Monday, September 28, 2009

Hamas funnies

I have no idea if the translation is correct, but I suspect that the people who are selling Mein Kampf by the millions have no problems using a bear to sell hatetred to preteens.

The definition of insanity

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. In the world of politics actions taken, repeated over and over again, is the very foundation of everything our elected frauds does.

How many times haven’t our enemies abolished alcohol just to see smuggling, home-breweries and bench drinking sky-rocket?

The war on drugs have never work, will never work and cannot work, they still try it over and over and over again.

They bail out banks to see the same institutions fail again a decade later, and again they bail them out.

When a government agency fails miserably, they change the leadership or create a new entity to replace the old one. And when they fail again, the same damn thing happens.

The examples of mental illness among our designated übermench go on and on, over and over again, and in all areas.

Another example of this madness is showing over in the US now. Several states have imposed higher or new taxes for the rich, meant to take money from those that still have some. A green algae can figure out the result of this, but they still try it, just as politicians have done before, and most likely, will try again.

ALBANY, N.Y did just this, increased the taxes for the so called rich. The result, as usual, is that revenues from the income tax increases and other taxes enacted in April are running about 20 percent less than anticipated. Real estate mogul Donald Trump told Fox News earlier this year that several of his millionaire friends were talking about leaving the state over the latest taxes. And sure enough; Buffalo Sabres ice hockey team owner Tom Golisano, and conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh have both moved to Florida. Nancy Bell is moving her Science First manufacturer of scientific products from the Buffalo site her father founded in 1960 to Florida. And the examples are many more.

Often you hear righteous people claim that rich should pay more, some lefties even argues that if we confiscated all the wealth of the rich and handed it out we could save millions of starving. What they don’t say is that this, even if manageable on a global scale, would lead to utter disaster.

Let’s say we did confiscate a couple of trillions of dollars (or whatever the number is) and handed it out. What next? Next the rich would be no more, why working hard, try to make a living and get wealthy if it’s just get stolen from you? In essence lower production would be the consequence. And all that money we “gave to the poor”, how long will it last? A week? A month? And then what? When the money has run out, what do we do? They never tell you this.

Those that rule us will continue on this path, they always have and they always will. So if this is insanity, what does that make you whom voted for the maniacs?

Exposing the deceitful banksters

Now and again some of those lying, fraudulent, and apparent idiots we call journalists get it right. Most of the time, like in the case of Honduras, they normally fabricate news or cover up the real facts, but as said, sometimes they actually do their job, although mostly it’s a fluke or accident.

One example of this is how they actually write about and cover the giant payouts and extreme high salaries our banksters have. The banksters, even bigger tricksters and con-artists than government employed reporters, have stolen taxpayer’s money over and over again. They embark on useless maddening projects a chimpanzee could tell isn’t a good idea, and when they fail, they scream to the government to come and help them out. Politicians, inadequate fools as always, come to the rescue. And then our thieves and robbers at the banks can hand out bonuses like there is no tomorrow, raising champagne glasses and praising their own stealing skills while some minor criminals goes to jail for robbing one of those places of evil.

People are jealous, something journalists actually acknowledge so consequently it is good for media to report about how the rich and embezzling elite rubs elbows with each other while unemployment goes up among the normal populace. It sells papers, which is why they tell us those stories; otherwise they would probably defend the robbing barons, just as they defend the arch-criminal and dictator wannabe Zeleya.

SEK 5.4 billion is expected to be paid out in bonuses among the banksters this year in Sweden, despite new emissions of stocks and government bail-outs. Well, they did get paid for taking a couple of hundreds of billions from the central bank, so it’s not really surprising that some of all that money, curtsey of the taxpayers, goes to buy another BMW, to a new house or lavish parties.

Anti-hallucinogens does not help in this case, because it’s not an illusion how so called economists keep stealing from hard working people. Like the trumped up banking fees and how banks create money out of thin air isn’t enough, they also need to, in the open, get billions from our money to save them from their inapt stupidities.


Most of those people running banks, in any country, should be prosecuted or hanged by an angry mob. Instead they get billions upon billions so they can keep up the smoke-and-mirror game.

Why do we let them get away with this crap?

There is only one larger bank in Sweden actually working (Handelsbanken), it is still a place of malevolence, but they actually do their job. Let them buy up the crappier ones, or the government can take over the failures, chop ‘em up and sell to foreign or domestic alternatives. The system needs to be purged from these horrible institutes, the sooner the better. Let the market work, if they fail, they fail, let them go bankrupt. The beauty of capitalism is that the threat of bankruptcy holds frauds in check, if we encourage failures and throw money at faulty institutes, how will they ever learn? instead, government is saying that thievery is excellent.

The masterful criminals of our banking institutions should be dangling from lamp-posts, not getting billions of encouragement-money directly from hard working people’s pockets. It’s all a scam, it’s the enemy class working to its full potential, and you, the idiots in the general public, you let it happen.

Our enemies are covering up failures

The Swedish central bank is issuing arguments that the smallest coin should be abolished and some new notes may be introduced. Just as other coins previous, the 50 öre coin (1/2 krona) might soon be scrapped.

During my lifetime I have experienced several coins disappearing and those older than me can claim even more failures being witnessed. One might assume that this isn’t so bad; it’s just in the way, carrying around some stupid little thing you cannot buy anything anyway. But that’s precisely the point, how did it become useless? Because of inflation, and inflation is created by the central bank and by the elected criminals that rule us.

Our enemies would like us to think that inflation is prices rising. Economic curses at universities will tell you this, politicians will tell you this, the central bank and statistic agencies will tell you the same, but never the less, it is wrong.

As an example of this stupidity we have the Economics Glossary that defines Inflation as:
“Inflation is an increase in the price of a basket of goods and services that is representative of the economy as a whole.”

Basically they want us to think that when prices goes down it is deflation (which according to cornflake economists is horrifying) and when prices goes up we have inflation (which according to the same economic loonies is pretty good, in smaller amounts).

This is utter stupidity, it’s totally wrong and it’s one pillar holding up the foundation of the enemy class.

The fact is that over time, with better equipment, faster production rates, new inventions, more things being produced, and with competition, prices should go down. In other words if you could buy a bicycle for SEK 100 fifty years ago, you should be able to buy it for SEK 10 today. Of course the opposite is true, it has instead increased tenfold when it should have gone down, so what happen? Inflation happened.

To a layman listening to mainstream media, inflation sounds very boring, it sounds complex and all those people arguing about whether or not inflation should be 2% or 3% are making everything as intricate as possible.

Here are a couple of reasonable questions:

If inflation isn’t bad, why not crank it up to 100%?

Why do we need a central bank manipulating interest rates to keep inflation down? Some inflation is “good”, so why not let it run amok?

Here is another fact for you; higher prices are the consequence of inflation, not the other way around. In other words, you have been lied to. If you knew that the price of milk going up is the fault of central bank manipulations and political decisions, wouldn’t you be kind of upset? Of course you would, so they don’t want you to find out.

Instead they can blame that mystical and sooo elusive “inflation” as a natural force that strikes without warning making us pay more for products. And then they can go out “battling” this foe, claiming to be protectors of the week. While they ride out on their white horses to fight that windmill they themselves have created, the spin-doctors go to work, arguing the case of bandits and thieves.

Why don’t they want you to find out what inflation really is?

Well, the first reason I have already mentioned, they don’t want you to put blame where it belong. If it’s a natural phenomenon handed down by some deity, what can we mere mortals do about it? And the consequence of this is, of course, that we get a whole bunch of educated learned scholars who “knows more” and can interpret the signs in the sky and consult some ouija-board to protect us from this horrifying inflation. And these guys don’t want to be questioned, what would they do if you found out the truth? The useless cunts would probably starve to death.

But there is another reason for our enemies to create inflation. TAXATION!

If there is one thing I would like you all to understand it’s the diabolical plan of “indirectly” increasing your tax by polluting the money. Almost everything that is being done to us, the reoccurring financial calamities, the prices at the grocery store, lower purchasing power, getting higher salary but still not being able to buy the same thing our ancestors did, all of this and much more can be directly linked to this hellish plot.

Basically, every time we print more money than is equivalent to what we produce, each note loses value. If each note loses value, it means we cannot buy as much for each note anymore hence prices goes up, and if prices go up, salaries need to follow, and so does company incomes and payouts, in affect taxation increases. Our governments can even lower taxes, but still rake in more money thanks to inflation. That moment when you realize this, that very second you understand the implication of this fact, you will stop listening to anything anyone of those evildoers say. You will also start to understand why equity markets are going up at the moment and why this depression is far from over.

Inflation is probably the most sinister plot ever conjured up by mankind. And what does the central bank do about this problem? They eliminate coins and notes and replace them with new ones.

This should make your blood boil and make you reach for that gun, but most of you haven’t grasped this yet so they can still fool ya. Don’t go lulling about like an idiot, look through the charade, don’t let them trick you any longer, get educated with real knowledge and laugh at the bastards. Some of our enemies are only idiots, of course, but some do know what they are doing, and those people are evil. How long will you let evil people rule you, fool you, eat for you, and shoot at you before you do something about it?

The most useless bunch of them all

Journalism is supposed to be an honorary occupation - making sure that people’s voices are being heard, investigating the power elite, exposing corruption, conveying news in a way that is as unbiased as possible. All of this is, however, sadly not so. Instead they do everything they can to paint a glowing picture of our Great Leaders and their band of idiots.

In a way our wimpish journalists who apologize for our enemies, defend them, focus on the faults of others and/or puff them up, including speculating about their tribal wars of leadership, are the worst fiends we have.

I do not only speak of how our perspectives slowly have changed to care more about dead actors, break-ups among celebrities or what some wife to a semi-famous singer says, than we care about wars, starvation and economic calamities. This post is neither about the ownership structure of media or how government supports certain papers, but not others. These things exists and do pose a problem, however, this is about obvious lies and the continuation of extreme laziness among reporters.

Take the Honduran situation as an example. Here we have a proven liar, a person that aspires to be a despot, is friends with dictators and have been breaking so many laws in his country that even in Sweden we would consider the death-penalty. A person that have swindled tax money and is now trying to start a civil war to get his seat of power back, and what do our media say? They want him back in office!

Journalists all over the world ignore all those huge demonstration for democracy, but quote and report about the minor and much fewer pro- Zelaya ones. It cannot get more bias than that.

Whenever someone have died or got hurt that Chavez news network claims is the work of the democratic government, our journalists report about it, not even checking the facts. But all those monstrous actions - that is actually proven facts! - taken by Manuel Zelaya-supporters isn’t anywhere to be found.

All the facts, all the reason, all the rational, logical and democratic arguments are on the Honduran governments side, but is completely cast aside from the mainstream media. I don’t care if you are left or right in politics, this is about our journalists openly lying, openly hiding facts, and clearly they don’t give a damn about the Honduran people or democracy. I know this for a fact, because I have personally sent all necessary information needed to all major papers in Sweden. They don’t want to tell the truth, they are continuing with the lying despite knowing the facts.

This is the most apparent deceit our journalists ever embarked on!

I have been saying this for a while now, our predicament isn’t really about right or left, it’s about our enemies, the enemy class, lying to us, robbing us blind and ruling our lives with impunity. Yes, the banksters are criminals, yes there are horrid companies, but there are also horrid governments and all journalists and politicians are bastards. As long as we keep blaming the other side, we cannot win.

That’s what they want. Divide and conquer.


Another trickery journalists constantly is selling to us easily duped are all those reports they are referencing all the time. Please take the time to read through one or two of them, I have so far not found a single correct extraction. It’s horrible, and it gets worse because not only do our journalists ignore basic math or what the reports actually say, they also use headlines and certain out-of-context texts to convey an opinion. And remember, most of these reports are governments or involved companies so consequently arbitrary already from the start.

We are deluded morons with the grasp of reality of a stunned slug, and the main thanks for this submissiveness should go to our journalists.

Another report came out today regarding unemployment numbers in Sweden - just to show you what I mean about journalists covering up.

All major newspapers in Sweden are writing that unemployment is on the way down and that the number of people getting warnings about soon being layed off is decreasing. As usual they are also claiming, direct or indirectly, that Layman Brothers crashing was the problem, which it wasn’t. But let’s ignore the apparent lies about our current depression and instead focus on these unemployment numbers coming from a government agency.

105 854 more unemployed this month than the same month last year, is that a positive number? Apparently it is, because only 6.787 have got notice so far in sept 2009 according to preliminary numbers. The same number 2008 was 7.989. Of course it’s here they refer to Leyman Brothers, that the decline started earlier and that the economy was already falling before sept last year, is ignored. In other words they totally disregard the fact that the number last year was appalling in comparison with 2007.

It takes a lot of twisting and turning to make people losing jobs and unemployment continuing its climb into something positive, but that’s how they work.

But, of course, there is an explanation for these “positive” figures as well.
Because the number of people working with government benefits as an added bonus has increased with 9767 compared to the time last year. Oh my, could this impact anything? Nah, could it?

But the real kicker is an increase with 60 107 more people having activity support compared with last year, and this at the same time that we have a decrease in the number of available jobs from last year with 2.901.


Yes, they do, because compared to the week before we are seeing slight improvement IN THE FALLING! You know, if you are falling from a tall building or an airplane you will soon hit the maximum falling speed. It does not matter if you hit the ground from the 30th floor or if your parachute doesn’t open, the impact speed will be the same. I’m just saying…

And now they want us to even pay for our Internet visits? Paying for what? Bad journalism? Cover-up stories? Bias stupidities? The lies?


Another Czar bites the dust?

Almost all presidents, prime mentalists and the like have problems now and again with appointment issues, but often it’s very harmless stuff getting blown up by media, but the Obamination is clearly taking things to the next level. The shoplifter in chief’s close relation with ACORN and the robber-banksters aside, these Czars are getting knocked off one by one.

Here is another one.

I have been calling this evil puppet the worst president in US history even before he defrauded himself into office, soon even the mainstream journalists need to do the same, otherwise their apparent evil-following will be public knowledge.