Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thinking people actually exist in Sweden?

I read a couple of articles in a big Swedish newspaper about General Motors appending bankruptcy and the potential future for the former Swedish company of SAAB. The news about GM is no real revelation, everyone with some knowledge in economy that has kept up with what’s going on, has known about both the problems and what that company probably will do.

SAAB’s future is a bit more insecure. Many politicians and the workers would like to see that the Swedish government borrows some billions to save the company. This is neither a big surprise, people losing jobs and politicians, opportunistic like they all are, always are looking for the “easy” and governmental solution. What I reacted on was two things: first the current government leaders have not yet issued their response, seemingly hesitant to “save” SAAB. Probably this is just a short thinking pause; I would be very amazed if they did not throw money at this company. But still, maybe they actually are going to do the right thing? The second thing that really astounded me was the poll that this newspaper has in addition to the article on Internet. A majority have actually voted “no” to the question whether the government should support SAAB with borrowed money. I cannot believe it. Are there actually thinking and non brainless people in Sweden? And that many? Maybe we shouldn’t make something out of a poll done on Internet on one newspaper, but I actually feel a bit hopeful. There might be some people that are thinking out there, or could another explanation be found?

Venezuela and the immorality of voting

Hugo Chavez is living every politician’s wet dream. He has expropriated factories and companies and did so by letting people vote about it. The Venezuelan people didn’t really care; it was other peoples companies and factories, so they voted yes to this massive robbing. Then Chavez nationalized mass media, so what the people said, it wasn’t their problem. The Supreme Court and the parliament also ended up under Chavez control and the people shrugged, they were getting food packages and free healthcare so very few actually cared about this, voting yes to the president again. But then he got a little bit too ambitious and wanted to reform the constitution a little bit too much in one go and people actually voted no. Now he has learned from this and instead taking it one step at the time. Using billions of stolen dollars to educate, inform and indoctrinate people he now wants to change the law so he can get reelected indefinitely. While his followers getting more and more lethal against the opposition and every voice spoken out gets thrown out of the country, jailed or even murdered. Welcome to the wonderful world of voting! Give the majority of people some food and handouts and they will continue to vote for you. This is no real news, everyone from the Roman Emperors until today’s social democrats have used this little net trick. Steal some people’s money, use the natural resources and use tax money to give them to the poor (or rather the majority) to keep them happy and dependent on their government. As long as you can keep giving them free stuff, they vote for you and support you no matter what you do.

There is no reason not to believe that Hugo Chavez will win the next referendum, which will mean he becomes almost all powerful. A few things left. Some schools, a couple of pesky students and some liberal forces here and there. Oh, I’m jiggy with excitement. I’m wondering if he will follow Stalin’s example with death camps or if he will force people to do things that will kill them like Pol Pot? Will he start wars with his neighbors’ like Hitler or will he be satisfied to terrorize his own people like Idi Amin? Well, whatever his course he will get the full support from European left wing media, most politicians who will direct or in secret rote for him. I’m just hoping that more countries follow and do the same thing, with the help of people voting anything can be justified. And when the death and mayhem really start, who are supposed to complain? The people voted for it. Those who could have done something to stop it have either fled or got killed. The few in opposition that are left will not dare to speak out because then they will get shot, jailed and/or tortured. I’m really thankful for Chavez, he is great. Showing us all what voting really is; an immoral cannibalism of human rights. Not that anyone of all the idiots in this world will care or figure this fact out, nope, that won’t happen. Chavez socialism will more likely get followers and be seen as a great way to deceit people.


HEAT? What the f? This is completely ridiculous. The Swedish people have once more shown us that democracy does not work. And then the two best songs got to compete against each other and one got "knocked out". I’m just sad about this travesty. If HEAT wins the final I will never watch this shit again.

You are going to die! Part X

Did you know that among the worse things in our life’s and one of the things that kills most people are water? Water kills a lot of people world over. Boats goes down in water, people go swimming and drown. And if you drink more than 7 liters of water in one go you will die. And do I even need to mention all the sharks, worms, snakes, Crocodiles and other things that live in water? The human body also contains about 70% of water and how do we treat each others? Water is also one of the main causes of death and accidents in the worst place there is, our own homes. People slip in the shower. Electrical appliances that normally only might hurt us, will kill in the present of water. Water kills more people then all drugs combined, several times over. The substance is also containing some horrible things like hydrogen and oxygen. These things, as we all know, are a deadly combination creating not only deadly toxins like alcohol, but are also the main cause of manmade global warming!

If a government really wants to save us and if we really are going to minimize death among humans, we should outlaw water! Or at least put a high tax on it, making it really expensive. This last suggestion might also bring in some more revenues to the government so they can keep ruining our lives.

By my examination of numbers, taking from the Internet, about 150 000 lives might be saved each year if you banned or at least taxed water. Why don’t we? And don’t give me that crap about the human body and that we need a fluid, that’s just a smokescreen for alcoholics needing water for making vodka. This is also one of the few remaining things that are not taxed (at least not direct) so it might make a good extra income to our loving and caring politicians. Oh… I hope those in charge don’t read this… Giving them these ideas… oh my…

A bra is worse than starvation

A store in Sweden have sold a top that are supposed to be to 8y olds. This has got a lot of people aroused and most people think this is terrible. Me, I’m wondering what the problem is. It was supposed to sell as a top, not as a bra, as people claims. And even if, if it was supposed to be a bra to 8y old girls, as Swedish journalists claim, what’s the problem? Some girls might need bras at that age and even if they don’t, couldn’t parents just overlook or don’t buy it? Is the very present of this thing something that causes teenage pregnancies and pedophilia? In a world with wars, starvation, people getting murdered and governments all over monitoring everything we do, this is what gets people upset? And this mother, how come she even thinks that her daughter will be paraded in a bra? Don’t let her take her cloths of! People are stupid, idiotic and really wronged focused. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it!!

Cecilia Vennersten again

This cannot not be posted enough. At the Swedish tryouts to the Eurovision song contest 1995 this song happened to end up at 2nd place. My disillusion with the human race might actually have been confirmed and strengthen that night, why didn’t it win!? This song is among the greatest. Although in Swedish you can feel the power of the song even if you are Chinese or whatever. Cecilia is singing about the most beautiful moment; with the one you love beside you, waking up a morning with the fog going away and the new day arrives. Listen and enjoy. I will now start to prepare for this year’s tryouts by doing what I do best, drink a lot.

The song is called: “Det vackraste” which means= the most beautiful

Why Sweden sucks II

As all the ones with some kind of knowledge in democracy and human rights know by now, as of the 1 January, Sweden is no longer a democracy. If this country ever were that before this date. Now days it’s legal for the Swedish government to monitor, surveillance and even trial people through and because of their internet actions. Every Email, everything people do on Facebook and every phone conversation is being recorded and read by computers and government officials. While it is true that this has been done before to some extent, now it is “legal” and everything you do is the governments to read, save and act upon. Although it is a secret what they are searching for and what words might attract their attention, there is no reason to believe that:

Hitler; bomb; Al Quida; Kill; Nuke the parliament; Prime minister; Idiots; Chemical attack; murder; drugs; Jail; Hate; Jews; conspiracy; smuggle; Mein Kampf; slaughter; politicians; bomb; nigger (and so on)

Will be searched for. Which means that if you read this you are most likely being tracked and monitored by the Swedish government. Oh, you might not think this is too bad if you are an American or whatnot, but here is the first catch; they share this information! Is this not fun? I mean here you read some blog on the Internet and you might be suspected of terrorism. Fun fun fun.

And you might also think this is not to bad for you. Most countries seam to make these stupid laws, but here is the next catch; this “law” is both against the Swedish law as it is and there is no open policy what’s so ever. Nothing about this is supposed to leak out or be read by others then politicians and their secret agencies. But if you read catch 1 again…

And the third catch is also entertaining: All agencies leak information and the information is gathered at a computer bank that many hundreds of people have access to. And much information over the internet goes through several countries and Sweden is one of the main gothroughable countries in this regard. So if you are having an operation in South Africa, there are lots of Swedish people that know about it. Oh, this is great!

But the most entertainment thing about this is that it’s supposed to be in order to catch criminals and mafia organizations in the act. This is the reason for this law and despotism. But how many drug smugglers or terrorists are going to use email through Sweden openly? It’s so stupid, but it’s true. Apparently the Swedish government thinks they are going to catch people doing criminal acts through this law, well at least that are what they are saying.

If ever was a reason to start knocking off politicians and rebel, this is it. Never before in history have a Swedish government made a decision like this one. There is no comparison what so ever. So what do people do? They blog about it, they complain over drinks and maybe write an editorial to show their wrath. You stupid damned idiots! Burn down the parliament! Blow up the nearest police station! Shot some officials! Rebel! Kill! Murder! Bomb!

"I am in no regard responsible for anything I write in this blog. I’m a peaceful person who loves all humans and always am on the side of the ones in power. Please don’t jail me…"

One of the expectant movies in my life

I really tried to stay away from Stieg Larssons books. This guy represents pretty much everything I detest in a human and he is dead. But when I finally read his Millennium trilogy I got thrills and I just know I had read a couple of the best books ever written. They are also available in English and other languishes for those who want to have a good reading experience. Now it has been filmed and the first one is soon at the theaters. This is the only thing that makes me sad about leaving Sweden again, but hopefully this and the following ones will be shown in Great Britain too.

The Millennium-series consist of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" (2005, UK release in January, 2008), "The Girl Who Played With Fire", (2006, UK release in January 2009) and "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest"

I’m a criminal

Today, just like yesterday, I broke several traffic laws and had the good judgment to raise my middle finger against a police car. But I also had the time to buy alcohol to a minor (19y old and consequently having the right to vote and join the army, but cannot buy alcohol). In addition to this I just happen to give away some suspect substances and help an old woman crossing the street where we were not supposed to be crossing.

The rest of the day I will spend downloading stuff from Piratebay and drinking some smuggled Vodka while watching the Swedish Eurovision song contest, part II.

Oh, I’m bad to the bones…