Sunday, May 9, 2010

I told you so - Part 8693

EU finance ministers have agreed on emergency measures worth 500bn euros. The 16 members of the single currency bloc will have access to 440bn euros of loan guarantees and 60bn euros of emergency European Commission funding. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will also contribute up to 250bn euros.

You know what this is? It’s the end. This is it for the Euro - the deathblow. But even worse, this is the end of European unity and peace. And no, that is not a joke. When the sharks are circling the bleeding victim, are they nice to each other and say “please, you go first”?

It’s going to be a feeding frenzy. Italy, Spain, Portugal will compete for that cash like a pack of starved Hyenas. Bulgaria, Latvia and the rest that has their currencies tied to the Euro will want their piece.

And it won’t stop there either. France and Belgium with their completely mad pension schemes need their cut and so it goes on and on. Before you know it, another package will be needed. Funniest of all, the big problems and the actual culprits are almost totally ignored.

Can’t you see were this is going? I can, I could have told you about this and described this very thing ten years ago. I still have a proposal I put forward within the, today, ruling party of Sweden (Moderaterna) 2002 on a disc. In it I describe ‘spookily’ exact, almost 100% accurate, what is happening right now and argued that the Euro is doomed to fail and the Eurozone along with the EU will crash and burn.

But there’s nothing spooky about it. Its basic math, common sense and an actual thinking process (a short one without fatigue, but nevertheless…).

Want to know where this is heading? Take a look in the review mirror and go back 80 years or so. We’ve already seen emerging “right-wing” parties all over the place and their friendly neighborhood companions (with virtually the same policies) waving red flags are already taking to the streets. And we are just getting started.

They are setting up the biggest crash and the largest tsunami wave of financial disaster ever seen by mankind. The, in comparison, miniscule depression of the 30’s will seem like walk in the park. Do you really think that no funny little men with hysterical solutions to a hysterical people will emerge? Have we really learned from history? If you do think that way, you’re an idiot. But we already knew that since you have voted for it, wanted it, rooted for it and now it’s getting to be harvest time.

Wanna know what the real problem is? Sure we can blame banksters, politicians, a useless media and central banks, and those people should be stringed up, but the actual problem, the main villain in this piece of theatric is right there in the mirror.

Take a good hard loooong look at yourself.

You are a useless smelly cunt that has voted for the same elite to rule your life over and over again. You don’t complain when you should, and you do complain when you shouldn’t. They pass laws to control you, and all you ever do is trash them at the dinner table and then you go and vote for the same soul sucking entities you have always voted for.

You are an idiot and that’s what’s wrong with the world.

Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and many others are bottomless pits. We can throw ten times as much money at them. It won’t help. All the ruling righteous elite (which you have voted for) are doing is destroying our future.

And where do all that cash come from? The sky? Santa? And what about their own rules? Wasn’t there supposed to be a rule that prevented stuff like this?

Maybe our master’s think that throwing big words and big sums around will scare the market straight and that the money will never actually be used. Riiiiight, and then the tooth fairy will wave her magic wand…

Well, you will continue to vote for it, won’t you? And that’s all that really matters for the four-winged mischievous ghouls in suits.

Dance puppets. Dance.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Get stocked up. Sell your house or any other fixed property while you can, get rid of all debt and load up with suger, batteries, candles, dried-up food packages and guns. Get ready people, it is coming, and it is closer then you think.