Friday, April 1, 2011

Female Pedophiles exposed!

As any normal person already knows pedophiles are everywhere - hiding behind every bush, lurking in parked cars stairs, occupying all dark corners of our society. Every male out there is not only a rapist in the making, just waiting for the chance of jump any hole walking by; a penis also, automatically, make a person to want to have erotic adventures with preteens.

Thankfully we have governments, different lobbyist organizations and the UN to tell us about this danger and how Internet have brought with it an massive increase of people belonging to the child molesting community.

What has been overlooked so far are female predators sneaking around “loving” children, working at daycares, being teachers and taking other horrid jobs in order to find their pray.

How could this be? Why haven´t our beloved leaders acknowledged this danger before?

A child porn ring containing 40 women have been detected Sweden and the trials are about to start, and of course media is frantic about this turn of events. Suddenly our masters realize that the hundreds of thousands of women working with kids across the country are potential criminals!

Me, I´ve suspected this all along. Of course women who like kids and want to work with children are strange individuals by nature. I cannot believe it took this long for media to react. Although it seems that they´ve yet to realize that there’s lots of other occupations out there were women roam free to touch and grasp bodies of unsuspected victims. I am of course talking about nurses, care takers and female doctors. When will we see our governments finally take action here?

While media and “experts” are arguing that Sweden's 'anti-grooming' law, which makes it illegal for adults to contact children online for sexual purposes (very loosely defined), has had a disappointing start, female pedophiles can go about their business. A survey that indicates that half of Swedish girls under 15 have received online sexual advances has apparently been ignored. ( I can also tell you that I´ve been subjected to sexual advances online… I know I should seek out a psychiatrist and talk about it, but so far I always hideaway that feeling of dirt and shame. Women should know we men are more than just a piece of meat, but that is not always the case...)

We need forceful action and lots of laws here.

We already have all the laws necessary, but as with the case of internet, we cannot overstress, overdo or impose enough extra laws that says the same thing. One law for pedophiles in general, 37 extra laws for pedophiles using internet, and now we need extra laws to protect us from female pedophiles. It’s only logical.

I wonder when kids playing ‘doctor’ will be outed as the next big thing..?