Monday, April 5, 2010

The dream that died

Throughout my upbringing during the raving 80’s I had people around telling me how terrible it was to support the US. The capitalist Mecca run by a horrifying conservative actor was the very essence of immorality, corruption and greed, and so obviously I couldn’t wait to move there.

Even back then I just knew that whenever the righteous elite complained over something, whenever Swedish journalists trashed something that lefties also loathed, it just had to be one of the best things ever.

I still feel the same, but not really the same…

You see the thing I love about America isn’t the country, the people, the scenery or the supposed ‘capitalism’. And it is definitely not the reoccurring wars, war crimes and the today looming depression. What I feel in love with and still love is the idea of America, the basic foundation with the bill of rights and the constitution.

Every scrappy looking fella in the world together with outcasts, persecuted religious and political groups, criminals, starving families, the extremely poor, adventurers and ordinary folks all moved to America and they formed what I regard to be the best, the brightest and most fantastic country ever seen on the planet.

Outcompeting and out producing everyone and everything that came before or since and growing exponentially the US was the shining beacon in a world of darkness.

Nothing has frightened and upset statism loving autocrats more than the idea of America. Every king, every emperor, every pharaoh, every totalitarian thug throughout history with delusions of world domination on the backs of the people have turned in their graves from fear.

With minor local experiments aside, US of A was, in the beginning, the closest thing to capitalism and equality we have seen.

Sadly, in today’s United States, hardly anything of that remains. Only remanence. The memory. Soon hardly even that.

Many Americans seem to think they still have capitalism or that they still live in a country were the American dream flourish and that they are still the best and the brightest. To me this is a very strange notion.

US capitalism have encountered many problems and stabs but the first deathblow came 1913 with the Federal Reserve act effectively introducing inflationary policies, mad deficits and a Marxist-style central bank albeit run by a private banking cartel. Next blow came with J Edgar Hoover and his replacement Roosevelt. Not only creating much of the great depression, but worsening it and making the best out of Keynesian lunacy.

During the first couple of decades of the 20th century bill after bill passed further deteriorating what once was the land of the free. Anti-drug laws to stop Negroes from raping white women were one such stupidity. Prohibition, which lead to the rise of the mafia and an unprecedented boozing never seen or heard of before or since, was another.

With the murder of JFK and the undemocratic, yet slightly understandable, anti-communist era and then Vietnam and the abolishment of the Gold Standard yet more stabs was made against the dying corps. Despite a slight upswing in the 1980’s things has really been going to hell since the 70’s.

The Clinton administration helped build the bubble economy and created many of the entities we talk about today such as Franny and Freddie and with the burst of the dot-com bubble the floodgates really opened. Perpetrated by the banking cartels and a hairless warmongering chimp at the white house the last vestiges of civil freedom started to wither away. 9/11 didn’t really help either and pretty much ever since the US economy’s only real ‘growth’ has come from the war industry.

Today the country is a house of cards, only kept afloat by wars (higher GDP), the biggest spending spree in history (on borrowed money), consumption (over 70% of the economy) and the USD which is the world’s reserve currency hence means they can scam both the American public and the rest of us into an ever accelerating debt mountain that is very likely to turn into hyperinflation the coming years.

In today’s America capitalism hardly exists at all. Entrepreneurs and the hard working middle class are still upholding some capitalist ideals, but in actuality the US is closer to Soviet socialism than capitalism. And the Obamination isn’t really making things better...

And the American dream? Sure Americans has made mistakes and done its share of damage to the world before in history, but for a very long time they never lost that dream. Today, that is almost gone too. Still alive under the surface but slowly sinking further and further away.

One after the other the presidents and their followers have together with corporate interests, unions and the politically correct slowly, but surely, deteriorated the former land of the free into the land of the serfs. Turning it into another country among many.

The American founding fathers and the constitution they created cannot be overstated in importance. But today America is turning into (to a large extent there already) the very thing its founding fathers hated, the very thing they fled from and the thing that all those millions upon millions of emigrants fled from: an oppressive socialist/fascist/collectivist (whatever you wanna call it) state built on the notion of printing money and government spending.

Once upon a time I too dreamt of going across the Atlantic to the home of the brave, now I don’t see the point. 15y ago when I started to look around the world for a future home and a first work abroad, the first thing I looked at was USA’s labor market and were within that country I would prefer to live. Today, I don’t even look there. Not at all.

And I am not alone. Mexicans are, for the first time ever, leaving Los Angeles and going back to Mexico despite the escalating civil war that goes on there.

The poor, homeless and huddled masses yearning for free air aren’t really welcome to America’s shores anymore, they could be terrorists.

This is a very short description of course; I’ve not even mentioned false flag attacks, corporatism, imperialistic tendencies or a failing school system. Also I have mainly focused on the badness, there are still good things with the US, it is still one of the best countries on the planet and people still run to it and I rather live there than in Zimbabwe - although the monetary policies of both countries are about the same.

However the dream that was America is probably already gone. And with it so is the great hope for mankind.

But I cannot help feeling some optimism. If it was any other country, regardless of time in history, Geographic’s or people, I would say that this was it, the decaying body would soon gone, forever. America however still has that foundation there… somewhere…

What is needed is a renaissance, a rise from the ashes. Please resurrect soon America, the rest of the world needs you, the real you, not the warmongering slaughtering of Muslim you.

Was 9/11 a staged attack?

I’ve been, once again, going over the evidence and the lack thereof for a possibility that the attack on the US was a staged attack. Whether or not such an alleged false flag attack was committed by banksters, oil companies, Israeli commandoes or by the government itself haven’t been my main concern. What I wanted was to either confirm my earlier firm belief that this was real or to reconsider this conviction.

This is important because almost everything that has happened since, from the fascist control-grid comes to internet to the invasion of Afghanistan, from the patriot act to the execution of Saddam, can be traced back to 9/11.

Especially I wanted to know why incidents like the latest leaked video of American troops committing war crimes and shooting unarmed people trying to help wounded could come to be.

I am inherently suspicious of government and have no problem believing in the existence of false flag attacks. Those have been committed before, also by US governments, so why not again? This makes me ‘partial’ to believe in the conspiracy thought and this is vital to acknowledge since it impacts the end result.

Watching, reading and seeing it all again my initial conclusion still stands, I still do not believe in the conspiracy, but I am slightly less convinced.

There are too many ‘coincidences’, too many faults, too many unanswered questions for anyone to be sure one way or the other. There are experts and arguments on both sides making sense. I would certainly want to see another investigation so in that aspect I agree with the “truthers”. And if a large portion of people believe that, as they do, that is certainly enough to launch another examination of the facts, especially since so many lives are impacted by this event and so many wars and atrocities are committed in its name.

I think this, together with the total disregard for the alternative view and bashing of the so called “truthers” are what actually makes the most compelling evidence for this being a false flag attack. Or, as I think is far more likely, a cover-up to hide government incompetence and certain individuals that should have known better and acted differently.

Was 9/11 a false flag attack? Probably not. Did the government fail? Sure, you bet ya. Did the government or some parts of the government deliberately fail? Maybe. Are they trying to cover up their incompetence? Most likely.

Maybe in 40-50 years with some new books, deathbed confessions and some declassified documents on the table we will know, until then this story will live on...

Murderers!! Thugs!! War Criminals!!

Oh my… this is beyond belief and you should watch this. Watch the whole piece.

I feel sick, horrified. This is a game for these American idiots!!

If you watch all of it you see at least one, possible three war crimes being committed.

Are you still wondering why they want to close down Wikileaks and control internet?

BE WARNED! This is very graphic.

aAAharrg… FUCK!!

Time to buy stocks in the porn industry

Can you spot the robot?

I was reading this post from Anna Raccoon, and although I find her sentiment about the Gorgon and similar masters of our faith to hold some truth and I can see many different applications for this kind of technology, but what immediately strikes my mind is ‘porn’.

The technology to have sex online, I mean ‘real’ sex such as you can ‘feel’ the person on the other side of the screen already exists. Although a bit too expensive for the common man, it is just a matter of time. And whenever these robots are applied with sexual… attributes… in working order they will probably revolutionize the sex industry even more then movies ever did.

Will the time of the prostitute soon be over? And if so, what implications will this have on legislation? Is it still rape if you’re doing it with a robot? If you’d programmed the robot to perform felatio, is that still a crime in Missouri? How about if you make a tiny adolescent-looking robot and have sex with it, should that constitute as rape of a minor or kiddy porn? How about those priest eh? Can they make a robot of a young boy and sadomize him without having to endure, well... nothing from the Vatican?

You know what would be funny? Robot rights activist groups! Claiming that robots should be treated humanely...

But before we get to all that, we’ll probably see a lot of debates over how climate friendly robots are. Is a robot really compatible with the Church of Climatology? Maybe I shouldn’t even be mentioning this connection? Who knows maybe those climate insanoes will advocate that robots should replace humans? It wouldn’t surprise me even the slightest.

And maybe it is a human right to own a robot? It shouldn’t only be for the rich and horny, right?

Whatever your thoughts are I suggest that you soon look over what porn will benefit the most and maybe consider putting some money into it.

The pretend animosity

Something that has been going on for quite a while now is the merger of politicos within and in-between political parties. They are all becoming the same party. The political party. Well, actually this has already happened, maybe not totally, it is still possible to find slim differences, at least in the rhetoric, but in actuality and as in consequence for your vote the disparity is hardly detectable.

This is particularly noticeable whenever something threatens the hegemony of The Political Party. If a threat of alternative emerges that loathes the EU, wants to bring the problems with immigration up on the table or Pirates wanting to stop the Orwellian nightmare from coming true, or if someone says that their Church of Climatology is a fraud, then watch The Political Party go to work. We are back to Neolithic tribalism. Insult one member of a tribe and they all come after you.

As a libertarian I know this tribal thinking very well. A libertarian isn’t only against The Political Party, such a person is often also against any alternative. We don’t only fight fascists, racists, socialists and mainstream pundits; we also fight liberals, conservatives, religious freaks and tree hugging loons. Pretty much everyone on this planet is our adversary, so believe me when I say that I know how the Pirate Parties, the Racist Parties and how any anti-establishment party feels.

In Sweden as well as in the UK there are general elections this year. And in true One Party sentiment the enemies of the people i.e. politicians, brainless journalists, wannabe dictators and fraudulent pranksters of all colors and religions come together before the general election in an effort to sell the idea that they believe in different ideologies, that there’s a difference in who rule us and that there’s hostility among the elite.

Just have a look at the HealthCare debate in the US. The Republicans pretend to be against the Democratic suggestion, seemingly against public healthcare, but they are the ones that created this monster in the first place and they do want public healthcare, only not the Democratic one. The Democratic Party bash the republicans for being against the poor since they want to abolish 'free' public healthcare, which they, as said, don't want to do.

The goal of this trickery is of course to convince us to vote for any of the established political parties and engage ourselves in the theatre.

‘A vote for a third party is a wasted vote’ –is one of the main arguments being heard from foot soldiers of The Political Party. Another popular theme is the bashing of the supposed adversary, something that is eagerly followed by media hence automatically cutting out any alternative view.

The right is of course fighting for the rich and the privileged while eating babies’ in-between collecting money from big business and growing a black mustache while wearing a tophat. The left is of course taxation freaks straight out of hell spawn to do unspeakable evil to families and bring forth the end of civilization.

Any smaller parties, if they are established and sleeps with The Political Party, can also be a part of this game. Often such smaller entities get to wear one (maybe two) attributes easily attacked. Religious parties for instance often get the gay-bashing and anti-woman label. Green parties want to stop progress and bring us all back to live in caves. And so on.

These attacks and pretend animosity is quoted and lifted up as top-news every day before any general election.

The fact that they all want you to obey the law, they all want you to pay your taxes, they all want you to vote, they all want you spend your money and they all want you to go to school and learn how to be a good citizen, is ignored.

And they all fight wars for the sake of puppies, Children and fluffy clouds.

No matter who sits in government they fight the ‘war’ against drugs, the ‘war’ against poverty, the ‘war’ against inflation, the ‘war’ against unemployment. These are all unwinnable ‘wars’ almost always created by government and the politically correct themselves, but the sheople of this world always buy the rhetoric.

And no matter who is in charge the rules of the land (laws) keep expanding in quantity, size and intrusion into our lives. Not a single political party - with libertarian exceptions in some countries - has any intention of reducing the number of laws.

That the only real difference is a couple of percentage up or down comes to taxes and welfare checks, is also ignored. So is the fact that the European Union nowadays resides and decides over 70% (according to some 80-85%) of our laws. That globalization, huge corporations and anti-democratic institutions like the UN or the IMF also play a central role in any decision-making goes by unnoticed.

But the most important power, those with actual authority no-one ever speaks about, is never mentioned. At all.

The ones I’m talking about isn’t some elusive Bilderberg-group and this isn’t a conspiracy, it’s a fact. The ones I am talking about are the bureaucrats and non-elected righteous people behind the curtain.

You see with the rising of the welfare state and the unification of The Political Party those contrived to control the government can be found among departments, lobby-groups and within the structure.

They can have been hired or created by the ‘right’ or by the ‘left’, that has no meaning, they stay put no matter who gets elected. You can even fire a couple of them, but then three other will take the two’s place. Or they can be a part of some elitist group that for some reason have reached sainthood such as a female rights activist group.

These are the politically correct thugs that no matter what always strive to increase their funding and their power.

Who do you think has most power over a proposed bill, those elected to parliament or the ones actually writing the bill, commenting on it, lobbying for/against it and benefiting/ getting hurt by it?

This righteous and politically correct pile of scum have any government, no matter who they are or what ideology they are said to belong to trained to accept their every pronouncement and trained to accept the general structure as a 'done deal'. All that is left is to cut a bit around the edges, no changes, oh no, only a slight improvement, a slim adjustment, nothing else. And damn anyone not complying with this set of rules.

If a politician steps out of line saying he wants to eliminate any of these power houses he will not last very long. Because if anyone says or does anything of the sort, the entire elitists supremacy comes out in unison to shoot that person down with every dirty trick in the book. The Political Party does not abide well to any heretic, and the righteous and morally impervious will not hold back the punches.

In this game for more funding and more power everyone becomes a pawn.

For example the blacks and the gays are a means to an end. As is anyone overweight, anyone disabled,anyone different in any way at all. They are tools in virtuous hands. The 'equality' mafia doesn’t care if Muslims get the blame for their ridiculous assertions of offence or if immigrants that have been thrown out in rundown suburbs without work commits crime. Those shadowy figures encouraging black or gay militancy are not necessarily black or gay themselves.

It’s all a means to an end.

And the ‘end’ is to gain power, increase their department, to hire more useless workers sitting around doing nothing. The ‘end’ is about control, control over our lives as in controlling our smoking, drugs, driving, alcohol, sex or marriage.

They know better, they only want what is best for you, if you only listen the world will be a much better place, and if you don’t listen they will send you invoices to pay for their scam anyway or, which becomes more likely as the number of laws increases, throw you in jail.

And just as the righteous and politically correct, The Political Party has a real agenda. You see decision making in the world of the jesters and deceitful “übermench” within The Political Party is based upon vote-maximization. They would like you to think it is about ideology, differences between right and left and that they all care about the less privileged, nothing can be further from the truth.

For the individual politician it is about gaining a seat, having a taste of that wonderful buffet of tax money, and to have a piece of that control-grid in order to silence those Napoleonic voices they hear whispering in their ears. For The Political Party the game is about having, keeping, and expanding power.

In this strive for vote-maximization and more funding and control the political elite and the righteous behind the curtain are in cahoots. One implies the other.

In order to reach this goal together they employ several tactics.

The ‘wars’ mentioned above is such a tactic, another one is to have us looking at the left hand waving in our face while the right hand does something unspeakable behind their back. An example of this is while they are riding in limousines, flying private jets, lives in lavish mansions and dining and feasting for your tax money they wave pictures of Polar Bears in your face claiming that manmade global warming will kill all human infants tomorrow.

Another tactic, and probably the most common used, is that of group-thinking. We all belong to ‘groups’. It can be religious, ethnic, gender, geographical or even sports groups. If they manage to pit one group against the other they can play on that for ages.

It’s not the righteous or The Political Party’s fault that those skinheads and immigrants fight each other, nope, it is the groups, one evil racist one everyone should hate and one poor, underprivileged group that are the good guys, but in reality only used as voting cattle.

Rich white men in suits are another group everyone is supposed to hate, or so the rich and predominantly white men in suits belonging to the morally correct and The Political Party says.

Oh, and smokers! Everyone should hate smokers. They bring cancer to our shores.

And fat people are horrible obese things costing bundles of cash and the main reason why our healthcare system doesn’t work. Also thin people. Lettuce eating skeletons walking down the runway are among the worst things in this world.

Everyone with a penis is a walking rapist. A person wearing a turban is potentially a terrorist.

These groups, and many more, are engaged in an epic battle for supreme domination and you’ll better always stand with the righteous and The Political Party because they stand for the goodness and equality that will stop the group-fighting and bring peace to our time.

All you haft to do is to vote for them, and, of course, not complain too much.