Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Openly showing their fascism

I finding it very strange that so many countries and organisations so openly are showing the world their true colours. It is like all of them suddenly decided to play in the open and be what they all are; enemies of the people. What I’m referring to is of course the current events taking place in Honduras. One totalitarian, Manuel Zelaya, have been removed from office in full accordance to the law and the constitution and with full backing of every political body in Honduras. According to surveys about 2/3 of the population is behind this decision. Everything so correct and democratic it can get. But out in the world every power hungry politician are condemning this situation and demanding that the dictator wannabe Zelaya should be reinstated. Why? How come this sudden shift towards open fascism from the world leaders? I think it has to do with fear. The world is in a deep recession soon to be depression and the pressure is hard on elected criminals. So if people act against one of them it becomes an attack on all of them. This especially goes for that horrifying black guy in America that is doing the exact same thing as his socialist friend Zelaya; ignoring the constitution, lying, cheating and trying to instate socialism. The US constitution actually gives people the right to rebel and string up those Washington thugs in lamp posts so the Obaminator needs to show how awful it is with democracy and consequently it is not surprising that he backs Zelaya.

The enemy class would probably not act this openly and in such unison without a good reason so it might mean that things are coming to a conclusion. The end is so near I can smell it and I think it is time to buy popcorn before the real mayhem and bloodshed starts.

Monday, June 29, 2009

MJ is dead...

Thanks Old Holborn for the tip.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Look past the smokescreen

While the uncivilized world continues to mourn a dead freakozoid of a singer lots of things are going on out there that should have people’s attention. Even if we put aside for a moment the continuation of fascist-regulations creeping upon us regarding Internet and if we ignore the looming depression there is still news-worthy things going on. For example the brave opposition in Iran keeps opposing the regime while the UK and the US rattles their swords. Wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to attack mmm..? American forces have encircled Iran and I don’t think it takes much for the Obaminator and his cronies to launch another war in the Middle East.

In several countries in Africa there is a dire situation regarding food and water. Millions of people are standing on the brink of starvation, something western media refuse to write about. Just as the Pope the mainstream journalists do not really care about a couple of million black people dying. If the recession continues and goes over into a depression we will have a disaster on the “dark continent” but those representing the enemy class have no interest in this fact and consequently newspapers ignore it.

In Honduras a mad-man sitting as president have been firmly and democratically removed from office since he wanted to follow Hugo Chavez example and impose dictatorship. The mentioned Chavez however sees this as an attack on himself – what if the Venezuelan populace did the same to him? – so he’s now stating he might attack Honduras with his military. The rest of the world is condemning the Honduran people for getting rid of a socialist dictator wannabe. Most likely politicians around the globe regard courthouses and citizens acting in according to constitutions as something horrific, what if people start following the Honduran example? We cannot have democracy so of course the Obaminator (that Americans should arrest and put in jail or deport), the leftie republics of the EU and some other cretins have spoken out against justice and against a democratic system. This should be an interesting piece to follow.

Also I would like you all to pay some attention to Bernard Madoff and his trial. What he has done is EXECTLY what governments all over the world have been doing and are doing today. Madoff is now standing trial for a miniscule Ponzi-scheme. Meanwhile far more sinister criminals are sitting in public offices and those are still walking around free concocting much larger Ponzi-schemes that is destroying the world’s economy. I wonder when all you monkeys out there is going to realize this…

All of the mentioned above and then some is perfect recipe for more conflicts and suffering. No matter the outcome of this or that, the coming years is going to be highly interesting and I would be very surprised if the world looks the same in only 5 years from now. Fun fun fun…

Some people are thinking

Honduras is showing the world how to deal with crazy power-hungry politicians. Great stuff. A country showing how things should be handled when leaders tries to change the constitution and impose more socialism. Strange that they didn’t throw the dictator wannabe in jail though, he should stand trial. People hundreds of miles north of Honduras should take notes and learn and do the same with that obamination...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Enemies celebrate the artificial boost

Like pseudo cardiologists journalists and politicians are rushing out to declare that the heart is beating again. In complete unison with cornflake-economists and a bunch of oily businessmen they are solemnly affirming to the public that the economic crisis is easing off. Sentences like: “There are green shoots in the economy” and the hilarious: “The recession is easing off”, is spreading across the globe by the same mainstream media and the same spokespersons that just a little over a year ago said that nothing is wrong and the economy is fine. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.

The general public is not really buying the whole package just yet, at least not everywhere and in every country. Not even low level primates will believe things are getting better if hearing it from politicians that rate low in confidence and articulation in the eyes of their constituencies. But the more these sentences are cabled out and the more those in charge can point to graphs showing that the GDP descent is stopping or that the numbers are even growing again, the more the idiots will believe. We “humans” (using the term loosely since most of you do not deserve that epithet) may call our belief “common sense” or what “everyone knows,” without realizing that we’ve come to believe it simply because it’s all we ever hear. It may never even occur to us to question an axiom — especially if we never hear about the evidence which contradicts or disproves it. With Internet this has gradually changed, what we hear and see is not only from mainstream journalist or politicians anymore. Instead it can be the grandma next door or some Iranian students telling us the news and this faster and – often enough – better than those with power would like. This is of course the reason behind all the restrictions, laws and monitoring being put in place by governments everywhere. What if people actually found out that: there is not one single evidence for man-made global warming? What if citizens read about how the banking system and money really works? What if large groups actually understand how deeply imbedded in dung we really are?

Some infectious amebas claiming to be well versed in economy or how the financial system work have recently claimed that people are buying stuff again and that prices going slightly up is signs of recovery. Well if the interest rate is practically zero and the government throws newly printed money at people together with the same government hiring thousands on borrowed money, what will happen? The recession isn’t so bad just yet, those with power is claiming it is over or soon will be over and it’s really cheap taking a loan, what will people do? That’s right, they go out shopping. You do not need a university degree in economics to understand this; in fact it is useful not having one since you then are not indoctrinated with Keynesianism and mad ideas about inflation. And what are those “green shoots” in the economy they are seeing? The stock markets for one. Stocks have climbed up from a very low level and even if they have leveled out recently the positivism is contagious. Of course they are not telling anyone that almost all of the trillions of dollars pouring into the system are primarily going to the financial system. So what do you think happens when a certain sector suddenly gets a big boost in money supply and interest rates are very low? That’s right, they start shopping hence prices (or stock “value”) goes up. The other “green shoot” they are seeing is that GDP is not losing ground as much anymore. According to mainstream cornflake-economists and those in charge GDP is the most important measurement of wealth so if the fall halts it is a good sign. But in the real world GDP is sketchy at best. Even if we ignore the fact that things like snowfall, building weapons or even digging a hole in the ground will increase GDP there is still one interesting fact we are not being told: spending money counts, huge loans does not. Isn’t this a nice little plot eh? So the government – and everyone else – going on a spending spree will contribute to GDP, the loans will not (at least not direct) be counted into GDP as a minus. This is why people like me could, several years ago, say that we were heading for a recession, we knew. You cannot borrow and spend, borrow and spend, you also need to produce. The spending comes from production, not the other way around as we are being told.

Can you see what’s going on here and do you really understand what I just told you? It is a gigant Ponzi-scheme and if you do understand you also know that the recession is far far, very far, from over. In fact the recession will not only continue; it will worsen. To double the amount of money in a country in a matter of months, lower interest rates to zero and impose more laws and then say the crisis is over because people buy things is madness, complete and utter madness but this they want us to believe. I have earlier predicted that this current recession will became a full blown depression in the beginning/middle of next year, I see no reason whatsoever to change that forecast. Instead if things escalate in the Middle East or something more happens with, say…, the dollar, the depression might even come sooner.

I have from early on urge those out there with some brain-capacity to start hording dried-up food packages, candles, guns and other useful tools for survival. I have also pleaded that you do not buy anything that holds your cash like houses or real-estate or similar items that not easily can be left behind or converted into useful things. Now when the market is still willing to buy, sell your house, sell your apartment, rent instead. Not only might you earn money selling now, you will also earn money in the long run since it is cheaper renting than buying. I know many of you do not believe me, Peter Schiff, Marc Faber or many others that is sending out warnings but please remember, you did not believe us a year ago or two years ago. Can you really afford not listening this time?

We are heading for a fall, quite possible the worst disaster ever known to man. If you sit there in a couple of years from now with sky-high interest rates, no job and the world crumbling all around you, don’t ask for my help. I won’t. I will only tell you four words: I-told-you-so

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tasteless? Maybe. PC? Definitely not. Fun? Oh yeah…

People handle grief in different ways; I prefer laughter and shining parties. This has very little to do with grief though; I didn’t really like the guy despite growing up in the 80’s - I just find these very funny.

MJ jokes I found on the net can be found here. If you have any more; please post them in the comment thread:

Early reports say that Michael Jackson hasn't been this stiff since young Macauly Culkin stayed over.

paramedic 1: HOLY COW his heart is not beating what should we do?
paramedic 2: just beat it beat it beat it beat it

FOR SALE - Chimpanzee and oxygen tent. Willing to sell separately. Genuine reason for selling.

Madonna has paid her respects to the jackson family and wants to know how much they want for the kids.

When Farrah Fawcett arrived at heaven, God granted her one wish. She wished for all the children to be safe, so God killed Michael Jackson

We really shouldn’t joke about MJ, think of all the people he touched, especially the children.

Apparently when the paramedics found him he had no colour left…

Nobody should blame themselves for the death of Michael Jackson when we all know it was the boogie

MJ stated in his will that he wants to have his ashes scattered in the local sand pit so he can still get into kids pants.

Michael Jacksons family have been asked what colour coffin they want him buried in, they said it doesn’t matter if it’s black or white.

McDonald’s is bringing out a new burger …”Michael Jackson Burger”…
It has 50 yr old dead meat inside 5 yr old buns.

The Jockey Club has announced that black armbands are to be worn in tribute to MJ who has ridden more three year olds more successfully than anyone in living memory.

MJ's ghost has been sighted in a children's hospital. Seems he is still putting the willies up small children.

he died from an allergic reaction to some 12 year old nuts he had eaten.

Michael Jackson died at 3.15 p.m. local time. What is significant is that at 3.15 the big hand is on the little hand.

What’s the difference between Farrah Fawcett and Micheal Jackson? Young boys loved to pin Farrah to the wall, whereas Michael loved to pin…

what's the difference between Michael and a Sainsbury's carrier bag. One is yellow, plastic and won't degrade in a landfill, and the other is . . . a Sainsbury's bag.

Exposure to sunshine, moonlight and good times ruled out: now coroners say cause of death was 'boogie'.

They won't need to embalm him.

His final wish is to be recycled into party balloons so kids can still blow him.

The Jackson 4 have announced new tour dates

What's the difference between Manchester United and Michael Jackson? Man U will be playing giggs next year

What a coincidence Farrah Fawcet and MJ dying on the same day. One played with majors, the other played with minors...

After many years of being unsure whether he was black or white, it briefly appeared last night that Michael Jackson had settled on blue. In the end he finally chose grey.

The Jackson family have just visited the Funeral Directors to make sure they take plastic.

Did you hear? The Jackson Five are offering a 20 percent discount on their reunion!

Mj's last words were "take me to the children's ward"

Michael Jackson's last request was to be melted down and made into a slippery slide so that kids could still go down on him.

Police have searched Jackson's house. They found Class A drugs in the bathroom and Class 4B in the bedroom.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fantastic news

Sometimes I just wanna jump up and down and kiss a frog and do other crazy stuff. In two new hilarious decisions the Swedish Justice system have - again - send out a clear and loud signal; there is no justice, the laws are crap and those in power manipulate things to their advantage. And I cannot applaud more. I’m celebrating. This, together with the Piratebay trial itself is some of the biggest and best things ever happened in Sweden. A lot of people are wondering what the hell is going on and almost an entire generation is losing faith in the law - all of which is fantastically great!

Why? Firstly because the laws are crap, not just the ones regarding privacy or integrity but pretty much all of them and those that have some merits have been subjected by endless exceptions or is ignored by those in power. Secondly the justice system is really just ridiculous. Not only are the so called “jury” politically appointed and sit with a clear agenda but the judges are a part of that wheel of power that is not up for questioning. Thirdly; of course those in power will use their leverage to “force” their appointed people judging to do their bidding and of course they will also use all their might to keep the press, police and other supporting troops on high alert. Those whips smacking away at internal opposition within the different political parties is not the only flogging tool being used. All of this is now being paraded in the open and it is fantastic! For those of you out there that – like me – have experienced how horrific the Swedish justice system is and also know how politics really works, this is great news. Finally some lime-lights shines on the big pile of manure that always stinks to high heaven without anyone noticing it.

If any of you really thought that the judge in the Piratebay trial would be found guilty of biasness I hope you now have left such stupid notions and realize that all is not well in the kingdom of Sweden. And if you also happened to notice the ruling regarding IP-numbers and the publisher houses; then I hope you now have left that moronic side completely and came over to us that already knew about such political features.

Some bloggers are wondering where the honor went. Idiots. We have only had a really bad system or - as today – a really horrific system. The general public has just been too blind to see what’s really going on. What the enemy class is now doing in Sweden has at least open one eye a bit so let’s see if the Swedish populace can get smacked with some more realities and wake up from that fantasy most of those baboon’s lives in. I need to warn you all though; it is not easy being the voice of reason; it is not easy being the one that actually understands. It is a tough, hard and most of the time frightening existence and you are constantly being targeted by officials, the general public, bloggers or the politically correct for being a fascist, idiot, thief, extremists, anarchist and so on. But it is also very funny seeing all the headless chickens running around, seeing all the stupidities being enforced and watching how the whole spectacle is being played out.

Justice? Pfffffff… Get up, get out, get drunk. And when there are enough of us that really understand; get up, get out, rebel.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The immorality is frightening

A news story from Sweden today tells us that one of the southern communes have decided to allow females being topless in public bathhouses. As usual I get chocked to hear news like this. It is horrifying how low peoples and public officials morality really is. I don’t care if you are Christian, Muslim, young, old, man or female; everyone should stand up and denounce these kinds of horrific idiocies. Have some ethics, please. I hope at least some of you out there are as appalled as I am and consequently that you - just like me - cannot believe there is still such an immoral thing as a “public bathhouse”.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The fascism continues to grow

As I have predicted in earlier blog posts it is not only ”illegal” to build a marketplace on the Internet, it is of course also illegal to link to those or similar ones with “illegal” activities. In Sweden a man is now being charge with having links on his site to another site providing free showing of a couple of hockey games.

This is nothing out of the ordinary and it’s the logical consequence of the laws and verdicts that we have seen recently. This is also the next step towards controlling the Internet, something I also have mentioned several times. So nothing about this happening should surprise anyone, still it seems to do. Why? Have you morons still not figured it out? This is how the government and the enemy elite always works, always have and always will. They find a “flaw” or some “injustice” that everyone can agree upon. It can be something like saving the poor with tax-money which means those in charge win votes and the voters can sleep better at night knowing that higher taxes on the poor saves poor people. Or it can be stopping child molesters that makes the populace inclined to agree with those in power; again the elite wins votes and people can feel safer letting their child play outside since the government have hired 2 new investigators. It never stops though; there are still poor people hence higher taxes needed. There are still pedophiles out there so 1 more investigator is needed. And so on and so on. The same applies to the Internet; first comes one law said to protect us from terrorists, pedophiles (always popular), than comes another one since the first one wasn’t fully covering, then a third and so on. All the way more people employed by the government is needed to monitor the system and check that everything is okay. This same scenario is now unfolding in regards to Internet surveillance and what we can and cannot do online. Despite what some pirates might claim a vast majority of the Swedish populace do agree with the government that the Internet need to be monitored or - in one way or the other - be under control. It can be regarding porn or that youngsters can get hold of drugs (which never happened before…) or some site teaching citizens how to make bombs - so if you really pressure people they will agree that more laws and more surveillance is needed. Of course they will never understand that those laws already exist or that those abnormalities are not what the net is about. People are stupid.

But there is a line and right now the line might very well go just here, trying to throw a man in jail for having a couple of links on his site is not really something even those idiots out there will think is okay. This of course means that the man will be either acquitted or just get a minor slap on the wrist. In the next step however the power elite will find something that will convince more people and then another trial and then a real sentence. This is how those in power, the government and those in charge grow their influence. Always have and always will.

In the short run these governmental mistakes will benefits the pirate party but in the long run that will not really matter. But it is a good thing having pirates in the European Parliament and soon in the Swedish equivalent and this during the worst economic depression ever hit the human race. Because when those riots hits the streets and the world is in turmoil the politicians will look to control more and more and a some people actually thinking in higher position is a good idea.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Have you seen this?

People all over the world are reacting almost instantaneous changing their twitter status to confuse Iranian officials. Citizens demonstrating and coming together regardless of religion in support of those brave heroes in Iran defying the regime. Without any real leadership or binding force thousands upon thousands are changing their “hometown” to Teheran on Facebook (if you haven’t; do it now!). Movies, pictures and information flowing across the globe at a speed no journalist can match. This is what those politicians supporting ACTA and IPRED want to stop! They know Internet is a force of freedom of the likes no one has ever seen before and this is why they want laws and regulations to hinder the free information flow. Have you got that yet?

The professional dramatic society’s latest production on the road towards controlling the populace is aimed specifically at this; to hinder twitter, online communities and bloggers from writing and saying those unpopular phrases and truths that the enemy elite does not want normal people to know or hear. Have you noticed that yet? Take a trip out on the Internet and really watch, learn and take notes because the freest bastion for people ever created is showing how it can be used and why those you vote for wants’ to monitor it.

I suspect that the Iranian insurgence will be put down with more force and since the people do not have weapons – courtesy of the government – they will need to gather more people to show that enough is enough which will be hard to do. Ever wondered why politicians and those in charge do not want citizens owning guns?

Regardless of the outcome; once again we have been shown why officials everywhere do not want people to communicate freely. And to those of you out there still thinking that the Pirate Party and Piratebay is all about stealing movies; have you really seen what is going on? Have you seen this?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iranians are fighting with Internet as a weapon

A couple of my closest friends are from Iran and to some extent this makes the conflict going on in their birth nation a bit closer to home. Also as a history buff I really love the area and hope I can visit and travel around in the future looking at fantastic sites like Persepolis and the Bam Citadel. Of course I also feel appalled and I'm sending thoughts in support of the dying, tortured and imprisoned people now fighting against the horrible regime. But besides that what I want you all to remember about this – regardless of the outcome - is how the Iranian dictatorship has shown how important it is for those in charge to control the Internet. Just as pretty much every totalitarian regime before they are doing everything they can to control the news flow and today – to the horror of politicians everywhere – news comes faster, better and more unbiased over the internet than in the old media. Journalists in general also loath this fact since their jobs becomes close to redundant. To those two groups we ad big business and those shadowy supporting troops surrounding them and we have a constellation of what I usually call: “The enemy class”.

So when the Iranian are fighting they are not only fighting for their lives and democratic rights, they are also showing us a future with ACTA, IPRED, FRA and other stupidities that exists to control the Internet. Journalists can be bought, bribed or frighten to silence, but Internet lives its own life with billions of users making it the most vibrant and free place ever existed in the human world. Internet is about information, free for all, why do you think politicians everywhere wants to regulate, control and monitor it?

To further enhance my point I refer to an earlier post this year and please also check out the other two related postings.

Saturday, May 2, 2009
The third biggest fear of the enemy class
Out of everything I have written and ever will write on this blog, this is probably the most important. I hope you understand this and I really hope you understand the ramifications of it. Part II. Read Part I here.

He who controls the flow of information also controls the world - this I do believe most of you out there understand. Still most of you sit quite and say nothing when the flow of information get tightened more and more with restrictions and regulations being imposed on a daily basis. And those that are supposed to monitor the power elite, journalists, does hardly nothing. I promise you all that there are lots of fun stories to be found if you just search for it. An old lady being stalked by the secret police for writing “Hitler” in an email or some poor smuck being black-listed for reading about bombs online and without knowing it hardly ever getting a job again. Things like this have already happened or are happening right now. Promise. How can I be sure without having proof? Because this is how the government and its thugs “works”. Not only are “mistakes” like the ones mentioned going to happen, sometimes they will be intentional because agencies and the surveillance system needs to show results. If they cannot find any terrorists, they need to show they are putting the money to good use so they don’t get less founding the next year. As I have written before, this is one of biggest absurdities of our entire system. A governmental entity needs to show it is doing something, show results and it needs justification towards other entities and the best way to do this is to waste money.

IPRED; ACTA and FRA and other laws to control information is just the start, no person in their right mind will believe anything else. Firstly “mistakes” will happen, those need to be “corrected” hence not only correcting within the governmental entities doing the prodding and monitoring, the laws also needs readjusting. Secondly technology evolves therefore new laws will be required. Thirdly the economical crisis will continue, maybe even worsen or an terrorist attack will happen and from that we "need" harder punishments and more laws to “protect us” and so on. And lastly, and most importantly; He who controls the flow of information also controls the world.

This is what’s at stake when we are talking about Piratebay, file-sharing, 1984-society or anything else you might read about. It is not about some thief’s trying to watch a movie for free; it is not about catching terrorists or finding child-molesters. It is about control. No matter how anyone tries to explain it, no matter how many lawyers or entertainment executives say’s anything different, it is about control. Think about the latest swine flu or any other news with potential to be “scary”. If you cannot visit certain sites, if all information that comes is from government, how will you ever find out the truth? And even if you still do, do you have the guts to write it? You domain might be closed down, a sudden new law might make you liable for slander, or just the fact that agencies might be reading and visiting you might be enough to keep you quite. There are already voices being heard that want to outlaw certain bloggers and/or certain opionions online. Do you really think those voices are the last ones?

Even if you think all this sounds like I’m one of those believing a giant hedgehog is stalking me, imagine all the laws and all these new/enhanced agencies and then imagine a economic depression with all the political turmoil that comes with it or that some well-spoken totalitarian gains control at the parliament. And then imagine all this surveillance in those hands and situations.

The third biggest fear of the enemy class is that people thinks for themselves, that you, all of us, have access to free information faster than the propaganda can tell it’s version. And this is a justified fear because informed and well educated people are far less inclined to believe in what journalists or governments tell them. Don’t let them take this away from us. And to you journalists out there, start digging, use your mandate and go do your job, you will find fun stuff, promise.

People’s stupidity

With a quick look through Swedish newspapers today I stumbled upon several indications of how human brain activity is rapidly shrinking. Even if putting aside war, rebellion, famine and other fun things you can still find tons of hilarious stupidities. For instance in Germany the government has decided to ban people below the age of 18 from using tanning beds. Useless Swedes voting in a poll in one of the biggest newspaper agree with this travesty. 87% of the voters think the same law should be applied in Sweden. So let’s think for a moment and contemplate the existents of the sun and ask ourselves: why is it legal for 12y olds visiting the beach? How come 15y olds can be outside? People even drag their babies out in sunlight - is this supposed to be regarded as murder now? And even if this is not as dangerous (which it of course is) as dropping into the solarium now and again, why the age of 18? According to my findings the body keeps growing until around the age of 25, shouldn’t that be the limit? And are 18y olds really that more prone to get cancer than 19y olds? And finally, how is this going to be monitored? Should bathhouses, solariums and gym’s start demanding ID from everyone entering their facilities? And if they don’t, what will it lead to? Do they need to close down? And are law enforcement people going to handle this? Because the police force aren’t occupied enough with murderers and rapists? Or do we need another government agency - costing a nice little bundle of tax money - doing checks and running around being tanning police?

And apparently one of the few Swedish TV-channels are doing a reality show about some slightly criminal youths getting to visit a real prison testing the life so to say. Stealing this idea from UK I do believe they have missed a couple interesting facts. Firstly, imprisonment time in the UK is a bit longer and the prisons are kind of like prisons. In Sweden however a rapist get sentenced to around 2 years but is generally released before the full sentence. During the “sentence” the offender have mandatory “breaks” now and again over a weekend or so when the rapist can leave his cell and walk around freely for a couple of days. Secondly Swedish inmates get very good food (much better than in schools), they have TV, games and even Internet. I’m sure it is hard being controlled and looked up most of a year or two but can you really call that a punishment? Lastly, and most importantly, the criminal world offers big rewards for those that are good at committing crimes. For example, thanks to government laws that yank up the prices; things like prostitution and drugs are big business. And committing crimes like break-ins is very easy and since no property owner actually can defend themselves it’s as easy as sleeping in a tanning bed. Selfprotection has been outlawed and if you catch a thief and manhandle him; the jail time for the victim (not the thief) will be even higher. All in all, why would visiting a Swedish jail be even remotely scary for these “troubled” youngsters? Of course they are going to show one of them crying while complaining over society and a couple of these future criminals will of course publicly repent and maybe even be invited to social gatherings and make it to the celebrity B-list. One or two (probably all of them) will get sexual invites from girls which is one good reason for joining the show.

I also need to mention the WWF scam again. Those freaks continue to have ads in Swedish papers claiming that there are only 3500 tigers left in the world. According to their official (English) website however the number is about twice that amount and reading some rapports online it might be as many as three times that number. I wonder how many is falling for this scam and sending away money to this horrifying organization in order to save an animal that attacks and kill humans. I bet there are a lot of idiots doing this, probably the same brainless people wanting to outlaw tanning beds and even more probable it is the same people “thinking” that sending youth’s to a Swedish jail in order to scare them is a good idea. Yapp, you are all idiots.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mexican government murdering citizen's

The war against personal choice continues in Mexico. Government’s armed thugs are keeping up the murderess rampage against “drug cartels”. Drug cartels the government has created in the first place. Journalists are talking about 3000 dead in this war but of course the numbers are much higher than this. Just the number of deaths from overdoses and bad drugs means we can add another couple of thousands to this pile of governmental murdered citizens. The answer is to legalize people’s personal choice and let people be free to decide over their own bodies. The enemy class however has no interest in this. Instead they like the fear and like to tax in order to stop problem they themselves have created. Nothing fills the black hearts of elected bandits with more joy than to let loose goon squads on the populace under the premise of “good deeds”. Plus with those actions comes the power to control what people eat, drink, inject or snort.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The raping of America

President and destroyer Barack Obama continues on his road to obliterate everything that made America great. It isn’t enough annihilating what is left of the economy, appointing Tzars to control citizens while his mad government is socializing banks and corporations, no, now he goes after the financial market. In true socialist fashion more regulations and more restrictions are going to be created to stop “a culture of irresponsibility”. Of course this scumbag don’t mentioning anything about the government restrictions, the governmental banks and the utter madness of printing and borrowing shit loads of money that created the crisis.

I do not know why Americans even keep the constitution anymore, it is totally pointless.

And that this left wing maniac refuses to take a stand on the Iran issue is no surprise.

No wonder FEMA is stacking up millions of coffins and Obama youth camps keeps growing. This is going to end so badly and be so horrifying that it boggles even my imagination.

Good bye US and say hello to socialism and civil war.

Don’t stop the signal!

Within the borders of one of this planet most oppressive regimes where pretty much everything is run by the power elite, people are demonstrating their frustration and anger despite risking imprisonment, torture and death. Earlier this year we saw similar things in Moldova. Even in China smaller rebellion ignites now and then but in western countries we have became so lazy and comfortable and most people don’t even seem to care when liberties are taken away.

I do not care about Mir Hossein Mousavi that seems to be as bad as the tiny smurf Ahmadinejad, but the Iranian people are reacting to what seemingly is a large injustice. Why don’t we do the same? The only ones taking to the street in Europe and America are unions and socialists wanting more of the same oppression while the silent majority sits at home worrying if they can download porn without getting fines. The enemy class - that created the current recession - keep making things worse and imposing restrictions and laws that are destroying the last remaining foundation of democracy and the people does nothing. When deficits keep growing out of control and the printing presses are creating even more problems, you, the idiots, keep munching away at that “free” buffet of social welfare you have become so attached to. All across the world governments urge people to spend money on things they in reality cannot afford with money that do not exist. When did we become so indolent that we stopped caring about freedom and democracy?

In the western world - a couple of hundred years ago - we learned what creates prosperity and makes people free. An entire nation was formed under those premises; the United States. But somewhere along the way we forgot what the founding fathers of America and other movements around the globe actually fought and died for. Even while fighting National Socialism and communism the very foundations grumbled. Now and again a regime or a leader pulled the brakes but inevitably we keep going for that cliff. Taxes keep growing, laws and restrictions are pilling up, big governments increasing their power even into our bedrooms. Hand in hand; big business, journalists, governments and all their support troops have created a situation where everything from birth until death is under bureaucratic scrutiny. And we have done nothing to stop it. On the contrary, people vote for more of the same stupidities.

The enemy class is spreading this fascist cancer by outlawing, banning or imposed control on the last free bastion; the Internet. Under the disguise of protecting people from terrorists and child pornography law-abiding citizens are being monitored, recorded and jailed for using the right of free expression. And if anyone still questions why Internet is so important and why government's never should be able to prohibit it; look at what the Iranian regime does the outmost to have power over. What is the Chinese government trying to completely control? For the same reason, although more subtle, the western governments are trying to do the same. It is no coincident that anonym’s bloggers get “outed” by mainstream media; it’s no coincident that the corporate elite and politicians wants to tell you what is correct about information. It is not about your wellbeing, it is all about control. Within seconds a story can reach billions of homes through cables and wires outside the confinement of the old media and out of control of elected thugs in suits. Of course those in charge want to stop and control this nuisance. Why does anyone believe anything else?

The Piratebay, several bloggers and in-house Iranian opposition is spreading news, pictures and movies from inside the totalitarian Iranian state at a speed and in a non censorship way that no journalist or bureaucrat can. How long do you think this will last? ACTA, IPRED and all the rest of the tumors spreading throughout the body of freedom is only the start. They are already talking about enhancing and expanding those first laws since technology and certain pesky “old laws” are in the way. They will not stop with banning porn, stopping you from downloading information or hindering us from exchanging software. The only answer, the only means of action and the only way governments knows how to solve a “problem” is with more regulations and more restrictions.

We have given away most of our freedom and the word ‘democracy’ has become a positive attribute only attached to the name of political parties. Soon, when the wave of depression grows, those last standing pillars of freedom will be torn down. Before this happens government’s wants control over all free media. Don’t let them! Start a revolution, send viruses into every government computer, don’t vote for those as-holes again and stand up against the enemy class. Never let them stop the signal, in fact, don’t even let them try.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A decent sized penis please

Went out shopping the other day but the main reason for this spending spree eluded me all day. First stop Tesco supermarket where I found the shelf with condoms and lubrications straight away but the packages refused to give away any sizes so I turned towards a female employee. She was kind of heavy build and about my age but giggled like an 11y school girl when I asked for her advice in this regard. Mumbling something she stampeded away and came back with an older fattier fish-and-chips woman whom, after telling me basic knowledge like “some are ribbed” and my favorite line of the day: “some are even flavored”, asked me to try the pharmacy. Of course! I should have thought of that straight away.

So I left the two hoved ones and went next door to the pharmacy. Again the same thing; no sizes and a very meager selection. “Can I help you sir?” a voice asked behind me. I turned around not being surprised seeing a dark skinned man of Indian origin since the voice gave it away. I told him I was looking for condoms of the slightly larger variety. The pharmacist told me about the same thing as the small herd at Tesco but also added: “one size fits all”. This last sentence is just fucking wrong. It is not true for those with smallish penises and it is not true for those with an extra inch or two. Only a person with a normal or slightly under normal size wiener will ever utter that stupid sentence. While it is true that the “normal” sized condom can be applied to a slightly larger penis with a decent amount of force, time and effort, it is not the sort of exertion needed to keep the boner happy. Besides when it is not a complete fit it can curl up or it breaks easier. This I told the pharmacists that did not really look happy and then I remember a newspaper story about how Indian males apparently have problems with normal condoms because the condoms are too big. I kind of put on a smirk smile at this memory and it was almost as the man in front of me could read my mind because he developed the thousand yard stare and in a condescending tone again told me that “one size fits all”. I was a millisecond from taking out my schloong to show the guy but I stopped myself thinking it might get ugly and ending up at the police station with this problem is not such a good idea. I slowly backed away muttering some excuse.

After this incident I was walking around for a while searching for a sex store and checking the street for potential hookers that should know a thing or two an Indian pharmacists does not. No luck, so I went in to another store in town called island. Again ended up with a female clerk. This one not wearing a bell around her neck and probably only had one stomach. She told me they only had one variety which she showed me. I told her my problem which gave her almost the same look as the Indian guy but with a more subtle glare which I first interpreted as desire. However I soon realized watching her check around and staring at me looking like she was searching for something that she thought she was getting fooled and that I was wearing a camera. I sighed, shock my head and went home adding another thing to my list of what is stupid and ridiculous about living in the UK.

Just so you all know, I do not have a giant trunk in my pants, it is just slightly longer and wider than normal size and I really feel for you guys out there with an real enormous apparatus because if I have these problems, what do not you guys have?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sunday, June 7, 2009

15 men and a half socialist with a Bottle of Rum

Im up at 4am tomorrow for work, but I still think this is a day when I need to get drunk... Cheers!

The “right” is big losers

Seen to Sweden the “conservatives” are the big losers together with the last EU-election surprise Junilistan. Since ‘Junilistan’ stole some right-votes at the last election and since the conservatives have a higher degree of voters to Europe then many others and adding to this fact that they are also the main party in the Swedish government then everything is pointing that the numbers should be higher, but instead they are very very low. I would argue this is the worst election the Moderate party (“conservatives”) ever have done during my lifetime. Worse than 2002? Yes, if you compare what went on back then with a horrible Party leader and several scandals I would argue this is the case. And no, I have not forgotten the communists, they also made a horrible election but in their case it is more of back to normal.

In one year and a couple of months there is an election in Sweden and from these resultants we can draw some conclusions. First of all the economic crisis will continue and get worse, around the time for Sweden’s next election we will be in the middle of a depression. This will rearrange the political map of Sweden. Of course the pirates will have a much harder time getting into the Swedish parliament, but they might very well make it. We can also say - without a doubt - that the Swedish Democrats (SD), the left-wing semi-racist party, also will take places in the parliament next year. The Moderates will probably end up at the same result as back in 2002. I also predict that the positive trend for the Environmentalist party (The greens) will keep going, but I do not think the communist-tree hugger alliance will win a majority unless one or two of the center parties will lose all their seats. This will lead to uncertainty and week governments and this during a time when everything goes to hell. My birth nation goes towards a very interesting future…

The charade is over

You did not believe me or these guys when we warned years ago, you did not listen when the recession hit us and you are not listening today. If you never do, this will never end. It cannot end. While 98+% of the cornflake economists are saying the recession is over, things are going from really bad to horrific. While almost every politician is saying the crisis is halting, unemployment keeps going up and more bubbles are being created. While journalist stooges are writing crap about upturns and lights in the tunnel, trade keep falling and inflationary money keeps pouring into the system. While bankers and central banks are telling all of us to keep spending money we do not have, defaulting is increasing despite us having close to 0% interest rates! Can’t you see the writing on the wall? What does it take to get your synapses working?

Here are some people trying to tell you what is happening in America. The depression cannot be stopped anymore; it will hit us, but how severe and for how many years is decided by you, the people. When you realize who is at fault, what to do about it and you stop listening to the enemy class we can start turning things around. As it looks now we are so screwed that the “great depression” will seem like a dance to soft music.


Trillions of dollars have been printed, so far not really effected prices and interest rates, it takes a while, what do you think will be when that happens?

The Great Depression Again

Manufacturing is only about 7% of the US Economy... What do that tell you?

If you want to know what is going to happen in the near future, you only need to open up a history book and learn what the consequenses was the last time around, but bear in mind, this time the situation is worse...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vote Pirate! – because the power elite don’t want ya to

Today a clear minority will decide who to send to the Mecca of bureaucracy. And just like the city of Mecca - or any other stupidity in religion(s) - the European parliament is a heaven, a nirvana for those within the power elite. Not only can they earn a lot of money and fraternize with other bandits from all over Europe, they also get more power. But this power that constituents are highly suspicious of needs to be reaffirmed. The power elite need a clear signal to use it. In order to wield their power hungry tentacles and decide things way over our heads a green light is needed.

Most of these elitists and their cronies will tell you they have automatic power since people - some of them at least - have once (or several times until they got it “right”) voted for being members hence already approved every little piece of legislation and madness MEP’s can conjure up. But deep within their black hearts they still know that even passive pussies like us Swedes will rebel if they take it too far so they need confirmation and the way to get this confirmation is to get you to vote. This is why it is so important for those in power and for those wanting power to have you go through the pointless exercise with ballots. This is why the entire band of blatant liars looking for supremacy need a “go ahead”. Without it they will still use their authority but with some carefulness while they use spineless journalists and bought chimpanzees to overhaul citizens with contradictory phrases like “he who do not vote, should not complain” in a scheme to increase our collective shame over not voting. “It do not matter who you vote for, just vote” is another nutty phrase designed to get you to reaffirm that those in charge can control, monitor and destroy your life as they please.

This mendacity behind authorities is nothing new, but at least our national parliaments are closer to home, we know them, we might even live next door to them, we know who to blame. The European parliament however is a fantastic maze of intrigues that get even the plotting elite confused.

Don’t do it! Do not give them the verification they so desperately need and want. Stay at home, watch TV or eat a pizza. Those in power need you to voluntary give them your life and money. If you don’t confirm this power and the elitists “right” to rule you maybe you - strangely enough -want to keep making your own decisions and that is not doable. The entire structure from brainless journalists to the highest governmental authorities needs the voting as a drug addict needs the fix; they cannot properly function without it.

If you despite my ramblings really need to put that note in the box, at least do it with some thought.

This and the coming generation of citizen are in serious trouble, not only from a looming depression and maddening elitists, but also from the increasing totalitarianism of the surveillance state. This pure fascism is meant to control everything in our lives. In Sweden this is only opposed by one political party, the Pirates. No matter what the others tell you, they are in cahoots and have no problem whatsoever imposing more restrictions, more law and more control over the internet and your life. I do not vote, I refuse to comply with a sick system, but the Pirate Party is scaring the shit out the power elite because Pirates (as the name implies) ignore the basic rules of the game.

So if you gonna vote – vote Pirate! Because the power elite don’t want you to.

National pride… or something…

Apparently today is Sweden’s national day and I am taking notes on my I-do-not-give-a-fuck pad. Why does anyone care about one certain day out of 365 that apparently have some kind of significance to a particular country? In Sweden this day is “celebrated” to commemorate a dictator climbing to power in the 16th century and to remember a day 1809 when a couple of papers were signed said to be some kind of democratic institutional thingies, which they of course aren’t. I have nothing against national pride and I believe that a limited amount of nationalism can be healthy, but why wave flags one day and listen to some fairytale figures that should have been placed on history’s scrapheap a long time ago? Well maybe not as long as HM Prinsessan Madeleine is alive, wow! That woman should be in porn…

I told you so

Again my fantastic ability of predicting the future is evident. In countless entries I have mentioned how politicians in countries all over the world want to ban libertarian and communist bloggers. This is nothing new, but now the first signs of the pure fascist surveillance society is getting into the light. In France a blogger wrote that a MP - Nadine “the liar” Morano - is a liar, which is the truth. The blogger is getting charged for this “crime”... So congratulations to all you totalitarian pro-IPRED and ACTA-loving moronic as-holes, your dreamy pink and fluffy fascism is creeping closer and closer. A couple of pseudo-scientist and “thinkers” is saying that the same thing can happen in other countries and those citizen using their brain are going; duh!

Living in the UK I normally don’t complain too much about the Labour government and the fatty in charge of that crazy apparatus, mostly because I’m a guest in this country. Sweden and her politicians I can trash all the time, but let’s make this easy and very simple: Every politician is lying! They kill people every day, not always intentionally, but does it matter? Every single one of them from the fascist Obama to the Iranian smurf Ahmadinejad, from the tiny wee Putin to the current socialist government in Sweden, they are all evil and do things on a daily basis that normal people would go to jail for. They steal, cheat, kill, rob, lie, scheme and plot to gain power and to stay in power, this goes for all of them, no matter what color or side of politics.


On a related note someone have change the name of the bugger in charge of the anti-piracy stupidity. Apparently someone went to the Swedish IRS and changed his forename to “Pirate”. I think this is very funny and kudos to whoever is responsible. The new name is consequently: Pirate Pontén.
Come on, keep the name, makes you sound much much cooler...

Cornflake-economist does it again

The crisis and some stupid Baltic States might make interest rates go up in Sweden? No way… And a couple of mainstream cornflake-economists in Swedish are today saying that sometimes interest rate goes up! Wow… really?

I wonder how many of you chimps out there followed my advice and avoided taking a first or another loan in order to buy things you cannot afford? Since prices have gone up a lot on real-estate and the spending on everyday gods haven’t really gone down during the crisis, I’m guessing there is a lot of you now sitting with new huge mortgages and loans wondering where all the money went. And when the interest rates goes up - I’m not talking minuscule 1-2% no it will go way higher - how will you fools repay your debts? If you did as I have suggested since long before this crisis started and saved your money or put in something safe like in Gold you are still okay, but you haven’t, have you?

The inflationary house prices in Sweden together with all those loans, the governments increasing debt-policy and the continuation of the recession is a small disaster, ad to this the unemployment plus the still dropping trade numbers and my home country is in some serious dodo. When the depression hits the world with full force during the coming years Sweden will be among the biggest losers despite doing quite well at the moment. The inflexibility of the Swedish labor- and financial markets will make things even worse but the unwillingness of doing what is correct will lead straight to the abyss. Not even the center-“right” government is doing the proper thing; they are instead increasing debts, encouraging borrowing/spending in addition to not doing a damn thing about all those stupid laws that is hindering peoples freedom.

If you really were so stupid that you went out and borrowed a lot during todays fictive 0% interest rates and even more foolishly spent it on real-estate, you are an idiot and should pay the consequences of this, but the rest of the country will fall because of this. When all you chimps cannot afford to repay and the defaulting reaching certain levels during the worst crisis in human history, it will be horrifyingly bad. Families forced out in the cold, beggars everywhere, riots in the streets, alcoholism skyrocketing and so forth. You think I’m exaggeration don’t you? Yeah, keep scratching that belly of yours and ignore those that have been correct about everything so far and keep listen to the enemy class, let’s see who is right in the end.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why we are screwed for a long long time

This is a good explanation by dr joern berninger why this crisis cannot end as it looks now.

And a creative little thingy telling some of the truth.

China continues to show the way

The dictatorship in China have decided to once again show their counterparts in Europe and North America how it is done. In the same spirit as ACTA and IPRED the Chinese is starting to block certain sites, which is the next logical step. And we are not talking childporn or making bombs, no we are talking Facebook, twitter and so on. Of course the western governments soon will follow, probably starting with banning blogs like this one and other regime critical sites, but someone will of course find child pornography on Facebook and than the debate is off. Some journalist with the IQ equivalent of his shoe size will figure out that there are pedophiles using twitter. A feminist group will find “offensive” material on fashion-sites, some environmentalists will start screaming about coats being sold online, unions will complain over recruitment companies using the internet to find cheap labor, some radical political group (left, right or both) will have their site/sites blocked or banned, the evening news - journalists with the combined IQ of one overcooked shrimp - will start reporting how easy it is to find out how to make bombs, turkey-dinner and LSD online. And so on and so on. Many of above mentioned have already happened or are happening right now; many others will soon come to be. With secret police, supercomputers and different interest-groups roaming the net more laws and more restrictions will be sure to follow. As the technology develops, so will the law, further enhancing the fascist wet-dream. And when the current recession goes over to the worst depression ever known with massive demonstrations, civil-unrest and so on, what do you think will happen at that time? China is just showing us the future, the light-version of it; the future will of course be much much worse.

Pirate = fascist ?

I’m not sure if this is accurate, but according to an interview and the bias journalists at Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), Amelia Andersdotter, number 2 (pun intended) at the Pirate party list to the European Parliament is saying she will donate large sum of her potential MEP salary to Ordfront (a semi-fascist publishing agency), to Amnesty (nowadays a safe heaven for communistic propaganda) and to the oh so lovely organisation Attac, you know, the people who loves to spread poverty and hates things like freedom of choice. Pretty much the same conglomerate of enemies the Piratebay and the Pirate Party claims to be against. This is not really surprising and if lazy journalists dig some more they probably find a lot of other anti-democratic forces within the Pirate’s mists. This is why I do vote for them. You cannot vote for a potential fascist movement in order to fight fascism, that is just stupid. Well, to be fair, I do not vote at all, but still, you get the idea.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The enemy class consolidating its power

As predicted GM is now more or less completely in the dirty paws of the state. Instead of letting this dinosaur die and be chopped up by the voluntary forces of the market, the elite in Washington does what the enemy class always does; consolidate power. In doing so wasting billions of the taxpayer’s money and adding to the depressional tsunami.

While FEMA is stacking up millions of caskets all around America and Obama is building his 275 000+ strong “voluntary youth core” at camps across the US the economy keeps getting worse. Of course cornflake economists are saying the worst is over and politician’s eager to get re-elected are hitting their chests claiming the recession is loosing momentum. Journalists, brainless as they all are, never checking the facts. The stock-markets seemingly are recuperating but at the same time the inflational money spill is slowly pouring out and together with fictive interest rates this keeps people spending money they do not have. False numbers are being spread by the enemy class to keep the charade going for a while longer and moronic lefties everywhere are calling for further stimulus.

I’m just waiting for that final spark. Most people that know what’s going on believe the dollar collapsing will get things going, but that will not occur soon and will probably only happen if other countries let it. Instead my money is on several lending and borrowing markets closely linked to the way overvalued stock-markets. But it might actually be enough just letting things roll along since things are still going down; companies are still loosing money and going bankrupt. Sure, as the cornflake economist are saying, the recession have “lost” momentum according to GDP, but things are still falling and the enemy class cannot hide the true figures behind GDP for very long. As I have told you before, GDP can go up, growing and showing great numbers but people can still get poorer. This very few persons understands, least of all economists.

I hope you all remember my earlier plea about the future and mark every spot where you have encountered one of these cornflake-mainstream-economist-Keynesian-as-holes. We cannot let them dangle for to long; the smell just get annoying, so please mark the spot letting all know where to stop for a piss.

Forced marriages to state and mate

There might soon be a Swedish law banning forced marriages… Apparently not having such a law today…

To bad there is no law for divorcing the state...