Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Useless dried-up wankstains

Do you wonder why government doesn’t want you armed? Well this is why.

Police revealed Friday that they had been tipped off "by a credible source" that a bomb attack was planned in central Gothenburg, Sweden. The police get together and put on those funny storm trooper outfits and load up with masks, machine guns and the whole enchilada. They then let this task force storm the home of several people, threatening entire families, pointing guns at little children, and detained four suspects, questioned them and then the police…. let the ‘suspects’ go…?

I would expect that when the police go to these extremes they’ve actually found something tangible, something real, they would certainly not detain four people in this way and later let them walk out of the police station?

Well, you are the property of government. Your life, your money and your choices are theirs to keep, give or take away. And whenever, for whatever reason, they can send their stooges into your home, armed to the teeth, to threaten your loved ones lock you up and question you without probable cause.

In a fair society with people armed the police may have been gunned down by citizens and neighbors that actually have the right to defend them and their property. In essence no police would ever use violence in this manor without a really good reason for it.

Since we don’t know the whole story it’s hard to form a 100% opinion, but from what we know it seems that an overzealous monitoring society picked up a phone conversation where the word “bomb” and some other stuff was mentioned. And off the Storm Troopers went! They used a word! Oh no! Alert the secret police and increase the threat level! Lets frighten people and go to media and tell everyone that someone WILL DETONATE A BOMB (not if, maybe or perhaps).

Again, I need to ask; why do we put up with this crap? It’s not only because guns and self-defense is illegal, anyone with the slightest incline can get any sort of weaponry within hours. Yes, even in gun-free Sweden, not a problem. And it’s not that there is more of them, we, the people, outnumber them 10 000 to 1, so what is it? Are we too lazy? Too jaded perhaps?

It was very frightening earlier this year when the Swedish Minister of (in)justice proposed that small little children can be detained, have needles forced into their tiny bodies and be required to pee and leave blood and so on, only for the reason that someone within the autocracy suddenly feels like it. What did The People do?


I couldn’t believe it.

I don’t have children. Actually I don’t like those sorts of noisy and costly buggers - don’t like them at all. Still, I was so angry and so upset that I almost started looking for that grassy knoll and almost made phone calls that would have brought the security police to my doorstep. Satan will not help you bureaucrats out there if I ever have children and you come by and try something like this on them. I’ll go postal. I’d start killing. And no, this is not a joke because I would love my children and would rather die fighting for their rights as humans than let government put needles in them – apparently all the rest of you out there don’t mind having your children tortured so I guess that having police storming into homes without any reason and scaring up an entire society with fake bomb-scares is pretty normal. That hardly reaches your radar does it?

Wake up! And stop frolicking about like magnificent poofsters while you complain about youngsters having analsex. That stupid mumbling about saving the chiiiildreeen whenever a cigarette is lit is just for show, at least Swedish parents don’t like their young. Probably hate them more than I do. Torture? Bah! Builds character.

We are sending soldiers across the globe to a conflict that has nothing whatsoever to do with us, fighting an “enemy” that has never done a single thing to harm us. And for what? To support trigger happy trailer trash from across the pond running about thinking they are the best thing that happened to the world since red wine?

At home we’re setting up a Hitleresque vet dream of surveillance and we’re really only half a step away from having CCT’s in every home, this while the police can get away with murder.

What the fuck is wrong with you? You’d rather watch survivor than take five minutes to explain to your kids why they need to be tortured by authorities don’t ya?

Oh, the coming years of economic disasters and upheavals will be so enjoyable. You’ve all deserved it, and worse. I can only hope we get some of those funny little men with grandiose dreams to lead you sheople into another world war. That would be great fun and I would laugh, and laugh, and laugh…