socialism can work have all been revealed as false. Today we also understand that the Pharaoh wasn’t a God, Zeus didn’t exist and mankind didn’t spring into being from clay.

You don’t need to have my political view to start thinking how stupid things have been and still are. But do you know what the biggest lie of all time is? The most ridiculous claim ever conjured up by anyone in the entire planets history? There have been a lot of them, and you may find it difficult to pick the biggest one, I don’t have that problem.

I would argue that something that has no basis in science whatsoever and have been thought up recently would be high up on such a list. Mankind have evolved, we go to school and there is no reason for us to believe that earthquakes are signs from any deity. No one would buy mad claims of the Moon being made out of cheese today, still most people believe in something just as ridiculous, and this today when we should know better.

If that same claim also leads to consequences like more starving in the world or less work and lower production, shouldn’t it be at the very top? There is no science to back it up, all the evidence points towards the opposite. There are no facts, no argument that holds, there is nothing tangible whatsoever. Still politicians, journalists and most of the world’s population seem to believe in this, and that today, when we should know better. In fact the real science and actual evidence disproving this bizarre hoax are available, it’s not hidden. Even if the pranksters try to cover it up somewhat and all non-believers are ridiculed, it’s still there. There are books, numbers everywhere and lots of research available to anyone that can read.

Surely such a lunacy should top the list of what is mankind’s biggest lie of all time?

What I’m talking about is manmade global warming. How modern day man can believe in something that has no facts to back it up, no science, no figures, no graphs, nothing, is beyond anything throughout history.

This is the ultimate test. Anyone that believes in this alarming tale of utter madness is a basket-case and a danger to all around. It’s an intelligence test better than any Mensa assessment. You cannot claim to be a thinking life-form at the same time as you believe in manmade global warming.

I have actually tried to get someone to offer me evidence that manmade global warming is real. So far nothing. I have offered money to scientists, not a single one has won it. I have offered my naked body running through the streets while am screaming “I’m mad” until I get locked up. Never needed to fulfil that promise. I have talked to politicians, journalists and lots of ordinary citizens, still no luck. Do you know why? Because it doesn’t exists! There isn’t even one single claim that holds and no evidence for it. Not one!

Manmade global warming is the biggest hoax of all time, and most of you idiots out there have fallen for it. What does that tell you?